As many readers know, when the Chernobyl reactor exploded in the old Soviet Union, the radiation danger was so great that the Chernobyl facility was placed in a concrete shell, and an entire nearby Russian city was evacuated and it remains uninhabited to this day. The entire world was concerned about the Chernobyl radiation poisoning the European nations and even the world.
However, when the four Fukushima nuclear reactors blew up or melted down, the world seemed to want to forget about the story rather quickly. Why hasn’t the Japanese government built concrete shells over the damaged reactors to at least stop the airborne leakage of radiation into the global wind currents? The Russians acted quickly¬†to contain the damage to the globe’s environment. Why hasn’t Japan done the same thing? According to these links, there is a massive “cover-up” regarding the real extent of the Fukushima radiation pollution to the world. The first three links describe rapidly rising radiation levels in Japan’s own ground water and the poisoning of the Pacific Ocean via radiation leakage from the damaged Fukushima plants directly into the Pacific ocean. One link mentions the amount of one type of radiation released at Fukushima was ten times the amount of that radiation released at the Chernobyl disaster. Maps at some of the links depict how this radiation could be spreading across the Pacific into North and South American waters and toward Australia and New Zealand. Indeed, one of the first three links is from the Russian media.
I don’t want to be an alarmist, but the fact that the damaged Japanese nuclear reactors were right at the Pacific Ocean’s sea level argues strongly that radiation has been leaking directly into the Pacific ocean ever since these reactors blew up or melted down. Why are no governments monitoring or reporting the radiation levels in the Pacific Ocean? Have you seen any such reports? If not, neither have I. If these links are correct, then the Fukushima reactor breaches could be one of the biggest ecological disasters ever experienced. It is especially troubling that in spite of the extraordinary risks, the Japanese government has taken no extraordinary measures to contain the problem.
Lest you think the first three links are alarmist, please click on the fourth link. It is a page found during a websearch which lists many articles on this subject warning about the radiation dangers from the leaking Fukushima plants. Read as many as you want. How long can Japan and the world’s governments ignore this problem?
Will we soon need to take a Geiger counter to restaurants to check our fish entrees before eating them?