Undoubtedly, those readers who are technologically-savvy will understand these links better than I do, but the implications of this information will be evident to all. We are apparently entering a world where all electronic devices will be spying on you…in your own home or wherever you go.
The first link was released over a year ago in the British media, and I only became aware of it via a websearch. Its subject is that the USA’s then-CIA Director “wants to spy on you through your TV [and other electronic devices].” This link reveals that the CIA wants to turn TV flatscreens and “almost every other kind of electrical appliance” in your home into a spying “app” which can monitor and spy on you around the clock. The last I heard the CIA had no legal authority to spy on anyone at all within the borders of the USA so what is it doing violating that mandate by trying to turn Americans’ TV sets and all other household electrical appliances into spying devices?
The second link is far more specific with information for the technologically-savvy readers. It describes an Orwellian world is nearly upon us where smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, cable boxes, gaming consoles and even household utility “smart meters” will all be spying on you inside your house and building a comprehensive “file” on everything about you. It may shock you to know that those remote wireless meters used by utility companies can already be used to listen to your personal conversations within your own home! German researchers discovered this snoopy aspect of wireless utility meters. The link also reveals that Verizon has already submitted a patent application to turn a TV cable box into a spying device to “track viewers’  every movement and utterance (emphasis added).” So much for any privacy in your home. Read the entire second link to learn more about corporations that are spying on you as much (or more) than the NSA.
The pervasive corporate spying on everyone raises a serious legal and legislative reality. Media reports indicate Congress may enact legislation restricting the NSA’s ability to spy on everything you do and limit its data metamining activities to known terrorists or those interacting with them. However, if that’s all that Congress does, it may actually be doing nothing at all to change the status quo. Since wall-to-wall (literally) spying on you will continue against you by corporations on a 24/7 basis, Congress also needs to (A) forbid corporations from doing this spying and disconnect/disable any such spying devices already installed in your home, and (B) forbid corporations from sharing any information gained by their spying activities with the NSA or any other governmental entity. If they don’t do these things as well, the corporations will do all the spying for the NSA and simply give the NSA all the information gathered by the corporate spying activities (I’m sure that cozy, in-house FISA kangaroo court will be happy to issue a “warrant” so all corporate spying data is given to the NSA whether or not the NSA gathers it initially. See how easy it is to get around congressional laws?)
The USA Today ran a featured article by Byron Acohido on August 1, 2013 entitled “Is your trusty phone or tablet spying on you?” which confirmed the information in the first two links and added more information about pervasive electronic corporate spying on everyone and that all those new electronic devices not only provide some service but also spy on you and build a profile about you. I have the home-delivery version of the article, but the free internet version of the article apparently was quickly made unavailable to the masses. The hard-copy version of that article reported that there are “gaping security holes” in new Apple and Google apps, that electronic device chargers can be programmed to not only spy on what is in your electronic device but that some chargers are “actually a computer that can install things on your Apple device, etc.” Imagine! Now you can’t even trust your device chargers! If you want to read that full article, you’ll apparently have to pay for it (see third link). You may also find it for free in the hard-copy USA Today at your local library.
Given that new electronic devices are being rapidly distributed to a public unaware that they are buying devices that will spy on them as well as provide a techie service, I had a thought. Remember a few years ago when the government required everyone to dump their analog TVs and buy digital TVs whether they wanted to do so or not? The ostensible reason given was that everyone absolutely had to have better TV service; however the digital TVs were actually inferior to analog TVs especially where moving digital scenes turned to blurry pixels. When I bought my new digital TV, the TV salesman said to me that he thought the government mandated that the quality of TV service had to “go backward by 50 years.” Given that apparently all household digital devices are being designed with built-in programs to spy on you if you buy them and that the NSA seems want to spy on everyone as well, did the government mandate everyone get digital TVs to make it easier for the NSA and corporations to spy on everyone in their own homes via their digital TVs? Will we get to the place where all digital TVs can watch you and listen to you in your homes even as you watch TV shows or movies? Is it already happening now?
Didn’t the NSA, the CIA or the corporations read the 4th Amendment of the Constitution? They would seem to all be in egregious violation of it. Unless, of course, that secretive “kangaroo court” created under FISA issued a blanket warrant for everyone to spy on you…all the time…in every way possible. If so, why does the USA maintain the farce of being a Constitutional Republic? It seems the year “1984” is now here. George Orwell likely never knew how prophetic he really would be in his writings.
Revelation 13:11-18 prophesied that a future beast system would eventually have the ability to pervasively monitor and control everyone’s access to financial transactions. That pervasive technology is being put in place now in all aspects of life the Bible’s prophecies are really looking right on target.