It is my belief that many readers hear or read the latest US government unemployment figures with a great deal of skepticism as the numbers don’t seem to ever line up with locally-experienced realities. There is a good reason for this disconnect according to an article in World Net Daily (first link).  According to Jerome Corsi, an author of several books, the real unemployment rate in the USA is 23.3% not 7.4%. The 23.3% rate is based on analysis performed by the staffers at, an entity which is respected and quoted by many websites and internet writers as being unbiased in its calculations.
Corsi’s conclusions are well-explained in the first link, but the difference has to do with statistical trickery employed by the federal government to underreport the unemployment rate. One such trick is to count part-time workers as if they were “employed” as full-time workers. Another trick has to do with defining what a “discouraged worker” is so they can be eliminated from the ranks of the statistically unemployed as if they do not exist. However, in the real world, they do exist and really are unemployed. For a full examination of how the “official” unemployment rates are manipulated via other such means as “false job creation numbers,” please read the first link in its entirety. It includes other informative embedded links such as the one about the House Ways and Means Committee finding that 7/8ths of new jobs created under the Obama administration are only part-time jobs which, no doubt, have little or no benefits and pay at or near the minimum wage. There will be no real recovery when only low-wage, part-time jobs are being created.
The second link is a the homepage where you will find other eye-opening reports about government statistics. However, one cannot simply blame the Obama administration for the deceitful unemployment data. According to charts I’ve seen at the second link before, the phony calculations of the unemployment rate began soon after the end of the Reagan administration, so one must blame both Republican and Democratic presidents and Congresses for permitting this mass deception of the US citizenry to continue.
If the numbers are really this bad, how can the stock market be climbing? There is a simple answer. The US Federal Reserve Board is creating so many fantasy dollars and releasing them into the Treasuries Market, Wall Street, etc. that the tidal wave of fantasy money entering those markets lifts them artificially. The mainstream media calls it “quantitative easing” when the Fed creates fantasy money to keep the major markets afloat (one example is the Fed’s current purchasing of about $1 trillion of federal bonds and US agency bonds each year at a rate of a reported $85 billion each month). One does wonder how long this game can go on before it implodes or explodes.
Those who have followed my writings realize that Revelation 17-18 prophesies that the current banking-based global system of world commerce and finance is due to collapse at some point in the biblical “latter days” in which we are living. I never make predictions about when this will occur, but it clear the Fed is taking extraordinary measures to keep the current markets afloat and the US government has long been resorting to extraordinary statistical games to make sure the “official” unemployment rate doesn’t report the real world situation. Unfortunately, the “real world” will someday do something that collapses the “house of cards” that now supports the US economy and the US dollar. For more on this topic, please see my article on the Babylonian origin of the modern banking system and my article examining the prophecy of Revelation 17-18 about the inevitable fall of Babylon the Great’s global fiscal system.