Hello Steve,

I’ve really learned alot from your books, and web sight. Thank you so much.
I was wondering where the Jewish calender fits into the time frame of the last days? According to it the year is 5769.

If the Lords time frame is a thousand years for a day,and man was to be on the Earth for six thousand years. Then it wouldn’t be for another 231 years until his return. By the look’s of today’s Headlines, the world will never make it that long. Maybe this is what our Lord Jesus meant when He said, those days will be shortened.MATTHEW 24:22. Could you shed some light on this for me please ? I hope and pray you and your family are doing well.



Dear Robert,

Thanks for your positive feedback about my website. Like you, I have also wondered how the Jewish calendar results in a current year date which is hundreds of years short of the traditional Christian understanding that we are approximately 6,000 years from Creation. I believe that the Divinely-ordained seven-day week is a type of God’s overall plan for mankind (6,000 years to “labor” under sin, and 1,000 years of a millennial “Sabbath” of rest–as pictured in Revelation 20:4). Also, I strongly agree that modern world events indicate that we are now nearing the end of our age and that there will not be hundreds of years remaining in it.

I don’t think Christ’s reference to the shortening of “days” in Matthew 24:22 could account for so many hundreds of “missing” years in Jewish calendar dating. The Greek word translated “days” applies to 24-hour days in biblical usages, so I don’t see it applying to “years” or “centuries.” There are prophecies which reference literal periods of “days” (Daniel 12:11-12, Revelation 11:9), so I think Matthew 24:22 is more likely applicable to such prophecies.

In response to your inquiry about my health, I was making progress recently while undergoing acupuncture treatments, but my pain levels are so high as I write this today that I cannot sit in a chair for very long. My pain condition is very chronic and I’ve had to use a special “sitting cushion” for over 12 years wherever I go due to the pain levels. Your prayers (and everyone else’s) are appreciated for my healing so I can be more active.