In a remarkable development, a group of 50 US intelligence officers working for the US Central Command and the Defense Intelligence Agency have become “whistle-blowers,”–reporting that senior officials of the Obama administration have been altering their intelligence assessments re: ISIS and Al Qaeda to morph them into a “rosier” picture of the Mideast situation than what is the actual reality on the ground. This action has been called a “revolt” among the intelligence analysts, who allege that senior officials in the Obama administration are altering their reports to present a picture of events that is being “manipulated to fit a public narrative.”

This is a very serious charge. No less than 50 patriotic, dedicated US intelligence agents have risked their careers to expose an ongoing plot by senior Obama administration officials to present a false picture to the US public about what is really happening in the Mideast. Some have already been asked to quit…in punishment for their honesty.

Lest anyone think this is some right-wing expose, the story was broken by the Daily Beast (first link), a leftist media outlet. The story was given additional “legs” when CBS-TV, another left-leaning media network, did a report on it (third link). Conservative outlets have noticed the story too. One such report was posted at the website of Retired Lt. Colonel and former US Congressman, Allan West (second link). Lt Col. (Ret.) West’s post is well worth reading, as he warns that the Obama administration has ignored the evidence that Iran and Russia are actively acting to support the regime of Syrian president Assad from collapsing under the attacks of ISIS and other rebel groups. He cites the now actively in-progress infusion of Russian weapons and troops into Syria as evidence that, unlike Obama, Putin is getting the real story from his intelligence agencies. The fourth link, from the British media, names which top US officials are apparently involved in this cover-up.

The ramifications of this revelation are manifold. Obviously, if the warnings of the 50 intelligence agents are true (and I have no reason to doubt them), it means that President Obama and a variety of top officials are reusing to deal with reality as it is, and that they are also deliberately creating a false perception of reality on the ground in the Mideast to boost Obama’s image and agendas. The media stories indicate that there has been a willful and knowing effort by the Obama administration to deceive the US citizens, the US Congress and the world about how bad things really are in the Mideast. This pattern of deception (“lies” as we call them on Main Street) must have become so bad the intelligence community simply couldn’t remain silent any longer about the cover-up.

This raises another very disturbing question. If the Obama administration has been caught lying about the Mideast threats re: ISIS and other groups, then how many other issues are they also lying about to the US citizens, to Congress and the world? Are they also deliberately altering intelligence reports to try and make the Iranian nuclear pact look better than it really is?

I’m sure every intelligence agency around the world has seen this story and realized the gravity of the situation. There is another aspect to this story that affects the current US presidential race. Obama’s Secretary of State for most of his tenure was Hillary Clinton, the leading (but steadily slipping) front-runner for the Democratic nomination for president in 2016. This fact begs the question: To what extent was Hillary Clinton aware of or involved with this alteration of intelligence reports to make them fit the fantasies of the Obama administration instead of reporting the facts on the ground as they really were? If Sec. of State Clinton was aware of this effort and cooperated in the deceptions, she is clearly unfit to be president. Even more to the point, how many of her emails on her private email server dealt with this mass alteration of intelligence reports. The State Department had many officials on the ground throughout the Mideast and she talked with Obama regularly about the events transpiring there. How could she not have known that the real situation in the Mideast was different than what the Obama administration was proclaiming?

We have reached a very dangerous time in American history when the President and his top officials refuse to deal with reality as it really is. Are they willingly deceptive or simply delusional? Either option is a really bad one for the nation and the entire western alliance. It is especially dangerous because Ezekiel 38-39 prophesy that Russia, China and Iran will eventually attack the USA and its NATO and global allies at the end of this age. The expose by the 50 intelligence agents shows that the Obama administration is not willing to face facts as they are in the global satiation and this makes it easier for the Gog-Magog alliance to gain an advantage over the USA and its western allies. My impression of these reports is that while Putin and his allies are facing and dealing with the actual reality of the events on the ground in the Mideast, Obama and his senior officials are not.