Dear Steve,

I first wanted to say I love your book I have read all of them and there great …My question is on the Mogog/gog war…My question is…the Untited states has many war heads and subs with the capability to destroying the world many times over…what is to keep us the americans and the Frech/english from just vaporizing any attack? do you see a day where a leaders of the countries could sign some stupid treaty giving up these weapons in some back handed peace treaty/Arms treaty? I would love to hear back  from you on  this Mr.collins…again thanks for what you do its a great service and may God bless you and heal you.




You are correct that the USA currently has enough nuclear warheads to deter an attack by the Gog-Magog nations. Unfortunately, I can foresee a day when the leaders of the West are bamboozled into destroying their nuclear weapons. That would eliminate their nuclear deterrence and hand a huge advantage in numbers (both in soldiers and in conventional weaponry) to the Gog-Magog nations. The link I’ve attached shows that President Obama is actually calling for an end to all nuclear weapons. If this happens, it would make the Gog-Magog attack immediately feasible because Russia, China and Iran are rapidly expanding their conventional forces while the West has allowed their conventional forces to decline (as various previous blogs have documented).

Thanks for your positive comments and for your prayers for my health!