Earlier this month I posted about the rapid advances being made in what 3-D printers can achieve (3-D Cars a Step Toward Star-Trek Replicators?). In that post, I opined that eventually 3-D printers would be able to make such organic products as body organs, food, etc. This post is to provide a follow-up to readers regarding how quickly this technology is advancing toward those very ends.

The December 2014 issue of National Geographic magazine has an article entitled “Just press print” which asserts that 3-D printers have already been used by Harvard researchers to print “living tissue interlaced with blood vessels.” The article acknowledges that being able to construct body parts for human organ transplants is the goal, but that scientists are “many years away from achieving this goal.” I’m not so sure that it will take so long, based on the quickening pace of how rapidly 3-D printed products are entering the consumer marketplace already. When 3-D printed human organ and body parts are ready for transplanting into humans, I think it is certain that only the rich and well-connected elites will be able to have their lives extended by using such expensive technological advancements.

The fact that “living tissue interlaced with blood vessels” is already being made by 3-D printers confirms just how intense the efforts are to advance this technology very quickly. I urge you to read my aforementioned post if you have not done so already. I would like to add a couple more thoughts on where 3-D printer technology could go in the future if God allows time to go on long enough before Jesus Christ’s return. Once the threshold has been achieved of making “living tissues,” it is only a matter of time until mankind will try to “build” an organic “robot” with living tissues connected via cybernetic systems to a “brain” programmed with artificial intelligence.  Would we then have a “being” without a soul or conscience? Scary possibilities can be foreseen if that development is ever implemented. Also, most readers have seen or heard of the movie, Jurassic Park, in which DNA from old dinosaur tissues was used to create modern dinosaurs via laboratory technology. I wonder if 3-D printers will eventually be able to “build” extinct animals and birds by extracting DNA samples from the remains of deceased species members and plugging them into a 3-D printer which “builds” living tissues. No doubt, DNA still exists in passenger pigeon carcasses that still are present in museum displays or botanical sample collections. Why not take DNA from those samples and try to build a new passenger pigeon with an advanced 3-D printer someday?

I think mankind is now entering the phase of knowledge development which the post-Flood, pre-Babel civilization possessed just before God destroyed their high-tech abilities by confusing the languages at Babel so no one could understand or read the pre-Flood language in which all high-tech, pre-Flood technologies were described. This stage of development is described in the Bible in Genesis 11:6. Jesus Christ prophesied that the latter-day civilization of mankind that would exist on the earth immediately prior to his return would mirror the pre-Flood world (Matthew 24:37)…thereby reaching the same ancient knowledge threshold that provoked God into Divine intervention. We may have reached that point already. If so, Jesus Christ’s return is not far away. For considerable evidence that we are living in the prophesied biblical “latter days,” please read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? If you have not read this article, you will be surprised how accurate and relevant Bible prophecies are to our modern world.