Medical immortality? This has been a subject of the science fiction realm, but modern research is now pursuing (and even predicting) medical immortality via technological advances. The third link predicts that this will be achieved by 2045.
The first link is an excellent article from Popular Science magazine which describes how 3-D printers are now being used to replicate human tissues. The goal is to be able to replicate human organs and tissues via 3-D printers which can successfully be inserted into living human bodies to prolong human life indefinitely in physical bodies. The second link shows what a 3-D printer looks like. The first link describes how progress is already being made in replicating human tissues via 3-D printers.
Does this all sound too fantastic? Remember that not long ago in the news, 3-D printers were being used to replicate functional firearms. This kind of application means that anyone with the technological ability to build a 3-D printer could replicate weaponry in a 3-D printer. The resins used to replicate these firearms may not be detectable by a metal detector, which would allow people to smuggle firearms past security checkpoints. This raises many security issues.
The third link and fourth link add more information (and offer many related links) regarding mankind’s pursuit of medical immortality not only by 3-D replicators, but via nanotechnology applications or by transferring a human being’s consciousness into a virtual avatar. We are really entering a world where science fiction is gradually becoming science fact.
This all reminds me of the Star-Trek “replicators” which could replicate 3-D items on command. The Star-Trek replicators could replicate food, mechanical parts for the starships, etc. Don’t forget the observation of God himself in Genesis 11:6 that mankind’s fund of knowledge can (and previously did) reach a point where “nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do (emphasis added).” Technological advancements are now reaching the point where mankind is, I believe, approaching the knowledge threshold which mankind was reaching at the tower of Babel project. [The tower of Babel was no tall ziggurat. There is no evidence that God cares a whit how tall mankind makes its buildings. A tall building did not threaten God’s entire plan for mankind so drastically that God had to confuse their languages and render all mankind illiterate to stop their technological projects and block their access to any further advancement. The “tower” at Babel was a tall, erect structure whose “top may reach unto heaven.” We have many such “towers” today whose top-most portions (think “nose-cones” or payloads) reach unto the heavens (outer space) Think Cape Kennedy and you will figure out what kind of “tower” was being built at Babel. For more on this topic, please listen to my audio message, As it Was in the Days of Noah. [It was recorded in 1989 if I recall correctly.]
Today, it is not against God’s will that mankind achieve and rebuild the shockingly sophisticated technologies that I believe were common in Noah’s pre-Flood world. At Babel, God took decisive action to stop mankind from rebuilding the advanced pre-Flood society. It was God’s will that mankind would only again achieve such technological achievements in the time just prior to the return of Jesus Christ (Matthew 24:37). Mankind is now “imagining” to build human organs in a replicator to prolong human life indefinitely. Genesis 11:6, combined with Matthew 24:37, argues that this goal could eventually be achieved.This raises a question which may never have been previously asked or considered. Since Matthew 24:37 states that the latter days will mirror the pre-Flood world and our latter-day world is developing technologies to vastly prolong human lifespans, did pre-Flood mankind achieve their incredibly long lifespans (recorded in the book of Genesis) with the assistance of organ-replicators like modern mankind is now developing? Daniel 12:4 also prophesied that mankind would attain a level of knowledge in the latter days that Daniel would then have been incapable of understanding but which latter-day mankind would achieve and comprehend (Daniel 12:8-9).
Mankind is now precisely fulfilling the above-cited prophesies, again proving that the Bible is the Divinely-inspired word of a Creator Being we call “God” or “Elohim.” Only an immortal Creator Being could inspire such prophecies and control human events to fulfill them millennia later. Indeed, God states that his ability to fulfill his prophesies far into the future proves his Divine reality and sovereignty in all matters (Isaiah 41:21-26). Modern mankind has been fed the Big Lie of evolution so long that they have been blinded to the greatest reality of all: God and his infinite power to create whatever he wants and to intervene to implement his will in mankind’s affairs whenever he desires to do so. The Bible is increasingly proven to be both accurate and scientific. Modern elites have fed us the Big Lie that the Bible is unscientific. You can see the errors of that Big Lie when you read my articles, Is the Earth 6000 Years Old? [When Lucifer Ruled the Earth] and Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?