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Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the Russian military has been presented in the Western press as having fallen into a state of decay. In some respects, this was true. However, Russia’s strategic rocket forces remained in a high state of readiness, according to media reports I’ve seen over the years. Russian design of new weaponry has also continued unabated. Media articles reported not long ago that Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, proclaimed Russia had built a strategic missile with a maneuverable warhead which can evade anti-missile defenses. Obviously, such a missile would be designed to defeat American anti-missile defenses now being designed and deployed.


Russia has always been able to develop capable fighter aircraft. This video clip of a new Russian fighter, reportedly the Sukhoi-30, was sent to me by one of the readers of my books. I cannot vouch for the film clip’s authenticity, but I have posted this for viewers to view and consider. The aerodynamic and acrobatic performance by this aircraft is incredible. I’ve included the textual commentary which accompanied the video clip sent to me. Russia is now benefiting tremendously from high oil and gas prices. Russia is a major energy oil and gas producer and its new energy wealth will enable it to fund many military projects and weapon systems.
It should be noted that the new American fighter, the F-22 Raptor, is also reported to be very maneuverable and has some unprecedented aerodynamic capabilities of its own. Reviews of the F-22 Raptor can be found in back issues of Popular Science, Aviation Week and Space Technology and other magazines.  However, the USA is now the world’s greatest debtor nation and neither President Bush nor the US Congress seem to have any plan to reverse this increasingly dire budgetary situation. As its budgetary situation continues to deteriorate, the USA will find it more challenging to design, deploy and maintain its military systems.  



Steve Collins