Since we have concluded one year and begun a new one, I thought I would share with readers some information about the statistics compiled by my web hosting service regarding usage and visits to my website. It may be of interest to readers to know how many other readers there are and where they are located.

The web hosting service compiles many statistics, including the following totals. The number of hits at my website in 2014 was 12,877,971. The number of files accessed was 11,817,434 and the number of actual visits was 655,673. This means the average month had a little over a million hits, just barely under a million files and 54,639 visitors. There were also over 340 million Kbytes of information downloaded from my website during the year. There were two months in particular where the number of Kbytes downloaded skyrocketed far above the monthly average without any appreciable increase in the number of visitors, which indicates to me that a few visitors chose to download an immense amount of information from my website. While some visitors enter my website via the blog directly, others enter via the homepage at, while many others locate my website via web searches on particular topics. My blog began seven years ago with no visitors and no referrals or recommendations from any formal entity, so the growth in the website’s traffic has mostly come from word-of-mouth referrals and people finding the website on the Internet.

You may also find it of interest to know which nations generated the most visitors. To begin with, I want to relate something that is puzzling to me. For years, approximately 12% of all visits to and statistical information accessed at my website were from visitors who were classified by the web hosting service as “unresolved/unknown.” This year, that percentage skyrocketed as the end of 2014 approached. In October, that percentage was still 14.3%, but in November it rose to 29.6% and to 50% in December. Are so many visitors either untraceable by the web hosting service or are they masking their origin? I really don’t know enough about technological data to answer that question, but I thought I’d let readers know about this recent trend. For that reason, the nations with visitors accessing my website and their respective order in the rankings is based only on visitors with identifiable nations of origin. In any given month, there are visitors from between 110-130 nations accessing my website. Many visitors are aggregated by their domain names, not their nations of origin. For that reason, visitors from “.com, .net, .org, .gov, .mil and .edu” are always ranked in the top 30 categories accessing the website.

In terms of identifiable nations, the top-ranking nations in December (mostly in descending order) were: the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, the UK, the EU, Germany, China, South Africa, France, Brazil, the Netherlands, Singapore, Taiwan, Romania, New Zealand, Sweden, India, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Kenya and Israel. Other nations that have been in the top 30 nations in recent months are Colombia, Mexico, the Ukraine, Italy, Poland and Belgium. Russia has risen to the fourth most identifiable nation in December from only the 27th most identifiable nation in October. For years, China never registered at all in the data, but that has changed recently. Keep in mind that these visitors are from web locations that are identifiable by the web host service. Since so many visitors are now categorized as “unresolved/unknown,” I do not know what nations are generating the most visitors among that unidentified category.

If visitors have the time to do so, they can access the archives of perhaps as many as 1,500 posts that have appeared on my blog in the last seven years. In the right column you can Select Month under Archives or type into the search box to look for posts on a particular topic that interests you. In the archives, you will find posts on such topics as invisibility/”cloaking” technology and its possible role in fulfilling some biblical prophecies, possible development of Chinese nano-technology super weapons, Russia’s ingenious Cold War era “Dead Hand” doomsday system, etc. Many of the posts, even from years ago, are as current today in informational quality as the time that they were initially written.

Also, it is worth noting that my website receives zero sponsorship or financial support from any organization, church or entity. I am entirely “on my own” in writing for this website, and that also guarantees that my content will be completely independent from any denominational or political dogmas. My writings attempt to faithfully apply the histories, narratives, teachings and the prophecies of the Holy Bible to modern times and events in as objective a viewpoint as possible. In doing so, I hope and endeavor to provide information and perspectives to Christians/believers regardless of their denominational or organizational affiliation or where they are in their personal walk with their Creator. It will be my goal to continue providing informative and thought-provoking material to the readers who visit my website. If you have found the material at my website to be valuable to you, I urge you to refer my website to your friends who may also have an interest in this type of information.