In a crushing blow to the radical, environmental “woke” crowd, a massive number of scientists have challenged the politically-correct dogma of “man-made climate change.” The first link reports that “more than 1,600 scientists, among them two Nobel Physics Laureates, signed a declaration last month stating that there is no climate emergency, and that climate advocacy has devolved into mass hysteria”. One of the scientists criticized the “apocalyptic panic” of the climate change advocates. The politically-correct hard-liners, in a clear sign that they are on the wrong side of the truth of this issue, have tried to silence the free-speech rights of the massive body of scientists that signed the declaration. The climate change authoritarians have resorted to censorship to maintain their dogmas; they are making no effort to produce facts which show that the numerous scientists signing the declaration are wrong. In other words, the establishment climate change advocates have had to resort to censorship because they have no facts to counter their opposition. In the first link, you will see that the declaration signed by a very large number of the world’s scientists do not say that the climate isn’t changing; they assert that there is no evidence that mankind is causing the changes. That so many scientists have challenged the establishment dogmas about climate change should cause a major re-evaluation of the entire crusade to radically change human societies, but the establishment wants to preserve the climate change dogma to justify their real goals for societal change.

The second link discusses the same scientific declaration from a different perspective. It asserts that the claims of the climate change alarmists are “purely political.” It has a remarkable piece of information: that the earth has already been measurably warmer three times in the pre-industrial past than it is today. This proves that the earth’s own climate cycles can produce warm and cool periods without any human activities being responsible for those changes. This fact will surely be suppressed by the climate change alarmists whose political agendas need to use a radical climate change agenda to be implemented. The link also reports that since the close of the last “little ice age around 1850,” global temperatures have risen only about 2 degrees Fahrenheit. Such a meager rise over 173 years hardly supports the radical climate change agendas being imposed by today’s global Leftists. The second link has important in-depth scientific information and analysis of the climate change topic.

For those who did not see it, I did a post about a month ago which documented that capable climate scientists have attributed a 1.5 degrees Centigrade increase in global temperatures to an unusual volcano in the Tonga region early in 2022. It hurled immense amounts of water vapor into the upper atmosphere, and since water vapor acts as a greenhouse gas in the upper atmosphere, the rise in temperatures this year is due to this immense volcano’s effects, not any man-made activities (third link). Very few articles about the climate issue have even mentioned the volcano, which further confirms that suppression of facts is the only weapon in the arsenal of the climate change alarmists.

The fourth link is a prime example of the establishment’s hysteria about “climate change.” It covers a demonstration about climate change that had celebrity backing and signs saying such pithy things as “Even Santa Knows Coal is Bad” and that we “need to phase out fossil fuels to survive our planet.” The article is an example of imposed group-think which ignores the main reason for this year’s unusual hot temperatures–the Tonga earthquake, which in the third link is cited as perhaps the largest explosion on the planet in the last century. If that volcano had happened off the coasts of San Francisco or Shanghai, it would have been global front-page news, but since it happened in the remote Pacific, news about it’s effects is hard to come by.

The fifth link is a very insightful article from The Epoch Times about how climate change data is being exaggerated and manipulated. It begins with a self-serving call by the head of the WHO about the “urgent need” for climate change actions. The WHO head, who isn’t a climate scientist, should know about the global heating caused by the Tonga volcano, but he doesn’t mention it. The article cites several climate scientists who point out truths the establishment sources don’t want people to know. One points out that while the Western part of the USA has had a very hot summer with many days over 100 degrees, the Ohio River Valley and Upper Midwest are experiencing few such days. Another scientist notes that the official climate measuring stations (which include temperature measurements) are typically located in “urban heat islands” (which register temperatures skewed to the hot side because of all the concrete, asphalt, steel, etc. that are located in big cities). This means that much of the earth’s surface is not actually as hot as where the urban-located “official” measuring stations are located. It also documents that the real rise of historic temperatures is rather meager compared to the earth’s long-term temperature patterns.

The fifth link also catches President Biden getting his facts wrong concerning climate data. In one instance, Biden declared Puerto Rico had a temperature of 125 degrees on a day when the official temperature was actually 95 degrees. Biden also proclaimed that global heat was the “number one” climate factor in fatalities, causing 600 per year. Biden wasn’t even close to the truth. The federal agency, NOAA, reported that only 148 people died in the USA from heat in 2022, and the article reports that the real data shows global cold kills about nine times as many people annually as does heat. The article asserts that “4.6 million excess deaths” are caused annually by cold temperatures. [It sounds like many lives could have been saved if the freezing souls could have had access to fossil fuel heating systems]. Furthermore, one scientist states the climate alarmists want to impose “expensive, pointless policies” that the public doesn’t want. In a stunning observation, he adds the nations have spent “approximately $6.5 trillion on climate change actions from 2000 until now and this gargantuan cost has resulted in a minuscule reduction of the reliance on fossil fuels globally from 82% to 81%. He also points out all efforts by the Western world to implement climate scare changes won’t accomplish anything because China’s emissions are now greater than the USA, EU, the UK, Japan, Canada and Australia combined! Unless China becomes as devoted to the Left’s climate change tyranny as the West now is, all the climate change efforts by the Western nations are simply wasting money and inconveniencing everyone in pursuit of a needless crusade against fossil fuels and cow farts.

Matthew 24:11, 23-24 prophesy that deception will be widespread in the latter days of our age. Deceptions will not only be in religious systems and teachings. We are seeing plenty of deceptions being spread in the name of a needless fight against a spurious enemy: “man-made climate change.” If readers have any doubt that we are living in the biblically-prophesied “latter days”‘ of our age, I invite them to read my free research report on the topic entitled, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? After reading that document, you will see the evidence it presents shows the answer to that question is “Yes!” Revelation 16:8-9 prophesies that at some point in the latter days the earth will experience a severe spate of global warming, but its cause will be Divine action vis-à-vis the sun itself, not anything mankind can do or prevent.