Steven Collins

October 1, 2007


It has just been discovered that birds may actually be able to visually perceive the earth’s magnetic lines. This is, apparently, what enables enables the extraordinary phenomenon of bird migrations to take place. Daniel 12:4 prophesied that “knowledge shall be increased” in the “time of the end.” I believe this prophecy indicated that knowledge of all kinds (spiritual, scientific, technological, etc.) will be “increased” in the “latter days” of our age. It is commonly known that a “knowledge explosion” had been occuring in recent decades.  


It wasn’t that many years ago that mankind was amazed to learn that elephants can communicate with each other over very long distances via ultra-low frequency sound. Mankind had to invent radar itself before it could learn that God had created an echolocation system in bats fro mthe time they were created so they can find and devour insects on the wing. Now we learn that birds can see magnetic lines which we cannot see. Who knows what capacities the Creator has built into the creatures on his earth that we do not yet understand?


These unusual capacities in animal species attest that only an all-powerful Creator could have created such ultra high-tech capacities in animals. Evolution couldn’t account for a bat’s echo-location skills developing “gradually” so it could survive as an aerial feeder. It had to be a fully-developed skill from the beginning to be usable. Elephants couldn’t “gradually” acquire ultra-low frequency sound communcation abilities with other elephants far beyond the horizon. Indeed, the ability of elephants to both transmit, receive and comprehend such signals over great distances had to come into existence simultaneously for any such communciation to occur. Bird migration has long been a mysterious phenomenon, but now it can be understood. Also, the very first year that birds needed to migrate, the skills that made migrations possible had to be hard-wired into their brains from the beginning. These marvelous skills in the creatures on the earth is immutable evidence that only a Super Being with unlimited skills and powers (God!) could accomplish such things.


Will the evolutionists recant their faith in a theory which has no scientific support whatsover? I very much doubt it! Romans 1:20-23 accurately foretold that the theory of evolution would come into being. It states that the “eternal power and Godhead” of the Creator is “clearly seen” by those who “hold back the truth in unrighteousness” (verse 18). Verse 21 states that those who see the truth but still deny God’s creative reality have their hearts “darkened” in the process, and verse 28 warns that God gives “them over to a reprobate mind.” Verse 22 says “professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,” and verse 23 foretold they would change God’s “glory” into an “image of man…birds…beasts…and creeping things.” Evolutionists and humanists truly “worship the creature rather than the Creator” as they pretend the exquisitely designed and interdependent creation came into existence without a designer/Creator. Their self-delusions will come crashing down when God intervenes in human affairs at the end of this age. Romans 1:22’s language echoes Psalm 14:1 which states: “The fool has said in his heart ‘There is no God.'”


David wrote in Psalm that he (and all mankind) was “fearfully and wonderfully made.” As mankind learns more about the incredible capacities hard-wired into the brains of bats, elephants, birds, etc., we can see that the same can be said for the other species in God’s Creation as well!