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Mr. Collins,
I was thrilled to find your site, and look forward to reading your material. I am a Librarian at ENMU and have been studying prophetic literature for over a decade. I have not yet learned of your studies into the migration of the lost tribes, but I certainly have found some very interesting things. I found your site while looking into gog information in realtion to the current crisis in Georgia. I look forward to learning more about your work, and seminars.
Thank you,
Sean S.


Dear Sean,
Glad you are enjoying the site so much! As a librarian, you may wish to consider stocking my books at your library so more people can read the information in them. You can order them easily on-line at the publisher's website,

Hi Steve,
Great site and I love the direct and clear style you use regarding scripture.
The approach of stating in the words of scripture is refreshing and makes things more certain in an ever more uncertain world.
The obvious machinations of the "so-called ruler of this world" or as we here in Australia love to refer to him, "Old Hairy Legs" (the demonic goat if you like.)
I am a person of mixed origins (Scot, Irish, Welsh, Anglo-Saxon, Italian, German, etc etc) and was most moved reading about The House of Israel and House of Judah in the present era.
The loose guns of Edom/Esau, Ishmail, etc cannot be under-estimated and I see connections with some of the present day European nations etc. Most refer to Germany as being under the Edomite influence stale-mated by Joseph in WW1 & WW2. I however see Palestinians as a created people and able to fulfill prophesy in that their hatred is maniacal relating to Judah and the statements in prophesy that they have great infighting, unable to show clear leaders and the division of the land causing Yahweh great anger. Your views would be welcome on this one.
We in Australia are acutely aware of the Asian scene (being in Asia and given history in the last century) and as such we have great trepidation regarding events. As usual successive govenments and media try their best to focus national attention on sport (smacks of Rome doesn't it ?) rather than the issues that should be in the interests of the nation. Some of us realize why !!
The statements regarding the increasing need for resources for China has been recognised by successive Chinese governments.
The acquisition of Tibet, the friendship with Pakistan etc is to facilitate the construction of the railways and freeways from China, through Tibet, down through the Pakistan/Kashmiri area and then across to the Middle East for access to the oil.
The state of progress is as far as I was last aware is that the construction centres in the area between India and Pakistan at the moment.
India will be understandably nervous and the ruckus in Nepal is also a product of this presence as well.
The 200 million militia must also have a transport medium for prophesy to be fulfilled.
I have been receiving email from Joseph Drummond of Sighted Moon of late and found much useful information.
If you have time could you please give me feedback regarding the site.
I have also read material on a site by Ronald Weinland where he states that he is one of the two prophesied witnesses. The material is very well put together and begs reading and thought. I would appreciate your views of this site also.
I am not aware of the history of the people concerned but would rather concentrate on the accuracy of their statements in the light of scripture rather than gossip and heresay.
Any help you can give would be most appreciated.
I am disappointed that I cannot be at the meeting of yourself and Yair (whom I respect and have friends that have met him personally and vouch for him.) !!
That would be a real hoot !!
I would like to meet you one day Steve, with the help of The Lord.
May you, as we say in Aussie, "Ava good day mate !!"
Brian Patmore


Hello Brian,
Good to hear from someone "down under." I'm gratified that you appreciate my biblically-based perspectives on world events. You brought up a number of topics which I shall attempt to answer in the order you raised them.
I don't regard Germany as being primarily Edomite. My books make the case that most people living in modern Germany are from the Israelite tribe of Gad (no other nation in Europe is even close to fulfilling the prophecy about Gad in Genesis 49:19). I also believe that many of the ancient Assyrians, who joined the Parthian/Scythian migrations out of Asia into Europe as Caucasians, are located in modern Germany. Those from Germany's warlike "Prussian" background are most likely to be of an Assyrian ancestry. The sons of Asshur were Semites as were all the Israelite tribes so they all come from the same ethnic origin (Genesis 10:21-24).
Living in Australia, you have a right to be concerned about the rapid military buildup of China. Australians are part of the "company of nations" of the prominent Israelite tribe of Ephraim (Genesis 48:14-20), so your nation will be targeted by the Ezekiel 38-39 attack of the Gog-Magog alliance against the tribes of latter-day "Israel." China is, no doubt, cultivating an alliance with Pakistan and this is driving India into the embrace of the western alliance as well as Japan and other Pacific Rim nations. Australia is not alone among the western nations in distracting its citizens with a 'bread and circuses" approach. The same thing is happening here in the USA as sports, entertainment, celebrity issues and "fluff stories" increasingly dominate the news coverage.
Others have also informed me via email that a man named Ron Weinland has proclaimed himself as one of the two witnesses. I receive this information with extreme caution. Jesus Christ warned that there would be "many false prophets" who would come in the latter days and that they would "deceive many." Given this biblical warning, we should expect "many" false prophets to rise up before the true Two Witnesses appear on the scene. I can truly say that I do not know who the Two Witnesses will be. However, based on Revelation 11's prophecy that they will eventually wield incredible power and authority over the forces of the earth, my view is that the Two Witnesses will ultimately be proclaimed by their deeds, not personal press releases. Readers who desire an in-depth look at the prophecy about the two Witnesses are invited to read my article on that subject at this website.
A joint seminar with Yair Davidy and myself is something I look forward to as Yair is a valued friend of mine and I have much respect for this work. At this point, there is not even a tentative date for such an event as funding will be a major issue (my website is not sponsored or funded by any church, organization or individual and I believe the same is true of Yair's website. Both of us are independent voices). Whenever such a joint seminar occurs, you can be sure it will be given advance notice at this website.
Steve Collins

Thank you for your books and all the other information you have written in your articles on your web site over the years. I have enjoyed them alot, they are most interesting and informative.

The books have opened my understanding of the scriptures.I was wondering if you were coming out with another book any time soon ?

Thank you


Dear Robert,
Although I'd like to write an additional book and have done considerable research for it, no new book is likely in the near future. Not only have I had a number of personal health issues which limit the amount of time available for writing, my wife has also had a hip replacement surgery and I am her full-time care-giver at home. When I do have time to finish a new book, it will likely be about the real state of civilization and technology in Noah's pre-Flood society. If you (and others) would like to pray for our mutual healing and recovery, it might hasten the production of this new book!

I just read your booklet-length article on A New Look at Prophecy. 

I wish I could figure out the Bible like you do. 

Unfortunately I have been sick for about 3 1/2 years praying for answers. We thought we had it fixed when we found the mould in our basement. We moved out then moved back in and I was feeling great. The last week I am feeling worse. 

I know God has a purpose for me, I just don't know what. 

We were at a Bible Study a couple of weeks ago and one older lady said about the signs of the end of the world ie. 911 and when I found your booklet through I believe God wanted me to see it. You don't put your words in it you use what God has put in the Bible and use the terminology from years ago. I would love to purchase your books but I believe the end of time would be here before I get them read. I am going to look up all the info from Ezekiel, Daniel, Joel and Revelations you put in the booklet. 

Thank you.
Annette Brummell


Dear Annette,
Thank you for your positive reaction to my article: "A New Look at Prophecy." It was written years ago, but it is still applicable in applying biblical prophecies to modern geopolitics. I'm complimented by your observation that I don't put my words into the prophecies, but just use God's words as that is very much my intent. I very much try to apply biblical prophecies to modern geopolitics without injecting any personal bias into my writings. My perspective is not controlled or dictated by any denominational or organizational dogmas, and this gives me unusual freedom of thought. I applaud your attitude of checking my cited scriptures to see them for yourself. You have a commendable "Berean" approach (Acts 17:10-11). The most recent research report on the subject of prophecy at my website is "What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III."
I am sorry to hear about your long illness. I have also had the experience of suffering with ill health for prolonged periods of time. I'm posting your comments and situation at my website. Hopefully, there will be readers who will add your name to their prayer lists and you will find healing and relief!
Steve Collins

According to historical sources (All encyclopedias and Josephus [Antiquities of the Jews XIII, ix, 1]) the Edomites were conquered by the Jews in 126 BC. The information tells us that the Edomites were baptized and became Jews so that they could live in the land.
I know that you claim, and give good evidence, that the Jews are who they say they are, but my question is this, Could the current nation of Israel be both a combination of Edomites and Jews?  There are many Biblical references to the Edomites in the Bible (Obadiah, entire chapters in Ezekiel and the book of Malachi). Could the prophecies of the Edomites and the Jews be one? In other words, could the current nation of Israel have a dual role in prophecy?
Unless I missed something in your books, there is no current Edomite nation that exist today, yet many prophecies point to this nation. If indeed the current Israel nation is both the Jews and the Edomites this solves the problem. Is there any validity to my statements or am I completely off base?
Marten Smith


Dear Marten,
Thanks for your question about the Edomites and the Jews. I doubt that there are significant numbers of Edomites in the modern Israeli nation. Zephaniah 2 prophecies that the old Holy Land region would be inhabited by "Judah" in the latter days. There is no biblical mention of Edom being an integral part of the latter-day Jewish nation.
One of the items in my Gog-Magog blog (February or March, 2008 in the archives) is entitled: "Will Turkey go West or East?" In that blog, I discuss some of the reasons why I believe Turkey is one of the Edomite nations in the modern world. Remember that Abraham was promised that "many nations" would descend from him (Genesis 17:4-7). God was not referred only to the Israelite nations. Abraham's descendants included not only the twelve tribes of Israel, but also the twelve sons of Ishmael (Genesis 17:20) and over a dozen tribes of the Edomites (Genesis 36). The Ishmaelites are reputed to be the Arab nations (an identification with which I agree), and Edomite names listed in Genesis 36 include Teman, Omar and Bozrah. Omar is a name associated with Islamic nations and Basra (note phonetic and consonant similarity with "Bozrah") is a city in Iraq. The prominent Edomite name "Teman" had its consonants proclaimed for centuries in the "Ottoman" empire, the entity from which Turkey emerged.
It is true that the Edomites were conquered by the Jews in ancient times, as Josephus recorded. Josephus also wrote that the Edomites afterward were "no other than Jews" in the section of his book that you quoted. Josephus was aware, no doubt, that God permitted people from other nations to be joined to any of the Israelite tribes (Leviticus 19:33-34 and Ezekiel 47:22-23). Esther 8 records an instance in which many people from many nations were joined to the tribe of Judah, and they all became "Jews" afterwards. However, keep in mind that the Jews by no means conquered and/or absorbed all the Edomites circa 126 BC. They conquered and absorbed one group of them that lived in the region near the ancient Holy Land at that time. Edomites living in other locations in the world were unaffected by what happened to this group of Edomites near Judean territory. I have made no attempt to locate all Edomite nations in the modern world, but I am confident that Turkey is one of the leading modern Edomite nations.
This Edomite/Jewish issue has come up a lot over the years. For much more information on the subject, I refer you to my article, "Four Reasons the Jews are Judah," available at the Articles link at this website.

Dear Steven Collins,

 I bumped into your website in a random search,because of the issues that I am praying for. Infact my baptismal name is sheba, earlier was a student in U.S.A. The Lord placed me there mainly to intercede for judiciary, educational, commerce structures as I was placed in a very liberal setup.

 To my surprise they wanted all the indian god's.Returned to India last year. I read most of your stuff available online recently and am interested in your books. I live in India and do not have a credit card. if it is available in India please let me know, else I would appreciate if someone could mail even second hand copies of your books.



Dear Kathleen,
Thanks for your comments and inquiry about my books. What you experienced is, I'm afraid, all too typical of the American educational system. Although America is an historically Christian nation, many are falling away from the truth and are seeking after religious alternatives. This seeking after eastern concepts was prophesied in Isaiah 2:6, and the falling away from Christian concepts was prophesied in both II Thessalonians 2:3 and II Timothy 4:3.
Concerning how you could obtain copies of my books, I have two suggestions. The first is you could contact my publisher's website at and ask if they would accept either an international money order in US dollars or US currency as payment for the books. The second alternative is that you could order the books direct from me and pay with either an international money order in US dollars drawn on a US bank branch in India or you could send me US currency. I don't usually recommend sending US currency through the mails, but for people without credit cards it is sometimes the only alternative. Sending an international money order in US dollars would be a better alternative. My postal address is: Steven Collins, PO Box 88735, Sioux Falls, SD 57109-8735.
Steven Collins

Here's another link to an interesting development.



Dear Neil,
Thank you for the link you submitted. I'll post it at the website for others to view as well. It reports that Russia's Vladimir Putin inked military weaponry deal with Indonesia. This event was also shown on a BBC-TV program re-broadcast on the American PBS network. I recommend that readers watch the BBC news programs on their local PBS affiliate if they can do so. While I find the BBC to be anti-Israeli and pro-Arabist in its Mideast stories, its coverage includes many other important global stories that are ignored by American media networks.
It is significant that Russia's Putin personally flew to Indonesia to seal the deal. His personal presence in Indonesia signals that Russia regards this as an important step in its relationship with Indonesia. Obviously, Russia hopes to supplant the USA as Indonesia's main ally and weapons dealer. While the initial weapons deal is not large, it shows that Indonesia (like many nations in Asia) is not sure whether to ally themselves with the Russian-Chinese-Iranian bloc or the US-Japanese-Australian bloc. Many nations will keep one foot in each camp for awhile until they decide which bloc will be most advantageous for them.
There is no doubt that the USA's influence is waning around the world. The American military, while still very potent, is badly overstretched and the American economy is kept afloat by endless loans from foreign nations. The Bush Administration and the US Congress still show not the slightest interest in making the draconian decisions needed to get the USA's national finances in order. This fact argues for further deterioration in the USA's global influence in the future.
Steven Collins

Dear, steven

check this out then I have a question for you .

The six-day-long exercise currently underway in the Bay of Bengal is one of the biggest war games the world will see this year. But not all its participants want that fact broadcast. The exercise, dubbed Malabar 07-02, involves warships from the U.S., Australia, India, Japan and Singapore  more than two dozen, in all, including two U.S. aircraft carrier and India s sole carrier, and a nuclear-powered submarine. Participants are keen to stress that the exercise will focus on anti-piracy drills and rescue missions and in no way threatens a certain growing Asian power to the north. There is no military alignment, India s Defense Minister A.K. Antony said recently. It s only an exercise.





Dear Christopher,
Thank you for sending your comments about the large naval exercise being conducted in the Bay of Bengal. One of my earlier blogs had noted that the USA, India, Australia and Japan would be participating in this exercise; however, I was unaware that Singapore would participate as well. With three aircraft carriers and their escorts, it is a very large multinational naval war game.
Although diplomatic niceties require these nations to stress that their military cooperation is focused on fighting piracy, the real message is directed to China (as you obliquely noted). The cooperating nations are making it clear to China that they will form a rival alliance to China's rapidly-growing military forces.
As you may be aware from reading my articles, I regard Japan, India and Singapore as being included in the reference in Ezekiel 38:13 to "Sheba and Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish and the young lions thereof." This bloc is prophesied to NOT attack the latter-day nations of the house of Israel. My books (and that of several others who have researched this topic) identify the USA as the Israelite tribe of Manasseh and Australia as one of the nations of the tribe of Ephraim. The naval exercise quite accurately fulfills Ezekiel 38's prophecy about what nations will be in Israelite/Asian alliance in the latter days of our age.
Steven Collins


Thank you for your efforts. The information you have provided through your research about the 10 Tribes(I won't say 'lost' anymore) has truly been a 'revelation' to me. I was recently talking to a couple of friends regarding these 'Tribes'. It prompted one of them to email her church pastor and ask which Tribe he thought we(she) were descended from. His answer was that it doesn't matter because salvation is not based on race(which I agree with) and continued his answer by saying that she is probably not descended from any of the Israelite tribes. She is a caucasian female..maiden name of Petty. Sounds like an Israelite to me..Anglo/English/Irish/Scottish...but what do I know.
But I do have an observation regarding the Tribe of Judah. I have read your article asserting that the current Israeli/Jewish state are in fact the tribe of Judah. I think this is also least to an extent. These are the scriptures that make me be cautious with this understanding though:
1 John 2:22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.
1 John 2:23 Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: [(but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also].
1 John 5:10 He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself: he that believeth not God hath made him a liar; because he believeth not the record that God gave of his Son.
As I understand it, Judaism does not recognize Jesus as the Son of God. John is trying to tell us something.
Thanks again,


Dear David,
Thank you for your kind comments about my research concerning the ten tribes. The pastor you cited is correct that knowing where the ten tribes are today is not a salvational matter. We are saved by grace, not race. My books identify which modern nations are primarily linked to which Israelite tribe, but that does not mean all individuals in that nation belong to that tribe.
While identifying the ten tribes of Israel is not a salvational matter, it certainly is both a faith-booster and an essential element in understanding prophecy. It boosts one's faith to see how the Creator has kept his promises to/prophecies about the ten tribes of Israel through all periods of human history. Also, because so many latter-day prophecies mention "Israel" or the "house of Israel" (as in Ezekiel 38-39), one cannot possibly understand these biblical prophecies unless one knows which modern nations are "Israel." As you likely know, these terms apply to modern nations which are descended from the ten tribes of Israel. When biblical prophecies refer to the Jews/Israelis, those prophecies use the term "Judah" (as in Zephaniah 2, Zechariah 12 and 14).
Your comments about Judah and salvation address sensitive issues. Christians obviously believe the statements of the New Testament, but they need to be read and understood in context. The gospels make it clear that many of the leading priests and Pharisees of Jesus' time knew the truth about Jesus' Messiahship, but either wouldn't openly acknowledge it or plotted to have Jesus crucified anyway. The texts you cited were written in the immediate aftermath of that atmosphere when Nazarene/Christian believers were still mostly seen as a sect of the Jews. I John was written to the early church at that time and for that reality. The I John texts do not state that "all Jews in all future times" should be branded as liars, deceivers, etc. Remember that Paul also wrote that "blindness in part is happened to Israel" (Romans 11:25). Paul was clearly writing about the tribe of Judah as the tribe which was largely "blind" to Jesus being the promised "Suffering Messiah" in his human lifetime. John himself referred to this same thing in John 1:11 (Jesus, a Jew, "came to his own [tribe], but they received him not."
The Priests and Pharisees of Jesus' and John's time are long dead. Today's Jews remain, for the most part, blind to Jesus being the Messiah. Zechariah 12:8-14 prophesied long ago that the tribe of Judah will generally not recognize the true Messiah until he returns as the "Conquering Messiah" who rescues them in the latter days. Then Judah will "see the light," but Christians must accept that since God prophesied Judah would not recognize the Messiah until the very end of our age, Judah's widespread lack of recognizing the Messiah is part of God's will. Leviticus 19:14 commands people not to "put a stumbling block before the blind." Paul wrote in Romans 11:25 (see also Romans 9) that Judah (a "part of Israel") had been blinded by God's will, so it does no good to heap invective or accusations about this matter upon modern Jews. Christians should interact with modern Jews by emphasizing mutual respect, cooperating on all matters where we have common ground, and leaving areas of disagreement to God's timetable for resolution.
Steven Collins

 Hey Steven,
I enjoy the site. Check this link out. It blew me away. If the US can use the oil shale in Green River Colorado it could give us 1.5 - 2 Trillion barrels of oil!
This would seem to provide further motivation for the Gog/Magog Alliance to attack the west, especially us. Now that technology to transform oil shale to oil is becoming cheaper, we could be sitting on a supply that dwarfs the rest of the world's liquid oil reserves.
Best Regards,


Dear John,
I'm glad you enjoy this website. Your email raises the possibility of yet another motive for China to attack the USA in the future. China is running out of resources to supply its people's needs and wishes, so it must look overseas for such supplies. Oil is vitally important to continuing any nation's industrial development. The immense oil supply now embedded in the oil shale deposits within the USA would be another motive for their attack. Ezekiel 38:12-13 reveal that Russia, China, Iran, et. al. are motivated by a desire to seize the assets and mineral wealth of the modern Israelite nations. Oil shales are a part of our mineral wealth, but they aren't given much attention at present.
Thanks for the link to the lengthy report about oil shale deposits in the USA. I'll pass it on for interested readers to consider.

 I have read with much interest your research on the Sacae and their ties to the Lost Tribes. I know a devout Turkish woman who told me that "First we were pagans, then we were Jews, then Christians, and now Muslim (meaning those who draw near to God)". She is taught to believe that the return of Christ will occur soon. Also, they consider the Crescent Moon and Stars insignia to be "theirs". I have read that rather than being a symbol of Islam , it used to be the symbol of the City of Istanbul and then was adopted by Osman of the Ottoman Empire, due to a dream after conquering Istanbul. An astronomer in Utah who studies calendars shows on his Website that "the Judean calendar used at the time of Christ was based on actual observations of the thin crescent of the new moon to determine the beginning of the month." Might this be another Israel-Isaac-Sacae-Turkish link ?
    I also am pleased that you have brought to our attention the significance of the recent Israeli air strikes on Syrian targets. Thank you for your help, since it helps us all prepare for what lies ahead.
  Best regards,


Dear Chuck,
I am unfamiliar with the accounts about Turkish and Moslem traditions so I cannot really react to them. However, it is true that the Hebrew months were noted by each new observed crescent moon. I do not know if there is any residual connection between that Hebrew calendar custom and the Islamic Crescent Moon symbol. 
Many tend to forget that the Jews and Israelites are not the only "Hebrews" in the world, so it is possible that some customs come from a common point of origin in the ancient past. Eber was the forefather of Abraham, and since technically the term "Hebrew" is derived from the name "Eber," all descendants of Abraham could be called Hebrews. This would include the Turks as they are, in my view, descended from the Edomite clan of Teman which descended from Esau (Teman's prominence among the Edomites is recorded in Genesis 36:34 as the entire land of Edom was apparently once known as "the land of Temani"). The Turks were previously known as the "Ottomans," and the consonants of "Ottoman" and "Teman" are a clear match). All Ishmaelites (generally the Arabs) are also descended from Abraham so they could be called Hebrews as well. The Koran refers, I believe, to the Christian, Jews and Moslems as "People of the Book." Given the numerous modern nations which have descended from Abraham, the term "Hebrew" could include many of these same groups in a biblical sense as well.
Steve Collins

Good evening Mr Collins
I have been listening to your talk on the as in the days of Noah. I also read the print article. One area that I was wrestling with is the concept of the 2 floods rhat you mention. I bring this u due to some evidence of foot prints of both Dinosuar and human prints side by side in the same rock layers. There is on such display not far from where I live in British Columbia.
The other point that I want to bring up is that your Hypothosis fits rather well with the ever present legend of atlantis. I find it very intrasting that there has been evidence for its location found around the world with two of these being Belize and the other the Black sea area. COuld it be that this was a culture and not just an advance city state?
Thanks you for your time.
Dale Parker


Mr. Parker,
I believe that "Atlantis" was, indeed, an entire culture, not just an advanced city-state. Legends of Atlantis include that it had advanced technologies, that it had become corrupt and that it was "destroyed by the gods" via natural disasters. These elements describe the pre-Flood world quite well, in my view. The pre-Flood world did have advanced technologies (inferred by Matthew 24:37 and Daniel 12:4), it had become corrupt (Genesis 6:5-7) and God had decided to destroy it via a flood and tectonic activity (Genesis 7:11-12). Deuteronomy 30:4 and Nehemiah 1:9 indicate that humans once had a space program in which some people perished in "the outermost part of the heaven." The logical time for this to occur would have been in the pre-Flood world (which Jesus Christ in Matthew 24:37 said would mirror our own time in the "latter days" when humans are again in space). As you know from listening to my message (available at this website), I believe the "tower whose top [headmost portion] would reach unto heaven" was a post-Flood rocket ship being constructed to launch people into space again. Post-Flood mankind was building a spaceport, not some tall ziggurat. God could care less how tall mankind makes its buildings. A tall ziggurat would not require any attention from God. However, an incipient spaceport would require urgent action by God to stop it as his plan called for no post-Flood society to possess pre-Flood technologies until the "latter days" arrived (as Jesus confirmed in Matthew 24:37). Genesis 11:6 records that God acknowledged that mankind's "tower" project had reached the technological "tipping point" where "nothing would be restrained from them" unless he took strong action. God took drastic action, confusing the languages of all mankind so no one could speak or read the pre-Flood tongue, effectively stopping the project and making all mankind illiterate.
There is also the possibility that some coastal civilizations were flooded in the post-Flood period due to climate change and rising sea levels. You mentioned Belize and the Black Sea region have evidence of submerged coastal civilizations. There is also such evidence in the Bahamas and Japan.
I'm also familiar with reports of preserved human footprints with those of "dinosaurs" in Texas. These preserved footprint and paw marks have caused some Christians to adopt a "young earth" theory which posits that mankind and dinosaurs lived together on the earth. I disagree for several reasons. We know from the animal life now on the earth that reptiles were on the Ark with Noah (crocodiles, iguanas, monitor lizards, etc.); however, there is no evidence of "dinosaurs" being on the Ark with Noah. The reptile paw prints preserved with human footprints tell us little. They show that humans and large reptiles existed together in the ancient past, but they do not confirm that such retiles were "dinosaurs." They only show that large lizards lived concurrent with mankind. Many species have gone extinct since the Flood, and the large lizard that made the paw prints could easily have been a specimen of an extinct reptile species. The prints also do not explain who was the one being chased and who was the hunter. It is just as likely that the human footprints were made by a pursuing human who hunted the reptile to kill it for meat or as a rite of passage (the concept of "killing a dragon" was preserved into Medieval times). Modern reptiles are cold-blooded and, therefore, often sluggish. Much evidence indicates that dinosaurs were warm-blooded, so today's cold-blooded reptiles do not descend from the warm-blooded dinosaurs.
I believe the dinosaurs were part of Lucifer's pre-Flood realm on the earth before it was destroyed by God when he hurled Lucifer (now "Satan") back to earth with his rebellious angels as shown in Luke 10:18 and Jude 1:6. The Bible does not tell us how long Lucifer and the angels assigned to him served God faithfully on earth before they rebelled. However, Isaiah 14:12-15 records that when Lucifer rebelled against God, he ascended above "the highest clouds" on his way to God's domain. Since he was hurled back to earth, the earth had to be his "first estate" as God hurled him back to it when his rebellion failed. Isaiah 14:14 's mention of "clouds" in Satan's realm indicate the earth had an atmosphere (oxygen, hydrogen, water vapor, etc.--perfectly designed for air-breathing creatures) prior to Lucifer's rebellion. This was the age of the dinosaurs. Science has reliably shown this realm was wiped out by the effects of a comet or meteor hitting the Yucatan region in the earth's distant past (the "Chixulub" crater). The Bible also does not tell us how long the earth remained in a darkened, destroyed state (the "nuclear winter" caused by such an extinction-level-event), but it does tell us Satan and his angels were in a darkened place after they were hurled back to earth (Jude 1:6) and Genesis 1:2 tells us "darkness" was upon "the face of the deep" (the global oceans) before God re-created life on the earth's surface during Creation Week.
It is vital to note that Genesis 1:2 confirms that the earth and its oceans were already here before God said or did anything as part of Creation Week. God did not make the earth during Creation Week. It was a darkened, flooded orb which had been destroyed by the "war in heaven" caused by Lucifer's rebellion. The Bible does not tell us how long it remained darkened and flooded, but the dry land was again formed when God "gathered the waters together" (God changed the sea levels) so "dry land appeared" again. The same thing happened during the Deluge in Noah's time. The entire earth was flooded, but the "dry land appeared" as the waters receded.
Steve Collins

Hello Mr. Collins:

  Have you considered that the Old Testament shows two people who were not shown as physically dying like their contemporaries, one being Enoch and the other being Elijah ?
In your writings perhaps you should also list the possibility that it will be these two who are the Two Witnesses of Revelation. They have not physically died before, but were preserved in our first natural state while waiting with God, so they can physically be killed after their return and preaching before the nations for the three and one-half years, but can also be then resurrected in their "new body" state after lying dead in view of all humanity for three and one-half days.


Dear Charles,
Thank you for your question. While the Bible mentions "Elijah" in Malachi 4:5 as a type of an end-time work to be done, I do not believe the scriptures indicate that Elijah himself will be resurrected to perform this latter-day role. Malachi 4:5 indicates that this work of "Elijah" will occur at the end of this age just before Christ's Second Coming. However, Jesus Christ himself also cited Malachi's prophecy as foretelling the work of John the Baptist which occurred just prior to Christ's first coming (Matthew 11:7-14). Obviously, John the Baptist was not the prophet Elijah resurrected to serve in that role before Christ's first coming.. Even as Elijah was not used to fulfill the prophecy about an "Elijah" work just prior to Christ's first coming, I think Elijah will not be resurrected to do the "Elijah" work prior to Christ's second coming either.
Elijah was carried up into the atmosphere in a fiery chariot (II Kings 2:11), but we do not know the new location to which that heavenly chariot transported Elijah. We can know that he did not go to heaven, but rather to another location on earth because some years later, Elijah wrote a letter to wicked King Jehoram of Judah (II Chronicles 21:12-15). Hebrews 11:5 does not define what happened after Enoch was "translated" so "he did not see death." However, the Greek word rendered as "translated" can also mean simply a "removing" (Young's Concordance). Enoch may simply have been "removed" from a life-threatening circumstance during his mortal life. Because Hebrews 9:27 also says "It is appointed unto man once to die," and because Genesis 5:3:23-24 states that Enoch's life ended at the age of 365, it is evident that Enoch also died. When Genesis 5:24, says God "took him," it does not say "God took him to heaven." God apparently decided to end Enoch's life at an age which was far less than most pre-Flood personalities lived.
The Two Witnesses will definitely be physically killed at the end of their ministry as Revelation 11:7-9 states their "dead bodies" will lie visible for three and 1/2 days. God has not yet revealed who these powerful end-time prophets will be.
Steve Collins

Thank you for your efforts. The information you have provided through your research about the 10 Tribes(I won't say 'lost' anymore) has truly been a 'revelation' to me. I was recently talking to a couple of friends regarding these 'Tribes'. It prompted one of them to email her church pastor and ask which Tribe he thought we(she) were descended from. His answer was that it doesn't matter because salvation is not based on race(which I agree with) and continued his answer by saying that she is probably not descended from any of the Israelite tribes. She is a caucasian female..maiden name of Petty. Sounds like an Israelite to me..Anglo/English/Irish/Scottish...but what do I know.
But I do have an observation regarding the Tribe of Judah. I have read your article asserting that the current Israeli/Jewish state are in fact the tribe of Judah. I think this is also least to an extent. These are the scriptures that make me be cautious with this understanding though:
1 John 2:22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.
1 John 2:23 Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: [(but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also].
1 John 5:10 He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself: he that believeth not God hath made him a liar; because he believeth not the record that God gave of his Son.
As I understand it, Judaism does not recognize Jesus as the Son of God. John is trying to tell us something.
Thanks again,


Dear David,
Thank you for your kind comments about my research concerning the ten tribes. The pastor you cited is correct that knowing where the ten tribes are today is not a salvational matter. We are saved by grace, not race. My books identify which modern nations are primarily linked to which Israelite tribe, but that does not mean all individuals in that nation belong to that tribe.
While identifying the ten tribes of Israel is not a salvational matter, it certainly is both a faith-booster and an essential element in understanding prophecy. It boosts one's faith to see how the Creator has kept his promises to/prophecies about the ten tribes of Israel through all periods of human history. Also, because so many latter-day prophecies mention "Israel" or the "house of Israel" (as in Ezekiel 38-39), one cannot possibly understand these biblical prophecies unless one knows which modern nations are "Israel." As you likely know, these terms apply to modern nations which are descended from the ten tribes of Israel. When biblical prophecies refer to the Jews/Israelis, those prophecies use the term "Judah" (as in Zephaniah 2, Zechariah 12 and 14).
Your comments about Judah and salvation address sensitive issues. Christians obviously believe the statements of the New Testament, but they need to be read and understood in context. The gospels make it clear that many of the leading priests and Pharisees of Jesus' time knew the truth about Jesus' Messiahship, but either wouldn't openly acknowledge it or plotted to have Jesus crucified anyway. The texts you cited were written in the immediate aftermath of that atmosphere when Nazarene/Christian believers were still mostly seen as a sect of the Jews. I John was written to the early church at that time and for that reality. The I John texts do not state that "all Jews in all future times" should be branded as liars, deceivers, etc. Remember that Paul also wrote that "blindness in part is happened to Israel" (Romans 11:25). Paul was clearly writing about the tribe of Judah as the tribe which was largely "blind" to Jesus being the promised "Suffering Messiah" in his human lifetime. John himself referred to this same thing in John 1:11 (Jesus, a Jew, "came to his own [tribe], but they received him not."
The Priests and Pharisees of Jesus' and John's time are long dead. Today's Jews remain, for the most part, blind to Jesus being the Messiah. Zechariah 12:8-14 prophesied long ago that the tribe of Judah will generally not recognize the true Messiah until he returns as the "Conquering Messiah" who rescues them in the latter days. Then Judah will "see the light," but Christians must accept that since God prophesied Judah would not recognize the Messiah until the very end of our age, Judah's widespread lack of recognizing the Messiah is part of God's will. Leviticus 19:14 commands people not to "put a stumbling block before the blind." Paul wrote in Romans 11:25 (see also Romans 9) that Judah (a "part of Israel") had been blinded by God's will, so it does no good to heap invective or accusations about this matter upon modern Jews. Christians should interact with modern Jews by emphasizing mutual respect, cooperating on all matters where we have common ground, and leaving areas of disagreement to God's timetable for resolution.
Steven Collins

Hi Steve,
I would like to correspond with others whom have an interest specifically in the Tribe of Zebulon and anyone with information on the Helonians - Gelonians in the Ukraine language - from whom my family descends.
Correspondence can be sent to:
George HELON
Post Office Box 88 Toowoomba Queensland 4350
Best regards,
George Helon ben akhar ben Zebulon


I'd be happy to post your email address at my website. Your evidence that the name of "Helon," a clan of the tribe of Zebulon, can be found in historical works and maps to show where the tribe of Zebulon was located at certain historical times is both interesting and plausible. Hopefully, those with a particular interest in the history of the tribe of Zebulon will contact you at your email address to examine your research on the subject and discuss it with you.

Hi Stephen,

I follow your blog with interest - thanks for doing it.

I don't know if you saw the article in the attached url - more "evidence".



Dear Neil,
Thank you for your positive comments and feedback! I'm glad you find the blog content interesting! There were a number of media articles about the joint Russian-Chinese war games, and I'm posting the link you sent so other readers can see it as well. The Russian alliance with China and Iran is a profound geopolitical and biblically prophetic event, but most people in Western nations are blissfully unaware of it

Dear Steven,
christian greetings in the name of > Jesus!

My is julius lenkume from kenya and i am a pastor.

I visited your website and found interested about Israelite and their history, please can you help know about this percliar people of God.I am from maasai tribe and our culture in many way share similarities with Jewish culture and i do belief our foreparent (maasai) have relationship with Jewish.

Is all Jewish white or some are black?



Dear Julius
To answer your last question first, there are black Jewish people as well as Caucasian or white Jews. For example, the Falashas are a group of Ethiopian Jews. Indeed, Jewish individuals can be found in many different ethnic groups around the world.
My books and website primarily address the history and migrations of the ten tribes of Israel, and I am not aware of possible connections between the Jews and the Masai people of Kenya. However, I do have a suggestion which may be helpful to you. Yair Davidy is a friend of mine and he is an Orthodox Jew living in Jerusalem. If you go to his website,, and let him know about the Jewish customs among the Masai, he may be aware of any possible connections.

Hello, I was reading the article above and you really need to "QUALIFY" your statement about Al Gore "being right" about global warming!!! It leaves a LOT to be desired that what Big Al is blaming human carbon emissions from our industries and autos as being the main culprit of "global warming" and nothing could be further from the Truth!!!

I'll be happy to furnish the LATEST SCIENTIFIC STUDIES to back up my statements!!!

What Al and company present is very, very FLAWED science that goes against EVERY known Law of science but it gets political milage and great government funding from people that don't or can't think rationally and look at the REAL evidence presented.

True, that the case for the sun heating up and giving off more solar emissions is what is mainly causing our present problems, what else was NOT stated in your article was the fact that VOLCANOES erupting underwater all over the Pacific volcanoe basin is drastically heating up the water which in turns puts out MORE water vapor which is THE main cause of global heating. However, a new research has found that the heating has only affected the northern hemisphere while the antartic region is as cold as ever.

As the sun was covered very well in your article, the orbit of the earth, etc. there was another solar phenomena that was not covered. Please check out the temperature rises of Jupiter and Saturn, but most especially Saturn, and you will note that they are rising in temperature. Being "gas planets" i.e. dwarf stars, they may "ignite" into full blown solar fusion in the near future, and THAT would all but guarantee a very hot earth!!!

Again, just staing "Al being right" and NOT qualifying WHAT and HOW he was right misleads people into thinking that WE and our activities are causing all the problems and that just isn't so. What "LITTLE" and I do mean LITTLE carbon gasses that we cause to be emitted into the atmosphere is only a FRACTION of the total gas emmisions effecting the earth.

Also please note, that the earth MOVES through space, and THAT it picks up gas volitiles and compounds FROM SPACE!!! The Moon, of which has NO FACTORIES OR SUV'S ON IT, has acquired an "atmosphere" and the atmoshere on MARS, HAS DOUBLED IN JUST THE LAST TEN YEARS, SO WHERE OH WHERE DO THEY CLAIM THAT MAN AND HIS ACTIVITIES ARE THE MAIN CULPRIT IN CLIMATE CHANGE!!!???

And this being the case, just HOW can one make the statement or lead other people into believing that Al Gore and Co. are RIGHT but only under false pretenses!!!???

Please go back and clarify HOW he is right as you only empower stupid people to enforce their "political agenda" on the rest of us through their occult science that has been consistantly proven as a farce!!!

Thank you,
Edward Anderson


Dear Edward,
Thank you for your email. Hopefully, I can reassure you concerning your concerns.
It sounds like you were reacting to the very first sentence in the portion of my "Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days" article which addresses global warming in the latter days. That opening sentence ("With apologies to my conservative friends...") was written with a "tongue-in-cheek" quality to it. My article makes the point that while Al Gore is right that global warming is occurring, it is occurring for different reasons than those proclaimed by Al Gore.
While I do believe that global warming is real (widespread melting glaciers confirm this fact), you may have overlooked my sentence which stated: "However, it will not be mankind's greenhouse gases which solely cause such global warming." [Emphasis added.] My article pointed out that instead of mankind's greenhouse gases being responsible for global warming, I believed that the prophecy in Revelation 16:8-10 reveals that changes in (or involving) the sun are responsible for global warming. My article also cited the work of a Danish researcher who argues that global warming is caused by increased solar activity, not mankind's greenhouse gases. If you re-read my article, I think you'll see that my article included no arguments that mankind's greenhouse gases are responsible for global warming. Indeed, I think we are in agreement that increased solar activity is responsible for the global warming. I have recently seen internet pages confirming that the temperatures are rising on other planets in our solar system--a clear sign that the sun is responsible for global warming on our planet as well. This fact confirms Revelation 16's prophecy that global warming in the latter days will be caused by increased solar activity.
Steve Collins

dear sir;

 i have just come accross your article about the history of scythians while searching in the google.

 you want to claim that the scythians and sakas were descended from the "lost" israeli tribes. it is a commonly known fact that the (ten) israeli tribes were conquered and exiled by the ancient assyrians and their allies the SAKAS.

 in conclusion, you should know that the sakas later become the cossacks who remained on the steppes of russia, and the saxons (saksin), the laches (lakhin), and the chekhs (chekhin). as we all know; the saxons later either remain in germany or go to england, the lakhin become the polakh of poland, and the chekhin become the chekhs.

 there were people on the ancient steppes who are similar to what you have mentioned.

 these were the nation called toghuz-oghuz and the khazar state.

 toghuz-oghuz was formed by some hebrews of the simon tribe who escaped from babylon and managed to survive among the barbarian and savage nomades of central asia. this was befor the building of the second temple, this is often called the first temple diaspora. eventualy the simons found small groups of the local people of central asia who could be accepted as friends. these became the nine tribes, these became the toghuz-oghguz kabal. this was not a khabad, it was not religious, it was a kabal, it was social. they are also known by historians as the white turks, the white huns, the east huns and the white sea horde. they did not go with attila and invade the roman empire, but remained in central asia. later the nine tribes scattered over the steppes durring a time of drought.

 the khazar state was formed by the kabars (hebrew in turkic is kabar) and a few small groups from the nine tribes (toghuz oghuz). here we have some controversial information. we have some who believe this and we have some who believe that. one claim is that many of the toghuz were accepted as hebrew converts, while others claim that many became a tribe called kharait which was a class of the khazar state. and still others claim that because the simons in central asia never returned to judea to make the second temple, they were not hebrew.

 in conclusion, mr. collins, i would like to say that all this information is available; but not to everyone and not in commonly found references. however i would be more than glad to corespond with you about all this.



Dear Vladimir,
As my book, Israel's Lost Empires, notes, there were more than one kind of "Scythian." The term "Scythian" refers to a lifestyle trait of many tribes in the South Russian steppes during ancient times. There were "Sacae Scythians" (who bore the name of the biblical patriarch, Isaac) and there were "Turanian Scythians (who did not have any Israelite names upon them). The Greek writers recorded that the Sacae Scythians were remarkably civilized and added that they practiced uniquely Israelite, biblical customs (such as avoiding swine and forbidding idolatry). There were uncivilized tribes in Scythian regions during time of the Assyrian invasions of Israel and it is possible some of them may have been allied to the Assyrians. 
However, the "Sacae" Scythians fulfilled the biblical prophecy that the name of Isaac" would remain on the Israelite descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (who was later named Israel). The name of Isaac was already upon the ten tribes of Israel before they went into exile (Amos 7:16) and the name of Isaac was placed on the ten tribes of Israel even in the ancient records of the Assyrians. Evidence that the ten tribes of Israel were the Sacae Scythians is so extensive that it cannot be listed in this reply. Persuasive evidence for this connection is found in my article on the Scythians, but the full evidence is in my book, Israel's Lost Tribes, which can be ordered through the book links at
The Sacae Scythians and the Parthians were related tribesmen and both groups were not found in Asia until after the ten tribes were exiled into Asia. Their cities had Israelite names, many of their kings had the names of the royal house of King David, and they replaced the formerly-Greek names of the rivers flowing into the Black Sea with new names based on the Israelite tribe of Dan (the Danube, Don, etc.) The Israelite names for these rivers have remained until today and few realize it was the Sacae Scythians who gave the obviously Israelite names to these rivers.
On those occasions when someone doubts the many historical connections between the ten tribes of Israel and the Sacae Scythians, I challenge them to give an alternative identification for who the ten tribes of Israel were after their exile and where they lived and migrated. I insist that such identifications not be based on whim or speculation, but based on scholarly evidence which is consistent with biblical prophecies about the ten tribes. They must have a huge population after their exile (Hosea 1:10), they must have the name of Isaac upon them (Genesis 21:12), they must have Israelite names and customs preserved in secular historical sources, etc. No doubter has ever answered my challenge. Indeed, that is because there is no alternative explanation. The Sacae Scythians (and their Parthian kinsmen) satisfy every piece of evidence needed to make the connections between them and the ten tribes of Israel.
Steven Collins


I don't know if you remember me but I contacted you back in 2004 concerning your book on the "Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Found." My cousin Jack Carlson purchased a case from you. It has been a long time since we have corresponded. I will tell you that we (me, my sis, & Jack) have read all of your books. They have taught us soo much! We are very thankful for you and your books. 

I have questions about the coming Millennial Kingdom of God. Myself, Jack & my sis all grew up in the Seventh Day Adventist Church and have not attended for quite some time-- that's a story in itself. We have surpassed their doctrinal beliefs. The SDA's do not believe in an actual earthly Millennial Kingdom when Christ returns. 

We all believe in our Israelite biblical historical roots but Jack is still of the opinion that we will go to heaven (where ever the Father & the Son live) during the 1000 year millennium. Then, the Holy City will come down here on the new earth. He uses these Bible texts as his evidence-- 1 Thess. 4:16-17 and John 17 also in Revelation where it states that Satan will be roaming around here on this earth in total darkness for 1000 years. Jack also states that Christ's feet will not touch the earth when He returns. There are other bible texts but he feels that these are the strongest. My jury is still out on this subject and I need your opinion in this area--it would be very helpful to me. I know you are a very busy man and I will wait patiently for your response. 
Kind regards,
Traci Calvert
P.S. What is your opinion on the "Restitution of all things?" And, "All Israel will be saved?"


Dear Traci,
Thank you for your email and your positive comments about my books. I'm glad that you and your family found my books informative! Here are my viewpoints re: the biblical teachings about the millennium, the Holy City coming to earth, and the questions you asked.
At the end of this age, Revelation 20:5-6 prophesies that the saints will rule "with Christ" for 1000 years so the saints will be with Jesus Christ for that 1000 year period. Where will they be ruling? The parable in Luke 19:11-27 reveals that the saints will be assigned to rule various numbers of cities on the earth. Ezekiel 37:15-28 prophesies that King David (when he is resurrected) will be appointed to rule over all the reunited tribes of Israel after the Messiah's (Jesus') return. The 12 Apostles were promised by Jesus Christ that they would each rule over one of the tribes of Israel after the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (Matthew 19:28). These nations of the tribes of Israel will still be on the earth during the millennium. In Revelation 5:8-10, it is stated clearly that the saints will be made "kings and priests" and that they will be assigned by Jesus Christ to "reign on the earth." Revelation 2:26-27 also states that the saints will be given "power over the nations," and that Jesus Christ will give them a "rod of iron" to rule earthly nations with irresistible power. I believe the Bible makes it clear that the redeemed saints will be ruling the physical nations on the earth for 1000 years. Revelation 20:1-3 makes it clear that Satan will be bound during the 1000-year rule of Jesus Christ and his saints on the earth.
Zechariah 14:1-5 contains a prophecy about the intervention of the Messiah (Jesus Christ) when he returns in the middle of a climactic war raging upon the earth. Verse 4 plainly states "his feet shall stand on that day upon the mount of Olives," so the scriptures do say the Lord will physically land on the earth near Jerusalem when he returns.Verse 5 shows that the saints (who were previously resurrected) will be accompanying Jesus Christ to the earth. Zechariah 14:16-17 prophesy that all nations will go forth annually to "worship the King, the Lord of Hosts" at Jerusalem. Jerusalem will be the seat of Government for Jesus Christ, who will be the King of [all] Kings on earth (Revelation 19:16). This is consistent with Acts 1:11 when an angel told the apostles that Jesus would return "in like manner as you have seen him go into heaven" when he returned. Since Jesus was physically on the earth when he rose in his ascension to heaven, he will return in "like manner" by coming from heaven to again be on the surface of the earth.
I Thessalonians 4:16-17 is actually consistent with the above accounts. This passage states the saints will be resurrected and/or gathered "at the last trump" to be with Christ "in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air and so shall we ever be with the Lord." [Emphasis added.] Notice that Christ is on his way from heaven to the earth when the saints "meet him" in the air, and then remain with the Lord from then on. This account shows that when the saints rise to meet the Lord, the Lord is traveling from heaven to the earth." Zechariah 14:4 shows that, after pausing to gather his saints to meet him in the air (see Matthew 24:31) the Lord continues downward to physically land on the Mount of Olives near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. I Thes. 4:16-17 does not state that Jesus reverses direction and goes back to heaven after gathering his saints to him. I didn't understand how John 17 addressed this issue so I cannot respond to that aspect of your email.
It is Acts 3:21 which contains a prophecy that there will come a time of the "restitution of all things." I believe that God intends to fully reverse the damage to mankind and the earth caused by the sins of Adam and Eve (and all the rest of us since then). When Jesus Christ returns, he will (at long last!) restore the government of God upon the earth. Micah 4:1-4 prophesies that warfare will be abolished and God's law will be enforced everywhere on the globe (Micah 4:1-5, Zechariah 14:16-19). Zephaniah 3:9 prophesies that the Lord will restore to the peoples a "pure language" after God intervenes at the end of this age. That means the current languages of mankind (which were given to the nations at Babel--Genesis 11:7-9) will be "wiped" from human minds and God will restore the original "pure" language that he gave to mankind at Eden and which mankind retained until God gave the nations new and inferior languages at Babel. Isaiah 11:6-9 prophesies that all animal natures will be restored to be as friendly as tame pets with mankind and with each other--just as they were at Eden.
I believe that by the end of the millennium, the earth will be "restored" to again look like Eden.
At the very end of the millennium, Satan is briefly released to deceive the nations again (Revelation 20:7-10); however that brief period will be followed by a general resurrection of all people who have ever lived (Revelation 20:5). Revelation 20:11-15 prophesies that this "great white throne" period is a time of judgment upon all those resurrected after the millennium is concluded, and verse 12 states "the book of life" will be "opened " during this time. This signifies that we are not now living in the only day of salvation. The book of life is open now for those who repent and yield to God, but the same "book of life" will again be opened in this "white throne period" after the millennium. The Bible does not state how long this white throne judgment period will last. I Corinthians 15 also prophesies about this same time as Paul write in verses 22-26 that ''every man" will be saved, but each "in his own order." This also indicates there will be more than one "day of salvation." Verses 24-27 prophecy that after he has "put all enemies under his feet " and after even death itself is "destroyed," Jesus Christ will then deliver to the Father the Creation which has been restored and made free of sin. It is at this time that I believe the Holy City will descend from heaven to earth and even God the Father (the "Most High" as he is called in the Old Testament) will dwell among redeemed mankind (Revelation 21:1-7). This subject of what happens on earth after the millennium could involve a lengthy discussion on its own merits, but this should suffice to answer your questions.
Best wishes!
Steven Collins

Mr. Collins,
  I have been exploring the website of which you have many articles contributed. You make some wonderful points and claims as does the entire website. The whole British-Israelite angle is astounding and I have been totally taken with it. Yet I am very confused about a couple of Biblical facts of which I cannot get explained by others I have e-mailed. Since you are a Christian maybe you will help me??
  In the Book of Romans, Paul goes into a quite detailed and easily understandable thesis about Israel being in darkness until the fulfillment of the Gentiles. I am sure you are aware of this treatise. What I cannot understand is how can the Britains and America be the lost tribes of Israel since they are the ones totally embracing Christianity? White English-speaking peoples are not in blindness! It is through them that Christianity has prevailed. Therefore, Israel cannot be experiencing blindness until the fulfilling of the Gentiles. Actually, the Christian church believes that we, the white english-speaking peoples are the gentiles of whom are being fulfilled. That to me is ironic. If we are part of the lost tribes of Israel, how can Paul say we are in blindness until the fulfilling of the gentiles? Who then are the gentiles? Isn't it plain in the Old Testament that Noah's son, Japheth, sprang forth the gentiles (the white man), and has not Shem sprang forth the Israelites? If all this be,then the lost tribes cannot be Britain or America, they are the gentiles who are Christian! Please help me with this A.S.A.P. I did recently order your book, The "Lost" Tribes of Israel... Found! through Hopefully something will make sense of this there?!

Waiting for your reply,
Randy Thompson


Dear Mr. Thompson,
Thank you for your comments and your good questions. Both Yair Davidy's website ( and my website express very complementary viewpoints re: the lost ten tribes. However, one clarification is needed. Technically, neither one of our sites is a "British-Israel" site. That term has been very loosely applied to anyone who believes that the modern Anglo-Saxon nations are descended from the leading tribes (i.e. Ephraim and Manasseh) of the ten tribes of Israel. There are still "British-Israel" organizations in a number of nations. However, there are also various Christian churches and Christian congregations who recognize the connection between the modern Anglo-Saxon nations and the Israelite tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh. There are also Messianic/Hebrew Roots congregations who see this connection. Yair Davidy's website, as you know, represents an Orthodox Jewish viewpoint which sees this connection. There are others as well. All groups have their own unique set of beliefs and practices. The term "British-Israel" ought to be applied to the actual British-Israel organizations which still exist today. A respected Christian Pastor who I know prefers to use the term "Recognition Theology" in describing the connection between the Anglo-Saxon nations and the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh.. I like that term. Maybe it will catch on!
Now for your questions. You refer to Paul's comments in chapters 9-11 of the book of Romans. I would first suggest considering the audience to which Paul is writing this epistle. He is writing to converts in Rome, a gentile city with some Israelites present there. In the 1st century AD, those few Israelites present in Rome were Jews. Josephus, who also wrote in the 1st century AD [Antiquities of the Jews, XI, V, 2) acknowledged that only "two tribes" of Israel were "subject to the Romans" while the remaining "ten tribes" were then living beyond the Euphrates River--far away from Rome and outside even the most distant reaches of the Roman Empire. Therefore, the Roman audience who received Paul's epistle would have seen the terms "Jews" and "Israelites" as synonymous in their understanding. In his long treatise on the subject in Romans 9-12, Paul uses the term "Jews" interchangeably with the term "Israelites" (see Romans 9:24 and 10:12).
I believe Paul was using both terms synonymously in his letter to the Romans. The subject-matter of his treatise supports this view. For example, in Romans 11:25-26, Paul is clearly referencing the Jews even though he calls them "Israel." In these verses, Paul says "blindness in part is happening to Israel..." Paul did not say "all Israel has been blinded." He said only a "part" of Israel was blinded. In other words, only a "part" of the 12 tribes of Israel were not accepting Jesus Christ (Hebrew: Yahshua) as the Messiah/Savior. What "part" of Israel did not accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah? The house of Judah overwhelmingly rejected him. The remaining tribes had many members who accepted Christ and became Christians (albeit in many eventual denominations). Paul, a student of Gamaliel who was a respected member of the Sanhedrin (Acts 5:34, 22:3), was very familiar with all Hebrew Bible scriptures and he knew Zechariah 12 (a prophecy which predicted that there would not be a general acceptance by the tribe of Judah of Jesus Christ as the Messiah until he comes as the "conquering Messiah" (see Zech. 12:8-10) who was "pierced" during the crucifixion. This event will not occur until the latter days are concluded. The ten tribes of Israel were already independent kingdoms when Jesus Christ came in human flesh. Therefore the ten tribes of Israel needed no "conquering Messiah," and were more receptive to a Messiah/Savior who fulfilled the prophecies about a "suffering Messiah."
As your letter pointed out, the nations of the ten tribes of Israel have been the leading Christian nations throughout history. Paul's interchangeable use of the terms "Israel" and "Jews" in Romans can lead to confusion in our modern perspectives as we tend to read the letter as if it were written to us. Once we remember Paul was writing a letter to ancient Roman readers, it can be realized that to his readers, the "Jews" were the only "Israelites" that lived among them and the terms would have been understood as synonymous by Paul's readers. Paul added the specific point in Romans 11:1 that he, himself, was a member of the tribe of Benjamin. The tribe of Benjamin was long a part of the "house of Judah" and the Jews who returned from Asia to the Promised Land under Ezra and Nehemiah included Benjaminites (Ezra 1:5, 4:1, Nehemiah 11:4, etc.) who would have been recognized as being among the Jews. Paul simply pointed out his personal descent within the overall house of Judah.
Concerning your other question, the "gentiles" are , technically, any nation of mankind that does not have an Israelite origin. Genesis 10 shows that mankind had three major branches of nations after the Deluge. All nations now on earth have descended from either Shem, Ham or Japheth or mixtures of these three sons of Noah. All descendants of Japheth and Ham are "gentile" by descent, but the Israelites have always had members of these two branches of mankind numbered among the Israelite tribes. The Israelites who left Egypt in the Exodus included slaves from other, non-Israelite nations. These non-Israelite slaves were called the "mixed multitude" (Exodus 12:8). Gentiles could be joined to the Israelite tribes if they forsook their old gods and ways and joined themselves to serving the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Leviticus 19:33-34 and Ezekiel 47:22-23). Ruth was one such individual (Ruth 1). Many people from many gentile nations throughout the Persian Empire were absorbed into the tribe of Judah in Esther 8:17.
The Israelite descended from Shem via Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (who was re-named Israel). However, there were many Semites who were not Israelites. Genesis 10:21 lists the non-Israelite Semitic nations as the ancient Assyrians, Elamites, Aramaeans, etc. Technically, Abraham's descendants through Ishmael, and all his sons via Keturah and his concubines were Semites who were also "gentiles" because they were not part of the 12 tribes of Israel who descended from Jacob. The descendants of Esau, the son of Isaac, were also Semites but "gentiles" for the same reason.
When the full migrations of nations are traced, Japheth's seed are today located mostly in Asia and the Orient. The modern Caucasians include many Israelites from the various tribes of Israel, but there are also Caucasians from non-Israelite nations who also have a descent from Shem. Some mistakenly assume that Europeans are connected to Japheth because some of his descendants (of Javan) were located in Greece and Asia Minor in ancient times. I believe most descendants of Javan later migrated into Asia.
Hope this answers your questions!

I was interested in getting several copies of your books for my small bookstore here in Austin, TX called Brave New Books. Are there any wholesale discounts? Please let me know.

Harlan from Texas
Brave New Books
512 480-2503


Yes, you can order copies of my books at bulk discounts in whatever quantity you desire for re-sale in your book store at retail prices. Other ministries, organizations and bookstores are already doing this. All wholesale orders should be placed at my publisher's website: There are a variety of discount price options with the largest discounts applying to full case orders.
Steve Collins

I tried to order a book entitled "Israels Tribes Today"

I completed the personal information, and selected pay
by check. However, you said nothing about where to send the check, and
didn't provide a form to copy off to send with the payment. How do I
order a book from you?

Joellen from Washington


I regret the ordering process didn't work out for you. You may order a copy of my book, Israel's Tribes Today, directly from me at: Steven Collins, PO Box 88735, Sioux Falls, SD 57109-8735, and you can make your check or money order out to me. The cost is $20 plus $5 shipping fees for a total of $25. I can ship orders for single copies, sets of my books or partial sets of my books from my address. A set of the 4-book series on Israelite history costs $80 ($72 for the books and $8 shipping fees).
However, all large orders (or wholesale bulk orders for those who wish to re-sell my books) should be placed at my publisher's website:
Steve Collins

I would like to know if you have produced the projected 3-volume sequel to your original book, The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel...Found!

Thank you for your courtesy.

Ruth Campbell


Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, the multi-part sequel series to my original book (The "Lost" Ten Tribes of Israel...Found!) has been released. In fact, it expanded to a four-volume set due to the abundance of historical information that was available on the subject. You may preview the books at the book links of this website and also at the book links of the publisher's website at
The four books in the series are written in a chronological manner as they trace the history of all the Israelite tribes. Book One begins with the calling of Abraham and book 4 concludes with my identifications of each of the tribes of Israel among the modern nations. The migrations, kingdoms and empires of the Israelite tribes in all historical periods are well-documented in the 4-book series. The new books have photos of key ancient artifacts, many thematic illustrations, indexes, etc. They also have copious chapter endnotes and a full bibliography so any reader can duplicate the research.
This website has links to the publisher's website where books can be purchased on-line, or books can also be obtained from me at: Steven Collins, PO Box 88735, Sioux Falls, SD 57109-8735. The prices are the same either way and they are detailed at the web links.
Steve Collins


Dear Mr Collins

Congratulations for your interesting books.

My name is Fran Garcia, i live in Madrid, I work with Alberto Canosa and we are reserchers, investigators.

Our site web is here:

Here it is spoken about a great discovery, The Cave of Solomon, in Toledo, Spain, too known how The Cave of Hercules. This place was built by the King Solomon in 1037 aproximately before Christ, for the End of the times or End of the world.

We know too that the stone of the collector of the king Solomon, General Adorinam, is in Sagunto, Valencia, probably in the jewish cementery.

Have you something information about of this place of Toledo?

There was a tower, and a cave. The tower of solomon destruyed on year 711 after C. Now only stay the Cave of Solomon. There in their interior is The Table of Solomon.

Thank you and write us if you wish it, but remember that we know bit the english idiom.

Fran Garcia


Dear Fran,
Thank you for contacting me. Yes (Si!), I have heard of Adoniram's cave in Spain. I am not familiar with legends that it was built for the End of Times, but I had read in older literature that it was the final resting place of Adoniram, who is mentioned as King Solomon's tax-collector in I Kings 4:6. Adoniram is also mentioned as being the official in charge of "the levy" of forced laborers for Solomon in Lebanon (I Kings 6:14). Since Adoniram was Solomon's tax-collector and the official over forced labor for Solomon's major projects, it is easily possible that he was also over the tax-collections for Solomon in ancient Iberia (Spain). Adoniram would have grown to be a very unpopular official as Solomon's building projects demanded more and more taxes and forced laborers from Solomon's far-flung empire.
The United Kingdom of Israel split due to resentment among the ten tribes of Israel because of Solomon's heavy taxes and labor demands. The northern Kingdom of Israel was founded due to a tax revolt (I Kings 12:1-19). I Kings 12:18 records that "Adoram" (apparently another tax official with a name similar to Adoniram's) was "stoned" by the people of Israel. It would be consistent with the tax rebellion that was then happening if Solomon's foreign tax collectors were also killed. Since Adoniram was "over the levy" of Solomon in Lebanon (foreign territory), he could have been the chief tax collector for Solomon over all his empire. Is so, he may have met his end in ancient Iberia (Spain).
I've heard of this cave of Adoniram in Spain, but I have not known anyone who knew its location. You may have noticed at my website that a film project regarding the history of the ten tribes is now being planned. On-site filming is planned in Israel, and Spain is located on the route to Israel. In the future, would you be willing to work with us and lead me (or people associated with this project) to the location of the cave in Spain? It may also be possible to include some filming of ancient Carthaginian ruins in Spain (or Sicily, Tunisia, etc.).
Steven Collins


Mr Collins,

I am a frequent visitor to your website and enjoy your articles very much. I have a question that I feel sure you have been asked before. Do you think there is any connection between the Two Witnesses and the 144,000 from the two houses of Israel and Judah?

Thank you for your time.

Stephen E. Pursley
Greenville, AL 36037


Dear Steven Pursley,
Yes, I do think there is a connection between the 144,000 and the Two Witnesses. Before offering my answer, let's first put the "144,000" in context. 
Revelation 7:4-8 prophesies that there will be 144,000 Israelites (12, 000 from each of 12 tribes) "sealed" by God at the end of this age. This scripture also affirms that the 12 tribes of Israel have to be present on the earth in the latter days in order for this to be possible. However, in addition to the 144,000 Israelites, verse 9 also prophesies a "great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people and tongues, stood before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes..." So, in addition to the 144,000 Israelites who are "sealed," there is a great multitude from all nations who are given "white robes" (so gentiles are included among the faithful but are not numbered among the 144,000). Both expressions ("sealed" and "white robes") indicate righteousness before God. Revelation 7:14 states specifically that these people "came out of great tribulation and washed their robes and made them white by the blood of the lamb." The fact that these people came out of the "great tribulation" indicates they became righteous (or repented and accepted Jesus Christ as Savior) during the ministry of the two witnesses and/or the martyrdom of the great tribulation. This great tribulation is also mentioned in Matthew 24:21-22, and it is a time at the very end of our age where all flesh would perish unless Christ's return occurred to stop it.
Look also at the chapter which precedes Revelation 7's mention of the 144,000 and the great multitude in white robes. Revelation 6:10-11 speaks of a time of martyrdom at the end of the age, but all believers martyred at that time receive "white robes" and are told to wait for "a little season" until their blood is avenged by God on those who martyred them. In Revelation 6:15-17 (just after the martyrdom of God's people) , the "kings" and "great men" and "rich men" are terrified as they try to hide from the Divine wrath which is about to fall upon them. Revelation 18 parallels, in my view, this same time. It speaks of the "kings" and "merchants" of the earth who have "waxed rich" as a result of the economic/political system of Babylon the Great (for more on Babylon the Great, see my article "What Kind of Captivity?" at this website). This evil system is destroyed at the end of the age and Revelation 18:24 adds that Babylon the Great is guilty of the slaying of many of the saints of God. The beast/Babylon the Great implements the martyrdom of Revelation 6:9-11, and is soon Divinely judged itself.
The Two Witnesses will preach and warn the nations with God's final message for three and 1/2 years just before the end of this age (Revelation 11:1-11). Their ministry will manifest extensive Divinely-given powers, but they will be slain by the beast after their 3 and 1/2 year ministry. Many will listen to them and repent, but Revelation's prophecies indicate the majority of mankind will not repent. The same Greek word translated "Witnesses" in Revelation 11 can also be translated "martyrs" elsewhere in scripture. The Two Witnesses are slain ("martyred"), but they are resurrected just three and 1/2 days later, much to the shock of the world's population (Revelation 11:11-12). When the Two Witnesses are slain as martyrs, it is logical that the beast (or "Babylon the Great") will seek to martyr as many of the Two Witnesses' followers as possible once the power in the Two Witnesses is no longer available to protect them. This is when those in "white robes" are slain as martyrs and are told to "wait" for a short time until God's vengeance is poured out on the sinful leaders and people of the world's nations.
In conclusion, I believe the 144,000 plus the "multitude" from all nations in white robes are the ones martyred by the Beast/Babylon the Great power between the time the Two Witnesses are slain and the resurrection of the dead occurs (just three and 1/2 days after the Two Witnesses are slain). In other words, the 144,000 and the "multitude...of all nations" are the ones who believed the Two Witnesses' warnings. Many will die for their faith at the end of this age. However, Revelation 12:13-17 indicates that there will be two categories of believers at the end of this age. One group will be spared from the dragon's wrath and persecution "for a time, times and half a time" (verses 14-16) while another group is not protected from the dragon's wrath (verse 17). Presumably, the latter group will be martyred. Notice that the protected group of saints is protected for three and 1/2 times. The Two Witnesses lay dead for three and 1/2 days. Because the Greek word for "times" here can mean any unit of time (it does not literally mean "years"), and because Revelation 12 follows right after Revelation 11's account of the Two Witnesses, I believe the three and 1/2 times of Revelation 12:14 refers to the three and 1/2 days mentioned in Revelation 11:9-11. It is during the three and 1/2 days following the death of the powerful Two Witnesses that God's saints will need Divine protection.
Steve Collins

Subject: Web Site Inquiry

Name: Ron Hoover

Hi Steven
 You might of already seen this article dispelling
 the story about Tea-Tephi and Jeremiah in Ireland?.
 It seems all of the BI folks have taken this as a "fact"
 and all "ran with with it". What is your opinion on this
                  Thanks..Ron Hoover




Dear Ron,
In my view, the Jeremiah/Tea Tephi connection to Ireland's ancient history is not only plausible, but true. There is evidence to support it. My reasons (and the historical sources) are given in my books, Israel's Lost Empires (pp. 118-124) and Israel's Tribes Today (pp. 123-130). Jeremiah was given complete authority by the Babylonians to travel freely and take with him whatever he desired. It is logical he would take as much of Israel's patrimony as he could. The Bible records he traveled to the West from Judah, and we lose track of his travels in Egypt. Jeremiah 43:5-7 records that he did have the kings' daughters with him (was this only a coincidence or did Jeremiah have a purpose?). Jeremiah 25:22 records that Jeremiah knew about "the kings of the Isles which were beyond the Sea." This indicates Jeremiah knew about royal dynasties who were "in Isles" that were "beyond the Sea" (i.e. the Mediterranean Sea). The British Isles were long in the Phoenician/Israelite orbit, so they are logically the "Isles" Jeremiah discusses. If he was bringing royal daughters with him and he knew about royal dynasties in the British Isles, It indicates Jeremiah had royal intermarriages in mind from the beginning! Jeremiah had plenty of friendly Israelite ports of call available to him on the way to the British Isles (Kirjath Hadeshath/Carthage and Iberia/Spain were two such).
If Jeremiah did not bring a king's daughter to Ireland, then who brought David's harp and the stone of destiny to Ireland? This harp is still a standard symbol for Ireland, and Ireland's ancient capital, Tara, preserved the Hebrew name of Abraham's father (Genesis 11:26).
England's kings and queens are, in my view, descended from King David. Indeed, I think all of the royal houses of Europe have a similar descent. The connection of a Jewish king's daughter with ancient Irish Kings is actually the lesser aspect of this connection. The major part of David's blood in Europe's royal houses came from the old Parthian dynasty, which was descended from King David. Many of the ten tribes of Israel in Asia had kings with the name of David's ancestor, Phares, in their individual or dynastic name. Parthia, Iberia (in the Caucasus), Scythia and Indo-Sakan kingdoms all had such names (Pharesmenes, Gondophares, etc.). When Parthia fell, the Armenian kings preserved the Parthian royal blood for another two centuries and secular history records they sheltered the Parthian dynasty's surviving princes. My books also cite secular sources that the rulers of the Goths, Germans and Saxons (who migrated into Europe) had Parthian origins. Indeed, who else would the Parthian refugees accept as kings? They had accepted only David's descendants as kings for five centuries in an unbroken line. The royal houses of Europe descended from the royalty who migrated into Europe with all the refugee Parthian and Scythians (the ten tribes of Israel). God promised that David's seed would permanently rule over the ten tribes of Israel (Jeremiah 33:17). God kept his promise.
Steven Collins


I have read this in various literature about the BI identity but have yet to verify same,any ideas?.

"The national Crest of England has that other great monument of Egypt, the Sphinx, on its reverse side."

I have never been able thus far to find a pic of this,can you provide a photo+source of the "Nat'l Crest of England"?. I've heard people talk about the "Sphinx" but have never seen a photo.

Thanks,Ron Hoover
in Colorado


Dear Ron,
I'm aware of others who have asserted (or looked for) a "sphinx" symbol associated with Great Britain. Like you, I have not seen a photo of such a symbol. It may exist, but I would want to see any documentation which confirmed that the connection was valid. It is not a subject that I have researched, but I will offer you the following comments in the event such a connection can be demonstrated..
There is no question that an Egyptian symbol persisted into American insignia. On the back of US $1 bills, the national symbol of the USA appears along with an insignia of an Egyptian pyramid. The British and American people are "brother" nations with an Anglo-Saxon descent.
If the sphinx symbol can be associated with Great Britain, there is a possible biblical connection. Ephraim and Manasseh were the sons of Joseph, who became Pharaoh's Sub-Ruler over Egypt after successfully interpreting a Pharaonic dream (Genesis 41). Ephraim and Manasseh would have been raised in Egyptian culture and would have been very familiar with Egyptian symbols and customs. Their mother was an Egyptian princess (Genesis 41:45). The descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh would each later become one of the respective tribes of Israel (Genesis 48). My books identify the modern descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh as the Anglo-Saxons who became the British and American peoples. Ephraim and Manasseh are the dominant tribes of the ten tribes of Israel and they had the longest (and best) association with an Egyptian origin. All Israelite tribes were enslaved later by a different Pharaoh before they were freed in the Exodus, but an Egyptian component would most likely linger in the symbolism of the Eprhraimites and Manassehites. Again, I would want to see evidence of a British connection to the symbolism of the sphinx before I accepted it as true.
Those who wish to consider evidence of Joseph's very real presence in ancient Egypt would benefit from reading David Rohl's book, Pharaohs and Kings.
Steven Collins

Dear Mr. Steven Collins:

I got your email address through the Hebraic Heritage, Newsletters that I receive regularly. I was very interested in the package deal you have on offer but I just wanted to know a little bit more that is: If there is, in these books, any information on the Jews of India particularly the West Coast (Goa) which according to history was the most persecuted state by the Portuguese. (Persecution of Jews, Hindus & Moslems who had all lived in peace and harmony until the invasion by the Portuguese who created havoc there sometime in the 1500's during the Spanish Inquisition). It's very interesting that being Indian I was brought up Catholic with a Spanish/Portuguese Surname but had love for the Jewish people. I gave my heart to the Lord 10 years ago and became a Messianic believer. I am originally from Goa and I'm trying to find my roots.

Would appreciate your response.


Bethany-Jes Bethel
Ontario, Canada



Shalom Bethany Bethel,
Thank you for your inquiry. While I do not examine the history of Goa in my books, I do cite Indian sources and discuss events in India as it pertains to the ten tribes' history. Such information includes material from the Mahabarata and a Rig Veda hymn cited in my book, Israel's Lost Empires. My book on Parthia has several references to the Indo-Parthian and Saka presence in India as well as a discussion of the Parthian naval and maritime activities in the Indian Ocean region. In that same book, I also mention the historical records about the Apostle Thomas' travels to India after most of the Apostles departed Jerusalem for missionary journeys to other nations.
You may also be interested in my comments about ancient and modern India posted in the May2 entry at my website.
Steven Collins


Could the two witnesses have the bloodline of Zerubbabel Joshua Moses and Aaron{ Ancestry} ? . Are these 4 related ?  Is this family line  recorded somewhere ?

Charlene Vanderhost


Dear Charlene,
Revelation 11 does not give us information about the tribal origins or the ancestry of the Two Witnesses. My article on the Two Witnesses (see "Articles" link at my website) offers several possibilities for their tribal origins based on biblical precedents about famous "twosomes" who were prophets or "types" of the Two Witnesses. Zerubbabel was a descendant of David in the tribe of Judah (compare Ezra 3:2 and Matthew 1:12). Moses and Aaron were Levites, and since Joshua was a "high priest" (Zechariah 3:1), he also had to be Levite. On the other hand, Elijah and Elisha served in the territory of the northern ten tribes and Elijah's hometown (Tishbe) was in the territory of Manasseh in northern Gilead. Malachi 4:5 appears to be a reference to the final ministry of the Two Witnesses, and its reference to "Elijah" implies (but does not prove) that one or more of the Two Witnesses could be from the ten tribes as was Elijah. On the other hand, Revelation 11:4 links the Two Witnesses to Zechariah 3 and 4 (the accounts of Joshua and Zerubbabel who were from Judah and Levi, respectively). This implies, but does not specifically state, that the Two Witnesses could be descended from Judah and Levi. These biblical references may presage a tribal connection or they may simply be symbolic references to the character of their ministry. Time will tell!
Could it be that the Two Witnesses might descend from some of the personalities cited above? That is a possibility, but no one currently knows who the Two Witnesses will be. At this stage, we are left with considering the possibilities based on biblical precedents and clues.
Steven Collins

 I have been reading with great interest the fourth book in your Israel series "Israel's Tribes Today". I was especially interested in what you happened to say about the Israelite origins of many of the "barbarian" tribes and the fascinating connection between the timing of their arrival in Europe with the fall of the Parthian empire. I have really enjoyed that so far.

I was wondering if you could comment briefly on your views of the origin of Attila's Huns (as opposed to the White Huns you referred to as Naphtalites).

Most historians feel that they originated mysteriously from the steppes of Asia close to the western border of China. I have seen a picture of a Attila's image on a coin and he appears white or Caucasian in appearance. They were based in the area of Hungary which bears their name to this day.

The Hungarian language is of the same language branch (Finno-Ugaric) as the Finnish and Estonian languages. Ugaric sounds close to Ugarit (Ras Sharma) in Syria. I wonder if God used them as a means of pushing His people from eastern Europe to their eventual home in western Europe.

I'd be interested in your views on the origin of the Huns when you have the time.



Thank you for your positive comments about my book, Israel's Tribes Today. I'm gratified that you are enjoying the book.
To answer your last question about the Huns first, I do believe that God used the Huns to drive the Israelite nations in the direction he wanted them to migrate so they would inhabit their prophesied future locations. The Encyclopaedia Britannica (1943 Ed., Vol. 11, see "Huns," p. 916) states that there were at least four masses of people called "Huns." It states that two of the groups, the Ephthalite (or Nephthalite) Huns and the "Hunas" who invaded India in ancient times were likely the same people. I agree with that viewpoint. It also notes that Attila's Huns who invaded Europe during the 5th century A.D. were the first group of Huns who entered Europe, but that a second group called Huns were the Magyars who invaded Europe in 898 A.D,. and left their name on the modern nation of Hungary. The Britannica article cited above states that "it cannot be proved that the Magyars are descended from the horde which sent forth [Attila's Huns]." This allows for the possibility that they did not have the same descent.
Assuming the coin you mentioned accurately depicts Attila with a Caucasian-like image, it raises the possibility that Attila came from a group of Semites who were not Israelites. When the Parthian Empire fell, its Israelite people fled toward Europe, but so did many of their non-Israelite, subject people who preferred tolerant Parthian rule to the harsher rule of either the Romans or the Sassanian Persians. Since Armenia retained Parthian "Arsacid" kings for about 200 years after the Parthian Empire fell, the Caucasus Mountain region long served as a gateway for refugee Parthians and others who wished to avoid or escape Sassanian Persian rule. Non-Israelite Semite tribes would include the Assyrians, Elamites, Aramaeans, etc. Attila could have led one of these factions. Attila also had many Israelites serving in his army as the Ostrogoths (the eastern Goths) were then his vassals. The origin of the Huns under Attila is shrouded in considerable mystery. The term "Hun" could easily have been stamped on groups of different tribes just as the term "German" was placed on many different tribes migrating into Europe after Parthia's fall. Some Hungarians exhibit an Asiatic origin which argues that at least some were descended from Japheth, but others do not. An Encyclopedia Americana (1988 Ed. Vol. 14, see "Hungary," p. 574) in my library showed a group of Hungarians in the Magyars' "traditional costume" and they look Caucasian and Slavic to me. It would be hard to draw specific conclusions about the Magyars' origin, but their numbers seem have included people from a diverse background.
Te fact that the Hungarian language has linguistic links to the Finno-Ugric language can mean one of two things. Either they are a racially-related people who split into two sections during their migration or they constituted different ethnic groups who migrated and lived together long enough to share a common language before they parted company and took separate routes into Europe. The linguistic relationship is well-documented so they surely shared a common origin.
Steven Collins

Thank you for your most interesting article on the Scythian Israelite origins. I had been tracking my DNA Haplotype J1 and had met a brick wall with 'Clodius' King of Sicamber which turns out to be a rump of the former Scythian Empire. It seems that my Y-DNA (originating in southern Israel) has linked through the Scythians to the Franks (Charlemagne in the lineage) into the Norman invasion of England in 1066 up to the present day, what a breathtakingly continuous journey for a most interesting Haplotype about which nothing was known until now.

Ken Jordan
Great Britain


Dear Ken,
I can understand your enthusiasm for wanting to trace your ancestry. Others have also contacted me over the years with DNA Haplotype information about their ancestry. Some ask me to comment on the DNA information they have found re: their possible Israelite tribal identifications. While I see this field of study useful for analyzing past migrational patterns, I don't attempt to make or draw conclusions about individuals based on DNA Haplotypes.
A number of people have commented that their DNA Haplotype information confirms their ancestors took a migrational path which began in the region of ancient Israel (or the Mideast), went into Asia and eventually into Europe. This information is completely harmonious with the conclusions of my books that most (but not all) Israelites took that very migrational path.
A fellow researcher, Yair Davidy (an Orthodox Jew and a personal friend who lives in Jerusalem) periodically addresses and discusses DNA Haplotype subjects on his website as it pertains to Israelite tribal history and migrations. I suggest that you
may wish to check the information on this subject at his website:
Steve Collins

Dear Mr.Collins,

I must tell you IM not sure about some of the stuff you claim but I see where you could come up with somethings , any way who is gog in the gog magog war ? he dies on the mountains of israel where The Rocky Mountains?

It will be an amazing invasion as a cloud covers the land how can this be done where america is located , and lastly antichrist pitches his tent inbetween the mountains and the sea is the antichrist

Ggog and the antichrist makes an agreement with america ?



Your questions are likely ones which many people may have when reading my prophetic articles. I hope my answers might address some questions which other readers may also have.
The Bible prophesies that a global world political/economic/religious system will come into being at the end of our age. Different prophecies describe this final world system with varying names. Revelation calls it the "Beast" and "Babylon the Great." Daniel 2 refers to it as the "final ten toes" of a great image seen by Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel 11 refers to it as the final "king of the north" alliance. Rev. 18 reveals it will be an interlocking alliance of multinational corporations ("merchants of the earth") and national political leaders (the "kings"), and Daniel 2 reveals it will be more of a fractious confederation of allies than a federation of nations. Revelation 18's prophecy fits perfectly the modern "globalist" system of the Western World. The Western World's alliance includes the USA, NATO, Japan, the Israelis, Australia, New Zealand, etc. The beast and anti-Christ will emerge from this world system.
Gog is not "the" anti-Christ. Gog is either the leading national leader or nation of the Anti-Western alliance which will attack the Western alliance (as Ezekiel 38 prophesies). Russia is given first prominence in the order of nations in this anti-Western alliance which includes China, Iran, and many other nations so Gog is most likely to be a Russian. [Many of the nations in these two global, competing alliances, are named in my new article re: "Japan in the Latter-Days" available in the "articles" link at this website. When God prophesies that "Gog" will fall on the mountains of Israel in Ezekiel 39, God also says he will slay 5/6ths of Gog's host. This means that "Gog" is being prophetically told by God that his attack will ultimately fail and his armies will have few survivors. Where the specific individual who heads the Gog alliance will die I couldn't say for sure, based on the prophetic language.
The word "mountains" can have two meanings. It can mean literal mountains or it can be prophetic imagery simply meaning "nations." Either or both meanings can fit this prophecy. If we consider literal mountains, the Rockies of the USA and Canada fit the prophecy, but the Israeli hill country does not. It says these "mountains" have "always been waste." The hill country (the small mountains) of ancient Israel have had numerous civilizations on them whose cities have risen and fallen over the millennia. Cities, Towns and ruins of ancient cities are seen there commonly (I've seen them with my own eyes). They have not "always" been waste. On the other hand, one can travel through or fly over the Rockies and see little or no evidence of human habitation ever having been there for long stretches.
I believe the prophetic language about "covering the land like a cloud" (Ezekiel 38:9) refers to the fact that much of the invasion will come via an aerial attack (bombers, missiles, paratroopers, etc.). This makes complete sense in modern warfare. Russian planes and missiles could easily come "from the north" over the pole into North America and Europe could be invaded from the north by Russian forces based in the Kola Peninsula. China is building massive numbers of cruise missiles and years ago tested putting weaponry on its civilian freighters. A large volley of cruise-missiles could easily be launched from the many numbers of Chinese merchant ships that are routinely approach our shores with cheap trade goods. These ships could be secretly-prepared to launch missiles instead of deliver trade goods when this future attack occurs. Also, Russian or Chinese subs can launch missiles against the North American (and European) nations. All these attacks would be via the air (where "clouds" are). Russia could also seize airfields in Alaska in the opening phase of a surprise attack and fly a continual shuttle of many airplanes from Russia to Alaska, unloading soldiers and armored vehicles with each flight. These armies would then attack the USA and Canada "from the north" as prophesied.
Keep in mind I do not set dates for when this attack will occur. In my article on "The Two Witnesses," I discuss the biblical/secular reasons why I currently believe it will occur after the ministry and resurrection of the Two Witnesses. I refer you to that article for more information.

Steve Collins

I just read your article on unclean meats and wanted to bring your attention to a person named Dr. Peter D'Adamo . He does seem to believe in evolution etc and does not adhere to the unclean meats idea. He promotes "eat right for your blood type" with the idea that blood type O can eat things that another type cannot eat. What I found very interesting is that pork is listed as an avoid for all blood types. 
I also wish to express my condolence regarding the death of your father. I hope and pray your mother is doing well.
My maternal grandmother's maiden name was Collins (she was from Arkansas) but then again there are so many Collins in the states.
Thanks for all the articles and books you write.


Dear Lillie Smith,
Thank you for your comment on my unclean meats article. It is noteworthy that a non-religious source would also list pork as a meat to be avoided by all blood types. Sounds like an unintended confirmation that the Bible's instructions are scientific after all!
Thanks for your condolences re: the death of my Dad. My "Collins" ancestors all came from the region of Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia.
Steve Collins

Hi Steven,

I have a copy of your article "Does the Bible permit Christians to eat "unclean" meat in NT times?" on my desktop in PDF format. I agree with it. I would like your permission to post it in PDF format, complete, including the "Shelter in the Word" info on 2 pages, to my website, But if you have a non-pdf format copy you could email me, I will include your contact information and your 
website infor within the article and remove the Shelter in the Word 
info before I reformat it into a PDF file. In any case, nothing would 
be changed in the article and you would get full credit.

Thank you.

F. Paul Haney


Dear F. Paul Haney,
Of course you can post my PDF article on unclean meats at your site. I would appreciate accreditation and having my website mentioned.
Steve Collins

 I ve read through some of your articles and have found them quit interesting. I wanted to get your opinion on something. Our genealogical paper trail has traced our Kiser/Keyser/Kayser family back to a village in Württemberg Germany named Möckmühl. We were then able to trace the family back to about 1535-40 in the same village. We located a Kaiser descendant in Möckmühl who shared a common ancestor and had his DNA tested to verify our paper trail. The results were a match. We have an R1a Haplogroup.
We ve speculated, based on readings from the internet, that our family origin in Eastern Europe may have been with the Khazars. It was interesting to note in one of our ancestor s records in the 1500 s that he spelled his last name Kheyser.
Based upon your research to date, do you think we have Khazarian, Slavic, Turkic or Israelite origins? I've noticed there is much debate on this subject dealing with the Khazars. I appreciate your time.

Mark R. Kiser


Dear Mark Kiser,
While I do not have the training to make judgments on DNA matters, I can offer you the following observations.
The name "Kiser" is also very close to the German word "Kaiser" (for "emperor"). Since you have located someone in Mockmuhl named "Kaiser" who shares a common ancestor with you, the derivation on your name could just as easily be linked to this word as to the "Khazars." It is very difficult to know the derivation of many ancestral names because the alternate spellings of many family names could vary considerably and standardization was lacking.
You mentioned that your ancestors can be traced to Wurttemberg, which is in the southwest of Germany. This is in the region of Germany which my book, Israel's Tribes Today, identifies as being currently linked to the latter-day Israelite tribe of Gad. Your email did not mention when your German ancestors migrated to America (I'm assuming you live in the USA as your inquiry was in English and your email address indicated no other national location). If your ancestors migrated to North America early in the history of America, it increases the odds of an origin with the tribe of Manasseh as many Germans with a Manassehite background migrated to America to merge with the Manassehites migrating from the British Isles when the USA was founded and settled. The two half-tribes of Manasseh took different migration paths from the time they split when leaving the Promised Land until they were reunited when the USA was settled. My aforementioned book has much documentation on this matter. While the tribe of Judah often kept meticulous ancestral records over the centuries, the people of the ten tribes of Israel did not do so. Their tribal units can be linked with certain modern nations principally by national temperament and via biblical prophecies which give specific clues about the individual tribes in the latter days (especially Genesis 49).
If the origin of your ancestors was with the Khazars, their region was along the major migration route which many of the tribes of Israel took on their way to Europe out of Asia. There is a discussion of the Khazar connection to Israelite (mostly "Jewish") history on pp. 228-234 of my aforementioned book. The Khazars were unusual in ancient societies as they practiced a high degree of tolerance for different peoples with different religions. Due to the presence of many migrating tribes who passed through or resided in the region later called Khazaria, it is not possible to make a firm identification of anyone's tribal background simply because their ancestors migrated through the Khazar region.
I hope these general comments are useful to you!
Steve Collins

I was wondering, since the Peruvian plateau you spoke of with the supposed pre-flood airport is undisturbed, would this not be the perfect place to find out the order of the rock formations by drilling a core sample? Pardon my crude description, I'm no geologist. As I have been told, there is no place yet found where the rocks lie in the order of the geologists determination of their age, they're all mixed up.

Jacques Gauvin


Dear Jacques Gauvin,
If the "Nazca airport" in Peru documented by Erich von Daniken (and others) has an origin in the pre-Flood world, then your suggestion about drilling a core sample there could reveal an undisturbed geological history. It would be very difficult to transport heavy drilling equipment to such high altitudes though. I agree with you that the geologic strata are "all mixed up" in much of the world (rock layers are folded over each other, positioned in topsy-turvy fashion, etc.).
Readers who would like to check out several photographs of the ancient "airports" can find them on plates 300-308 on pp. 200-204 of von Daniken's book, In Search of Ancient Gods. Plates 300, 301 and 303 are especially good. They are aerial photographs taken from the perspective of an aircraft on approach to the end of one of these mountaintop runways. These photos clearly show the placement of extensions out from the centerline of the runway at its approach end which are very reminiscent of the alignment and approach aids located at modern airport runways.
Steve Collins

Well after listing to your speech on the days before Noah. It re-sparked an interest in a period that I have felt had so little attention paid to it. I was 10 or 11 years old when I remember reading in church about Peleg, and how the earth divided. That started my interest in what life was like back then.

My question is were the thrones of France Spain Norway Sweden etc... Seated by David's line? Because we know Great Britian is, and we also know some of the presidents of the United States where related to the kings and queens of the UK; like George Bush who happens to be far distant cousin of mine.
Cam Rea


Cam Rea,
I'm convinced that many of the royal houses of Europe had David's blood flowing in them via the Parthian-Scythian dynasties. Since the British royalty have intermarried over the centuries with many of the royal houses of Europe, David's blood is in those European dynasties now even if none of David's blood had been in them when they came from Asia. I discuss David's royal descendants in several locations in my books (you could check "David" in the indexes and find them easily).
Steve Collins

Dear Mr. Collins:

    I ve been interested in the study of the lost tribes of Israel for over 20 years and I m amazed just how clear the scripture and secular history is on the location and identity of Yahweh s people. I have read all five of your books and you are the only one to come along in years with tons of new information regarding the identity of our Hebrew ancestors, and I commend you, Sir...

  Something has always puzzled me concerning the slightly different customs between the Celts and their Scythian/Parthian brothers. In that I mean: way is it that the Celts adopted the plaid breeches and cloaks where as Scythia and Parthia adopted the more solid colors with elaborate needle work along the side of their trousers and tunics? (However, Celtic and Scythian art and other mannerisms are so much alike it doesn t take too much brain power to figure out that these people are related) There s no doubt that the Celts are indeed part of the house of Israel, I just thought you would have a little insight on this.

  One other thing: why didn t the Israelite-Celts continue to use the Phrygian cap that was so common among ancient Israel? I m sure you re familiar with the famous Black Obelisk of Shalmanezer III that depicts King Jehu, king if Israel sporting a Phrygian cap just like the Scythians! But I have yet to find one image of a Celt depicted with such a cap. I hope you don t think that I m nit-picking; it s just that I m constantly thinking of such little details regarding the Celts and Scythians. This may not be important to some people, but for me it has always been some what of a puzzle.

  I hope I didn t bore you with all this, but I would highly regard your opinion and comments and forgive my poor grammar. 
    In Messiah, Yahshua s name                    
    Danny Walden


Dear Danny Walden,
Thank you very much for your kind comments on the clarity of the new information about the Israelite tribes presented in my books.
I do regard both the Celts and the Scythian-originated tribes as generally being Israelite in origin. I think one explanation for the differing customs of the two groups is the length of time that they were separated from each other, both geographically and culturally. As my books point out, the "Phoenician" alliance between the United Kingdom of Israel under Kings David and Solomon with the city-states of Tyre, Sidon, etc. had a global reach and impact. Israelite/Phoenician colonies were founded in Spain (Iberia), throughout the Mediterranean region, the British Isles and mainland Europe. These colonies were reinforced by settlers from the Israelite tribes for centuries before the kingdoms of Israel and Judah fell and their peoples either migrated elsewhere or were taken into captivity. The European colonists of this Israelite/Phoenician empire were "on their own" after the kingdom of Israel fell, and the civilizations of these colonists were later called "Celts." The descendants of the much larger group of Israelites who either migrated (or were taken captive) into Asia became known as Scythians and Parthians.
The kingdom of Israel fell in the 8th century BC and the Scythian/Parthian peoples did not migrate in large numbers into Europe until after the fall of Parthia in the 3rd century AD. This means that these groups were separated for over a millennium, and this would account for many cultural differences between them.
You correctly note that a distinctive kind of pointed cap was associated with the Israelites when they were still in the Promised Land. At least some of the Israelites transplanted into Asia retained this headgear as a Scythian "Sacae" figure is depicted with a pointed cap on the Behistun rock carving commissioned by King Darius of the Persian Empire. This headgear is shown on pages 203-204 of my book, Israel's Lost Empires, and it is discussed on pages 210-211 of the same book. The Behistun carving dates to the 6th century BC, so it was an example of this Israelite headgear being retained not long after they were exiled from the Promised Land.
Steve Collins

I noticed a misspelled word in the heading. their does not spell their, does it? Perhaps a correction would be in order. 
I'm planning to recommend this site to an Indianapolis Jewish lawyer to read about the 12 tribes, including the 10 "lost tribes."

Arnold Denney
Bronston, KY


Dear Arnold Denney,
Thanks for pointing out the misspelling, which has been corrected. Thanks also for recommending this website to others!
Steve Collins

Dear Steven, 

If you have a newsletter, I would like to receive it. Yair is a friend of mine here in Israel.

Best regards,
Ray Lee


 Dear Raymond Lee,
I do not currently have a newsletter, but may consider one in the future. Thanks for your interest in suggesting one. Give my regards to Yair!
Steve Collins

Hello Steve -

 I recently read your book on Parthia, and it was riveting. Congratulations on your research and publications.

Charlene Mathe


Dear Charlene Mathe,
Thank you for your positive feedback re: my book on the "forgotten" Parthian Empire. It is gratifying to hear from readers who are enjoying the information in my books.
Steve Collins

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing from Paul Cox’s ministry, Aslan’s Place, which is located in Hesperia, California. Paul is very interested in carrying the book Israel’s Tribes Today by Steven M. Collins in our bookstore. Please let me know what we need to do in order to receive the book at the wholesale cost. Thank you.

Caitlin Wells
Aslan's Place
18990 Rocksprings rd
Hesperia, Ca 92345
760-956-2945 Fax


Dear Christy Lisle,
Thank you for your inquiry re: how to order copies of my book, Israel's Tribes Today, for re-sale in your bookstore. I apologize for the delayed response. An electronic glitch prevented your email from reaching me till this weekend.
You certainly can stock any of my books in your bookstore. My publisher's website is: and their website offers a variety of discount ordering options for the books. As you likely would expect, case orders qualify for the largest wholesale discounts. You can also email them directly at: .
If you have any questions of me, you can reach me directly at: I also today left a phone message at your number given below.
Steve Collins

Thank you for your books and articles, I have all of them and appreciate your research and insight. Have you read or heard of the Book of Tephi and what are your thoughts on its' contents. Thank you for your time.

Penny Kester


Dear Penney Kester,

Thanks for your positive comments on my articles and books. I am unfamiliar with any 'Book of Tephi," and cannot comment on it.

Steve Collins

Dear Mr. Collins,

I recently purchased 5 of your books and just finished reading "The 'Lost' Ten Tribes of Israel...Found!" It is my understanding that the books were written in a certain order and should be read in that order for better understanding of Israel's history. Please clarify that "order" for me?

Also, in the first book, I was not clear on what you were stating about the line of David. It seemed that you were saying that the Phares line was fulfilling the scepter promise of Davidic dynasty. Pares was the ancestor of David, not of David's progeny. It was my understanding that the throne of David was overturned by God (using Jeremiah) and David's line continued through the "kings daughters" who traveled with Jeremiah to Ireland where they were "grafted" into the kingly line into Zerah (Phares' twin brother) thus healing the ancient breach between Phares and Zerah. The throne of David was again "overturned" to Scotland, then to England where that throne is today. How could it be that David's "line" be in Carthage, Partha, etc?

Incidentally, the understanding opened to me about the US and Britain was from the writings of Herbert W. Armstrong. God, in His infinite mercy added my wife and me to His Church in 1969.


George Hubbell


Dear Mr. Hubbell,

I apologize for the delayed response. An electronic glitch delayed my receipt of your (and other) emails.

My first book, The "Lost" Ten Tribes of Israel...Found!, was first released in 1996 and it has had several printings. It covers the history of the so-called "lost" ten tribes of Israel from the reign of Kings David and Solomon to the present. My new four-book set are derivative books which are based on my first book. The four newest books include much material which was not available at the time my first book went to print. The new books also include hundreds of illustrations, photographs of key ancient artifacts, indexes, etc. All the books are intended not only to provide fascinating historical evidence about the ten tribes, but also to show that the Bible is factually and literally accurate.

The first book in my expanded series is The Origins and Empire of Ancient Israel, and it begins with the calling of Abraham. It discusses the patriarchal period, showing how early events shaped the development of each tribe's history and the unfolding of the "birthright" promises given to Abraham. Also included is hard evidence of the Israelites' captivity in Egypt and the real "Mt. Sinai." It also covers the time of the Israelites' Golden Age under Kings David and Solomon. The second book in the series, Israel's Lost Empires, continues the documentation of the Israelites' Golden Age and their global impact, the decline of Israel and Judah in the Divided Kingdom period, the phased migrations of the tribes from the Promised Land and the emergence of two new Israelite powers of Scythia and Carthage. There is much evidence that these powers were predominantly Israelite, but this evidence has not generally been made known.

The third book in my series, Parthia: The Forgotten Ancient Superpower, documents the hidden but readily available history of the greatest Israelite Empire in the ancient world: Parthia. Classical Greco-Roman writers wrote an immense amount of information about Parthia, but much of this information has not been included in history books and rarely has it been examined in a biblical context. For example, how many people realize the Magi (or "Wise Men") mentioned in the Bible were high Parthian officials and that they traveled with huge numbers of escorts? It was the army of escorts traveling with the Magi to Jerusalem which scared King Herod and all the residents of Jerusalem (Matthew 2:3). Jesus Christ's life took place during a peaceful lull in the otherwise warlike history between the Roman and Parthian Empires. This book examines the life of Jesus Christ in light of the geopolitics which greatly affected his life. Even Roman records acknowledge Parthia as an empire which was the "equal" of Rome. Its hidden history and forgotten power is made clear in this book. The final book in my 4-part series, Israel's Tribes Today, examines the history of the Israelite tribes' migrations after the fall of the immense Parthian Empire in Asia. The Goths, Saxons, Germans, etc. who poured into Europe as refugees in search of new homelands eventually inundated the Roman Empire. These millions of Caucasian tribes were refugees from the fallen Parthian Empire. The history of their migrations is documented and all the tribes of Israel are identified in our modern world, utilizing both secular records and biblical prophecies about the tribes.

The four-book set is intended to be read in chronological order, but the books can also be read as "stand-alone" books on specific subjects. The offer for the four-book set refers to these four books.

My books do indicate that the "scepter" promise was fulfilled by David's descendants. Matthew 1 and Luke 3 affirm that David and his royal progeny descended from Pharez. My book traces both ancient and modern dynasties to the progeny of King David. David's line was not limited to the daughter of King Zedekiah which Jeremiah took to ancient Ireland (an account I do discuss and document in my book series). Carthage was ruled by "shophetim" ("Judges"), and later, by kings from its noble families. My books contain the evidence that the royal houses of Parthia and Scythia were descended from David's progeny, via the sons of King Jehoichin of Judah who was carried into Babylonian captivity but later elevated to be a vassal king in the Babylonian Empire (II Kings 26:27-30). I Chronicles 3 lists many of the offspring of this king from David's seed (although the spelling of his name varies). These Babylonian vassal-kings from the line of King David fathered several later dynasties in Scythian and Parthian regions which fulfilled the promise in Jeremiah 33:17 that David's seed would always have rulers over the tribes of Israel (the ten tribes). Jeremiah 33:22 also prophesied that David's seed would become extremely numerous. The daughter of King Zedekiah that Jeremiah brought to ancient Ireland was one very small "twig" of the family tree of King David then alive on the earth. My book series includes details on these Davidic kings who ruled in Asian dynasties. These dynasties later migrated into Europe with the main bodies of Israel's tribes and eventually intermarried with the royal house in the British isles.

Steve Collins

Does Steven have a 2007 speaking schedule that I can review so I can come hear him?



To website viewers,

This unsigned question was received at the website. I do periodically make speaking appearances to speak about my books and other topics. When these appearances are finalized, I'll post details at the site. I've accepted an invitation to speak in Portland, OR on July 20, 2007, but the specific details are not yet ready to post.

Due to the effects of a near-fatal accident in 1981, I've had to postpone a number of speaking invitations. Recently, I completed several months of intensive physical therapy to manage and correct chronic health and pain issues. Hopefully, this will enable me to speak more frequently in the future.

Steve Collins

I am interested in ordering a set of signed copies of the Lost Tribes series, but I need to know how to make out the check. Do I write it to Seven M. Collins?


Al McCarn
Alexandria, VA

My Reply:

Dear Mr. McCarn,

Sorry for the delayed response. An electronic glitch delayed my receiving a large number of emails. Postal orders for my books can be addressed to Steven M. Collins, PO Box 88735, Sioux Falls, SD 57109-8735, and checks (or money orders) may be made out to Steven M. Collins. When ordering, please enclose a note mentioning that you are responding to my offer for copies which I'll sign for free. The set of four books costs $72 plus $8 for shipping fees for a total of $80.

Steve Collins

Dear Steven,

We watched and recorded a series this past week that Terry Jones narrated for History International. The title was "Barbarians or were They?" This series was the first ever effort to debunk the myth of modern history that the Greek and Roman empires published for our consumption. Your books show a battery that was found and in this story with the URL just came over the wire service with the attached photos. This is the mechanism that Terry explained in his third part as he showed that Parthia was indeed a nation to be reckoned with.
It turns out that this gadget which was heavily marine encrusted was finally X-rayed and found to be a very sophisticated aparatus. Of course they thought it was for astrology purposes but could it be the method in which the Hebrew Calculated Calendar was calculated as late as the 2nd century AD. This artifact was dated to sometime around 50 BCE. I have read that they had at least two configurations of intercalary months and the one we use is the most common.
I thought this new information was exciting enough to share it with you who have studied into this to some degree.

Sincerely yours
Name Removed


My Reply:

The Terry Jones special on History International sounds exciting! I receive the History Channel, but not History International. However, I have Terry Jones' book, Barbarians, and it is excellent. If I ever do an upgraded and revised edition of my books, I'll cite some of the information in Jones' book. I would like to have included his discussion of the advanced mathematical and architectural skills of Parthia in my books. You are correct that his book debunks the myth about Greco-Roman intellectual dominance of the ancient world.
The Antikythera mechanism was, in my view, a Greek copy of a computer dating to previous civilizations (much as the Piri Reis map is seen as a copy of a previous map showing that the ancients knew about the New World and mapped it strikingly well). The Phoenicians (which included the Israelites) were Greek rivals and the Greek mechanism may well have been based on a Phoenician/Israelite original. The technology could also have been captured by the Romans when Carthage, a Phoenician colony which became powerful, was conquered by Rome (the Greeks were ensconced in the Roman world in the time of the Antikythera mechanism). Jones' book (p. 140) also has a section documenting that Rome was actually the "Destroyer" of ancient knowledge possessed by other cultures. If the magnificent library of Carthage had been preserved, I have no doubt the modern world's view of the Israelites, Phoenicians and Carthaginians would be radically different than the "minimalist" views so prevalent today.
Thanks for sending the information about the series based on Jones' book. I highly recommend his book to all readers of this website and my books.
Steven Collins

©2006 - Steven M. Collins