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As readers of my books know, the Parthian Empire (which is almost totally ignored in modern history books) was an empire of the ten tribes of Israel whose ancestors were originally taken into an Asian captivity by Assyria in the 8th century BC. Isaiah 14:3 prophesied that the captive Israelites would eventually turn the table on their captors and "rule over their oppressors." The rise of the Parthian Empire fulfilled this prophecy. The captive tribes from the ancient kingdom of Israel were first taken captive by Assyria, and were later ruled by both the Babylonian and Persian Empires. When the Parthian Empire was born, it ruled over all these previous empires.

Christian, Messianic and Jewish Research into Israel’s Two Houses

This site offers a variety of information and helps re: the history of the ten tribes from a "Two House" perspective as well as other religious material and information. My books are also available for sale at this site.

PUBLISHER FOR STEVE COLLINS' BOOKS: The publisher for my books is Bible Blessings, and their website is My books on the history of the ten tribes of Israel can be previewed and ordered on-line via credit cards at this website. Shipments can be made from that website to the USA or to international locations.

Church at the Gate

Church at the Gate is an Evangelical Christian Church in Sioux Falls, SD. The pastor, Steve Hickey, has read my books and he understands the modern locations of the ten tribes of Israel. I have taught "Life Groups" about the information in my books at Church at the Gate, and this church understands that we are living in the prophesied "latter days." Pastor Hickey's messages are timely, inspiring and offer "spiritual meat" to the spiritually hungry. I recommend Church at the Gate for those living in the Sioux Falls region. The church's website is and the pastor's blog is located at


This link is recommended for an Orthodox Jewish perspective on Israeli and Mideast politics, security matters, and current events. This is a perspective on the news which you will not find in the mainstream media sources, and it is an excellent resource for friends of the Israeli nation and Jewish people.

Restoration of the Kingdom Conference 2007

This link offers information about a July 19-22 Conference in Portland, Oregon at which Steven Collins will be a guest speaker. The Conference has a Messianic Believer/Hebraic format, and more information can be found at the flyer's links

The Rising Sea Dragon in Asia

The following website is recommended as it provides graphic photographic evidence of China's rapid militarization, a key sign that the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 is nearing its fulfillment. Readers are especially referred to both the "2006" and "2007" updates re: Chinese naval militarization.

Also recommended as an excellent source for Bible study and reference helps for Christians of all denominations

A Sabbatarian Church of God web site

Those wishing additional scholarly information and research re: the tribes of Israel are urged to visit the following websites.

Yair Davidy is an Orthodox Jewish author who lives in Jerusalem, Israel. He operates the Britam website and has authored a series of books on the tribes of Israel. Yair Davidy and I had the opportunity to spend a week together in Israel in the year 2000.

Craig White is a Christian researcher re: the tribes of Israel and has also authored a book on the origins of modern nations. Craig White is based in Australia.

Both authors share many viewpoints in common with Steven Collins, but both also have unique or divergent conclusions on some issues.

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