3-D Printers Now Make Jet Engines (and What Else?)

March 5th, 2015

The recently-developed technology called 3-D printing is advancing so rapidly that it is amazing. This advancing technology has major ramifications for how the world “makes things.” It is clearly going to change the world’s commercial and manufacturing industries, and it will revolutionize many aspects of both military and civilian industries. This technology is progressing far quicker than I think any of us could have imagined to be possible.

The first two links (one, two) describe the development of 3-D printers in Australia that can make jet engines! It is also reported that the ramifications of this development is already being appreciated by the world’s nations and large corporations. The links note that such corporations as Boeing, Airbus, and Raytheon are taking an interest in it, as are nations themselves. When I initially saw the first two links, I thought they were depicting mere plastic “mock-ups” of what a 3-D printed jet engine would look like as 3-D printers have used plastic resins in previously reported usages. I wondered about such obvious factors as tensile strength, heat tolerance, etc. would enable a plastic jet engine to perform safely. After some Internet research, I found the final two links (three, four) which I think readers will find most interesting. It appears that we are far past the days when 3-D printers had to use plastic resins to make objects. 3-D printers can now make metallic objects with metallic properties. The third and fourth links demonstrate that what would have been regarded as “science fiction” not long ago is now actual fact.

Think of the applications and ramifications of wide scale use of 3-D metallic printers in industrial usages. We may be heading for a world where the old-fashioned, large-factory assembly lines become as obsolete as buggy-whips. If 3-D printers can make metallic objects and these objects can be tooled to fit together to make large metallic systems, then a portable 3-D printer essentially becomes a moveable “factory” in its own right. It simply needs a steady supply of the raw metallic powders to construct proper programmed alloys for needed specifications. The military applications are almost limitless. Spare parts for warplanes, tanks, artillery pieces and the ammunition for all kinds of weapons and calibers can be manufactured “on the spot” wherever a 3-D printer is pre-positioned. We have all seen many documentaries of the World War II bombing raids on Nazi Germany’s factories to degrade its war-making abilities. In a future war, any nation with sufficiently-sophisticated 3-D printers can hide “factories” in all kinds of locations (including deep underground) and move them as necessary. In theory, any kind of plastic or metallic civilian product could be made with 3-D printers. At what point will we no longer need human beings on assembly lines to “make things?”

Let’s ask some even more serious questions. It is now evident that metallic objects can be made with 3-D printers. Can any kind of metallic object be made with the right kind of raw material metallic “powders?” Will it be possible to “make” uranium objects in a 3-D printer suitable for use in a nuclear bomb construction? Will it be possible to make toxins and poisons? Will future 3-D printers be able to make enriched uranium cores? If so, nations won’t need uranium centrifuges to make nuclear weapons, and nuclear proliferation could skyrocket to a point where many nations and non-state entities have nuclear capabilities. 3-D printers will have all kinds of legitimate, helpful applications. For example, one of the links cites that 3-D printers could “make” an exactly-fitting artificial prosthetic device for a patient in a surgery.

How long will it be until 3-D printing technology is mated to “invisibility” technology to make objects that will appear to be invisible to the naked eye? Think of what could be done with “invisible” surveillance equipment or explosives, for example. It has been reported in many media reports that ISIL, the terrorist army based in Syria and Iraq, is very tech-savvy, and that it has lots of money. How soon will it be until ISIL (or any other terrorist group) gets its hands on advanced 3-D printers and makes its own weaponry and bombs instead of having to buy it on the black market? Will 3-D printers be used to make masks or dummy “faces” that can be put on clandestine agents’ heads to infiltrate secure facilities, conduct “false flag” operations and “frame” innocent people by making it look like “they” did things they didn’t actually do?

I think it is clear that 3-D printers will need to have strict security controls on them regarding their sale and use so they are not devoted to nefarious purposes.

What apparently is not yet being done is making organic products with 3-D printers. Will 3-D printers be used to make food from amino acid “powders” as their base substance? Will such food be safe to consume? If we reach that point, we will have achieved the technology depicted by the “replicators” on Star-Trek movies and TV-shows. Indeed, given what is being admitted publicly about how far 3-D printer technology has advanced, I wonder what has been achieved in very secret labs that cannot be talked about or released to the public.

The 3-D printer technology is also powerfully affirming several biblical prophecies. Daniel 12:4 prophesies that “knowledge will be increased” in the latter days just prior to Divine intervention and the advent of the Messianic Age. As I’ve noted in previous posts, the Hebrew word translated “increased” in Daniel 12:4 is the same word used to describe how the waters “increased” during the Deluge of Noah’s time (Genesis 7:17). In other words, it means the latter days of our current age will witness an exponential knowledge increase. This prophecy is certainly being fulfilled. In Matthew 24:37, Jesus Himself prophesied that the latter days of our age would mirror the pre-Flood world of Noah’s time. Combining these two prophecies, it means that the pre-Flood civilization of Noah was also a time when technological knowledge “increased” exponentially. Many cable-TV programs and documentaries document that ancient civilizations were far more advanced technologically than anyone ever imagined. This validates biblical prophecy and narratives. For more on the technologies of the pre-Flood world, I suggest you listen to my free audio message entitled: As It Was in the Days of Noah. I gave that presentation before a live audience in about 1989, so some comments may “date” it to that time period. Such high-tech ancient artifacts as the pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge and other stone circles, the etched figures at Nazca, Peru, etc. may have had purposes far beyond what modern commentators speculate about.

Another biblical prophecy that is being fulfilled is Genesis 11:6. That passage cites God watching the post-Flood civilization of mankind developing rapidly and observing that “now nothing will be restrained from them that they have imagined to do.” God herein acknowledged that mankind at Babel had already reached a knowledge “tipping point” where they would inevitably replicate all the advanced pre-Flood technologies which were destroyed during the Deluge. Obviously, what mankind was building at Babel was not a tall ziggurat of mud bricks. Mankind was building a tall, erect structure of some kind which had a head-most or top-most portion that would “reach unto heaven.” That sounds like a description of a rocket or missile hurling a nose cone into orbit, but utilizing the low-tech vocabulary which Moses had available to him when he wrote/compiled the Torah. That post-Flood mankind was replicating pre-Flood technologies so quickly after the Deluge makes we wonder if there were very advanced 3-D printers on the Ark which were put to use soon after the Flood waters subsided.

Mankind, I believe, has now reached the same “tipping point” of sophisticated knowledge that was attained by both the pre-Deluge civilization and the immediate post-Deluge civilization prior to Babel where “nothing will be restrained” from modern mankind which it has “imagined to do.” There is much more that could be said on this topic, but this is enough for one post. I hope that you have found this to be thought-provoking.

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  3. http://gpiprototype.com/services/metal-3d-printing.html
  4. http://3dprint.com/48786/nanosteel-powder-3d-print/

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Three Cheers for Netanyahu’s Speech to the US Congress!

March 3rd, 2015

Today, I watched Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu give a vitally important address to the US Congress regarding the threat to world peace posed by Iran and any possible “bad deal” with Iran which allows it to obtain nuclear weapons. It was an outstandingly pragmatic and realistic appraisal of the threat posed to Israel, the USA and the world by Iran’s nuclear program. It is important to remember, among all the charges about the timing of this speech, that Netanyahu was speaking to Congress at the invitation of US House Speaker John Boehner. Congratulations to Speaker Boehner for inviting him!

In a speech that was warmly received by the US Congress and which elicited several standing ovations by both Republican and Democratic members of Congress, Netanyahu outlined the strong case against the weak agreement with Iran that seems to be in the offing at this time. I have included the links to Parts 1 and 2 of Netanyahu’s speech below, and I urge all readers of this blog to take the time to watch and hear this remarkable speech. From a historical point-of-view, I felt I was watching a modern parallel to the warnings of British leader Winston Churchill when he warned about the dangers of allowing Adolf Hitler to continue to build up his military forces and foolishly trusting he wouldn’t start a war with them. Churchill proved to be totally right. If the world does not take strong action to stop (not just delay) Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, Netanyahu will prove to be as right as Churchill was in the 1930s. Netanyahu also quite accurately warned that if Iran obtains nuclear weapons, it will set off a nuclear arms race in the Mideast as many nations will need to obtain nuclear weapons for themselves to defend against Iran’s weaponry.

Interestingly, in spite of US president Obama’s refusal to attend or (according to media reports, even watch) this notable speech by a key US ally, Netanyahu was gracious to Obama and was very warm and courteous to all Americans in his remarks. Netanyahu has an excellent command of the English language, and some of his remarks are downright Churchillian in their formation and impact. He introduced in the audience, Ellie Wiesel, a survivor of the Nazi Holocaust and honored Mr. Wiesel as he warned about similar dangers to the Jewish people and the world posed by Iran today as were posed by Hitler’s Nazis in the 1930s.

Netanyahu also showed some steel and resolve in two statements that leaped out to my attention. He stated (and I hope I have the words correct): “The days when the Jewish people remain passive in the face of a great threat are over!” He also said: “Even if Israel has to stand alone, Israel will stand!” I felt like leaping out of the chair in my office and cheering him. Many members of Congress gave him an ovation at these stirring words. I took these words as not just a promise, but also a veiled threat to Iran that further efforts to build nuclear weapons to wipe Israel “off the map” will be met with deadly force. In doing so, Netanyahu stated the obvious resolve that he or any other Israeli leader must have to preserve the survival of their nation. As he made those statements, I thought of Zechariah 12:1-7 that God Himself guarantees that he will defend Judah and Jerusalem in the latter days of our age even if all nations of the earth “be gathered against it” (verse 3).

In listening to the clear-eyed realism and steely resolve of Netanyahu, I couldn’t help but wish that the USA had a leader like Israel’s Netanyahu. The USA and the world would be a safer place if we did have such a president. Where was President Obama? Again, he (and apparently everyone in his administration) not only refused to attend Netanyahu’s seminal speech, Obama reportedly refused to even listen to it. Apparently, the US president chose to go off somewhere and pout like a child who cannot bear to have his fantasies exposed for what they are. There were also some Democratic Members of Congress who mocked and attacked Netanyahu after his speech. Even the media commentators on Fox News that I was listening to thought these Democratic Members of Congress were over-the-top in their comments vs. Netanyahu. Personally, I thought the Democratic Members of Congress who mocked and criticized Netanyahu’s speech made fools of themselves.

In a related sidebar, my previous post cited two media links that reported that US President Obama, with the advice of a former top Jimmy Carter adviser, threatened to shoot down Israeli warplanes if they tried to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. I hope that report wasn’t true, but a third media report (first item in third link below) affirms that it is true. If it is true, we all need to ask ourselves: Why would Obama be so pro-Iranian and so anti-Israeli? The intense ostracism of Netanyahu by President Obama and (apparently) all his senior officials while Netanyahu is in Washington, DC does give some credence to these very ominous reports. If, God forbid, Israel does have to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, I doubt that Israel will be acting alone. I think other Mideast nations threatened by Iran will be cooperating with Israel in any such a strike if it becomes necessary. If the world had forcefully stopped Hitler and nipped his military build-up and “Final Solution” plans in the bud in the 1930s, World War II might have been prevented and tens of millions of lives might have been saved. The world may now again be at such an important juncture. If so, Netanyahu is playing the role of Winston Churchill and President Obama appears to be playing the role of Neville Chamberlain.

I strongly urge readers to listen to the first two links below which present Netanyahu’s speech in two halves. I think you will be glad you took the time to do so.




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Report: Obama Threatened to Shoot down Israeli Warplanes in 2014

March 1st, 2015

It grieves me to pass on this news item to all readers. According to the links below, US President Obama in 2014 threatened to order US warplanes to shoot down Israeli warplanes if they attempted to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Since when did a US president become an ally of the extremist Iranian mullahs who call the USA “the Great Satan?” According to the links below, this report has been released in both Israeli and Kuwaiti media sources.

Reportedly, Israel had trained its pilots for a pre-emptive mission vs. Iran when an Israeli cabinet member leaked the top-secret plan to Obama administration officials, who acted to protect Iran. Former Carter-era cabinet member, Zbigniew Brzezinski, is reported to have advised Obama to adopt a policy of shooting down Israeli warplanes. If he did advise this traitorous policy toward one of America’s most critical and faithful allies, it begs the question of whether Brzezinski is secretly an agent of the Iranian government. Perhaps Congress should investigate him and see if he has received any payments from Iran or if he is registered as a lobbyist for any entities supportive of Iran.

If this report is true, then the above threat by the Obama administration is a dastardly “stab-in-the-back” by Obama and his administration vs. one of the few nations in the world who has the courage and resolve to prevent Iran from gaining nuclear arms. Iran has threatened to “wipe Israel off the map” and is actively seeking to develop the weapons of mass destruction to do just that. And Obama and Brzezinski have taken action which aid and assist Iran in preparing to perpetrate another Holocaust vs. the Israeli/Jewish people? If this is true, Congress should impeach Obama and anyone else in his administration who threatened to militarily attack a key US ally who is only seeking to preserve its existence!

There is a factor that supports the accuracy of the above report. An earlier post cited sources that since al-Sisi ousted Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood and rescued Egypt from a tyranny of the Muslim Brotherhood, relations have been very tense between Egypt and the USA. It is no secret that Egyptians believed the Obama administration favored the Muslim Brotherhood, as a previous post noted. As readers no doubt know, Egypt bombed the Libyan wing of ISIL not long ago to retaliate for ISIL executing 21 Egyptian citizens who were Coptic Christians. The third link reports that when they took this action, Egypt refused to give any advance notice to the USA. Another previous post reported that since al-Sisi became the leader of Egypt, Israeli-Egyptian coorporation vs. Islamic terrorists has been very close. Given this fact, Egypt may have learned from Israel that no one can trust the Obama administration any longer with any key information. Other nations likely have developed the same policy of keeping the Obama administration out of the loop on as many things as possible because they have concluded that the USA cannot be trusted as long as Obama is president.

Consider also the Ukrainian-Russian crisis/war that has raged on for some time. Did you notice that when Germany and France jointly acted as mediators between the Ukraine and Russia to resolve this crisis peacefully, that all these nations kept the USA out of this mediation process? This is another unspoken but clear message that the USA is not welcome at these talks. Why? I believe it is because more and more nations now realize that they cannot trust the USA after learning about Obama’s willingness to intervene militarily on the side of the Iranians vs. the Israelis in 2014! I can’t help but wonder if such a bizarre and upside-down order from the Obama administration could have led to a mutiny on the part of some US pilots. After all, US pilots have long been trained jointly with US allies such as Israel to oppose Iran in any outbreak of war. How would they have reacted if their commander-in-chief ordered them to fight alongside the military forces of Iran (who calls the USA the “Great Satan”) vs. a long-time vital ally? Giving such a heinous order to American pilots would have put them in an excruciatingly difficult situation. If Obama had given an order to kill Israeli pilots and it had been carried out, I really think Congress would have impeached Obama and many pro-Israeli Democrats would have joined the effort!

We live in very dangerous times. We already knew that. However, if this report of Obama’s willingness to intervene militarily on the side of Iran in 2014 vs. Israel is true, the world is a far more dangerous place than we realized. If this report is true, America is being led by a president who has “gone rogue.”




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ISIL Destroying Priceless Assyrian and Parthian Artifacts

February 27th, 2015

ISIL is now in the process of destroying priceless museum artifacts of the Assyrian, Parthian and other Mesopotamian civilizations (see first link and second link). While these two reports focus mostly on ISIL’s destruction of Assyrian artifacts, the first link mentions ISIL is also destroying historical artifacts from the Parthian period. This wanton destruction is a travesty, and it is destroying invaluable relics of mankind’s history in Mesopotamia.

This post focuses on the destruction of the Parthian artifacts and relics because the Parthians were the Asian descendants of some of the ten tribes of Israel which went into exile into Mesopotamia at the hands of Assyrian invaders in the 8th century BC. When the ten tribes went into exile, the Bible records that God had every intention of making their descendants into great and numerous nations. As Israel’s exile was being pronounced by the prophet Hosea, God also inspired Hosea to prophesy that the descendants of the ten tribes of Israel would become vastly greater in population after their exile (Hosea 1:10). Indeed, that verse prophesies the future generations of the ten tribes of Israel would inherit the Abrahamic birthright given by God that Abraham would have descendants as numerous as “the sand of the sea” (see Genesis 22:15-18). Also, Isaiah 14:1-2 prophesied that after going into exile, the descendants of the ten tribes would eventually rise above and rule over the empires that took them (or held them) captive! Those empires were Assyria, Babylon and the Medo-Persian empires. For a time, they were also ruled over by the Seleucid Greek kingdom. The Israelite Parthians began expanding their empire in the 3rd century BC and it lasted until circa 227 AD when it was overthrown by the Sassanian Persians who had been their vassals. They fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah 14:2 as they ruled over the people and territories of the empires who had previously held them captive. The northwestern portion of the Parthian empire remained independent for some time, and it was a refuge for fleeing Israelite/Parthians who flowed in a tsunami of migrating refugees through Armenia (ruled by the Parthian royal dynasty) into the Black Sea regions. Because they migrated via the Caucuses Mountains as they migrated into Europe over several centuries, they were called “Caucasians.'” In Parthia and Asia, the Israelites had born such names as the Kermans/Germanii. Sacae/Saka,Gauthei/Getae, etc. As they migrated into Europe, they were called Germans, Saxons, Goths, etc.

The Parthians are also mentioned in the Bible. Parthians were among the devout worshipers of the God of Israel who were in Jerusalem for the Feast of Weeks/Pentecost observance when the Holy Spirit was poured out on the Apostles (Acts 2:9). The people who had journeyed to Jerusalem from Media, Elam and Mesopotamia were also all Parthian subjects. Who but the descendents of the ten tribes of Israel would be observing the Holy Days of the Bible? The Wise Men/Magi, mentioned in Matthew 2, who came from the east to worship Jesus when he was a “young child” (verse 9) were Parthian nobility or Senators who would have traveled with vast armed escorts and entourages. The numbers of the Parthians’ armed escorts and entourage scared the entire city of Jerusalem who likely thought they were about to be besieged (verse 2). They had good reason to fear. The Parthian army had driven the Romans out of the Holy Land just decades earlier and Parthia ruled the Holy Land for a number of years. The Bible does not limit the number of the Parthian Wise Men to just three representatives. It is my view that there were at least ten Parthian Wise Men (one for each of the ten tribes of Israel), and my book series cites secular historical sources that top Parthian nobility or generals could (each) be escorted by as many as 1,000 armed heavy cavalrymen. As an affirmation that the Parthian Wise Men were escorted by a vast throng of armed escorts, King Herod treated them with utmost deference (verses 3-12). This would not have happened if the wicked King Herod had been facing only the traditional “three Wise Men” of most Christmas stories.

The full story of the largely-forgotten Parthian Empire, which Rome saw as its co-equal rival in the world, is given in my books: The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found! (available as an downloadable E-book on my homepage), and Parthia-The Forgotten Ancient Superpower (available in print form). Parthia is now remembered by few people in the modern world, as its centuries-long rule as an empire has been all but censored out of history books. I urge you to read one of these books and realize what really happened in the ancient world, as many wars were fought between Parthia and Rome.

It pains me to read that what is left of the Parthian artifacts, statutes of its nobility, etc. are being destroyed by ISIL. In doing so, ISIL is emulating the atrocious behavior of the Iranians who have also destroyed pre-Islamic artifacts, relics, etc. of the Parthians and other Mesopotamian civilizations. Previous posts about Iran’s destruction of Parthian artifacts can be found in the archives of this blog. If you can get a copy of the book, Persian Art: 249 BC-AD 651 The Parthian and Sassanian Dynasties, you will see many examples of Parthian art, statutes of their nobility, etc. Copies of this rare and valuable book may be seen in some major libraries. I cite it often in my book, Parthia-The Forgotten Ancient Superpower. I wonder how many of the Parthian artifacts shown in that book’s many photographs are being destroyed by ISIL.

  1. http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2015/2/26/isil-seen-in-new-video-destroying-7th-century-artifacts.html
  2. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2015/02/26/islamic-state-video-shows-militants-smashing-rare-ancient-artifacts-in-iraq/

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NATO to Create a “Rapid Reaction Force” of 5000 Soldiers

February 26th, 2015

The three links below describe NATO’s efforts to create a “rapid reaction force” with 5000 soldiers to deploy quickly to a crisis area. Obviously, the fighting on the Ukrainian-Russian border region is an impetus for this action, and NATO is at least trying to wake up out of its deep military slumber. However, the last link reports some of the obstacles to getting even such a meager force as this proposed unit into existence and the even greater obstacles of getting the 28 political leaders of NATO nations together to make a common decision so the military chiefs can implement any action.

I don’t know about you, but I am deeply unimpressed with this incredibly meager response by NATO to the Russian (or any other) threat.

The 28 nations in the NATO alliance once fielded armies and military forces numbering in the many millions in World War II. During the Cold War, millions of NATO military personnel were either on active duty or in reserve capacities in case of a Soviet invasion…and that was before the Warsaw Pact nations switched sides and joined NATO!

So, let me see if I understand this correctly. Nations which once fielded millions of soldiers and uniformed personnel not that many years ago now are struggling to find a mere 5000 soldiers that can be deployed as a rapid reaction force to a danger area? Given the size of the NATO nations, they should already have in existence a trained and fully-equipped rapid reaction force of at least 50,000 which could be deployed at a moment’s notice to an invasion or conflict site. The rapid response units and their armored forces, their air wing and their military airlift assets should already be trained and ready. After all, NATO was a military alliance created for mutual defense, right? And, seriously, they are now having trouble scraping together a minuscule 5000 combat-capable soldiers who can be sent quickly to a crisis region? My how the mighty have fallen! Let’s state the obvious: NATO has become a “paper tiger.” The NATO nations have badly neglected their military forces. The remaining nuclear forces of the USA, the UK and France are the only military assets that give NATO any credibility or deterrence value at all.

Vladimir Putin of Russia must be watching the military weakness of the NATO nations and it must be all he can do not to laugh at NATO’s ineptitude. Ever since the fall of the Soviet Union, I have read reports and rumors that the collapse of the Soviet Union was a deliberate disinformation/deception campaign by Russia to induce the NATO nations into a state of disarming their military forces to such an extent that NATO would become a very weak alliance. If true, the Russian deception effort succeeded beyond its wildest expectations.

Ezekiel 38-39 prophesies that an alliance of Russia, China, Iran and their allies will attack the nations of NATO, the West and their global allies at the very end of the latter day period of biblical prophetic time. For this to be a realistic option, the NATO and western nations would have to disarm themselves to a point that they are seen as very juicy targets. It sounds like that has already happened.

  1. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/feb/05/nato-rapid-reaction-force-counter-russia-ukraine
  2. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-31142276
  3. http://washpost.bloomberg.com/Story?docId=1376-NK0NPP6K50Y701-7SOR9M3U51LO215I07450RTJA1

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Report: Iran Has Previously-Unknown Nuclear Facility

February 25th, 2015

The Obama administration has been nearing an agreement with Iran that, according to some sources, would allow Iran to continue to work on its nuclear programs while allowing the Obama administration to claim it had received something meaningful in return. Now a bombshell revelation has been made public.

According to these two links (1, 2), an Iranian resistance group has infiltrated a top-secret, never-before-revealed Iranian nuclear facility and revealed this facility’s location and purpose to the world. The links are from both a conservative and a liberal media source for balance, and they are largely in agreement about this revelation. Reportedly, at least one photograph from inside the facility has been smuggled out by those wishing to expose its existence.

If this account is true, then Iran has been lying to the Obama administration and the entire world for many years. The links report that this previously-secret nuclear facility is buried deep underground “right outside Tehran,” and has such thick radiation doors that no external detector could locate the facility or know that a nuclear program was being pursued inside of it. Such a location makes sense. A lot of debris would have to be excavated and scattered about as part of constructing such an underground facility. Building it in the middle of a desert would make such a major project rather obvious to satellite reconnaissance; however, doing it near a large city would offer many ways to conceal the excavated debris.

It makes me wonder: How many other nuclear facilities does Iran have which have not yet been located and revealed? Perhaps Iran has several decoy facilities which were previously-known and which were going to be dismantled as part of an agreement with the USA and the West while the real Iranian nuclear program continued at unknown locations underground? If so, it means that the Obama administration has been duped in the nuclear negotiations and was about to conclude a really foolish and unwise deal that would accomplish nothing to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. Now that this facility has been revealed, I would not be surprised if Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu mentions it when he addresses a joint session of the US Congress soon. I can’t help but wonder if the Mossad knew about this facility.

I also wonder how much Russia and China helped Iran build this (and perhaps other?) underground nuclear facilities? My previous post examined a gigantic Russian city built underneath a mountain and it is known that Russia provided the initial nuclear reactor to Iran. China is an ally of Iran and a previous post cited evidence that China has also constructed a large complex of underground tunnels to move missiles and other strategic weaponry around its territory unseen by western satellites. Given Russia and China’s expertise in building and hiding large facilities underground, it makes sense that these nations could have helped Iran build secret underground nuclear facilities. Ezekiel 38-39’s prophecy about a “latter day,” anti-western alliance in which Russia, China and Iran would be allies keeps looking more and more true all the time.

Americans should be worried about the Iranian deceptions regarding the real extent of its nuclear weapons program. It calls Israel the “little Satan” and wants to “wipe it off the map.” It calls the USA the “great Satan.” What do you suppose they’d like to do to us?

  1. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2015/02/24/iran-pursuing-nukes-in-underground-complex-despite-talks-with-west-claims/?intcmp=latestnews
  2. http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/exile-group-accuses-iran-of-secret-nuclear-weapons-research/2015/02/24/ad8d64d6-bc5a-11e4-8668-4e7ba8439ca6_story.html

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Russia’s Secret Underground City

February 25th, 2015

This post is to inform readers about a secret Russian underground city which has received very little publicity. It is underneath a large mountain in Russia and it is has been under construction for many years. The first link offers considerable information about the project and estimates the underground city could sprawl over 400 square miles! That is truly massive. Russia has maintained very tight security over this secret underground city and western experts can only guess what its purposes really are. It is large enough to hold stockpiles of nuclear and conventional weapons, hiding places for Russian leaders, underground weapons factories, secret weapons facilities, etc.

Both the first link and second link speculate that it is also involved with Russia’s super-secret Cold War “doomsday system” called Dead Hand. Dead Hand was an ingenious system which was designed to activate and launch the Russian ICBM arsenal if it could be electronically sensed that the Russian leadership had been decapitated by the USA in a first strike. The third link considers the possibility that this Russian Doomsday System is still active.

One can only wonder what is going on and what is stored inside this gargantuan underground Russian city. It might be far more interesting to inspect the goings-on in this Russian secretive facility than in the oft-discussed area-51 in the USA. Maybe Edward Snowden is being protected in the underground city–far from the reach of western security operatives. If he is there, he is likely to never be allowed to leave it. Who knows what Russia’s equivalent to the USA’s DARPA is doing inside this massive Russian underground city?

My thanks to a reader who sent me a link that reminded me of this topic. I had posted on the Dead Hand system years ago, but many newer readers may not have heard of this Russian Doomsday System.

  1. http://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/world/russia/yamantau.htm
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Yamantau
  3. http://www.businessinsider.com/russias-dead-hand-system-may-still-be-active-2014-9

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Follow-up on Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton

February 22nd, 2015

In yesterday’s post (February 21) I wrote regarding the pending 2016 US presidential election. In it, I indicated that skeletons in Hillary Clinton’s closet would be publicized and exploited by GOP candidates if Hillary Clinton chooses to run for the Democratic nomination for President. In that post, I wrote: “You can be sure the GOP’s opposition research teams are already pouring over all these links.” [Regarding Edward Klein’s biography/expose book re: Hillary Clinton, Whitewater, Vince Foster’s  suspicious “suicide,” the activities at Mena airport and deaths that came to be known as “Arkancides”.]  I did not expect to have my statement validated so quickly.

Today (February 22), I read in my Sunday newspaper that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has hired a top “opposition research” investigator to join his campaign team. It was in a short listing of political topics covered in a column called “On Politics” by Catalina Camia in the USA Today insert in my local newspaper, the Sioux Falls Argus-Leader. The first link includes that column, but notice that the Internet version includes header language over the Jeb Bush “opposition research” article that says: “This post has been updated.” In other words, its original language has been changed. The Internet’s electronic version omitted what I thought was the most important phrase in the print version of the story…which I will give to you below. Besides the first link, I’ve included three other links below from various media perspectives on this story for your review.

What is reported in common in the various links is that Jeb Bush’s campaign has hired a man named Tim Miller, who is an expert in “opposition research” (i.e. digging up and documenting “dirt” on opposition candidates). One link credits Mr. Miller with finding negative material regarding the 2014 Iowa Democratic senatorial candidate which helped the GOP win that race. He is evidently very good at his trade, and formerly served the previous presidential campaigns of Sen. John McCain and John Huntsman. Mr. Miller seems to have impeccable credentials as a member of the GOP insider elites.

The phrase in the print version of Ms. Camia’s story about Jeb Bush and Tim Miller that did not appear in the electronic version that I saw on my computer’s screen is that Mr. Miller “…has spent the last couple of years digging into Hillary Rodham Clinton’s background (emphasis added)…” Hmm. That phrase speaks volumes to me. If he has spent two years or more digging into Hillary Clinton’s past to find “dirt” that would help thwart her presidential aspirations, I doubt that he did this “pro bono” (for free). I wondered whether a GOP PAC paid for his efforts or did an anonymous donor/supporter of Jeb Bush pay for his investigative efforts? If the latter is true (which seems likely as Mr. Miller is now working for the Bush campaign), then Jeb Bush has been very seriously planning on running for the presidency for some time, and he wanted to be sure that there was enough “bad stuff” about Hillary Clinton to defeat her. It also leads me to an important conclusion. In reading the links below that do not include the deleted media phrase cited above, one could get the impression that Mr. Miller has just been hired to begin his “opposition research” efforts. If the deleted phrase is true that Mr. Miller has already been doing this work for years, then it leads me to believe that (A) he has already largely concluded his “opposition research” efforts, (B) Jeb Bush and his backers have already read everything he dug up about Hillary Clinton and (C) they have concluded that they have in hand enough negatives about Hillary Clinton to ensure that she can be defeated when that negative information is publicized to American voters in what will surely be mega-million dollar ad campaigns when the 2016 campaign formally begins. Whatever you think of Jeb Bush, he comes from a very smart political family with very smart political advisers. I doubt Jeb Bush would run for the presidency unless he had sufficient negative information about Hillary Clinton to defeat her in a presidential race. Obviously, the best way to use the most damaging information found by Mr. Miller would be to release it to the American voters soon after Ms. Clinton was formally nominated by the Democrats.

If Mr. Miller has spent years digging into Hillary Clinton’s past, I’d bet that he knows far more about the aforementioned negative stories from Arkansas about the Clintons than can be found in any public Internet link. Indeed, he may already have had private interviews with many people who know information about the above scandals and/or topics and Mr. Miller may have sworn statements and affidavits from those people already in his confidential file to be used in 2016 if Ms. Clinton runs in a presidential campaign. You can be sure that the Clintons’ political strategists know all the above. In leaking it to the press that Jeb Bush has an investigator on his staff who has already dug extensively into Hillary Clinton’s past, I’ll bet the Bush campaign is hoping that Hillary Clinton knows what Mr. Miller has found and documented and that she will decide not to run. If she decides not to run, then I think the unspoken quid pro quo is that what Mr. Miller (and the Jeb Bush campaign team) has learned about Hillary Clinton’s past will never see the light of day.

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ISIS Advancing in Libya as the West Dithers

February 22nd, 2015

The Islamic terrorist army (called ISIL, ISIS or the Islamic State) which has seized control of large tracts of Syria and Iraq, is now in the process of seizing control over increasing portions of Libyan territory, as these links report (first link, second link, third link). ISIL (their original name which I still use) has now seized control of the Libyan city of Derna, is in the process of seizing control of Sirte and is threatening Tripoli and other regions. They are seizing universities, public areas, etc. Clearly, ISIL is rapidly expanding its base in Libya. As the third link reports, ISIL is even burning musical instruments because they somehow they are “evil.”

While it was an exemplary action, the air strikes by Egypt vs. ISIL targets inside Libya has apparently done little to stop the advance of this Islamic terrorist scourge. Egypt needs allies to stop ISIL. I read that Italy offered to join an anti-ISIL coalition in Libya, but the USA just dithers when it should be providing needed leadership. The inability of air strikes to halt ISIL advances highlights the reality that only ground troops, employed with heavy armor and weaponry and with air support, will stop ISIL advances in Syria, Iraq and now Libya. Air strikes can’t take or hold territory. No matter who says they are opposing ISIL in Obama’s largely illusory “coalition” vs. ISIL, until they commit substantial ground forces to the effort, ISIL will continue to advance. Indeed, by refusing to commit major ground forces to the fight, the weakness of the Obama-led coalition vs. ISIL is emboldening the resolve of the ISIL forces. The Kurds have fought ISIL hard on the ground and held on to Kurdish territory. Kobani, a Syrian city under ISIL attack, was held due to the infusion of Kurdish ground forces to defend and hold the city. The Jordanian and Egyptian air strikes were welcome efforts, but they were only stopgap measures.

It seems evident that until the USA commits significant ground forces to stop ISIL, other nations in the region or among the western nations will be reluctant to commit their ground forces. I will predict one thing: If ISIL forces ever attack or threaten Israeli territory, the Israelis will use whatever means are necessary to annihilate whatever ISIL forces threaten them. I think ISIL’s leaders know that too. That is why they are attacking vulnerable and unstable Islamic nations, not Israel. A word of free advice to Islamic nations opposed to ISIL. If you want to protect yourselves vs. ISIL, you are better off with Israel as an ally than the USA as long as Obama is president. Obama has exhibited a clueless foreign policy. Israel, as long as Netanyahu is Prime Minister, can be relied upon to be a truly loyal regional ally vs. ISIL and its affiliated terrorists.

The plain truth is that President Obama is dithering and indecisive in the extreme in the face of ISIL’s threat. In 2014, he dismissed ISIL as a minor “B-team” threat and even admitted he had no plan to stop them. It is obvious he still has no plan to stop them. Why is he so ineffective and indecisive a leader vs. ISIL? I think  one reason is that when/if American ground forces are re-sent into Iraq, it will be an admission that Obama committed a major policy blunder in withdrawing all US combat troops from Iraq too soon. If there had been a rapid-response force of US combat troops in Iraq when ISIL attacked Mosul and many other Iraqi cities, ISIL’s attack would have been “nipped in the bud.” Just a handful of A-10 Warthogs sent to attack ISIL’s advancing columns would have turned them into scrap iron in short order. If US combat troops had been in Iraq to reinforce Iraqi forces in Mosul, the Iraqi army there would likely not have surrendered their weapons and fled southward. I think history will show Obama’s policy errors allowed ISIL to rise and Obama’s vacillations permitted ISIL’s cancer to metastasize throughout the Mideast. When will Obama ever wake up and oppose this murderous, sadistic mass of terrorists? Do teams of ISIL terrorists have to storm the White House and Congress to jar Obama come out of his stupor?

In Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28, a series of blessings and cursings are pronounced on “covenant nations.” This covenant was between God and the ancient twelve tribes of Israel. While they clearly applied to the ancient Israelite kingdoms of Israel and Judah, they also apply as general good or bad dispensations that will be active upon the descendants of the ancient tribes of Israel. The USA is one such covenant nation as it primarily began as a Christian, God-fearing nation initially settled mostly by the Israelite tribe of Manasseh and it fulfilled the biblical prophecy about that tribe (see my article, The USA in Biblical Prophecy). My books contain a massive body of secular historical and biblically-prophetic evidence that the USA, the UK, and many European and western nations are the descendants of the ancient ten tribes of Israel (modern Jews/Israelis realize that they are the descendants of the ancient Israelite tribe of Judah). Whether these modern nations realize they are descendants of the ten tribes of Israel or not is irrelevant. God has made prophecies about them for our “latter day” period of human history, and they will fulfill those biblical prophecies about them whether they know their origins or not. The biblical blessings and cursings generally apply to them even today, although the applicability of these blessings and cursings are at God’s discretion. When America and western nations had a God-fearing culture and society, they were recipients of the blessings pronounced upon covenant nations in Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28. The USA and western nations are now abandoning God’s laws in their cultures and lifestyles so the cursings of Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 are now increasingly coming upon them. One of the cursings applicable to covenant nations that adopt sinful lifestyles is that God will “break the pride of your power” (Leviticus 26:19). The stark indecision of President Obama to use America’s power to stop ISIL in its tracks is an example of the truth of this biblical “curse.” Obama and the USA still have much power available to stop ISIL, but they are too indecisive, fearful or weak-willed to use it. The same can be said of other western/NATO nations, many of which are Israelite-origin nations as well.

One of my recent posts was about the predicted mega-drought to strike America and the fact that it is already hitting California and western states. Severe drought is one of the other “curses” pronounced upon covenant nations which forsake God’s laws (Leviticus 26:19). Is it only coincidental that severe drought is hitting the USA in its major food-producing region at the time we are abandoning God’s moral and ethical laws? I don’t think so.

Finally, based on a biblically-prophetic perspective, I warned in a December 2013 post that an actual terrorist army was forming in Syria and that it would endanger surrounding nations. Since such labels as ISIL, ISIS, and Islamic State were not then yet in common media discourse, I used the term Al Queda for the rising terrorist army. I now use the term ISIL, the name the terrorist army originally gave itself. Modern nations are blind to the fact that the Bible is the literal inspired Word of a Creator God. He has flatly said he will fulfill his prophecies as proof of his reality and sovereignty (Isaiah 41:21-26). As my books document, God has been fulfilling his prophecies about nations and empires ever since the biblical prophetic books were written. Therefore, we can be sure he will fulfill his prophecies about our current nations as well.

The Bible has many prophecies about the destinies of modern nations, but the formerly-Christian, western nations, duped by the Big Lie of evolution, are blinded to the only real source of certain knowledge about their future destinies…or how to change them. Leviticus 26:40-42 and II Chronicles 7:14 extend God’s invitation to nations and peoples to repent and change their ways. If they do, God will be merciful and can change national cursings to blessings again. However, as long as the USA and the western nations forsake God, his Word and all traditional Judeo-Christian biblical values, modern western nations can expect their national curses to steadily get worse.

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My Thoughts on the American 2016 Presidential Election

February 21st, 2015

It happens every time in America after a Congressional election in the USA. The media began to speculate about who will be the Republican and Democratic candidates for the 2016 presidential election almost as soon as the votes were counted in the 2014 Congressional election which was won decisively by the Republicans at all levels. I don’t think most people realize the depth of the Republican victory. Not only did they widen their majority in the US House and take 9 seats to take control of the US Senate, but they also won so many governorship races that they now have a dramatic dominance in the governorships of the 50 states. Even such deeply Democratic states like Maryland, Massachusetts and Illinois elected Republican governors. However, the greatest Republican dominance, largely unreported in election reports, was in the 50 state Legislative elections. The Democrats were crushed in those elections at the state level as the first link reports. I think the Republican Party now controls more legislative bodies in the 50 states than at any time in US history! I may be wrong, but that is my understanding.

The 2016 presidential election has been framed by the results of the 2014 congressional and state elections. The 2014 elections were an across-the-board rejection of the leftist agenda of the Democratic Party and President Obama’s extreme-leftist agendas and policies. Unless the Democratic Party shifts its focus away from the radical leftist agenda of Barrack Obama, it could take an even greater beating at the polls in 2016. However, Obama has not acted pragmatically at all. He has acted like he wants to grasp for dictatorial powers via executive orders, executive actions, etc. which trample all over the powers of the legislative and judicial branches of the federal government, the US Constitution and the will of the majority of the American people. The more Obama tries to implement a radical left-wing agenda in the time left in his second term, the more anger he stirs up in the electorate and the more determined the electorate will likely become to vote Republican in 2016 to punish Obama for his overreach. The more Obama acts like an out-of-control leftist, the more he damages the “brand” of the Democratic Party, no matter who it nominates for president in 2016. More specifically, the more leftist Obama acts and the more contrary to the will of the American people he governs, the more it hurts the election chances of Hillary Clinton.

The presidential campaigns start earlier and earlier every election cycle. The Republican (GOP) side has many serious potential candidates and even more pretenders. Hillary Clinton is the presumptive favorite on the democratic side, but she strikes me as a political pragmatist and the damage Obama is doing to the Democratic Party’s chances may yet cause her to opt out of running. We’ll see. I don’t think there is any doubt she wants to run, but the “skeletons in her closet” are beginning to rattle just at the thought of her running for the presidency.

A prominent GOP figure just hit Obama with a broadside. Popular former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani stated that he “does not believe that the president [Obama] loves America” (second link). The White House is angry, but Giuliani is not backing down. Personally, I think Giuliani is right, and I think a majority of voting Americans agree with him. Obama’s decisions are so bizarre sometimes that one wonders what “world view” is controlling him. It seems evident to many that Obama’s decisions often work to harm America’s longstanding foreign and domestic interests. The third link reports that a strong majority of Americans now disapprove of Obama’s handling of the ISIL crisis, and the fourth link reports that a recent CBS poll shows a strong majority of Americans now favor sending US troops to fight ISIL. This latter poll result represents a huge shift in American opinion, and has, no doubt, been caused by the beheadings, crucifixions, tortures, sex slavery and executions by burning people alive as ISIL now acts like evil incarnate in the eyes of the world. In spite of the carnage caused by ISIL, the Taliban, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Al Queda, etc., Obama still can’t get the words “Islamic terrorism” out of his mouth. The whole world knows about this reality; it’s not like he’s going to keep this a secret. It is also worth noting (as I have done in my posts) that the Sunni Kurds, the Sunni Egyptian government led by President al-Sisi and the Jordanian government led by King Abdullah are shining examples of secular, decent Muslims in the world who also strongly oppose Islamic terrorists.

The GOP candidates smell a huge opportunity in 2016 and potential candidates are already forming election committees. The following is how I see the situation at present. Personally, I ache for both parties to nominate someone who is not named either “Bush” or “Clinton.” I am weary of these two self-appointed dynastic families feeling they have a “right” to each party’s nomination, and I think millions of Americans feel the same way. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, son and brother of the previous two “Bush” presidents, has emerged as the presumptive favorite of the GOP insider elites. The fifth link headlines that Jeb Bush “vows to be ‘his own man” re: foreign policy, but the article goes on to indicate the exact opposite is true. Four of the handlers/controllers/advisers during either or both of the first two Bush presidents were James Baker, George Schultz, Tom Ridge and Michael Chertoff. The article about Jeb Bush’s “independence” lists his top four advisers as James Baker, George Schultz, Tom Ridge and Michael Chertoff. Looks like a Jeb Bush presidency would be the “same old, same old” that we saw in the first two Bush presidencies. To be sure, I prefer Jeb Bush to Obama, but I think he’d likely give us another presidency “of the rich, by the rich and for the rich” (to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln). Governor Christie of New Jersey turns me off. Not only did he become Obama’s pal before the 2012 election, but I’ve seen him berate and bully average citizens at voter forums on TV. Also, I don’t think America has ever elected an obese glutton after TV was invented. On the GOP side, I currently favor Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin (who has proven he is a tough budget-cutter and can win in a liberal state) or Senator Rand Paul, who is a Constitutionalist. I also like senators Rubio of Florida and Cruz of Texas. Both would appeal to Latinos, but each has a huge disadvantage. Sen. Cruz comes from a state that will surely go Republican no matter who is nominated, so he adds nothing to the Electoral College math for the GOP. If Jeb Bush runs, Sen. Rubio will be squeezed out of the race. Either Rubio or Jeb Bush would be a good choice from an electoral vantage point, as either would likely switch Florida’s electoral votes to the GOP side. Governor Kasich of Ohio would also likely put that state’s electoral votes in the GOP column, but he may be a very attractive vice-presidential choice. The bigwigs of each party have to look at the Electoral College math in selecting candidates. The popular vote doesn’t elect presidents in the USA. The Electoral College votes elect presidents.

From a biblical/Christian perspective, it is evident that the USA is sliding way from its moral Christian traditions. Obama’s presidency has caused this trend to accelerate rapidly. There is no doubt that the Creator God of the Bible is not pleased. I hope that he gives the USA a reprieve with some good leadership, and I pray for that to occur even as it seems unlikely. We need to remember that Daniel 4:17, 25 and 32 tell us that God sets over nations “whomsoever he will,” and that Daniel 4:17 warns us that sometimes he sets over nations “the basest of men.” Please join me in praying the Almighty that he will give the USA wise and decent leaders for a change and give our nation a reprieve from its trend of degeneration from the greatness that God once gave us. Forgive me if I sound cynical, but, based on their respective recent performances, I tend to now see the Republican Party as the “Babylon the Great” Party, and the Democrats as the “Sodom and Gomorrah” Party. Some choice.

One last thought on the 2016 presidential election. I’m old enough to recall the Bill Clinton presidency very well. If Hillary Clinton runs for the presidency, every American ought to read the biography of Hillary Clinton by Edward Klein entitled, The Truth about Hillary Clinton. It won’t be just Benghazi that becomes “front and center” in the presidential election if Hillary runs. The bizarre and oddly-explained “suicide” of Vince Foster may become a presidential issue as well. I think you can be sure every GOP presidential candidate’s backers have already read much about Vince Foster’s “suicide” and are already deciding how to introduce that into the campaign if Hillary runs (see sixth link and seventh link). Needless to say, if the NCIS TV-show team was investigating the Vince Foster “suicide,” the fictional Agent Gibbs and his team would quickly see through the discrepancies and poorly-documented evidence on this case. If Hillary runs, the nation will almost surely also hear lots about such past issues as “Whitewater,” “alleged drug-running at Mena airport” and “Arkancides during the Clinton years.” You can do your own web search on those last two topics if you wish. I did mine. There’s a lot to read about them on the Internet. You can check them out and form your own opinion. You can be sure the GOP’s “opposition research” teams are already pouring over all these links. I don’t know if Hillary (or Bill) Clinton want those issues on the national agenda.  If Hillary Clinton doesn’t run, the Democratic field is wide-open as well.

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