Were You Being Manipulated by Facebook Too?

July 6th, 2014

Many readers are, no doubt, aware that Facebook has been caught in a major scandal where it was “running a psychology experiment on hundreds of thousands of people without their knowledge or consent” (first link). A magazine exposed the Facebook on-line experiment and there has been a torrent of understandable outrage. One Facebook user cited in a USA Today article (first link) is quoted as saying Facebook “…definitely overstepped the bounds there” and a second individual called the Facebook manipulations “Orwellian.” I would agree.

The first link reported that Facebook conducted an experiment on its users to see if they could be manipulated either negatively or positively by Facebook’s personnel. Facebook tried to apologize for their intrusive actions, but one has to wonder if any of their comments about their user manipulation program are true. Facebook says “nearly 700,000 users” were manipulated in this program. Can we believe this statement? Was it actually a far larger number? The public wouldn’t know. After Facebook’s secretive manipulation of its own users, their credibility isn’t very high right now re: whatever statements they release. Supposedly, this program was conducted for a single week in 2012. Do you believe that assertion?

One wonders in how many nations this Facebook manipulation program was used. The second link reports that the United Kingdom is investigating Facebook to see how many (or if) their citizens were manipulated by Facebook. French authorities are also reported to be “reviewing the matter.” It seems logical that both these nations have good cause to believe their citizens were also subjected to Facebook’s manipulation program or they wouldn’t be investigating the scandal. The second link also states that UK authorities revealed that Facebook was working with “two US universities” in conducting this mind-manipulation experiment. This fact indicates that this was no rogue operation by some out-of-control Facebook staffers. It was a highly organized and well-planned program that was, obviously, never expected to be revealed to the public. Given its level of coordination and high-level approvals, it seems very unlikely to me that this mind-manipulation experiment only lasted one week. It also begs the question of whether a US government agency was funding and coordinating the project. We all know about the massive NSA spying program targeting all citizens so such a government involvement would not be surprising.

Biblically, this kind of intrusiveness fits perfectly with the prophecy in Revelation 13:16-18 that the final global “beast” system will have the ability to both monitor and control global financial transactions. The fact that Revelation 13:15 also foretells that all will be required to “worship the beast” (this can be defined several ways) in this future system that will control the masses globally. The NSA spying programs, the Facebook mind-manipulation program, etc. all confirm that the technology is being put into place to fulfill the prophecy of Revelation 13 that the final beast system will have global people-control systems in place during its brief 42-month reign (Revelation 13:15).

One thing we know for sure. Big Brother is watching you in all kinds of ways, and on a scale that George Orwell couldn’t possibly imagine. Given the massive technological advances in recent decades, there is no need for a global Hitlerian “Gestapo” in black coats that comes out and knocks on doors to conduct searches to see what people are thinking, what associations they are in, who they know and interact with, etc. This is all easily discernible via electronic media monitoring of all people as they use their computers.

It is only one small step for global government agencies and private mega-corporations to go from mass monitoring of people to outright controlling people via electronic media without them even being aware they are being manipulated. The Facebook scandal confirms that at least one mega-corporation has already tried to move in the direction of manipulating people on-line without their knowledge. It is my personal view that this will not be the first on-line effort to manipulate people.

Do you use Facebook? I’m sure many readers of this blog are Facebook users. This begs the question: Were you being manipulated by Facebook too?

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Obama Offends India

July 5th, 2014

In a story that barely got noticed among the issues the media has covered intensively, the Obama administration has managed to offend India’s new government almost as soon as it took office. The first link reports that the Obama administration’s NSA has been spying on the political party that India’s new Prime Minister heads. Obviously, this means India’s new Prime Minister Modi had to have had his emails, cell phones or activities spied upon by Obama’s NSA. India is understandably very upset and is demanding an explanation. The first link describes the USA’s spying on Modi and also indicates how important the defense trade business is between the two nations. Indeed, India and the USA were moving toward an alliance relationship due to shared threats from China, but the USA’s spying on Modi’s party is going to chill the relationship. This spying has been going on for some time, it would appear, as this revelation has come from documents released by Edward Snowden.

The second link reports on this breach as well, but it also has some interesting related links about India that the US press doesn’t cover. I found the story about India’s improving relations with Japan and Germany to be very interesting. India is looking for new allies, and so are Germany and Japan. Indeed, the article seems to indicate some tensions between Germany and Japan over who is India’s newest best friend. I think all nations are very troubled by the strange foreign policy decisions of the Obama administration and they are searching for alternative alliances. It is my view that many nations have come to the conclusion that the USA will not and cannot be a reliable partner as long as Obama is president.

The third link offers a “Pro-Con” set of columns about whether the USA should pursue closer ties with India under the Modi government. It is from a Midwest newspaper, and I was only aware of it as these columns appeared in my local newspaper as well. I think, given the mutual and growing threats from China, the USA and India need to pursue stronger ties, so count me firmly in the “pro” side of this debate, but I present it to you for your consideration. However, this set of two columns appeared before the story broke about Obama’s NSA spying on India’s leader via his political party.

Soon after taking office, Obama offended the British via a degrading and thoughtless gift to the visiting British Prime Minister. Then he offended the Egyptian army by throwing Mubarak under the bus and appearing to back the Muslim Brotherhood. Then Obama really offended Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu by his very demeaning comments about Netanyahu to former French leader Sarkhozy via an open mic that he didn’t know was live. He offended the Saudis by throwing Mubarak, a key Saudi ally, under the bus. Then he offended the German Chancellor Merkel when revelations broke Obama’s NSA was spying on Angela Merkel’s cell phone (based on media stories, former President Bush may have done so as well). Then Obama so infuriated Brazil’s Leader that she cancelled a state visit to Washington, DC and refused to meet Obama at all. Why? Because Obama’s NSA spied on Brazil’s leader as well. Now we learn Obama’s NSA was spying on the future Prime Minister of India. All these nation have the right to be upset at the US because of Obama’s wildly-intrusive spying efforts. You’ve got to hand it to Obama. When it comes to conducting US foreign policy, he is a one man “wrecking crew.”

These kinds of divisive actions could affect the alliances that are formed in the world, or at least the speed at which they form. Once the USA has a president who has an aptitude for foreign policy, many relationships with traditional allies may be speedily repaired due to shared mutual interests. Ultimately, the alliances will finalize along the lines prophesied by Ezekiel 38-39. The alliances are very close to being in their final prophesied status already.

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Japan Takes Step to Deploy Its Military Forces Elsewhere

July 2nd, 2014

Japan has taken a very important and historic step. It has freed its sizable military forces from the artificially-defined “self-defense force” label that it has been assigned under the pacifist post World-War II Constitution that also limited its role to merely defending the Japanese home islands. The Japanese Constitution has now been reinterpreted to allow Japan to deploy its military forces elsewhere to participate in the collective defense of its allies and their military forces if engaged against an enemy. These two links [1, 2] give two different perspectives on this step.

As I understand it, this historic step allows the Japanese government to go to war in a collaborative effort with its allies against a common enemy not just in the Japanese home islands, but anywhere else as well. This step was needed and it should be welcomed by the western world and by all nations on the Pacific Rim that are threatened by China. It is clear that China is the enemy about which Japan is worried. China’s military build-up threatens not just Japan, but it also threatens South Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, India, Australia, etc.

Previous posts have warned that China’s very warlike and aggressive stance in the South China Sea and elsewhere could be a prelude to a regional war which China may actually want to provoke. China has built a large war machine, but it is entirely untested and its military troops have never been exposed to actual combat conditions. China needs to test its new weaponry under combat conditions to see if it works as expected or not, just as Hitler field-tested some of his new weaponry in the Spanish Civil War before he could confidently start World War II.

Japan is taking a realistic view of China’s threat, and its historic step sends a message to both China and the nations threatened by China that Japan is now willing to deploy its military forces elsewhere to help other nations threatened by any Chinese military action. Japan, as a maritime trading nation that needs raw materials from other nations, must also be able to deploy its navy elsewhere to secure its vital shipping lanes.

This step by Japan is very much within my expectations for Japan’s role in biblical prophecy in the latter days. I have for many years seen Ezekiel 38:13 as prophesying that a Pacific Rim coalition of nations will form, in the latter days, that will not be part of the Gog-Magog alliance. I have seen Japan as the “merchants of Tarshish” as Tarshish is a nation descended from Japheth (Genesis 10:1-4), and can be expected to be located in the Asiatic/Oriental region. Japan became a “nation of merchants” quite literally in recent decades as it pioneered an aggressive export-driven economy. The “young lions” (smaller Asian nations) copied Japan’s export-driven model and the financial press has called them the “young tiger” nations for many years, interestingly paralleling the biblical terminology for them.

For a more detailed analysis of Japan’s role in latter-day prophecy, please read my articles, Japan’s Role in Biblical Prophecy and What Ezekiel 38-39 Foretell about a Future World War III.

The pieces of Ezekiel 38-39′s prophecy for the great latter day (Ezekiel 38:8 and 16) war that will herald the end of this age and trigger Divine intervention (God’s “presence” comes to the earth in Ezekiel 38:20) are all falling into place exactly as prophesied. For so many nations to fulfill their biblically prophesied roles in the end of our age proves that the Holy Bible has to be the inspired Word of a Divine Creator God. Mankind ignores God’s reality at its own peril.

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The US Navy’s New Zumwalt-class Destroyer

June 30th, 2014

This post is about the US Navy’s latest warship: the Zumwalt-class destroyer (see first link). Due to its astronomical cost, only three ships of this class are currently planned. It has impressive capabilities, and I’m sure that it has both defensive and offensive weaponry that are not being made known publicly. This description of the Zumwalt-class warship opines that it will be able to use a new rail-gun technology.

My own guess is that it has been designed to operate very closely with the USAF’s new X-37B, an unmanned space-based weapons system that has already demonstrated that it can stay aloft for well over a year during a single mission (see second link).

It is reported that this new warship has been designed to operate near the coastlines of target nations. Ezekiel 38-39 warn that the already-existing alliance of Russia, China, Iran. etc. will eventually attack the USA and its allies in a surprise action at some unknown future time, as readers of my articles already know. If the Zumwalt-class warship ever operates near China’s borders during a war, it needs to be able to defeat salvos of perhaps hundreds of supersonic missiles that might be fired at it simultaneously. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Zumwalt-class warships have a direct interface with the X-37B’s space-borne weapons systems to intercept any ballistic missiles fired at any American warship, military base, etc. Whatever weaponry the X-37B carries, we can be sure it is classified and very likely so advanced it may make science fiction weaponry seem real.

One closing thought. This new warship’s capabilities are impressive to be sure. However, unless it has been built so all its systems are absolutely EMP-proof, it has a fatal flaw. You can be sure any enemy will try to explode an EMP warhead as close to the ship as possible in any future war.



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What Charles Darwin Didn’t Know about DNA

June 29th, 2014

When Charles Darwin offered his speculations about the “origins of species” in 1859, scientific technology was in a primitive state compared to today’s society. Darwin essentially proposed that the myriads of species, as they existed in our modern world, were little more than collections of adaptive tissues that evolved accidentally into the species known to the modern world. He had no explanation of how species evolved from generation to generation and no explanation why it was that so vast an array of species, including not only mankind, but also mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, etc. reproduced exclusively via a male and a female union. Creation week’s explanation in Genesis 1, on the other hand, offers a logical explanation  for that reality.

Over time, Darwin’s “theory of evolution” was embraced by a scientific community which did not want to retain God or the Bible in its knowledge. It was prophesied in the Bible itself that such a time would come (Romans 1:28). Romans 1 is a remarkable prophecy about the theory of evolution coming into existence. Paul prophesied in Romans 1:22-23 that mankind would eventually develop a system of beliefs where it “exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man or birds or animals or reptiles” (RSV). The King James Version translates this verse as they “changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image like to corruptible man, and to birds, and four footed beasts and creeping things.” These are apt descriptions of what the theory of evolution does. It worships the creation and declares that it came into existence in all its varied wonder by accident without a Creator. The theory of evolution is a good example of  “science falsely so-called” (I Timothy 6:20). It declares as fact something which cannot possibly be proven to be true under the known laws of the Universe.

When Darwin made his fanciful speculations, perhaps he could be forgiven a bit as he had no clue just how complex life forms really were. Once mankind advanced enough to invent microscopes powerful enough to look deep into human cells and discover the double helix of DNA that governs all life forms and species, mankind was without any excuse. Once DNA, RNA, etc. were discovered, scientists were staring straight into the obvious: that all life forms were intelligently “blueprinted” in a complex way that mankind had not previously dreamed. No species came into existence as an end product of adaptive tissues developing under some god-life force called “natural selection,” but rather each member of each species was “blueprinted” individually in a way where each living being inherited chromosomes from its father and its mother. Did scientists acknowledge the existence of a Creator God as the only possible explanation for such complex design-work for every being? No. They denied God and gave him no credit at all. Romans 1:22 describes what happened quite accurately in stating: “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”

Darwin was a scientist. I wonder if he would have repudiated his theory of evolution if he had known that every living being is individually “blueprinted” to be what it is? There are so many organs, systems and senses of the bodies of physical organisms that are incredibly designed to interact together to sustain and continue life that it is self-evident and obvious that they had to all come into existence at once to exist at all. The interdependence of the internal organs and systems of every living thing demands a Creator. That species reproduce via male-female unions is not explicable via random tissue adaptations, but is only explicable only via a Creator who made all species according to a common blueprint with each species having variations on a theme. Humans can see such similarities in a human designer’s work by being able to tell which buildings were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright or R. Buckminster Fuller or which paintings were done by which master painter by looking for similarities in their style and variations on their themes, but scientists fail to see the same thing in the creative pattern of the Creator God, who utilized all kinds of similarities in making each species. For example, vast numbers of non-insect species have a backbone and appendages off their bodies (wings, fins or limbs) to ambulate themselves depending on whether they live in the air, water or on land. Brains are the central processing unit of each species and their nervous systems transmit the brain’s commands to the body. Organs and senses are very similar for most species. All these are examples of a Creator Being utilizing a basic “blueprint” for life and making variations on his theme via DNA changes to create each individual species. The reality of a master Creator God who is the designer of all life via the DNA blueprints for life is obvious, and Romans 1:20 states that they should be “clearly seen.” However, modern science doesn’t want to believe in a Creator God so they pretend he doesn’t exist. God, rightly offended, gives them over to a “reprobate mind” (Romans 1:28) when they refuse to acknowledge what is clearly obvious.

I’d like to close this post by giving you some information about just one human organ: the brain. I can recall when evolutionists used to think so much of the DNA strands and genetic material were “junk DNA” because they couldn’t figure out its purpose. The first link explains that what used to called “junk DNA” (supposedly “left over” from an evolutionary process) isn’t vestigial at all but is essential to the functioning of the created organism. The second link adds more information about the astonishing complexity of the human brain. How can anyone think that such complexity randomly evolved or that DNA, the brilliantly designed “blueprint for life” also randomly came into existence. I think if Darwin had proposed his theory of evolution at a time when DNA’s true complexity was known, he’d have been laughed out of the classrooms and academia.

The third link is also well worth your reading. It is an article from the February 2014 issue of National Geographic magazine entitled “Secrets of the Brain.” Did you realize that there is a “network of some 100,000 miles of nerve fibers…that connects the various components of the mind…,” as this article notes? Do you seriously think all these connections happened by random?…in every species? There is a caption with one of the initial photos in the article that “blows my mind.” It shows an incredibly elaborate contraption worn on a human head which creates “brain maps” of how the brain functions. The caption to that photo states that the energy used to power that brain-scanning apparatus and its back-up instrumentation requires “almost as much power as a nuclear submarine.” Amazing! That much power just to try and map a single human brain, it is so complex. Allow me to finish by asking a couple simple questions. So you think that this elaborately designed brain-scanner accidentally came into existence by random chance without any designer or engineer, or do you think a nuclear submarine, with all its attendant sub-systems, came into existence by random chance without any architects or designers or workmen? Obviously, only a fool would say “yes.” However, the human brain, an incredibly complex organic computer that is self-aware, is far more complex than an analytical lab machine or a nuclear sub, neither of which is self-aware. Yet students are taught today that the human brain, so complex it is still not fully understood, happened by accident or random chances. Nonsense!

David had it right when he wrote in Psalm 139:154 that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made,” and in Psalm 14:1 that “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God.” David was right…and he didn’t even know about DNA’s complexity. Modern mankind knows about DNA’s complexity, and it has no excuse for not confessing and acknowledging the truth that there is no explanation for the creation other than a Creator God.

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  3. http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2014/02/brain/zimmer-text

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Photo of a Midianite Well Moses Visited Often?

June 25th, 2014

This post offers an interesting likelihood: that a photo of an ancient well in Northwest Saudi Arabia is a well at which Moses often watered his herds when he served 40 years for Jethro of Midian and it may also be a well the Israelites visited often in their 40-year wandering in the Wilderness after they rejected God’s guidance and protection to lead them into the Promised Land after the Exodus. I saw this photo in an article in the current issue (July 2014) of National Geographic magazine. I found it fascinating as a sidebar to biblical narratives about the tribes of Israel, and I hope that you do as well.

As many readers know, Moses grew up and had great prestige at the court of Pharaoh in Egypt. However, after he killed an Egyptian overseer, Moses had to flee to the land of Midian (modern Northwest Saudi Arabia) where he sat to rest at the site of a well located in Midian (Exodus 2:11-22). Forty years later, God spoke to Moses via an angel in the famous  “burning bush” manifestation wherein God sent Moses back to Egypt to be his messenger to liberate the Israelites’ tribes in the Exodus (Acts 7:30). After the Exodus, the Israelites came to receive the laws of God as they encamped before Mt. Horeb or Mt. Sinai in the land of Midian. Exodus 3:1 refers to Mt. Horeb as ‘the mountain of God.” Many readers, I believe, realize that the real Mt. Sinai is not the mountain called by that name in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, but rather has to be a mountain in the land of Midian in Northwest Saudi Arabia, as Paul notes in Galatians 4:25. Books and DVD video presentations have documented that the “mountain of God” in that region has to be Jabal al-Lawz, a mountain that has many pieces of lingering evidence that the tribes of Israel encamped there, that a rock was split open to provide water to the Israelites, that the top of the mountain remains blackened to this day due to the presence of God’s Holy fire at the top of the mountain (Exodus 19:20-25), etc. [Two books documenting these facts about Jabal al-Lawz are The Mount Sinai Myth and The Mountain of Moses by Larry Williams and an excellent  DVD named Mountain of Fire: The Search for the True Mount Sinai available at www.baseinstitute.org].

The National Geographic issue cited above shows an ancient well in the former land of Midian in an article about Western Saudi Arabia’s history entitled The Wells of Memory (first link). The article focuses on the ancient wells that used to exist in this region. In the second link, there are a number of photos that accompany the published text article in the print-version of the article. The third photo in the options menu of the second link shows the well which includes the following language in its caption in the published version of the article (“For centuries a well at the Al Bad oasis nourished camel caravans and religious travelers. It is now a dry hole. Folklore says that Moses watered his sheep here.”) I think the ancient Arab folklore is accurate.

This well at Al Bad is located in the territory of ancient Midian, which only has so many desert waterholes. Moses had to move his flocks from waterhole to waterhole as grazing vegetation would be limited near any given waterhole. During Moses’ 40-year sojourn in Midian, he surely got to know all the water holes in Midian very well. The ancient waterhole at Al-Bad would have one of those Midianite water holes and I think it all but certain that Moses would have been there often during his 40 years in Midian. There is another key factor that is most interesting. When you compare the map showing the location of the Al-Bad waterhole (see third link) in Northwest Saudi Arabia with a map which shows the location of Jabal al-Lawz, the waterhole shown in the National Geographic article is extremely close to Jabal al-Lawz. Comparing these maps to a topographic map of that region, it appears that Jabal al-Lawz is just east of this pictured ancient waterhole. Indeed, it may be possible to see Jabal al-Lawz from the waterhole, although I cannot say that for sure without being there. At any rate, they are very close to each other so I think it is impossible that Moses did not visit this prominent waterhole in the land of Midian.

Consider that Moses, when he was fleeing from Egypt into Midian, stopped to rest at an unnamed waterhole in Midian (Exodus 2:15). It had to be a prominent waterhole as it was frequented by the daughters of Jethro, a “priest” of Midian, a very high-ranking leader in Midian. What if the ruins of a prominent Midianite waterhole shown on page 86 of the print version of the article in the National Geographic magazine (and also shown in the photo gallery in the second link) was the very well where Moses stopped to rest when he entered Midian, met the daughters of Jethro and met his wife, Zipporah? Forty years later, Moses was leading his flocks in the region west of the wilderness which included Mt. Horeb (Mt. Sinai) when he had his famous “burning bush” encounter with God or an angel/messenger speaking for God. Topographic maps of this region show there is a lowland just to the west of the mountainous wilderness that includes Jabal al-Lawz. That lowland could have had grazing space for flocks and would have included wells for water. This is right in the area where the map of this well’s location is shown in the third link. Moses may have just left the well in the photo in the National Geographic magazine before he journeyed a slight distance to the Jabal al-Lawz mountain and had his “burning bush” encounter.

When the Israelite tribes journeyed to Mt. Sinai, the mountain of God, after the Exodus, they numbered perhaps 3 million people. Exodus 12:37 states that 600,000 men plus women and children and all their livestock left Egypt in the Exodus. This is a massive amount of people and animals that needed water to drink regularly. Exodus 15:22-16:3 records that this mass of people had to move from oasis and waterhole to the next oasis and waterhole and several times God had to save them miraculously by providing water in the desert for them. Since the ancient waterhole shown in the National Geographic magazine article is close to Jabal al-Lawz (Mt. Sinai), the Israelites doubtlessly stopped at this waterhole on the way to their encounter with God at Jabal al-Lawz. The Israelites may have stopped at this ancient desert oasis/waterhole often during their wandering forty years in the wilderness before God allowed their offspring to enter the Promised Land that the Israelites delivered from Egypt had no faith to enter (except for Joshua and Caleb – Numbers 14:1-10).

I hope that you enjoyed this post. It is remarkable how much biblical history involving Moses and the tribes of Israel may have taken place at the very waterhole complex that is shown in the National Geographic magazine article. It used to be an oasis and you can tell from its ruins that it was once a sizable complex of wells and buildings which could supply water to a large mass of people and livestock. It is in the land of Midian and is close to Jabal al-Lawz, the real Mt. Sinai. My bet is that this ancient well is the one mentioned in the Bible so prominently.

There is one other biblical personage who may have stopped at this waterhole/oasis complex as well: the prophet Elijah. After his calling down fire upon a burnt offering and slaying 450 prophets of Baal, everything “went south” for Elijah and he fled to “Horeb the mountain of God” (I Kings 19:8). In other words, he fled to Jabal al-Lawz and the books and documentaries on this mountain confirm it had a cave on its slope which is called Elijah’s cave. I Kings 18-19 describes this entire episode, including how Elijah went 40 days, apparently on foot, to Jabal al-Lawz from where he had been in the kingdom of Israel. The account states he went 40 days on food provided by an angel to him, but he could easily have passed through or by the Al Bad oasis as it was located on the main approaches to Jabal al-Lawz/Mt. Sinai at the time and would have been a well-known location to travelers.

Isn’t it amazing what a single photo can evoke?

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  3. http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2014/07/hejaz-desert/route-map

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Russian Bombers Flew 50 Miles off the California Coast – New

June 24th, 2014

In a clear sign that Russia is reverting to the Cold War USSR’s mindset, a formation of Russian strategic bombers and refueling aircraft flew off the American Alaskan coast and flew as far southward to be a mere 50 miles off the California coast (first link). Additionally, Russian warships and spy ships have made appearances off the USA’s eastern seaboard (second link and third link). These are also a return to Cold War activities similar to what the USSR did. This is bad enough, but China has joined Russia as an active ally (just as the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 foretold would occur in the latter days of our age). The last link reports an incident in 2010 when China reportedly fired a ballistic missile on the west Coast of the USA just off the shores of Los Angeles. This warlike challenge to the USA was not given the proper attention it deserved by the establishment media. These actions should all be seen as provocative actions by Russia and China to see if the current President, Barack Obama, has any backbone or steel in his soul to push back against rival nations. If so, Russia and China have seen Obama lacks the mettle to take assertive action to counter these bellicose Russian and Chinese actions.

I wonder what President Reagan would have done in response to these actions if they had been done during the Cold War? I am only guessing, of course, but I’ll bet he would have responded with an “in-kind” response to show America still has some steel in its resolve. If today’s China had launched a ballistic missile just off the coast of Los Angeles, I think Reagan would have ordered a US submarine to fire a ballistic missile just off the coast of China so it would be clearly visible to all who lived in a major Chinese port city. I have little doubt that if Russia had sent warships and spy ships to positions just off our coastline, he would have sent similar US ships to be stationed an equal distance from Russian port cities like Vladivostok and/or St. Petersburg.

Russia and China must be delighted to have such a weak person in the US presidency as Barack Obama. He has done nothing to counter the bellicose Russian or Chinese actions, and the whole world now knows his “red lines” mean nothing. All nations have seen that, in spite of China and Russia building new weaponry and expanding their militaries, Obama is disarming and downsizing the US military forces. In my opinion, Obama’s actions seem to display a major “disconnect” between the real world and his perceptions of it. This “disconnect” can only portend bad things for the USA in future years. However, it is wholly consistent with the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 that the Russians and Chinese are becoming more armed and militaristic while the USA disarms and weakens its defenses. It invites a war against us to encourage our enemies into thinking we (the USA) are a soft target. Those who wish to see evidence the USA is specifically addressed in Ezekiel 38-39 and other biblical “latter day” prophecies are invited to read my homepage article, The USA in Biblical Prophecy, and listen to my audio messages on the history of the ten tribes of Israel. If you do, you will understand current events and historical events in a much clearer perspective than what you were taught at school.

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The Militarization of the DHS and American Police Forces

June 19th, 2014

The American media and columnists are sounding an alarm on an issue that could portend, under a worst case scenario, that America is headed toward a police state kind of existence. The first link is by John Whitehead, the respected head of The Rutherford Institute. It has a detailed analysis of the behemoth bureaucracy and armed force that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has now become. I urge readers to take the time to review his column about the DHS, which he refers to as “a runaway train” that is developing massive people-control databases, distributing and amassing weaponry and ammunition, etc. I think it is fair to say the DHS has become far larger and more potentially invasive toward innocent citizens than Congress ever intended when DHS was created. It was created to focus on anti-terrorism efforts to protect innocent Americans and America’s national security interests, not to manipulate and control innocent citizens. The DHS has become a conduit through which a great deal of military weaponry, armored vehicles and other gear is being directed to local police forces. If this trend continues, an American police state could be imposed by a dictatorially minded US president who might try to issue an Executive Order to federalize all police forces and put them under the DHS to become a kind of American Gestapo. Such an Executive Order would be egregiously unconstitutional and it is an open question how widely it would be obeyed by uniformed forces, but it does  seem that US presidents don’t obey the US Constitution as they should.  Congress appears to be increasingly derelict in its duties to assert its legislative powers to make laws and not allow federal executive agencies to “make laws” via the rule-making process.

Even the establishment New York Times has run an article about the tidal wave of military equipment being sent to local police agencies by the federal government (second link). Many police departments are receiving the MRAP armored vehicles that the US manufactured for the US army in the Afghan and Iraqi wars to protect soldiers against Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). The New York Times article has a detailed listing of the types of military equipment sent to local police departments and a map showing where they have been distributed. It is well worth your reading. The third link is a Google results listing of the many links on the Internet which have stories and reports about the militarization of American local police departments. I did see a report on Al Jazeera America (a cable news television channel) about this issue, and they reported on incidents where militarized Swat teams have apparently killed innocent civilians and acted over-zealously.

Now, I’d like to submit for your consideration another possible reason for the military gear being sent to local police departments. In a post I did years ago, I cited media links wherein the federal government itself was warning about Islamic Jihadi “sleeper cells” that exist in the USA–waiting to be activated in the event of a war where the US gets involved in a war involving Iran, Syria or some other nation. I recall one story that cited a warning from the Jihadis that they could attack in rural areas as well as in urban cities. Such sleeper cells could, literally, be anywhere. If they are ever activated, first responders will be local police departments and then the National Guard units in the various states. Any sleeper cells could be armed with sophisticated weaponry obtained by foreign nations or arms dealers and smuggled into the USA. They could have RPGs, mortars, machine guns, explosive devices, shoulder-mounted anti-aircraft weapons, etc. I’m just speculating here. I hope they don’t have such weapons, but they could. If they do, local police departments can’t be expected to respond to them with mere side arms. They will need the kind of weaponry that the DHS and perhaps other federal agencies are now distributing to them in advance of any crisis. Even the drug gangs in American cities might have major weaponry that the police may have to confront.

On a personal note, decades ago when I was a Personnel Manager for a government agency, I served as the chairman of several hiring panels where police officers were hired. This experience allowed me to get to know high-ranking police officers and learn their perspectives. I also attended the Civilian Police Academy which is offered in my city where police departments allow attendees to have insightful experience with each aspect of the local police department. Current classes allow attendees to fire weapons at the police firing range, but that was not offered when I attended one of first classes years ago. I also worked closely with the local police department in founding a Neighborhood Watch area which was formed to shut down a drug houses and has dealt with other issues periodically. For one year, I served as the “president” of the citywide Sioux Falls’ Neighborhood Watch groups (great title, no salary). These experiences enable me to see things from a government perspective, and governments at all levels have planners and Emergency Service Divisions which make plans for every conceivable situation and disaster that might occur. In the event of a major disaster when I worked in government, I had a role which I would have been assigned to do. Thankfully, no such disaster occurred, but one never knows when such a thing might happen due to a tornado, earthquake, hurricane or other weather disasters in addition to terrorism. At the federal level, government officials plan for every possible contingency as well. There have been many reports of “secret” FEMA camps built all over the USA. There has been such a torrent of information about them on the Internet that they are surely no “secret” any longer. One genre of Internet perspectives is that they are being built to hold captive patriotic Americans, veterans, Christians, “Ron Paul supporters,” etc. Allow me to give another possible perspective, based on my past experience inside a governmental agency.

We have been warned by government spokespeople, “Talking Heads” on TV, columnists, etc. that there is the possibility of a “dirty nuclear bomb” threat being made by terrorists against an American city. No one knows where such an attack might occur, but all regions and cities have to plan for such a thing. What if there is another “Katrina-type” hurricane or the “Big One” earthquake in California that the seismic experts have warned could occur any time. There have been many warnings about a possible EMP event that wipes out electrical service infrastructure. If any of these events happen, where do you put the survivors, refugees, etc. who will flee from a large metro area in the event of such a catastrophe or even the threatened possibility of it happening? It would be a very reasonable emergency plan to build camps for refugees and survivors at locations accessible to metro areas. This would be critical to have in wintertime for everyone’s good.

In summation, the militarization of the police forces may have an ulterior motive to impose a police state. Revelation 13:11-18 warns that an eventual “beast” power will impose controls on all monetary and commercial matters at some point. It can be inferred that control freaks will attempt to control all other aspects of life as well. However, keep in mind we are currently living under the global  “Babylon the Great” system which is prophesied to collapse in the latter days and be replaced by the “beast” system (Revelation 17:9-18) which will reign for only 42 months (Revelation 13:1-5) before Jesus Christ returns to impose his Divine reign on the earth and mankind (Revelation 1911-20:5). The current governments of the earth are tied into the Babylon the Great system. This system is prophesied in Revelation 17 to be overthrown by “seven heads and ten horns” who will wreck the current system with “extreme prejudice” (Revelation 17:16). We do not know who the “seven heads and ten horns” will be. They may be nations and international entities or they could be seven actual leaders of a new system waiting to take power via the “ten horns” who will act in their service. We were told by then-Secretary of the Treasury Paulson that the current banking/monetary system came within hours of collapse in 2008, so we have been warned by a high UIS official that the current system has already stood on the precipice of global collapse. I have a post about the possible biblically significant importance of the year 2015. Please understand I make no predictions myself. I try to analyze modern events in light of biblical perspectives and pass this analysis to readers as long as there is support for this blog. For more information on why the Bible calls the modern global system “Babylon the Great,” please read my articles, The Babylonian Origin of the Modern Banking System, and Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a New Beast System? The first article will likely surprise you as to how accurate the biblical description really is and the second article will examine aspects of how the biblical prophecy in Revelation 17-18 may be fulfilled. Again, I never set dates or years for specific fulfillments.

One last comment. Jesus Christ prophesied in Matthew 24:24 that the final deceptive system [the "beast"] will be so deceptive that even the “very elect” would be taken in by it “if it were possible.” In order for this to be fulfilled, the beast system has to take control of the earth in a way that will appeal greatly to strong Christian believers. I expect its beginning will be benign and welcomed even by Christians at first. There is precedent for this type of thing happening. I’m sure many German Christians voted for Adolph Hitler in Germany’s 1932 election. We do not know who the Beast leader will be, but expect him to come in the guise of a deliverer from the evils of the current Babylon the Great system and the creator of a New World Order. How the militarization of the local American police forces fits into these prophecies, we will have to wait and see.

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Computer to be down temporarily – 6/19/2014

June 19th, 2014

This post is to inform my readers that I will soon be unable to use my computer or post to my blogs for an unknown period of time. Our region has had severe storms with tornadoes, hail, flooding, etc, and my home has experienced water damage due to a failed sump pump. My car has also been pelted badly with hail, but that would not affect my computer efforts. Many people in this region of South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota have it worse than me. This water problem affects my office and my computer components and desk will be among the many items disassembled and moved to allow for water remediation efforts to begin. The companies that provide that service are backed up due to thousands of claims so I don’t know when the remediation efforts will begin or how long they will take. As many readers know, I have lived on a disability for decades due to a freak accident caused by circumstances beyond my control. The injuries leave me unable to do what I’d like to do to move and disassemble things to help the repair efforts. I especially need prayers for pain relief in my back, neck and shoulders, and I’d appreciate prayers for healing of tinnitus as well (I’ll bet some readers also suffer from this constant ringing in the ears problem). Thank you very much for your prayers and for your interest in my website’s efforts!  

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Sunni-Shiite Civil War Spreading Fast in Iraq

June 15th, 2014

The intense fighting inside of what used to be Iraq is rapidly turning into a Sunni vs. Shiite civil war that could easily spread outside Iraq’s borders. As I opined might happen in a recent post, Iran, the Shiite powerhouse in the region, has sent its troops into Iraq to militarily bolster that portion of the Iraqi army that is loyal to Iraq’s Shiite central government leader, al-Maliki. The first link reports that Iran has already sent 2,000 of its soldiers into Iraq to bolster the Shiite forces fighting the rapid invasion of ISIL, the very radical Sunni Jihadi group that is seizing control of more of Syria and Iraq. It also reports that a Shiite Iranian commander is now in charge of the defense of Baghdad. The second link is supportive of the information in the first link.

It seems apparent that the rapid advance of ISIL (some news outlets, especially CNN, call ISIL by the name ISIS) was aided by a deep lack of enthusiasm within the Iraqi army to fight fellow Sunnis to prop up a Shiite government that they regard as corrupt and anti-Sunni. There are many reports of Iraqi soldiers abandoning their posts, uniforms and weapons, and some media reports indicate Sunni members of Saddam Hussein’s old military forces were joining the ISIL ranks, assisting their rapid advance.

When the ISIL Sunni Jihadis rapidly took over Mosul, it triggered a humanitarian crisis as upwards of 500,000 more moderate Sunnis and perhaps some Christians fled to the protection of the Kurdish region of what used to be Iraq (third link). The Kurds can hardly shelter so many people. The Kurdish Peshmerga, a highly-cohesive and well-armed military force, moved out of the Kurdish region and seized control of the oil-rich city of Kirkuk to make sure it did not fall into ISIL hands. The fourth link has a good report on the seizure of Kirkuk by the Kurdish Peshmerga. You will note that photographs accompanying the text show Kurdish tanks being brought into the Kirkuk via tank transporters. This indicates the Kurds will be in no hurry to leave Kirkuk. I think it is evident they intend to stay. If I lived in Kirkuk, I would be delighted to have them stay. The Kurdish forces represent stability and the ability for people in Kirkuk to safely stay in their homes and city. The Kurds may have seized Kirkuk not only for strategic advantage but also to protect their own territory from being overwhelmed by refugees from Kirkuk if it had also fallen to ISIL Jihadis like other northern Iraqi cities.

The fifth link reports what happens when ISIL forces seize a city or region. They leave a trail of decapitated bodies, execution-style killings and chaos and destruction in their wake. I saw a BBC report on the American TV network, PBS, that mentioned they had videos of execution-style killings of people by the ISIL Jihadis, but they were too brutal to show on TV. The BBC video did show ISIL forces lining up Iraqis in civilian dress on the side of a road and forcing them to kneel just before their heads were blown off by ISIL gunfire. The BBC video stopped just before the heads were blown off. Those interested in seeing that video can likely find it on YouTube. I did see a text crawler on the bottom of a report on either the BBC or Al Jezeera America that indicated that there were 1000s of murdered and/or decapitated bodies along the roads where ISIL was advancing closer toward Baghdad. Conflicting media reports indicate ISIL is between 60 and 100 miles from Baghdad.

As an aside, I’d like to say that if you can watch the Al Jazeera America cable news network on your satellite or cable-news package, I strongly urge you to watch it. I have found its news coverage to be in-depth, balanced and factual in its presentation. Many westerners may think, based on its name, that it is a network of Islamic propagandists. That assumption could not be more wrong. The on-camera journalists are Americans and westerners and many of them have been hired from other American news media networks. I think it should have been named something like “International Network News” (INN), to better represent what it actually is. It is a valuable “go-to” news outlet.

The situation inside Iraq is very fluid and there are many conflicting reports about what is transpiring. One report has now indicated that Iranian Shiite military forces are now operating so deep inside Iraq that they have helped Shiite forces retake Tikrit, Saddam Hussein’s hometown from ISIL forces (sixth link). If so, it means that Iran has sent its military forces in considerable numbers deep inside Iraq and their presence could trigger a wider Sunni-Shiite war.

While Kurdistani forces have been active in the north, Turkey, a Sunni nation, has been strangely passive in these rapidly escalating events. Since approximately 80 Turkish citizens have been kidnapped by ISIL forces (including a top diplomat), Turkey has every reason to invade northern Iraq from the north to rescue its citizens and crush the ISIL military forces. Turkey has been handed a golden opportunity to expand its influence and territory in the region, but so far has not acted on that opportunity. If I had been Turkey’s prime Minister, I’d have invaded northern Iraq two days ago, sent commandos to rescue the Turkish citizens and given orders to my army commanders to wipe out ISIL. I’d also have worked out a side agreement with the Kurds to divide northern Iraq into an agreed-upon Turkish-dominated and a Kurdish-dominated region–which would cooperate in making money for the Kurds and Turks by shipping Kurdish oil via Turkish pipelines to European nations. It is worth noting that as long as the chaos inside Iraq stops or threatens the flow of Kurdish oil to Europe, the big winner is…Russia. Russia, Iran’s ally, would like to keep Europe as helplessly dependent on Russian energy supplies as much as possible so ISIL’s stopping the flow of Kurdish oil to Europe benefits Russia.

Yesterday, I watched a TV program where Fareed Zakarhia, a frequent on-camera analyst and spokesman for the current World Order, was commenting on the Iraqi crisis and, in my opinion, I have never seen him look more worried. I like listening to him, as he is intelligent and analytical. If he is worried, so are the rest of the world’s leaders.

Strangely quiet regarding the Sunni-Shiite war inside Iraq is Saudi Arabia. If Shiite Iran is militarily active already inside Iraq, the Saudis cannot stay out of Iraq for long without a major loss of face to their credibility. I suspect both Turkey and the Saudis are receiving heavy pressure from Obama and the USA to stay out of the situation. You may have seen media reports that the Shiite Iraqi central government, armed and trained by the USA, has been appealing to the USA for airstrikes vs. ISIL. If Obama actually does such a thing, he may make one of the biggest mistakes of his presidency. This action would make him an ally of Iran, which is already supporting the Shiite Iraqi central government with ground forces. If Obama becomes the ally of the Iranians and their puppet leader in Shiite Iraq, Obama will alienate the entire Sunni Moslem world. Then the obvious question will be apparent to all: Whose side is Obama really on? Pay no attention to his words. Just evaluate his actions.

Major changes are occurring in the Mideast right now. Borders are being redrawn, nations are disintegrating while new ones emerge along more-rational sectarian and tribal lines, alliances are being reformed, etc. These are vital developments for us to keep watching.

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