Pope Francis: “God Is Not a Divine Being”

November 2nd, 2014

Pope Francis has made a series of controversial statements in recent months, and he is creating a backlash from prominent conservatives within the Catholic Church. Whether readers are Catholic or not, I think all Christians need to pay close attention to the comments of this latest pope.

First for some background. Pope Francis initially angered conservative Catholics when he made noncommittal comments about homosexual marriage. Since Catholic popes have always previously supported Catholic doctrines labeling homosexuality as a sin, Pope Francis’ comments were seen as the beginnings of a departure from the views of (apparently) all previous Catholic popes. The archbishop of Philadelphia blamed Pope Francis for causing “confusion” and added that “Confusion is of the devil.” A Cardinal who is the “head of the Vatican’s highest court” made an even stronger statement: saying “the Roman Catholic Church is a ‘ship without a rudder'” under Pope Francis. These are very strong criticisms for a new Pope from sources high in the Catholic hierarchy.

However, the above spat may prove to be nothing compared to Pope Francis’ latest strange comment. I hope he was misquoted, but the media is reporting that Pope Francis, in a discourse about God and evolution, stated that “God is not a divine being (first link).” Excuse me? Could he actually have said anything that heretical? Paradoxically, Pope Francis acknowledged God as the creator, even as he is cited as denying God’s divinity. He also made what sounds like a squishy endorsement of evolution in his statement. If Pope Francis denies God’s divinity, is this not rank blasphemy against God, the Bible and a rejection of all previous Catholic teachings and papal confessions? Pope Francis has made a very strange statement, if he was correctly quoted, and this development bears intense scrutiny. If he refuses to acknowledge God as a Divine Being, how can he even call himself a Christian? It is because of God’s status as a Divine Being that he is repeatedly described as “holy” in the Bible and “worthy of worship.” If God is not a divine being, then how can God claim any right to forgive the sins of sinning human beings? The Catholic Church has long claimed the Apostle Peter as its first pope. Peter’s views about God’s divinity are unmistakable. In II Peter 1:3, Peter wrote of God and of Jesus Christ: “According to his divine power hath given us all things that pertain unto life and godliness (emphasis added).” In II Peter 1:4 Peter wrote that believers, through Jesus Christ, are made “partakers of the divine nature [of God] (emphasis added).” So Peter confesses the divinity of Jesus Christ, the son of God, and Jesus confesses that God the Father was “greater” than Jesus was (John 14:28). Since Peter attributed divine status to Jesus Christ, “God” the Father is surely Divine as well. I wonder if Pope Francis realizes he has departed from the views of the Apostle Peter, who has always been claimed by the Catholic church as the first pope?

The second link offers to readers a variety of media perspectives on Pope Francis’ comments which were located via a web search. I invite readers to check out a number of them.

Keeping in mind that the pope may have been misquoted or the possibility that something was altered in translating his comments from Italian or some other language into English, two latter day prophecies come to mind after hearing Pope Francis’ rejection of God as a Divine Being. If he doesn’t even accept the Christian God of the Bible, who he claims to represent, as a divine being, then he apparently doesn’t acknowledge the divinity of the deities of any other non-Christian religion either. That thought reminded me of the latter-day prophecy in Daniel 7 in which Daniel sees events of the latter days in symbolic form and a heavenly personage makes known some of the vision’s meaning to him. In Daniel 7:25, it is prophesied that a person or power will arise which will “speak great things against the Most High [God]…” It does seem to me that for anyone, especially a top Christian leader such as the pope, who publicly declares that God is not a divine being, is making an utterance which fits the prophetic mold of Daniel 7:25. This pope needs to be watched if he makes any further declarations against God Himself.

In II Thessalonians 2:3, Paul wrote a prophecy about the false leaders that would emerge in the latter days. In verses 3-4, Paul warned that a “man of sin” or “son of perdition” would emerge “who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God… (emphasis added).” When Pope Francis, a mortal human religious leader, exalts himself into a position where he feels he can deny that the Creator God is a divine being, is he not perilously close to fulfilling this prophetic warning about a religious leader who would emerge in the latter days who would do this type of thing?

Again, I truly hope the new pope was misquoted, and that he did not actually make a statement attacking and denying God’s Divine status. However, all Christians need to watch what Pope Francis says and does in the future. Paul’s prophecy about a “man of sin” and “son of perdition” who will repudiate “all that is called God” also prophesies in II Thessalonians 2:5-15 that this “man of sin” will come with “all deceivableness,” and will lead people into embracing a “strong delusion.” Paul also prophesies this dark figure will eventually come with “all power and signs and lying wonders.” In spite of the displayed powers and signs which this dark figure will do to deceive people into believing his lies, Paul urges latter-day believers to disregard the deceitful teachings of this “man of sin” and  “stand fast and hold the traditions which you have been taught.” A belief that the Creator God of the Holy Bible is a Divine Being is certainly a truth to which all Christians should hold fast.

Please understand I’m not yet identifying Pope Francis as the “man of sin” discussed in II Thessalonians and I hope he was misquoted, but we are definitely living in the latter days (see my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?), which means that all the latter day prophecies of the Bible are scheduled to be fulfilled in this latter day period of time. We need to be alert and watch closely to look for prophetic fulfillments as they occur. They may be fulfilled in a manner which the world’s media barely notices, so extra effort is needed by Christians to discern the important events of our time.

The last link indicates Pope Francis received significant “push-back,” opposition and dissent from key Catholic leaders when the pope appeared to repudiate long-standing Catholic teachings against homosexuality. I wonder what private conversations are now occurring amongst Catholic cardinals and bishops in response to Pope Francis’ declaration that God is not a divine being?

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Obama Administration Offends the Israelis…Again

October 30th, 2014

The Obama administration has again insulted the Israeli government and, indeed, all Israelis. Previously, Obama was caught on an open mike personally trashing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu while speaking to French leader Nicolas Sarkhozy, when the latter was in office. Then just days ago, the Israeli Defense Minister was snubbed by most high-ranking leaders in the Obama administration when he was visiting the USA. Now we have the spectacle of an unnamed Obama administration official reportedly calling Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu a “chickensh*t.” The first three links [1, 2, 3] show the details of this latest slam/slur by the Obama administration at one of America’s closest allies.

It never ceases to amaze me that the Obama administration simply can’t get its act together on much of anything. I recently wrote a post entitled Israeli Defense Minister Snubbed by Top US Officials. In it, I suggested that the accumulating snubs and insults by the Obama Administration could cause the Israelis to look elsewhere for allies, and that a regional anti-Iranian alliance could be formed amongst Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. A report has surfaced which indicates that such a possibility is growing more feasible. The last link reports that citizens of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates now look more favorably toward Israel than to the USA, although an open peace agreement with Israel is predicated on some kind of an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal. Of course, nothing is simple in the Mideast. The poll also reported lingering support for Hamas in those three Arab nations, although almost no support for ISIL exists. What is remarkable is how few people in these three polled Arab nations have any positive regard for the USA.

Given the fact that chaos was barely averted when the Egyptian military threw the Muslim Brotherhood out of power in Egypt coupled with Egypt’s antipathy toward Hamas, one can foresee a scenario where the Sunni Arab nations are driven to make common cause with Israel and Egypt against the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and other Jihadi groups who tend to fall in the Iranian Shiite orbit. Indeed, if Israel really needs to seek new allies because it cannot rely on an Obama-led America, it may become an overriding necessity to implement some kind of “peace deal” between the Israelis and Palestinians in order to pave the way for an Israeli alliance with Egypt and Sunni Arab nations. Given Egypt’s antipathy toward Hamas and Saudi Arabia’s coolness toward Hamas in the most recent Israeli-Hamas conflict, such a deal may become possible. If it does, it could easily be a deal which is acceptable to the Israelis, Egypt, the Saudis, Jordanians, etc., but not to the Palestinians. Such a deal may include a “supervised autonomy” for a new Palestinian state which will initially include only the West Bank Palestinian region governed by Fatah and Gaza would be included in the peace deal only when Hamas is removed from power there. The Saudis and Jordanians could supply security forces to the West Bank to keep the peace there and Egypt could supply peacekeepers to Gaza. Israel is getting along very amicably with the current Egyptian government and both nations would love to see Hamas kicked out of power in Gaza.

I’m not predicting a specific outcome, but the endless offenses of the Obama administration toward the Israelis and the poll’s results showing opinions in three Arab nations moving favorably toward the Israelis are making a regional alliance between Israel and regional Sunni Muslim nations more likely. This would not surprise me as Ezekiel 38-39’s prophecy do not include any of the modern nations descended from Abraham in the listing of the Gog-Magog alliance nations in Ezekiel 38:2-6. In biblical terminology, the Israelis are “Judah,” the Arab nations are “Ishmaelites,” Turkey is “Edom/Teman” and Jordan is descended from “Lot,” Abraham’s nephew. None are mentioned as being a part of the Gog-Magog alliance in the latter days. Given the Bible’s focus on the descendants of Abraham, it seems logical that they would have been specifically noted if they were to be part of the Gog-Magog alliance. In past years, it was assumed the Islamic Arab nations and Egypt would be allied with the USA and NATO (the modern nations of the “ten tribes of Israel”), but recent trends indicate the Ishmaelites and descendants of Lot may end up being allied to Judah in the latter days. Turkey’s future is very unclear at present, given the Islamist tendencies of its current leadership. Turkey is allied to the USA and other NATO nations at present, but that alliance has been tenuous as of late.

One last thought: If the USA suffers an internal fiscal/monetary crisis which forces it to stop spending money or sending troops overseas, the Mideast nations will be forced to look to each other for new allies.

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New Military Weaponry & Development Programs

October 28th, 2014

On occasion, I write a post which passes on to readers information about a variety of new military weapons developments from around the globe. The Bible prophesies about major wars erupting on the planet in the latter days on earth before Jesus Christ returns (Daniel 11:40-45, Ezekiel 38-39, Zechariah 14, Matthew 24:6, Revelation 16:12-21, etc.), so developments involving the weaponry of the major nations is not an academic exercise. Bible prophecy indicates these newly developed weapons will be used, so it behooves us to be aware of what is happening in global military research and weaponry deployment.

The first three links [1, 2, 3] address a cutting-edge, new development in military weaponry and tactics. Global militaries are developing  unmanned/drone weaponry which will attack targets using a “swarm” approach in which the weapons are essentially programmed to attack as a unit and adapt to enemy defenses without any human input. This new method of weaponry minimizes the need to risk casualties from engaging one’s own manned forces, and has the benefit of attacking with a programmed-but autonomous mass of unmanned objects attacking in a “swarm” pattern which a defender’s weapons systems were not designed to counter. This poses one more potential risk to US aircraft carrier groups. What if Russian/Chinese subs or aircraft deploy pods containing hundreds or thousands of attack drones which would be released from the host pod at a specified distance from a carrier battle group? The masses of attack drones would disperse into “swarm” attack patterns which normal missiles, bombs, torpedoes, etc. would not utilize. Could the US Navy’s Aegis carrier-defense systems adapt to such an attack?

The fourth link reports on the Russian investment in new, more-advanced submarines while the US Navy may not be able to fund an upgrade of its Ohio-class submarines due to budgetary constraints. The fifth link reports that China has sent one of its new nuclear attack submarines on a mission into the Indian Ocean and even into the Persian Gulf. The Indian Ocean mission was a clear message to both India and the USA, and the visit to the Persian Gulf was likely a “show the flag” effort to give support to its Iranian ally. It also reports that China has built three “boomer” subs which can fire strategic, intercontinental, nuclear-capable missiles while at sea. Previous posts have discussed the new Chinese seaport at Gwadar on the Pakistani seacoast, so this Chinese submarine’s voyage also tested its ability to deploy to that Pakistani base.

The sixth link reports that Poland is going to redeploy a significant number of its army troops to its eastern border with the Ukraine. This obviously is intended to signal Poland’s solidarity with its Ukrainian neighbor who wishes to align with NATO and Europe. Other NATO nations may also deploy military units to Eastern Poland to show the same kind of solidarity with the Ukraine against the pressures being placed on it by Russia. In a related link, the seventh link reports that the Czech Republic has become a hub for Russian (and Chinese) spies in Eastern/Central Europe as the Ukrainian crisis has progressed. The eighth link cites a “radical escalation of aggressive Russian military flexing” according to one analyst. Russia has returned to Cold War behavior in having its air force conduct training missions against Japanese and American air space. These Russian attack/training missions are now being done on a near “daily basis.” Japan has dispatched its warplanes to intercept Russian warplanes 324 times in just the last six months! The US has also deployed 20 M1 tanks and 700 military personnel to NATO’s Baltic States as the Ukrainian crisis heated up.

The ninth link reports that China has flight-tested a new, mobile ICBM which can be deployed on “rugged terrain or other difficult road conditions.” Think an ICBM on an off-road vehicle. China seems to have an unlimited ability to fund all kinds of new weaponry even as the USA and NATO have been steadily reducing their military forces and budgets in recent years. The link adds that this new missile “is a sign that Beijing is increasing its strategic strike capability against the United States (emphasis added).” Anyone with a thinking brain can see that China (and Russia) are building a force structure that is designed to attack the USA and its allies. What hardly anyone realizes is that the prophet Ezekiel foretold that very thing would occur in the latter days of our age (Ezekiel 38-39). The Bible has to be the Word of a Creator Being to be so accurate that one of its 2500 year-old prophecies is heading toward fulfillment in our modern world. Obviously, Ezekiel 38-39 do not use the word “United States of America” or “NATO” in them. How the prophetic wording in those chapters identifies the USA and the NATO-led, western alliance can be seen in my books, articles, audio messages about prophecy, etc. One good place to begin examining this conclusion is my article: The United States in Biblical Prophecy. However, not everything is going well for China’s weapons-deployment programs. China’s newly deployed aircraft carrier has suffered a steam explosion, engine problems and at least one complete power failure during its sea trials (see tenth link). This is a carrier that is not ready for prime time.

Finally, we see glimpses in media reports about some of the nations’ new and/or secret weapons programs and this blog has discussed many of them in past years (invisibility cloaks, nanotechnology weapons, the X-37B, the US Navy’s new rail-gun technology, etc.). What would really be interesting (or very frightening) is if we could be given knowledge about all the secret weapons systems being developed by the world’s major nations that have not been disclosed via any media outlet. I’ll leave readers with one personal report which hints at how high-tech certain new weapons might actually be. I knew a US army veteran, now deceased, who told me many years ago that he was personally aware the USA field-tested focused, microwave weapons at North Korean and Chinese troops during the Korean War in 1950-52. According to this second-hand eyewitness report, enemy troops “had their brains fried” and had to be led by their hands from the combat zone when captured because they no longer knew who or where they were. If this report was true, and I know the source was credible, what kinds of weaponry are the nations experimenting with now if usable micro-wave weapons were deployed in the early 1950s? What other futuristic new weaponry has been secretly field-tested in a variety of regional or local wars all over the world in the decades since the Korean War? I think we can be glad that we don’t know what kinds of weaponry or doomsday systems now exist that haven’t yet been disclosed. If we did, we’d likely better understand Jesus Christ’s prophecy in Matthew 24:22 that unless he came earlier than expected, there would be “no flesh” left alive on this planet.

I wish to thank two readers who sent me some of these links.

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  10. http://www.realcleardefense.com/articles/2014/10/22/chinas_aircraft_carrier_trouble_spewing_steam_and_losing_power_107506.html

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Israeli Defense Minister Snubbed by Top US Officials

October 26th, 2014

The first  three links [1, 2, 3] detail the fact that the Israeli Defense Minister was snubbed by many high-ranking Obama administration officials when he was in the USA  recently. This is quite extraordinary, given the longstanding alliance between the USA and the Israelis and the common interests of the two nations. This snubbing of the Israeli Defense Minister adds to the belief that the Obama administration is the most anti-Israeli administration ever to exist in the USA.

Don’t expect this event to be reported widely in the American media, but it has been noticed all over the world, no doubt, by all leading nations. I suspect that, given the many foreign policy failures of the Obama administration, President Obama may be peeved that the Israelis will not cater to Obama’s desire to reach some kind of a Palestinian-Israeli peace deal which shortchanges Israeli security concerns. This kind of action by the Obama administration could have some far-reaching effects.

I think one of the primary effects it will have is that the Israelis, given good reason to be unsure about American support in any future security crisis, will boost their own conventional and nuclear weaponry as well as broadening the Israeli defense industry base so it can make more military hardware domestically without relying on US suppliers. If this happens, the US defense industry will have fewer orders for their products from Israel, and the Obama administration will be to blame for this development. American jobs could be lost due to the Obama administration’s snubbing of the Israelis. Also, this will benefit European and other international arms suppliers as the Israelis will likely turn to alternate suppliers for some military hardware and gear.

Another effect is that the Israelis have to be alarmed about having an anti-Israeli Obama in the White House until January 2017. Much can happen between now and that date. The snubbing of the Israeli Defense Minister by the Obama administration will intensify Israeli efforts to locate new allies in the region. The fourth link and fifth link detail the ever-warming relations between the Israelis and Egyptians. They are united in their opposition to Hamas and the Jihadis who are waging a terrorist war against Egyptian security personnel in the Sinai Peninsula and against targets in Egypt’s mainland region. They are also united in their dim view of the Obama administration. Egypt sees the Obama administration as having favored the Islamic Brotherhood which was led by Muhammad Morsi and which led Egypt to the point of internal disintegration or civil war before the Egyptian military led by General al-Sisi took power and saved Egypt from the fates suffered by Iraq, Yemen and Libya. These links report that Israel and Egypt left the Obama administration out of the peace negotiations to stop the Israeli-Hamas war and that Egyptian-Israeli security cooperation is now at its  “zenith.” An Egyptian-Israeli alliance would be a very strong “tag team” in the Mideast. It would unite two very strong regional conventional armies which would be protected by an Israeli nuclear umbrella. If Egypt and Israel openly form an alliance, it is very possible that Saudi Arabia, Jordan and a soon-to-be-independent Kurdistan might also join that same alliance. If such an alliance forms, the USA will be the big loser as it will lose much clout and influence in the Mideast and Turkey and Iran would also be losers in such an arrangement. Turkey has turned very anti-Israeli and it also offended the Egyptian government recently (as I noted in a previous post) so Turkey could end up inadvertently helping to midwife an Israeli-Egyptian alliance. When/if Kurdistan becomes fully independent, it will need allies and its pro-western, Sunni Moslem nature makes it a logical choice to join such an alliance. I won’t specifically predict the above developments, but they are becoming more likely as the Obama administration fumbles its foreign policy initiatives overseas. It should also be note that Greece and the Greek-ruled section of Cyprus are strongly pro-Israeli so they would also be favorable to an Israeli-Egyptian alliance.

Biblically, Zephaniah 2:1-10 prophesied that Judah (the Jews) would have an independent nation in the old Promised Land just before “the day of the Lord’s anger” (another prophetic terminology for the latter days) occurred, and this prophecy was specifically fulfilled in 1948 (please see my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?, to see an in-depth examination of biblical prophecies being fulfilled in recent decades that confirm we are living in the biblical “latter day” period of time). Zechariah 12:1-6 prophesy that God will remain a protector to the Jewish nation in the Mideast even if all other nations oppose it. Notice that this prophecy does not actually predict the Israelis will be without allies, but reassures them God will remain their ally even if all other nations forsook it.

Currently, it is the Obama administration which is gradually forsaking its alliance with the Israelis, freeing the Israelis to make independent alliances with other nations.

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Video of US Navy’s New Rail-Gun in Action

October 23rd, 2014
The US Navy has successfully developed a new rail-gun which could radically alter the balance of naval (and other forms of) combat. The video-clip of the new gun in the link is worth watching as it is most impressive. The new rail-gun uses an EMP charge to propel a kinetic interceptor (a large bullet or metallic piece of some kind) to a speed of Mach 7. The range is an astounding 100 miles. Since it uses a concentrated electrical discharge to propel the “bullet,” no gunpowder is needed.

The naval officer explaining the mechanics of the new rail-gun notes that a ship could store hundreds of “bullets” for the new rail-gun in a small storage space, and that the cost of the rail-gun’s ammunition is tiny compared to the cost of an expensive missile which can do the same job.

The new rail-gun, when deployed on US naval ships, will greatly enhance the survivability of US aircraft carriers and major surface combatants, which are being targeted by China’s and Russia’s deployment of supersonic cruise missiles as well as China’s deployment of ballistic missiles designed specifically to attack and sink aircraft carriers. If the new rail-gun system can shoot down cruise missiles and ballistic missiles far from a carrier task group, it will make the US Navy ships much safer as well as defending them in a manner which is far cheaper. The key question is: When will this new rail-gun system be deployed on Navy ships? The report states the rail-gun system will start sea-trials in 2016 and be deployed in later years. However, in the event of a major global military crisis, this rail-gun system could surely be deployed much quicker. Aircraft carriers and any other naval ship with a nuclear reactor for propulsion would be the logical platforms on which to place rail-guns as the nuclear power plants on-board such ships would provide a virtually unlimited source of power to keep firing the rail-gun at enemy missiles, warplanes, etc.

New rail-gun weaponry surely has applications far broader than merely being placed on US Navy ships. A large rail-gun could shoot down incoming nuclear-tipped ICBM warheads far from their intended targets, greatly lessening the damage they can inflict. Placing them on the US coastlines would be an effective way of shooting down cruise missiles fired at America from off-shore enemy submarines or cruise missiles fired by terrorists from a seemingly innocuous merchant ship. It seems to me that, given the huge threat posed by the use of an EMP weapon against the USA (or any other nation), deploying rail-guns to defend US coasts from a missile equipped with an EMP warhead should be an especially huge national security priority. Small rail-guns developed for the US Army could be used as an incredibly effective anti-tank and anti-armor weapon.

As soon as these futuristic rail-guns are deployed by the USA in its military units, it will be a “game-changer.” Many other nations have a major need for such weaponry. For example, think how such weaponry would help Taiwan defend its territory from incoming salvos of Chinese cruise missiles? Think how helpful these weapons would be to Israel in the event of a large-scale missile attack by Hezbollah against Israeli targets. No doubt, other nations are also working on rail-gun technology. How close are they to deploying such weaponry? We don’t know.

I hope readers of this blog are as interested as I am in the deployment of new weapons systems by the modern global alliances identified in Ezekiel 38-39 as the eastern Gog-Magog alliance (led by Russia, China and Iran) and the western alliance led by the modern nations of the “house of Israel” (the USA, UK, France, NATO nations, etc.).

While we periodically receive snippets of information about new weapons being deployed by major world powers, what new weapons systems are being developed and deployed about which nothing is being released? I think Revelation 13:1-4 tells us various exotic, high-tech weapons systems are being developed which have not yet been revealed. When the beast system takes power for a short time, verse 4 tells us the world’s nations will say: “Who is able to make war with him?” Obviously, this indicates that super-secret weapons will be unveiled by the beast system to keep the nations in line. However, the Bible itself gives the answer to the nations’ rhetorical question in Revelation 13:4. God will send Two Witnesses to oppose the beast and his system for 1260 days, and they will be given Divine powers to wield against the beast and whomever else they wish to plague (Revelation 11:3-7). During their ministry, anyone seeking to harm  them will be killed by either God or the Two Witnesses using their Divinely-delegated powers. The Two Witnesses will eventually themselves be killed by the beast power after their 1260 day ministry, but will be resurrected from the dead after 3 and 1/2 days (Revelation 11:7-14). For much more about the Two Witnesses, please read my article entitled, The Two Witnesses. Ultimately, all weapons systems developed by the beast power will be utterly useless against Jesus Christ and his heavenly army when it invades the earth and destroys the beast’s armies, weapons, etc. (Revelation 19:11-21) after the beast’s short, 42-month reign (Revelation 13:5). So, when the beast system is eventually unveiled and reveals its new weaponry (likely to include “UFOs” which are actually new kinds of aerial platforms with invisibility technology), don’t be over-awed. Against God’s power, all the beast’s weapons will be as useless as a BB gun against an atomic bomb.

My thanks to a reader who sent me this link.


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Are You Ready for the Coming “Drone Wars?”

October 23rd, 2014

Yes. We are heading into a time when we will literally have “drone wars.” Some will be military applications where the drones of one nation fight the drones of another nation. Some wars will be the drones of the security and police agencies of national governments fighting the drones of the drug cartels and terrorists. I suspect there will be many legal/courtroom drone wars as well. As the use of drones expands, there is a dearth of legislation and case law applicable to their safe and legal use. This post is to offer some of my thoughts on the subject.

Daniel 12:4 prophesies, “knowledge will be increased” at the time of the end (of this age), and the Hebrew word translated “increased” means an exponential increase. It is the same Hebrew word translated how the waters of Noah’s Flood “increased” on the earth in Genesis 7:17–obviously an exponential increase. A few decades ago, I think none of us would have had an inkling as to how far technology would advance. Technological leaps can can be a good thing or a bad thing.

The first link details some of the dangers of the expanded use of drones by private parties. It cites how drones with cameras could be a “peeping tom’s” tool for looking into females’ windows without subjects knowing they are being watched. Can you imagine what the paparazzi would do with spy drones getting pictures of celebrities at their parties, vacation beaches, on their yachts, in their bedroom windows, etc.? That link describes a case where a person operated a private camera drone to peer into the third-floor window of another person’s house. Was that person a peeping tom, a burglar “casing the joint” for objects to steal or what? This could be a common occurrence in the future if private parties can purchase drones without any legitimate need to own one. The case in point happened in liberal, politically correct Seattle. I can think of large swaths of the USA in the South, Appalachia, the prairie states, the Rocky Mountain states, Alaska, etc. where the outcome would have been much different. If someone had seen an unauthorized drone spying on their home as it peered through a third-story window, I think that drone would have quickly disappeared when it was hit by the blast of 12-gauge shotgun. After all, the drone is not a living thing so it has no personal rights. If it is trespassing, why couldn’t any homeowner legally shoot an unauthorized drone down?

The second link reports that film-making drones will soon be used by the movie-making industry. Think what those kinds of high-tech video drones could do in the hands of people or nations eager to spy on others. Of course, drones could have many useful applications. One would be to use them in urban warfare like what is now being fought in Kobani, the Kurdish city on the Turkish border being attacked by ISIL forces. If US Special Forces inserted clandestinely into the city used small video drones, they could locate ISIL troops and armored vehicles and call down air strikes with great precision. I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t already being done. In some future wars, I can foresee that small attack drones will sneak soundlessly upon enemy sentries and kill them with a bullet or explosive device. Defensive drones could also be hovering over sentries to defend them from the attacks of offensive drones. The use of drones could easily shut down the US-Mexican border to stop all illegal immigration quickly if only the US government wanted to enforce immigration laws. Spying applications for drones are almost limitless. This could also include corporate spying efforts. Think of how shoplifting could be ended by the use of drones. Department stores could deploy small, camera-equipped drones to monitor all shopping aisles within their stores to locate and apprehend any shoplifter caught trying to steal merchandise.

Indeed, where will drones be allowed and where will they be forbidden? The third link opens some interesting possibilities. The US National Park Service has banned drones from its supervised properties. The link notes this could place 84 million acres of US land off-limits to drones. My question: if one government agency can ban the use of drones in its jurisdiction, why can’t all other government agencies do the same? Indeed, why can’t private property owners ban drones from their airspace as well? If a federal government agency can ban the use of drones on its lands, surely state and local governments can ban their use as well. The 10th Amendment of the US Constitution reserves to the states all rights not specifically given to the federal government in the Constitution. Unless drones are being used in interstate commerce, it would seem each state would have the right to draft its own set of laws for drone usage and drone ownership. No doubt, different legislatures and city councils will take different views on drone ownership and usage. Legal battles will surely ensure. Since drones could be easily used for criminal purposes such as window-peeking, corporate spying, stalking, kidnapping efforts, burglary efforts, murders, spying on mates in divorce proceedings, etc., it is possible some jurisdictions will ban private ownership of drones unless a legitimate use can be demonstrated by a potential buyer (The US Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees gun ownership rights, but there is no drone-ownership right in the US Constitution).

The final link offers a humorous insight into the drone usage issue even as it makes a serious point. For ease of viewing, I included the cartoon re: drone use which i saw in a newspaper.

Revelation 13:16-18 prophesies the final “beast” system of global government on the earth will not only monitor but control financial transactions. If the beast system will have a “control freak” approach to financial transactions, it stands to reason they will want the same kind of control over all kinds of human activities. All kinds of specialized drones will be able to provide that capability. Civil rights advocates need to start drafting legislation and ordinances already to control the use of drones to limit them to legitimate usages only. Personally, I think that because it would be so easy to misuse a drone for criminal purposes, all citizens wanting to buy drones should have to be licensed to buy them and undergo criminal background checks as well. Governments should be limited by legislation and laws to control how public authorities use them as well to stop abuses via drone usage.

Welcome to the Brave New World that is gradually being imposed on the planet.

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  5. untitled







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Turkey and USA Can’t Make Decisions as Kurds Fight on in Kobani

October 20th, 2014

The courageous fight of the Kurds against ISIS in defending their city of Kobani against weeks of ISIL attacks continues to inspire many viewers around the world. It is amazing how determined they have been in fighting the ISIL terrorists with little or no help from the outside world. The USA has helped with tactical airstrikes, but so far the USA has done nothing to make any strategic efforts against ISIL. It is as if Obama can’t decide whether to really fight ISIL or not. In the first link, one geopolitical expert is cited as saying the surrounding “coalition” nations aren’t going to make any major effort against ISIL “until they see we [the USA] are in it to win.” The lack of any strategic air bombings of ISIL and the refusal to send any US “boots on the ground” so far are convincing many nations that the Obama administration is not in this fight to win it. Obama apparently still has no real strategy re: ISIL.

The Kurds have apparently decided that the fight at Kobani is their “Alamo” (a term Americans will understand), and their defense of Kobani is a “last stand” in which they are in a “true fight to the death” (second link). The Kurdish defenders are showing the same dogged determination displayed by the British when they held out alone vs. Hitler’s Nazi forces in the Battle of Britain. I think the Kurdish defenders have surprised everyone that they are still alive and defending the city! I think Turkey expected them to fall long ago, and the Obama administration likely did as well. The spirit and grit of the Kurdish defenders may have finally embarrassed the US into launching more air strikes against ISIL positions in/around Kobane, and there is a report that the USA has finally airdropped weapons and supplies to the Kurdish defenders via C-130 cargo planes (third link). I also saw this reported on cable-TV news. Some late reports are stating that the US has dropped anti-tank weaponry to the Kurdish defenders. If so, this is vitally needed by the Kurdish defenders and it is a long-overdue step. The obvious question is, of course, are the Kurdish defenders able to operate the anti-tank weapons right away or were there some US special forces or volunteer private contractors airdropped with the supplies who know how to immediately put those weapons to good use?

The role of Turkey looks ever more bizarre and suspicious. Their parliament voted long ago to join the coalition vs. ISIL, but they have done nothing but impede the fight against ISIL. Turkey has not allowed the USA to use its large NATO base at Incirlik, Turkey to fight ISIL, and Turkey has refused to send in its large military force to engage ISIL’s terrorists. The spectacle of Turkey’s tanks and armed forces just inertly watching the fighting in Kobani is sending a message to all the world that Turkey is a very unreliable ally, and that Turkey’s word is no good. Turkey was just up for a UN Security Council seat, but their nation was excluded from the seat (fourth link). Personally, I think Turkey’s apparent duplicity or cowardice in not fighting the ISIL forces arrayed right on their border was a big factor why the world refused to give Turkey a seat on the UN Security Council. In a classic example of horrible timing, the Turkish government did something so outlandish that one has to wonder how such a thing could have happened. After watching ISIL terrorists attack Kurdish defenders for weeks and doing nothing, Turkey’s air force finally launched some attack missions…against Kurdish forces (fifth link)! They did not attack the Kurdish defenders, but attacked Kurds in southeast Turkey where Kurdish PKK fighters have long been engaged with battles vs. Turkish national forces. Still, the spectacle of Turkey attacking Kurds anywhere when the world is waiting to see who will help the Kurds in Kobani is horribly ill timed on Turkey’s part. Turkey’s attacks on Kurds at a time when they are supposed to be helping Kurds fighting ISIL (as part of the “coalition,” remember?) has infuriated the Kurds and “marks the end of the peace process” between the Kurds and Turkey (fifth link). Turkey has really “blown it” in my view. Before the ISIL war broke out, Turkey was shipping Kurdish oil to world markets, Turkish companies were making oil deals with Kurdish firms and it appeared the Kurds and Turkey were headed toward a major rapprochement in which the PKK insurgency with Turkey would end. Turkey has killed that possibility, it seems.

ISIL still seems to be well financed, and it has long been reported that ISIL oil shipments are making it to world markets via Turkish intermediaries. The sixth link and seventh link report that ISIL oil is being sold or transported through Turkey to Syria, European nations and other global locations. The Syrian connection seems especially bizarre, but in the Mideast, bizarre things can and do occur. If European nations are secretly receiving ISIL oil shipments, they are being hypocrites to be sure, but are likely doing so to boost oil stocks before winter sets in and a Russian gas shut-off over the Ukrainian crisis could freeze them out. One of the final two links reports that ISIL is dumping oil on global markets at $40/barrel, which could explain why global oil prices have been plummeting when the wars in the oil-rich Mideast should be expected to boost oil prices.

The Mideast continues in bizarre and constantly changing states of ferment. One can get dizzy trying to figure out why the Obama administration isn’t doing anything except the bare minimum to engage ISIL and why Turkey has yet to do anything to prove itself faithful to what its parliament voted to do. Turkey has also been the location via which ISIL’s foreign fighters have been smuggled into Syria to join ISIL’s ranks. I cannot understand why Turkey is persisting in such a self-defeating policy of being ISIL’s passive partner instead of joining the war against ISIL. For weeks, the world has watched those rows of Turkish tanks doing nothing on the Turkish-Syrian border while Kurds valiantly fight the ISIL terrorists. I don’t think Turkey’s leaders realize how damaging the continuing scene of Turkish tanks refusing to engage ISIL forces attacking Kobani really is to the world’s nations. Turkey’s leaders don’t have to admit that Turkey is ISIL’s passive and silent partner. The scenes of Turkish tanks refusing for weeks to do combat with ISIL forces are shouting that message to the world.

Biblically, we are still watching the Mideast to see how the alignment of nations in that region will finally unfold in regards to the prophecy of Ezekiel 38:2-6 regarding the Gog-Magog alliance and the rival alliance led by the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel. We know Iran will be in the Gog-Magog alliance, but many other nations are not mentioned in that prophecy. It is possible, even likely, that Iraq will never be put back together as a nation and that there will finally be an independent Kurdistan. Turkey doesn’t want that outcome, but Turkey’s feckless actions may actually bring that to pass.

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USA Saving Old Nukes to Defend Vs. Asteroids

October 16th, 2014

The first link reports that the American government has decided not to destroy old nuclear warheads that were scheduled for deactivation. Instead, the link reports, the US government is saving them in the event that they are needed for “planetary defense against earthbound asteroids” that could threaten the earth and all that dwell on it. The link does not specifically state how many American nuclear warheads have been tasked to this mission.

In spite of the closing line in the first link (a clever reference to a movie made years ago about the earth almost being destroyed by an asteroid approaching earth), this is a serious subject as it is now widely-accepted that the dinosaur world that was annihilated by the impact of the space object that impacted in the Chixelub crater near/on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. The second link adds information about the search by NASA for Near Earth Objects (NEOs) that could pose a danger to our planet.

The first link assures us that there is nothing to worry about…”at least for the next hundred years or so.” And yet, the US government is now worried enough to dedicate old nuclear warheads to take out incoming space objects that are on an impact trajectory with our planet. Hmm. Could they know something they aren’t telling us yet about what they have found “out there” that is headed in our direction? I merely pose the question.

The Bible indicates they may have reason to worry. Revelation 8:8-11 prophesy that in the latter days just prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, a heavenly object described as a “great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea,” killing 1/3rd of all oceanic life and sinking 1/3rd of all ships. The Apostle John was given a prophetic vision of events in the latter days in the book of Revelation, and he had to describe what he saw with limited, low-tech ancient vocabulary words.  An approaching space object would, indeed, look just like a burning fiery mountain hurtling toward earth as it caught fire from the intense heat of traveling at a high velocity into the earth’s atmosphere. Verses 10-11 may describe a second event or an aftermath of the first impact. If this is truly a literal prophesied event instead of merely being metaphorical language for something else, the prophecy indicates the space object will hit in the ocean somewhere. Since most of the earth is ocean, the odds are in favor of such an impact. Can you imagine the tidal waves that would destroy global coastal regions if this becomes a literal event?

For new visitors to this blog who are unfamiliar with biblical arguments about a “latter day” period of time at the prophesied end of our age, please read my article, Are We living in the Biblical Latter Days? This article will give you a broad-based view of several prophesied mega-trends and specific geopolitical events which were prophesied to occur in the “latter days.” The biblical prophesies identifying the latter days have come true. Mankind ignores these fulfilled biblical prophecies to its own peril. These fulfilled biblical prophecies prove: (A) the existence of a very-real Creator God and (B) that the Bible is His Word and His Warning to mankind. Even the Bible prophesies most people will ignore these warnings…to their mortal danger.

My thanks to a friend for tipping me off to the first link.




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Is Iran about to Block Egypt’s Suez Canal?

October 15th, 2014

While the world’s attention is focused on the profoundly weak performance of President Obama’s “coalition” against the Islamic Jihadi ISIL army in Syria and Iraq, another major event is happening which could have huge ramifications for global oil markets, global trade and geopolitics.

A radical Islamic Shiite army has just seized control of a Red Sea port city in Yemen called Hodeida (see first link and second link). Yemen is located at the southern tip of the Red Sea and all traffic to and from Egypt’s Suez Canal goes through that region. The Shiite radicals seized control of the city from the American-aligned Yemeni government forces as the Yemeni troops and police “vanished from the streets” of Hodeida. The Shiite rebels, aligned with Iran, have looted weapons from government arsenals in the seized city and are overrunning entire provinces in Yemen. Is this sounding like a familiar story to you? The same thing happened in Iraq when ISIL seized Mosul as the Iraqi police and army vanished there also. ISIL also looted government weaponry supplied by the USA and has seized large swaths of provinces in Iraq. I wonder if the weaponry seized by the Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen’s port city were also American-supplied weapons, just like those ISIL seized in Mosul, Iraq?

The seizure of this Yemeni port city that can control access to the Red Sea (and thereby to and from the Suez Canal) is hugely important. From firing positions within Hodeida, the Iranian-backed rebels can fire short- and medium-range cruise missiles at any and all oil tankers and merchant vessels that attempt to travel between the Mideast/Asia and Europe. I wonder how long it will take Iran to supply them with such missiles. Do they already have them? Are they being unloaded from Iranian merchant ships or submarines at the city’s piers as you read this?

As noted in the links, this is terrible news for Saudi Arabia. It is also terrible news for Egypt, which badly needs transit fees from ships traversing the Suez Canal to support the Egyptian government. It is horrible news for the weak nations of Europe, whose oil supplies are now threatened as winter approaches. The risk of Iran controlling access to and from the Suez Canal via their Shiite rebel army clients in Yemen could seize up the global oil markets and many other global markets. Does it make sense to you that the price of oil has been plummeting even as the stability of oil supplies from the Mideast to Europe has never been under greater risk due to the possibility of a collapse of the Iraqi and Yemeni central governments? As a layman, I would assume the price should be shooting upward due to the increasing uncertainties about European nations receiving steady shipments of Mideast or Asian oil via the Suez Canal…as winter approaches.

There is one difference between the disastrous circumstances in Iraq and Yemen. The Iranians are backing the rebels in Yemen, but are backing the Shiite central government in Iraq. Iranian military units are reportedly already in Iraq, and (as cited in my previous post) an entire Iranian armored division has been deployed into Iraq to the northeast of Baghdad. The Iraqi government troops defending Baghdad may do better than they did in defending Mosul. It is possible that Iran has embedded elements of its Revolutionary Guards units within the Iraqi army units, not only to help them fight ISIL attackers, but also to shoot any Iraqi troops who attempt to flee.

The Mideast is nearing an explosion point. The fact that Iranian-backed Shiite forces have seized a port city that controls the southern approaches to the Suez Canal may force both Egypt and Saudi Arabia to openly invade Yemen to prop up what is left of its Sunni central government and take back control of the port city of Hodeida from the Iranian-backed military forces. Hmm. Another need for “boots on the ground” even as they are also needed to confront ISIL in Syria and Iraq. The USA’s army is worn out, thanks to the endless wars of presidents Bush and Obama. European nations scarcely have any armies. I guess the Mideast nations will have to fend for themselves.

Remember that just a few short weeks ago, Obama was citing Yemen as a success story for his administration that could apply to Iraq’s future (see third link)? What a joke! Now Obama’s statement has come back to bite him. Yemen is fast turning into another Obama foreign policy disaster. Is he going to blame the intelligence community for this failure too? The fourth link has a damning exposé from the British media about Obama’s negligence in conducting the office of president. It reports that Obama hasn’t bothered to attend (or read, I suppose) half his daily intelligence briefings provided to him by the US intelligence community–which struck back at Obama for blaming them when it was actually Obama himself who was at fault for American foreign policy disasters during his presidency. I suppose Obama had more important things to do than read vital intelligence briefings, such as planning his tee times at golf courses or setting up his next lavish, taxpayer-funded vacation/junket.

I ask a question: Can a president be impeached for incompetence and non-feasance of his duties? I think that he can be impeached for anything for which the US House wants to impeach him. The US Senate is currently controlled by the Democrats, but most observers opine the Republicans will control the US Senate after the November elections. The US Constitution sets a high bar for the Senate to agree with a House bill to impeach a president, but Obama’s performance in office is getting so bad that even the Democrats may not want him in office for the next two years as his disastrous policies could be a political death-knell for many Senate Democrats running in 2016 and for the Democratic presidential nominee in 2016. VP Biden may not look so bad to the Democrats as an interim president if the GOP wins big in November. Besides, Biden knows most of the Democratic senators very well–having served with them. I’m not making any predictions, but am rather thinking out loud about a surprising possibility.

Back to Yemen. The seizure of a strategic Red Sea port city by Iranian-backed military forces is surely causing Saudi and Egyptian military planners to devise contingency plans for an invasion of Yemen to take back control of the city of Hodeida. Even as the price of oil has been dropping on world markets, oil supplies to western nations are now under a dire threat. I wonder what Lloyds of London is now charging for insurance for the oil tankers who now have to pass under the guns or missiles of an Iranian-backed force at the southern approaches to the Suez Canal? The Iranian-backed Jihadis don’t need missiles to roil the oil markets and disrupt tanker traffic via the Suez Canal. Piracy is common near the horn of Africa, and many merchant ships in that region have been seized and their crews held for ransom. Iranian-supplied small boats could be used by Iran’s Shiite Yemeni forces to hijack an oil tanker in the Red Sea, sail it to the middle of the narrow, strategic Bab-al-Mandeb Straits where the Red Sea meets the Gulf of Aden and threaten to blow it up in the shipping channel unless Iran’s demands are met.

Did you read about the above danger in any other media outlet?

The Gog-Magog alliance of Russia, Iran and China (foretold in Ezekiel 38-39) is positioning itself to put severe pressure on the western world led by the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel. The Gog-Magog alliance is led by tough-minded leaders. The western alliance is led by an unskilled president of the USA who doesn’t even comprehend the need to show up for his daily intelligence briefings. If a crisis erupts, perhaps you can find him in a sand trap on the ninth hole of a local golf course. Thanks to Obama, the USA and the entire western world and its Mideast allies are in “sand traps” as well. The sand traps they are in are called the Arabian, Syrian and Iraqi deserts. In those hot spots, Obama has neither a caddy nor a clue.

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Obama’s Phony Coalition and Its Phony War Vs. ISIL

October 12th, 2014

Is anyone else out there as outraged as I am that the Kurds continue to fight with dogged determination vs. ISIL’s Jihadis while Obama’s anti-ISIL “coalition” continues to all but abandon them? The Kurds have been fighting to hold Kobane, a city in Syria that ISIL is attacking, even though they have received almost no help from Obama’s coalition vs. ISIL. The Kurds are the only meaningful “boots on the ground” vs. ISIL, but they have so far received no meaningful strategic help from anyone in Obama’s “coalition.” In spite of receiving no heavy weaponry to assist them, the Kurds in Kobane have held out for weeks vs. ISIL and have apparently halted the ISIL advance in that city, according to Fox News (first link). The Turkish parliament voted almost two weeks ago to join the “coalition” against ISIL (second link), but have so far yet to fire a single bullet at ISIL even though ISIL fighters are literally knocking on the Turkish border at Kobane.

I’m sure every reader has seen TV news stories showing the stark picture of rows of Turkish tanks parked uselessly on the Syrian-Turkish border at Kobane, refusing to engage the ISIL forces. They sit there inert even though ISIL Jihadis are killing the Kurdish fighters who are opposing them and Turkey’s parliament voted to have the Turkish military join the coalition vs. ISIL. The refusal of Turkish tanks to engage the ISIL enemy that is right in their gun sights projects to the world an image of the Turkish military being in a state of utter cowardice. I’m sure the Turkish military is not at all cowardly, so the order for them to act like cowards and back-stabbers has to come from the highest echelons of Turkey’s government. Why are Turkey’s politicians abandoning the Kurds, a fellow ally in the “coalition” vs. ISIL? I’ve read reports that seek to explain Turkey’s refusal to engage ISIL as a bargaining effort over a no-fly zone, or a desire to actually have Kobane fall to ISIL so an independent Kurdistan won’t stretch all the way into Syria at a later date. Whatever the reason, Turkey is covering itself with shame in the eyes of the entire world by having the Turkish military passively assist ISIL by refusing to engage ISIL’s Jihadis literally in the gun sights of Turkey’s tanks. Think what “aid and comfort” the Turks are giving to ISIL fighters who can see the Turkish tanks and also see the Turkish tank crews have no backbone (or orders) to engage them?

Turkey’s craven game is already costing them and could cost them far dearer in the future. The third link cites rising Kurdish anger over Turkey’s sell-out of the Kurdish fighters in Kobane. Violent protests have erupted in Kurdish regions of Turkey which have already killed 31 people, including at least three Turkish policemen. As one source in that link is cited, there is a danger of an “urban bloodbath (in Turkey)”…if Kobane falls. Large demonstrations have also taken place among Germany’s one million Kurds (fourth link), with one protest numbering 20,000 in Dusseldorf. I’m just a layman of course, but I think Turkey is making a mistake of historic proportions. They were close to having an amicable alliance with Kurdistan with Turkish oil pipeline companies set to make excellent money transporting oil from Kurdistan to world markets. This agreement would have ended the simmering PKK Kurdish attacks in Eastern Turkey. Both Turkey and Kurdistan could have benefited immensely from such an arrangement, and the historic Kurdish enmity vs. Turkey would have faded. Instead, by openly abandoning Kurdish fighters to death and very likely defeat in Kobane unless something is done quickly, Turkey risks having a civil war erupt within its borders and having its nation follow Libya, Iraq and Yemen into internal chaos.

So what is Obama’s “coalition” doing? So far none of them are sending any ground troops to fight ISIL, and ISIL will continue to be on the offensive until ground troops are sent. Airplanes can attack targets, but no airplane can hold territory. Only ground troops can do that. The only ground troops so far are the Kurdish Peshmerga, whom I deeply admire for their courage in fighting ISIL with only light weaponry. The USA promised to send heavy weaponry to the Kurds long ago and Germany promised heavy weapons would reach Kurdistan by the end of September. A reporter embedded with Kurdish forces said on a cable TV network that he has seen little or no American and German heavy weaponry yet. The Iraqi army has all but disintegrated, and it will be hard-pressed to hold Baghdad now that ISIL forces are within a few miles of Baghdad’s outskirts. Where will the Iraqi army flee to next? Basra? The Iraqi army would likely have turned tail and run already except for reports that Iran has sent some its forces to stiffen the spines of the Iraqi army. The fifth link reports that in late-August, an Iranian armored division entered Iraq and took up position northeast of Baghdad in case they are needed. That sounds impressive, but when you read the specifications of that division’s tanks and armored vehicles, they are obsolete and far inferior to the American-made ISIL tanks captured from Iraqi forces.

What have the air forces of the “coalition” vs. ISIL been doing? France had a couple warplanes drop some bombs but they haven’t been heard from since. I suppose they are too busy sipping Cabernet and munching cheese to care any longer. The British have flown a few symbolic strikes vs. ISIL in Iraq, but nothing that matters much. Apparently, they fly to their targets in Iraq from an airfield in Cyprus, which means they have to fly practically over Kobane on the way to less-pressing targets. The British air force seems far too afraid to attack ISIL targets attacking Kobane. Perhaps helping Kurds in Kobane interfered with their mandatory afternoon teatime break. Australia weeks ago sent a few airplanes to the Persian Gulf and a couple of them actually dropped a bomb or two I heard. Saudi, UAE and Jordanian warplanes flew a few missions early in the air war, but have rarely been heard from since. Has Germany helped? Forget it! The US Air Force has launched a drizzle of occasional and widely-scattered attacks vs. ISIL, but no strategic bombing of ISIL has yet been done under Field Marshal Obama. The US Air Force has not contributed meaningfully to the strategic defense of Kobane yet. This effectively gives ISIL a virtual free pass to continue their advance. I watch CNN, Fox News and Al Jazeera America in following the “war” vs. ISIL, and the American retired generals interviewed on those networks have been damning in their commentaries about Obama’s air campaign. I watched a retired General McInerney state that Obama’s sending five strikes to the Kobane region was almost useless, but 1,000 strikes would have gotten the job done. A General Jack Keane  (Retired) stated that “our level of effort in airstrikes is inadequate,” and the former Commandant of the US Marine Corps bluntly stated that the air attacks didn’t have a “snowball’s chance in hell” of succeeding (leave it to a Marine to tell the stark truth!). These men make sense. Has Obama purged all the fighting generals with backbones from the military? Are we left only with politically correct generals on active duty? My conclusion? Obama’s coalition is a farce and the “war against ISIL” is also a farce. When you read in the media that a coalition warplane attacked an ISIL “fighting position,” it may only have bombed four Jihadis firing AK-47s. Why didn’t it target ISIL’s tanks and artillery pieces?

The Kurds must be feeling rather abandoned by now by the US, by NATO, and by their fellow Sunni Muslim nations of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc. Have any of these “allies” sent so much as one artillery piece or tank to help the Kurds defend against ISIL attacks? The Kurds must be starting to look around for some new serious allies. An article in the Asia Times discusses this very likelihood (see sixth link). It examines the possibility of whether the Kurds would be better off allying themselves with either Iran or Israel vs. ISIL. The article indicates that the case for the Kurds embracing Iran is a stronger case than allying themselves with Israel. However, the article forgets one major possibility. If Israel were to openly acknowledge being a major nuclear military power and offer a “nuclear umbrella” over Kurdistan as an ally vs. ISIL and any other enemy, the Kurds might leap at the opportunity. Indeed, the Egyptians might also be part of that alliance as Egypt and Israel are de facto allies already. If Egypt joined that alliance, the Saudis and Jordanians would tag along too, I think. If these nations all allied together in a new Mideast alliance with an Israeli “nuclear umbrella” over all these nations, it would be a potent player on the world scene. The big losers would be the USA, Iran and Turkey.

I’m not predicting this will happen, but am simply raising this as a possibility. The Mideast is in a state of extreme flux right now, and new alliances could easily emerge as nations and clans try to position themselves for survival. The final alignment of nations will inevitably be harmonious with what is prophesied in Ezekiel 38, but the local details could get very messy. They already are.

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