Turkey Rejects Obama and US Dollar

July 24th, 2014

These two links [1, 2] both report the remarkable news that Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan will no longer even speak with US President Obama because Erdogan is so disgusted with Obama. The first link reports the nations’ Foreign Ministers are still on speaking terms and Erdogan will still talk with US Vice-President Biden, but Erdogan is giving Obama the cold shoulder. That a major NATO nation’s leader will not even talk to the president of the USA is hugely important, but it is barely even reported in the American establishment news. That Turkish PM Erdogan regards Biden as having enough credibility to converse with (but not Obama) speaks volumes about how deeply Obama has lost the respect of global leaders. This is very bad for the USA. If even a NATO head-of-state refuses to talk with Obama, things must really be bad all over the world in terms of US credibility under Obama.

The second link also reports something very important, both from a secular and biblical perspective. It states that “Turkey was quickly moving away from their reliance on the dollar as the global reserve currency (emphasis added).” My previous post was on the BRICS nations moving to create a new, multinational global bank that is not denominated in US dollars. The heads-of-state of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa personally gave their blessing to the effort–which was essentially a declaration of independence from the US dollar as the global reserve currency. The second link’s information that Turkey is also “quickly” moving in that same direction indicates that Turkey is already aligning itself with the BRICS effort to dump the US dollar as the global reserve currency, and it infers that many other nations are getting ready to join the growing effort  to dethrone the US dollar as the global reserve currency. If you have not read my previous post on this subject, I strongly urge you to do so.

This is a hugely important secular development as it means the reign of the US dollar in global finance is gradually coming to an end. However, it has clear biblical prophetic meaning as well. This accelerating movement to dump the US dollar as the global reserve currency is a major milestone on the way to the ultimate fulfillment of the prophecy in Revelation 17-18 that the latter-day global financial/monetary system would experience a massive collapse just before the arrival of the “beast” system on the world scene. I have done many posts regarding this impending event, but recent efforts by major nations to end the dollar’s supremacy firmly point to the nearing fulfillment of Revelation 17-18′s prophecy. Believers should take hope, because when this event takes place and the beast system emerges as the new global system, it means the return of Jesus Christ is quite near. Revelation 13:1-4 prophesy that the beast system will reign only 42 months after which Jesus Christ will return at the head of a heavenly army and end the beast system and impose a new millennial government on the earth (Revelation 19:11-20:4).

I’ll close with another comment on the prophecy in Revelation 17-18. In Revelation 18:10, it is prophesied that the collapse of the current system will come “in one hour.” In the approximately two millennia since that prophecy was given to the Apostle John by Jesus Christ, that verse must have seemed strictly metaphorical in meaning. However, in our interconnected, digital, global markets where major market shocks can have financial consequences which spread around the world in seconds, it is very possible that so many market dominoes could suddenly and unexpectedly crash so quickly that the entire system could collapse, literally, in one hour. There is firm secular support for such a scenario. No less a source than former US Secretary of the Treasury, John Paulson, said in 2008 that the global [US-dollar denominated] system of world banking came within “hours” of collapse. Turkey’s action to join the BRICS nations in avoiding the US dollar in world trade is hastening the fulfillment of the prophecy in Revelation 17-18. The world’s masses will be shocked when the prophecy is fulfilled in the future, but those who know their Bibles and who have been reading this blog should not be shocked at all. As always, I make no predictions about when this event will occur, but we are clearly seeing the groundwork for its fulfillment now openly occurring in world media reports. While I make no specific predictions about the timing of this prophecy’s fulfillment, I urge readers to review the information in my recent post about possible numerical significances combined with the “blood moons” of 2014-2015. There is a case that can be made that Revelation 17-18 will be fulfilled in 2015. Time will tell, but we can see the event is drawing closer to fulfillment.

Clearly, there is a Divine Hand guiding the affairs of nations.

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  2. http://www.examiner.com/article/u-s-ally-cuts-off-communications-with-obama-and-seeks-new-trade-outside-dollar

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BRICS Nations “Seceding” from USA’s Global Financial Hegemony

July 21st, 2014

While the world’s attention is is glued to two major stories: the shooting down of a Malaysian Airliner over the Ukrainian-Russian border region and the Israeli military action in Gaza, another developing story is getting virtually ignored in the world’s media. However, this other story may eventually have a global impact which will have far more influence on the nations in the future than either the downed Malaysian airliner or Israel’s incursion into Gaza. That development is the beginning of a new global BRICS Bank which will operate independently of the US Federal Reserve Board, Wall Street and the US dollar.

This new BRICS development bank is being founded by the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (these nations forming an acronym for the “BRICS” nations). The new development bank is being founded with the equivalent of $50 Billion dollars and another global BRICS-sponsored financial entity will begin with the equivalent of $100 billion dollars. The important thing to realize is that the USA, the Federal Reserve Bank, Wall Street, etc. have no power or oversight of these new global banking/finance entities. In essence, the BRICS nations are forming a financial bloc which will rival the US and other western banks, financial institutions and currencies. I saw on a cable-TV report on this event (either on the BBC or Al Jazeera America) that the BRICS nations represent 42% of the world’s population and 24% of global GNP. That is a very large percentage of the world’s people and GNP, and it is now effectively beginning to “secede” from the US-dominated global world of finance, banking and currency matters. The Washington Post (first link) used rather carefully worded reporting to describe this epochal event, but it did note that this move represented an action “…toward a developing country alternate to global development funding,” and that the current global financial system is “losing legitimacy.” In other words, the BRICS nations are saying that it is the US hegemony over global banking and finance that has been in existence since World War II which is “losing legitimacy.”

The second link (from ABC News) focuses on the likelihood that China will dominate this new BRICS bank and that its headquarters will be in Shanghai. It also discussed the possibility that this BRICS action will become a successor to the Bretton Woods agreement after World War II which set up US dollar dominance over the global economy. An Indian source calls the new BRICS Bank “a historic development” [I agree], and the second link also quotes the official Chinese media as stating that this BRICS action “ushers in a long-awaited alternative to the ‘Western-dominated institutes in global finance (emphasis added).’”

I expect more nations to join the BRICS nations as time passes. Given the fury in Germany over Chancellor Merkel’s cell phone being tapped by the NSA, the USA’s spying on Germany via double agents and the American refusal to sign “no-spy” agreements with Germany, Germany is a likely nation to join this BRICS bank in the future. Indeed, German citizens have already been demonstrating against the dominance of the US Federal Reserve Board in 100 German cities (third link)! Did you hear anything about that in the American media? Another nation which has a strong motive to join the “rebellion” against US financial dominance over the world is Saudi Arabia, which is very angry about Obama doing nothing while their ally, Mubarak, was removed from power in Egypt. The Saudis are also angry about Obama’s cozying-up to Iran. If these two nations join the BRICS bank and other international financial entities which may develop out of the BRICS bank (such as a independent gold and silver pricing-exchanges in Frankfurt and Shanghai, perhaps), there will be a total of seven major nations leading a revolt against US-dominated and US Fed-dominated global financial institutions. If oil exports get priced in a BRICS-sponsored set of regional world currencies instead of the US dollar, the US petrodollar market is kaput, which would have huge impacts all over the world.

Let’s speculate on something, from a biblical perspective. Revelation 17 prophesies that “seven head and ten horns” will lead a global revolt against the “Babylon the Great” system of global world finance and banking that will be in power in the latter days. These “seven heads and ten horns” will (according to Revelation 17-18) be successful in their revolt against the Babylon the Great system and will establish a new global financial system which will become the “beast” system–the last human global system to govern the earth before Jesus Christ Himself returns at the head of a heavenly army and replaces the beast system forever (Revelation 19:11-20:4). If two other major nations join the BRICS nations’ revolt against the current Babylon the Great system, we may have the “seven heads” of this prophecy take shape in modern geopolitics. I do not know if this will turn into the “seven heads” prophesied in Revelation 17, but we need to watch closely to see if this does develop.

This is a huge development in global finance, commerce and banking. It is the most open revolt against the USA, its financial institutions and its currency since the end of World War II. I’ve included the last link for readers’ information and review. It is written by a financial analyst who writes with “attitude” and uses terminology I wouldn’t use myself to get his points across. However, this link was emailed to me by a friend in a foreign nation, and it was via the last link that I learned about the German demonstrations against the US Federal Reserve Board. I had no idea they were occurring, so I did a web search and found out his report was accurate. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of all his information and predictions, but he does paint a picture of the depth of corruption that exists in the current global system of world banking and finance. Revelation 17-18 also paints a picture of the extreme corruption and collusion between the “kings of the earth” (national and government leaders) and the “merchants of the earth” (global multinational corporations) that will exist at the end of our age. Revelation 18:3-4 is very clear on this point.

Perhaps as history unfolds, the formation of a BRICS bank to become a new “world bank” outside the US dollar system and the dominance of US financial institutions will prove to be the modern financial equivalent of the firing on Fort Sumter which started the US Civil War in 1860. I think we should all regard this action as being targeted against the US dominance of the world of global finance. The global revolt against the US Fed, Wall Street, US banks and the US dollar has begun. For more background information providing context to understand this momentous development, please read my articles on The Babylonian Origin of the Modern Banking System, and Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a New Beast System? The first article will make it clear why the Bible calls the current global financial system “Babylon the Great.”

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ISIL Orders Mosul’s Christians to Convert to Islam or “Face Death”

July 19th, 2014

There are many media reports that ISIL, the radical Sunni Islamic army which has taken over much of eastern Syria and northern Iraq, has ordered all Christians remaining in Mosul, a major northern Iraqi city, to either convert to Islam, pay a special tax or face death. The first three links [1, 2, 3] present this information from somewhat different perspectives. I think it likely that most Christians in Mosul already fled to the Kurdish region in northern Iraq for sanctuary when ISIL first invaded and occupied Mosul. Reportedly, only 3,000 Christians remain in Mosul and those now fleeing the city are forced by ISIL to leave all possessions, homes and money behind for ISIL to seize.

Jesus Christ prophesied that believers in the latter days would face persecution and even martyrdom (Matthew 24:9). It is happening in many areas of the Muslim world. Notably, Christians in northern Nigeria are being attacked, killed and kidnapped by another radical Islamic group called Boko Haram. The Nigerian army seems ineffective in protecting its own citizens and other nations have not provided help to stop Boko Haram’s attacks the way they have done so in other African nations. It was Boko Haram that kidnapped over 200 girls and forced them to convert to Islam. The French have militarily intervened in a number of African nations, including a major operation in Mali, to successfully defeat and repulse radical Islamic groups.

Just because persecution of Christians hasn’t reached your back yard yet doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future. Even in the USA, Christians could face persecution in the future for even expressing their biblical beliefs on Christian topics. Thankfully, the USA’s Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and personal speech so Christians (and other groups) have special protections. Readers in other nations may face “hate crime” charges for simply expressing biblical teachings of modern lifestyle and social issues.

The ISIL group is becoming a threat to everyone in the Mideast region. They are waging war on and killing Shiites, moderate Sunnis, Christians, etc. ISIL has even threatened to attack Sunni-led Jordan and kill their king, as I noted in my recent post. ISIL is even now rumored to be capable of assembling a uranium “dirty bomb” to be used in a terrorist attack somewhere in the world (fourth link).

ISIL has declared itself to be a new Islamic “Caliphate.” My understanding is that a Caliph would claim to be the supreme leader of the Islamic world. Does this mean that ISIL will soon threaten to overthrow not only the Jordanian king, but the Saudi royal house and Turkey’s Prime Minister? Whoever founded and funded ISIL has created a Frankenstein monster. Even Islamic nations are not safe from ISIL’s lust for power and territory. The sooner the Islamic nations in the region realize this, the better!

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ISIL Updates; Jordan Calls American Approach “Foolish”

July 18th, 2014

Even as the Israeli-Hamas conflict is capturing media attention re: Mideast coverage, important developments are occurring in Syria, Iraq and Jordan that I believe readers of this blog should know.

The first link reports that Jordan views US policy re: the very radical Islamist ISIL as following a “foolish approach,” and Jordan is threatening to reconsider its alliances in order to protect itself and its borders. The first link also reports that ISIL has “threatened to invade Jordan and kill its king,” and that Jordan is considering air strikes against ISIL. The second link reports that an ISIL attack is expected soon against the Baghdad airport. If such an attack was successful, Iraq would effectively be cut off from other nations.

ISIL is attacking on many fronts. The third link reports ISIL has seized control of a major oil field in central Syria and the fifth link reports that a militant anti-ISIL Kurdish group, the PKK, has sent 1,000 fighters to the Kurdish region of Syria to fight ISIL attacks against Kurds in Syria. The fourth link affirms the extreme hatred which now permeates the Sunni-Shiite conflict that is spreading throughout the Mideast. Previous media reports indicated that ISIL, Sunni radicals, had executed up to 1,700 unarmed Shiite prisoners, but the fourth link reports that the Shiites which control Iraq’s central government  have executed 255 Sunni prisoners this last month in revenge. Given the depth of the Sunni-Shiite split, it seems evident that the Iraqi army has morphed from a national Iraqi army into a Shiite-only force. How could any Sunni fight for the Iraqi central government?

There is more in the fifth link than meets the eye. It states 1,000 PKK fighters traveled through Turkey to enter the Kurdish region of Syria to protect a Kurdish enclave there from ISIL. If true, this means the Kurdish-Turkish alliance has gotten much stronger. The PKK for years was a Kurdish group that carried out raids and terrorist attacks against the Turkish government and military. The PKK wanted a Kurdish homeland. However, now that a Kurdish homeland has effectively been formed in northern Iraq and it has friendly business relations with Turkey, the PKK has no motive to fight Turkey any longer. If Turkey really did allow 1,000 PKK Kurdish fighters to traverse its territory to protect a Kurdish enclave in Syria from ISIL, it speaks volumes about how deeply Kurdish-Turkish relations have been strengthened.

These developments are not receiving much attention in the national US TV media, but they will help shape the future of the Mideast. I admit that I am surprised at ISIL’s series of triumphs, given that they have no air force. I find it odd that many nations in the regions have strong air forces, but no one has used them yet against ISIL (other than a few desultory attacks by the Iraqi central government). Jordan is now threatening to use its air force vs. ISIL. Turkey and Saudi Arabia, both Sunni nations, have major air forces that could make short work of ISIL ground columns if they were sent on such a mission. It is revealing that they have not been attacked by any Sunni nation’s air force yet. However, ISIL is also Sunni (however extreme) and it is fighting the Shiites. ISIL has also been helped by former fighters from Saddam Hussein’s military forces, according to some media reports.

Odd developments are occurring in the Mideast that bear scrutiny to see how they unfold. It is clear that American influence is waning fast. It seems evident that Jordan is hinting that it will find more reliable allies than an Obama-led America. Jordan may turn openly to an alliance with the Israelis and others in the region. Jordan and ISIL are both Sunni, but Jordan is a moderate Moslem nation while ISIL is a radical Sunni entity. We may soon see Sunnis fighting Sunnis as well as Sunnis fighting Shiites.

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Egypt and Israel Nearing Natural Gas Deal

July 17th, 2014

It was a small item in the world media reports, but it was a report with huge future ramifications. The first link offers a brief report that Egypt has signed a preliminary agreement to begin importing Israeli natural gas. As a previous post noted, the Israelis have made a very large discovery of natural gas off their Mediterranean coast and the Israelis will become an energy exporter in future years. Egypt has a need for energy imports and having an energy supplier so close is very much in Egypt’s national interests.

The fact that this can occur at all is a testimony to how rapidly alliances and national relationships are shifting in the Mideast. As readers surely realize, the Egyptian army had to intervene to save Egypt from national chaos and disintegration by deposing a radical Muslim Brotherhood leader, Muhammad Morsi–who is still in custody. Radical Jihadis have reacted with anger and violence toward Egypt’s government, army and police forces. The second link documents a  fairly recent Jihadi attack against Egyptian troops and, with each such attack, the attitude of the Egyptian government against Islamic Jihadis and radicals hardens. There have also been reports that since the overthrow and outlawing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Egypt has worked closely with Israel to stop the smuggling of rockets, military supplies, etc. from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula into Gaza via an elaborate tunnel system. A previous post cited a report that the militaries of Israel and Egypt were working now working very closely together after Morsi was deposed.

As this post is being written [July 17, 2014], the Israeli military has begun a ground invasion of the Gaza strip in southern, northern and central regions. It was launched after Hamas rejected an Egyptian proposal for a cease-fire which the Israelis accepted (third link). Hamas also attempted a major terrorist act against Israel which was thwarted. Hamas reportedly sent 13 terrorists via a tunnel into Israel to massacre Israeli civilians, but the alert  IDF stopped their attack. It is also remarkable that Hamas is not receiving the reflexive verbal support that used to issue from Islamic nations in any such confrontation with Israel. The last link reports on the remarkable phenomenon of a muted Arab/Islamic response in other nations to the conflict between Hamas and Israel. After seeing the horrors that have been unleashed by the ISIL Islamic Jihadi army in Syria and Iraq and the disastrous reign of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, it seems evident that Arab Muslim nations now see Islamic Jihadi movements like Hamas as a far greater threat than Israel. The third link also raises the possibility that the Israeli military may stay in Gaza for some time to destroy Hamas’ network of tunnels used for storing and moving rockets and missiles around to launch sites to fire them at Israel. According to the third link, the Israelis “are taking over various areas of Gaza.” It seems Israel is determined to end the threat of Hamas rockets for good if it is possible to do so.

The energy deal between Egypt and Israel can only serve to link these nations together in a friendly relationship, if not an eventual alliance. It is the same economic dynamic that is uniting the Kurds and Turks, historic enemies who have found that they can make money together by transporting Kurdish oil via Turkish pipelines to European customers as the Kurds and Turks bypass the Shiite central government of Iraq in these energy deals. The Mideast map is being re-drawn as nations are forging new alliances and relationships as the USA withdraws from its historic position of global superpower. These reformed alliances will surely fall into place as God fulfills his prophecies about the alliances that will be in the eventual Gog-Magog war at the end of our age. The pivotal prophecy in Ezekiel 38:2-6 does not include any of the modern nations descended from Abraham (Israelites, Jews, Arabs, Turks, etc.) as being part of the Gog-Magog alliance and Egypt is not listed there either. Their omission from the rogue’s gallery of the nations prophesied to be in the Gog-Magog alliance is good news.

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  4. http://www.clarionproject.org/analysis/arab-world-holds-hamas-responsible-latest-conflict

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The Recently-Discovered Ancient Flying “Dragon”

July 15th, 2014

Recently, there have been several articles released in the media describing an ancient flying being of some kind with a monstrous 24-foot wingspan. Its remains were discovered in South Carolina in 1983 while workers were excavating for a new airport terminal building. It seems odd that we are getting news releases about this flying creature over two decades after it was found, but here is what has been reported (first link, second link).

It is characterized as a “bird” but opinions vary whether the winged creature was 20 or 24 feet in wingspan due to varying estimates about feather-length. It is called a bird, but the photographed remains of its head look far more like than of a dinosaur instead of a bird. Indeed, one reference refers to it as “more like a dragon” [than a bird], and it is also called “spectacularly weird.’”

With little or no hard evidence re: why this flying creature should be called a “bird” instead of a  “dragon” or dinosaur, it is not clear why the term “bird” is used at all. That may be an appropriate name, but the evidence isn’t provided. The purpose of this post isn’t to enter the scientific debate over the nuances of its remains, but rather to find a biblical context for its existence. Indeed, there are two biblical contexts for its existence.

As a careful reading of Genesis 1 confirms, the earth itself is far older than 6,000 years. The Creator God made the species now on the earth’s surface in a literal, six-day week followed by a Sabbath day of rest (Genesis 1) However, before God did any work at all in Creation Week, the Bible confirms that the earth was here already albeit in a darkened and flooded condition (Genesis 1:2) typical of what one would expect after a global extinction event of some kind. The earth was here before Creation Week, but covered by darkened oceans. I can recall evolutionary teachings in my childhood days where evolutionists scoffed at the Bible’s assertions that there had been more than one extinction-level event or near extinction-level events in planet’s earth’s history. As man’s fund of knowledge grew, it became clear the Bible was right– the earth had experienced extinction-level events (or nearly so). I discuss in great detail the pre-history of the earth during the pre-Adamic period in my article: Is the Earth 6000 Years Old? [When Lucifer Ruled the Earth]. This Luciferian world was destroyed by God when Lucifer and his rebellious angels were cast down to earth, their first estate (Jude 6). When Lucifer was first created, he was created as perfect, and what God makes perfect takes, in my opinion, eons to “go bad.” When Lucifer and his angels rebelled, they ascended “above the clouds” (Isaiah 14:14) as they lifted off from the earth’s surface to invade heaven. The reference to “clouds” on earth during the Luciferian world indicates there was a normal atmosphere with rainfall, evaporation, etc. My aforementioned article examines biblical evidence that the earth, as originally created, was a verdant place full of life. That was the dinosaur age and whether flying creatures at that time had scales, feathers, etc. is a matter unknown to us. If the remains of the flying creature are really as old as 25 million years ago, its origin would almost certainly be in the Luciferian world prior to Lucifer’s revolt and the subsequent war in heaven that wiped out physical life on the earth’s surface and left it in the flooded, darkened wreck we see in Genesis 1:2. How long it stayed in that condition we do not know, but Jude 13 indicates it may have lasted some time.

When God re-created life on earth during Creation Week, he created many animals, fish, birds and reptiles which were new at that time, but some have gone extinct over the millennia. The Bible does make two references to a “flying serpent” [reptile] that did co-exist on the earth millennia ago during mankind’s presence on earth (Isaiah 14:29, 30:6). The winged creature whose remains were found in 1983 has also been called a “dragon” in appearance (i.e. a serpent) in media reports, so it is not impossible that this creature may have been a specimen of the “winged serpent” referred to in the book of Isaiah. Some kind of “winged serpent” was still alive on earth circa 27 centuries ago. I’m always reluctant to accept evolutionists’ datings of fossils and creature remains as they make so many evolutionary-based assumptions in their theorized datings. Personally, I don’t trust radiocarbon dating any further back than the deluge in Noah’s time as the amount of carbon-14 deposited in the atmosphere was not a constant before and after that time due to the extreme tectonic activity on earth during the flood when the “foundations of the great deep opened up” (Genesis 7:11). Genesis 1:2′s description of a darkened earth is consistent with what would be the case if massive volcanic eruptions had spewed immense amounts of carbonized materials into the atmosphere.

In summation, I don’t know the time-era the remains of this great flying dragon or bird date to, but there are at least two biblical time periods into which it could have fit easily. Its discovery does not prove the theory of evolution at all.

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Comments on the Israeli-Hamas Conflict

July 11th, 2014

All readers are aware, I’m sure, of the dangerous and escalating conflict between the Hamas faction that controls Gaza and the Israelis. While the apparent incident which started the exchanges of military action between Gaza and Israel was the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teens by Islamic terrorists, There has been an on-going provocation by Hamas against Israel that goes back far longer than the tragic deaths of the three Israeli teens. As I heard an Israeli spokesman say on a cable-TV news interview, there have been approximately 8,000 rockets of various sizes fired at Israel by Hamas and other Islamic radicals in Hamas in recent years. That is a completely intolerable situation and any nation would have the right to wage war to stop such a prolonged attack against its people.

The first link has a variety of updates about the state of the conflict. As this is written, there are reports of 30,000-40,000 Israeli reservists being called up to military duty in an impending ground action into Gaza. Israeli armor is also being massed along the Gaza border. Israel has launched ground actions into Gaza before and they have had no lasting effect. That is why I think that if Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu gives the order to attack Gaza, Israeli forces will move aggressively to stop the rocket barrage for good. This is especially vital as Hamas is now firing longer-range missiles at Israeli cities such as Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Dimona, etc. Hamas’ firing missiles at Dimona is especially threatening, as that is where Israel’s nuclear reactor is located. Reportedly, Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile defense system has shot down up to 90% of the Hamas rockets, but all rocket firings require Israelis to head for bomb shelters so Israeli society is being partially paralyzed by these attacks.

The second link reports an ominous development that may indicate a wider war may occur. Rockets were fired at Israel from Lebanon, where Hezbollah is in charge. Israel responded with an artillery barrage. This report is somewhat personal for me as I stood along the northern defensive border-fence between the Israeli and Lebanese borders in the year 2000. I realize how close Israeli homes are to the border and I looked into Hezbollah-controlled territory and realized how close Hezbollah weaponry is to Israeli civilian areas. If Hezbollah enters the conflict to support Hamas by firing large volumes of rockets and missiles at Israel, a major war would, I think, be inevitable. Indeed, Israel may even decide to strike Iran if the war widens as Iran has supplied Hezbollah with its missiles and there are media reports that Iran is responsible for smuggling missiles into Hamas.

Now for some personal comments. The effort by Hamas and Hezbollah (and others) to extinguish the state of Israel will not succeed. The Bible records that the Creator God preordained that Judah (the Jews) would have a nation in the old Promised Land in the latter days of our age and that its territory would include the coastal Mediterranean shores and the city of Ashkelon (Zephaniah 2:1-7). When the British Mandate ended in 1948, the Jewish sector of old Palestine was located along the coastal Mediterranean shores connecting a portion of Galilee and the Negev desert region. Ashkelon was in the Jewish sector. Clearly, a Divine Hand had to be acting to so precisely fulfill the prophecy of Zephaniah 2 given perhaps 2600 years ago! Therefore, the Israelis have a Divine Right to their nation, and God further states he will intervene to defend and rescue them in a future age-ending apocalyptic war (Zechariah 12 and 14) when the Messiah comes. Anyone needing evidence that we are living in the biblically prophesied “latter days” is invited to read my article that addresses this subject.

I’ve watched cable TV coverage of the Israeli-Hamas conflict and there is a disproportionate coverage of the admittedly tragic suffering of the Palestinian citizens in Gaza from Israeli bombings. There are two reasons for that. One is the Israeli strikes are far more effective than the Hamas rockets and missiles (most of which are shot down by Israeli defense systems). The second is, I think, a pro-Palestinian bias in the news reporting. The BBC seems most pro-Hamas in my opinion. That seems apparent as BBC reporters freely move within Gaza wherever they want with Hamas permission and protection. This would not happen unless Hamas was reasonably sure the BBC would present mostly pro-Hamas coverage to the world.

Let us have a recollection of the regard for civilians during recent global wars. During the Blitz of London, the destruction of Coventry and damage to other British cities in World War II, did the Germans care about how many British civilians died? Of course not. They were trying to maximize those casualties. When the Germans bombed or shelled Russian cities, did they care about how many civilian casualties were inflicted? No. When Japan bombed and shelled Chinese cities in World War II, did they care how many Chinese civilians died? No! When the fortunes of war changed and Germany and Japan were bombed heavily by US and British bombers and shelled by advancing Russian troops marching through eastern Europe into Germany, did the allies care about how many Axis civilians died in their bombings and shellings? No! They were trying to maximize the number of civilian deaths in the bombing raids to break the spirit of the German and Japanese populations. Indeed, while the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki receive the most attention, the fire-bombing of Tokyo and the Dresden firestorm from allied bombing may have killed as many (or more) Japanese and German civilians than either of the nuclear bomb attacks. When the “ethnic-cleansing” wars occurred in the Balkans, did the combatants care about how many civilians got killed? No! They killed many thousands of civilians and sometimes it was done in mass execution-style killings. Do the warring sides in the current civil wars in Syria and Iraq care about how many civilians or unarmed people get killed? No! Many thousands of civilians have died and there are reports that both Sunnis and Shiites have both committed atrocities in execution-style killings of the other side. The ISIL Islamic radicals occupying parts of Syria and Iraq seem particularly willing to kill innocent and unarmed people.

Contrast these above policies of unrestricted warfare against civilians that the USA, the UK, Russia, Germany, Japan, Balkan nations and Islamic nations have practiced with Israeli policies. If Israel were to adopt the war-fighting policies of the above nations favoring unrestricted bombing and killing of civilians, the Israeli air force could simply bomb Gaza City to rubble, with no buildings left standing afterward. They could make it look like Berlin after World War II. The Great Powers and other nations would have no moral right to condemn such an attack as that is the tactic they used in their recent wars. However, Israel has been so careful to avoid needless civilian deaths that it sometimes telephones the houses or buildings in Gaza that will soon be struck by bombing attacks so civilians can vacate and save their lives. Amazing! Did the USA drop leaflets on Hiroshima or Nagasaki before dropping the first two nukes on those cities so civilians could get out? No. The USA wanted to inflict maximum civilian casualties to convince the war party in the Japanese government that the war had to end. That tactic worked.

Given the above, if the Israelis decide to go for a decisive and permanent military victory in Gaza (or Southern Lebanon if the conflict spreads) and there are high casualties, the nations of the world have no moral ground to object. The conflict could end right away if Hamas would permanently stop firing rockets at Israel. Then Israel would stop responding with air strikes. However, Hamas shows no sign yet of ending their rocket barrage of Israeli cities. Therefore, a ground war in Gaza appears to be drawing nearer.

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  2. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/07/11/lebanese-rockets-hit-israel-as-hostilities-escalate/

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Obama Administration Offends Germany and Bahrain

July 10th, 2014

A previous post addressed how the USA, under the Obama administration, has offended the nation of India and reviewed a list of other nations Obama has offended since taking office. Since that post, news reports have surfaced indicating Obama has offended Germany even more deeply than it was already offended and has also freshly offended the nation of Bahrain.

The first two links [1, 2] report that Obama’s administration has had a double agent within Germany’s foreign intelligence agency who was actually spying against Germany for the USA. The second link states the “..already troubled relationship [between Germany and the USA] was at risk of deteriorating to a new low.” That same link uses language that tries to soften the effect of this latest blow to the American-German relationship, but some of its language offers insights into how badly the ties between these nations are being strained.

It would be most odd for the USA to spy on Germany, a NATO ally, concerning any military matters, so my personal opinion is that the USA used this suspected spy to gather details about Germany’s financial/monetary plans for the future. Specifically, the USA (and the Federal Reserve Board and Wall Street) may want to know Germany’s intentions concerning reported plans being made around the world to have a major currency realignment in which the US dollar is the big loser. A recent post included a link in which Christine LeGarde, head of the IMF, acknowledged to an interviewer that such a realignment is coming. The arrested and suspected spy for the USA may have been an economic/monetary spy instead of one who had military purposes in mind. If the US has one double agent working inside Germany’s foreign intelligence agency, how many others might it have inside Germany’s government? I suppose if Germany wants an answer to that question, they could simply contact Edward Snowden in Russia. Maybe that information was on the top-secret NSA information files that Snowden took with him to Moscow.

The final two links [3, 4] detail how a top diplomat in the Obama administration offended the government of Bahrain so badly he was ordered to leave Bahrain. He offended the Sunni Bahrain government by meeting with one of the opposition Shiite leaders within Bahrain. As I’m sure readers realize, the Sunni-Shiite split within the Islamic nations is extremely serious and volatile at present with Iraq nearing an open Sunni vs. Shiite civil war. The Sunni Arab governments and tribes are aligned with Sunni Saudi Arabia while the Shiites are aligned with Shiite Iran. Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have been strong US allies in the past while Iran has been a US enemy–calling the USA “the Great Satan.” Given this very tense situation within the Islamic world, a top US diplomat should have been aware that it would have been most unwise for him to meet with a Shiite opposition leader within a Sunni-ruled US allied nation. Such a meeting infers the Obama administration favors the Shiites instead of the Sunnis. This meeting between a top US diplomat and an opposition Shiite leader generally aligned with Iran can only cause Bahrain’s Sunni government to wonder if Obama’s administration is giving “aid and comfort” to its potential internal enemies in the event a regional Sunni-Shiite war erupts.

One wonders if the USA will have any allies left by the time Obama leaves office. Obama and his administration officials have managed to offend so many of America’s allies. The Obama administration’s feckless treatment of America’s allies may have two biblical impacts. The first is that not all nations are mentioned in Ezekiel 38-39 in terms of where they will be aligned in the great age-ending Gog-Magog attack against the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel and its allies. Many major nations are mentioned in that prophecy, but some nations are not and the more bizarre American foreign policy becomes, the more likely it is to drive some nations into the arms of the alliance of Russia, China and Iran. The second impact could come earlier in our collective future. Revelation 17-18 prophesies that “seven heads and ten horns” will overthrow the global dominance of the “Babylon the Great” system–which I identify as the current global system dominated by the US dollar and the Federal Reserve Board in particular, and the global central-banking system and political leadership in general (see my article on why the modern banking system is called Babylon the Great in biblical prophecy). We do not know if the “seven heads and ten horns” are seven individual world leaders and ten major nations or seven major nations and ten subordinate ones or if such global entities as the IMF could be among this prophesied alliance that will overthrow the current world system and replace it with a new prophesied, global “beast” system. We also are not given the years in which these events will be fulfilled. I want readers to be mindful that the “seven heads and ten horns” are not the prophesied Gog-Magog alliance. The former will come into power just prior to the 42-month reign of the beast system (Revelation 13:1-6), while the latter will not make their prophesied attack until the very end of this age. I fully expect that the “seven heads and ten horns” will include major and important nations that the Obama administration and the US power structure are offending all over the world. There is no doubt in my mind that God is guiding events behind the scenes to bring into alignment the prophesied “seven heads and ten horns” who will act at a time of God’s choosing. The global impact of their action will be very dramatic and will affect all of us.

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Were You Being Manipulated by Facebook Too?

July 6th, 2014

Many readers are, no doubt, aware that Facebook has been caught in a major scandal where it was “running a psychology experiment on hundreds of thousands of people without their knowledge or consent” (first link). A magazine exposed the Facebook on-line experiment and there has been a torrent of understandable outrage. One Facebook user cited in a USA Today article (first link) is quoted as saying Facebook “…definitely overstepped the bounds there” and a second individual called the Facebook manipulations “Orwellian.” I would agree.

The first link reported that Facebook conducted an experiment on its users to see if they could be manipulated either negatively or positively by Facebook’s personnel. Facebook tried to apologize for their intrusive actions, but one has to wonder if any of their comments about their user manipulation program are true. Facebook says “nearly 700,000 users” were manipulated in this program. Can we believe this statement? Was it actually a far larger number? The public wouldn’t know. After Facebook’s secretive manipulation of its own users, their credibility isn’t very high right now re: whatever statements they release. Supposedly, this program was conducted for a single week in 2012. Do you believe that assertion?

One wonders in how many nations this Facebook manipulation program was used. The second link reports that the United Kingdom is investigating Facebook to see how many (or if) their citizens were manipulated by Facebook. French authorities are also reported to be “reviewing the matter.” It seems logical that both these nations have good cause to believe their citizens were also subjected to Facebook’s manipulation program or they wouldn’t be investigating the scandal. The second link also states that UK authorities revealed that Facebook was working with “two US universities” in conducting this mind-manipulation experiment. This fact indicates that this was no rogue operation by some out-of-control Facebook staffers. It was a highly organized and well-planned program that was, obviously, never expected to be revealed to the public. Given its level of coordination and high-level approvals, it seems very unlikely to me that this mind-manipulation experiment only lasted one week. It also begs the question of whether a US government agency was funding and coordinating the project. We all know about the massive NSA spying program targeting all citizens so such a government involvement would not be surprising.

Biblically, this kind of intrusiveness fits perfectly with the prophecy in Revelation 13:16-18 that the final global “beast” system will have the ability to both monitor and control global financial transactions. The fact that Revelation 13:15 also foretells that all will be required to “worship the beast” (this can be defined several ways) in this future system that will control the masses globally. The NSA spying programs, the Facebook mind-manipulation program, etc. all confirm that the technology is being put into place to fulfill the prophecy of Revelation 13 that the final beast system will have global people-control systems in place during its brief 42-month reign (Revelation 13:15).

One thing we know for sure. Big Brother is watching you in all kinds of ways, and on a scale that George Orwell couldn’t possibly imagine. Given the massive technological advances in recent decades, there is no need for a global Hitlerian “Gestapo” in black coats that comes out and knocks on doors to conduct searches to see what people are thinking, what associations they are in, who they know and interact with, etc. This is all easily discernible via electronic media monitoring of all people as they use their computers.

It is only one small step for global government agencies and private mega-corporations to go from mass monitoring of people to outright controlling people via electronic media without them even being aware they are being manipulated. The Facebook scandal confirms that at least one mega-corporation has already tried to move in the direction of manipulating people on-line without their knowledge. It is my personal view that this will not be the first on-line effort to manipulate people.

Do you use Facebook? I’m sure many readers of this blog are Facebook users. This begs the question: Were you being manipulated by Facebook too?

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  2. http://news.yahoo.com/uk-investigating-facebook-over-psych-experiment-140430442.html


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Obama Offends India

July 5th, 2014

In a story that barely got noticed among the issues the media has covered intensively, the Obama administration has managed to offend India’s new government almost as soon as it took office. The first link reports that the Obama administration’s NSA has been spying on the political party that India’s new Prime Minister heads. Obviously, this means India’s new Prime Minister Modi had to have had his emails, cell phones or activities spied upon by Obama’s NSA. India is understandably very upset and is demanding an explanation. The first link describes the USA’s spying on Modi and also indicates how important the defense trade business is between the two nations. Indeed, India and the USA were moving toward an alliance relationship due to shared threats from China, but the USA’s spying on Modi’s party is going to chill the relationship. This spying has been going on for some time, it would appear, as this revelation has come from documents released by Edward Snowden.

The second link reports on this breach as well, but it also has some interesting related links about India that the US press doesn’t cover. I found the story about India’s improving relations with Japan and Germany to be very interesting. India is looking for new allies, and so are Germany and Japan. Indeed, the article seems to indicate some tensions between Germany and Japan over who is India’s newest best friend. I think all nations are very troubled by the strange foreign policy decisions of the Obama administration and they are searching for alternative alliances. It is my view that many nations have come to the conclusion that the USA will not and cannot be a reliable partner as long as Obama is president.

The third link offers a “Pro-Con” set of columns about whether the USA should pursue closer ties with India under the Modi government. It is from a Midwest newspaper, and I was only aware of it as these columns appeared in my local newspaper as well. I think, given the mutual and growing threats from China, the USA and India need to pursue stronger ties, so count me firmly in the “pro” side of this debate, but I present it to you for your consideration. However, this set of two columns appeared before the story broke about Obama’s NSA spying on India’s leader via his political party.

Soon after taking office, Obama offended the British via a degrading and thoughtless gift to the visiting British Prime Minister. Then he offended the Egyptian army by throwing Mubarak under the bus and appearing to back the Muslim Brotherhood. Then Obama really offended Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu by his very demeaning comments about Netanyahu to former French leader Sarkhozy via an open mic that he didn’t know was live. He offended the Saudis by throwing Mubarak, a key Saudi ally, under the bus. Then he offended the German Chancellor Merkel when revelations broke Obama’s NSA was spying on Angela Merkel’s cell phone (based on media stories, former President Bush may have done so as well). Then Obama so infuriated Brazil’s Leader that she cancelled a state visit to Washington, DC and refused to meet Obama at all. Why? Because Obama’s NSA spied on Brazil’s leader as well. Now we learn Obama’s NSA was spying on the future Prime Minister of India. All these nation have the right to be upset at the US because of Obama’s wildly-intrusive spying efforts. You’ve got to hand it to Obama. When it comes to conducting US foreign policy, he is a one man “wrecking crew.”

These kinds of divisive actions could affect the alliances that are formed in the world, or at least the speed at which they form. Once the USA has a president who has an aptitude for foreign policy, many relationships with traditional allies may be speedily repaired due to shared mutual interests. Ultimately, the alliances will finalize along the lines prophesied by Ezekiel 38-39. The alliances are very close to being in their final prophesied status already.

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