Ebola Comes to the USA!

October 2nd, 2014

The story of the spread of the Ebola virus into the USA is spreading so fast it is possible that the story may have expanded by the time you read this post. As readers surely know, a man traveling from Liberia to the USA spread the Ebola virus into the USA. Amazingly, when he went to a hospital ER for treatment in Dallas, Texas and told them he had come from a nation in the Ebola hot-zone, they didn’t take his condition seriously and sent him home (to expose more people). It has been reported as I write that a second Texas person may now have Ebola, but it has not yet been confirmed (first link). The second link reports that a third possible US case of Ebola in the USA is suspected in Hawaii. Initially, the Liberian man who spread Ebola to the USA led to health authorities saying that perhaps a dozen people may have been exposed, then the number went to 20…and to 80 and to 100 the last time I saw a news program update. The ambulance drivers who transported the Ebola man are now in quarantine as is the ambulance itself. Other people the man exposed are now quarantined as well.

The presence of Ebola in the USA and the realization that airline passengers could be innocently and unsuspectingly exposed to Ebola has led to stock market fears about Ebola’s effects on the global economy. Airline stocks have, understandably, been hit hard as people may not decide to travel by air until there are strict Ebola prevention protocols in place (third link). As this fear emerged, an article appeared in the 10-2-14 USA Today that sought to minimize people’s fears about being exposed to Ebola on airliners (fourth link). However, the final paragraph in that article was hardly reassuring as it acknowledged the risk of getting Ebola on an airliner, however small right now, is real.

The lack of Ebola-prevention protocols in global travel is appalling. Why aren’t passengers from nations with Ebola outbreaks being quarantined for a set number of days to make sure they are Ebola-free before they are allowed to travel out of those nations? That is a “no brainer” as far as I’m concerned. If such protocols had been in place in Liberia, the infected man there would never have been allowed to get on a plane to Brussels in Europe and then to two other flights to Dallas as his Ebola symptoms would have been caught in time to stop him from traveling. It is possible that this one case of an infected Ebola passenger on an airliner may yet lead to all the passengers on all the flights he traveled on having to be checked for Ebola as well as everyone they had contact with in the last week or so. That total would quickly run into the thousands in many nations. I hope it doesn’t get that bad.

The fifth link highlights the disgust by some in the medical community that the Obama administration and US health authorities are still not taking adequate measures to stop the spread of Ebola. It features a doctor who dressed in a bio-hazard suit at the Atlanta airport to highlight the fact that Ebola security measures are not yet in place. An interview I just saw with health experts on Al Jazeera America a short time ago confirmed that not only the USA but the entire world community is not taking this threat seriously yet. They said the WHO was saying it was not responsible for setting up a global preventative program and that the UN Security Council may have to meet to create global security protocols to make sure there is a global response in place to stop the disease from spreading quickly among the nations via airline passengers and global commerce. Although I could not find the link to a story about it in a web search, I saw a TV interview on either CNN, Fox News or Al Jazeera America that confirmed how lax US authorities are about this growing crisis. It was an interview with a Miami doctor who was returning from one of the Ebola “hot zone” nations in Africa. She said she was expecting to be screened by health officials before she would be allowed to re-enter the USA, but was surprised to see that no screening program existed at all! She was allowed to walk right through the airport back into the USA without any checks or questions. That means lots of other travelers from the Ebola hot-zone nations have also walked right into the USA and many other nations around the world with no checks or questions.

Some experts are warning that the rate of transmission of Ebola within the hot-zone African nations is increasing steadily and that as many as a million deaths from Ebola could be possible by early 2015 if the continued rate of transmission growth occurs. Although the death rate in those nations grows steadily, some media articles have noted that health-monitoring systems are so inadequate or non-existent in those African nations that the actual Ebola death toll is surely much higher than reported. At some point the rate of transmission will grow exponentially if major protective responses are not implemented soon. If the Ebola plague really does get as bad as some health experts predict, it will obviously be spreading to many other nations. Indeed, at some point, residents of the infected hot-zone African nations may flee via the jungle into other nations without telling anyone to save their lives. They may already be doing so. I wonder how many of them are already infected.

Jesus Christ warned that “pestilences” will occur during the latter-day period of time that would immediately precede his Second Coming. Obviously, he did not mean the localized, routine level of pestilences that have occurred throughout human history. He had to mean pestilences (plagues) on a much wider scale than usual for them to be a meaningful sign. This Ebola plague could eventually kill millions…or more…in many nations. Health experts are warning about this danger, but the governments of the world are doing little or nothing meaningful yet to stop its spread. Let’s hope they start doing so soon. If they don’t, the number of deaths could become astronomical at some point, and global commerce will come to as screeching halt. Maybe you might want to call your elected representatives to put some pressure on them for their governments to start acting responsibly instead of sticking their head in the sand about this threat.

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New Scandal about to Hit Goldman Sachs and Wall Street?

September 30th, 2014

In what is a developing story at this moment, a lawyer hired (and later fired) by the US Federal Reserve Board secretly recorded 46 hours (!) of insider conversations among officials at the US Federal Reserve Board which are reported to reveal a very cozy and corrupt relationship between the US Federal Reserve Board and the mega-bank, Goldman Sachs. This scandal is just beginning to unfold, and we will have to wait to see if heads really do roll over the secretly taped revelations.

The first link and second link describe the information about the story as it was about to break. The third link and fourth link are from the main media as this scandal is now being reported to the American public…just before a major election I might add. The third link was from the September 29, 2014 USA Today, which includes a quote from Senator Elizabeth Warren that the lack of accountability at the Big Banks “…threatens our whole economy.” I share her opinion.

The fourth link details what it describes as a “severe conflict of interest between the NY Federal Reserve and Goldman Sachs.” It is well worth your reading! I must admit that I’m not the least bit surprised by this new revelation about cozy corruption between the US Fed and Goldman Sachs. I have written about this relationship in posts over the years, and Rolling Stone magazine has been doing in-depth exposes about this relationship for years. Indeed, they have covered this story in such depth that the last link offers readers a menu of their articles and research reports into the cozy Fed-Goldman Sachs relationship. Readers can click on the links at that last link and read as many as they want about what has been known for the last four years or so about this cozy relationship.

What is noteworthy about the latest revelation is that is involves 46 hours (!) of conversations documenting the cozy Fed-Goldman Sachs relationship which were recorded by an attorney working in an insider position at the Fed. The tapes will have the words actually spoken by Fed officials. The revelations ought to give more impetus to Congressional efforts to pass a bill which will do an in-depth audit of the Federal Reserve Board’s activities.

Revelation 17-18, as I’ve noted many times in previous posts, prophesy that the global monetary/financial system in the latter days will come crashing down at some point, to be replaced by the final “beast” system which will hold sway for a mere 42 months (Revelation 13:1-5) before being obliterated by Jesus Christ’s return (Revelation 19:11-20:4). There are lots of huge stresses building up in the global financial/monetary system and we do not know what “trigger” will be the event or revelation which precipitates the collapse of Babylon the Great’s current system. It is worth noting that Revelation 18:2-3 prophesy that the latter-day Babylon the Great system will feature an intensely-corrupt and cozy, interlocking system of mutual aggrandizement between the “kings of the earth” (the political leaders and their agencies) and the “merchants of the earth” (an amazingly-accurate prophetic description of today’s multinational and international mega-corporations which do business all over the earth). The Rolling Stone’s series of articles about the cozy relationship between the US Fed and Goldman Sachs and the just-beginning scandal about the 46 hours of secretly-taped conversations inside the Fed’s offices fit the description contained in Revelation 18:2-3 quite well, I believe.

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Egypt Slams Turkey for Supporting [ISIL] Terrorism [and Much More]

September 27th, 2014

Egypt has just harshly slammed Turkey for “supporting terrorists and seeking to provoke mayhem in the Middle East” after Turkey’s leader Erdogan, in a UN speech, attacked current Egypt’s government for overthrowing the Muslim Brotherhood’s regime in Egypt (first link). Erdogan’s speech is a classic case of “those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” Relations between Egypt and Turkey, two major Mideast Muslim nations, are deteriorating rapidly. The second link also examines the Egyptian-Turkish rift, but states that Turkey will now “provide the ‘necessary support’ to the [coalition] operation in a ‘military or logistical’ capacity to tackle the terror group [ISIL].” That would be a welcome development, but so far any meaningful support against ISIL by Turkey is just rhetoric as long as Turkey takes no actual military action vs ISIL and continues to deny the USA permission to use the major US Incirlik base in Turkey in air operations vs. ISIL.

The third link, though a month old from the WorldTribune.com website, provides some very unreported information about the rise of ISIL and the bizarre effect it is having on Mideast alliances and politics. It asserts that ISIL originally rose to power as an anti-Assad regime entity supported by Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the USA [Yes, the USA!] designed to “isolate Iran” which later spun out of control and became the ghoulish terrorist entity we know today. It further asserts that the rise of ISIL has “set Iran irrevocably at the throat of Turkey”, and discusses “Turkey’s key role in bringing the ‘caliphate’ into being, and sustaining it now.” It adds that Turkey has turned a blind eye to the torrent of foreign fighters which have passed through Turkey to join ISIL and that Turkey is facilitating ISIL’s oil revenues. It includes the following statement which will sound jarring to American ears: “But the US White House [Obama], so long complicit with Turkey in funding the jihadists in Syria, and so dependent on Qatar for US Persian Gulf basing, and supportive generally of the Turkish approach to the Muslim Brothers, finds it difficult to challenge a Turkish government which is increasingly visible in its anti-US policies.” Any past US-Turkish support for Syrian rebels, including the ISIL group, could have a Benghazi connection that no one in the Obama administration wants to see the light of day.

It was widely alleged that in the aftermath of the US-NATO bombing of Libya which led to the destruction of the Libyan nation, the American CIA routed many Libyan weapons to the Syrian rebels via Turkey. The fourth link has a very in-depth examination of the roles played by the USA, the American CIA, Turkey, Qatar, the British MI6 agency, etc. in facilitating the rise of ISIL. It asserts that CNN [and] “the Wall Street Journal, the British Telegraph and sources confirm that the US consulate in Benghazi was mainly being used for a secret CIA mission (emphasis not added),” and that “the State Department [then run by Hilary Clinton] presence in Benghazi ‘provided diplomatic cover’ for the previously-hidden CIA mission.” I’m sure the Obama administration, Hilary Clinton’s thinly disguised campaign for the White House and the Democratic Party in the USA does not want this information made available to American voters before the November elections or the 2016 presidential campaign. The fourth link contains some stunning revelations, and I urge all readers to read it carefully. If it is true, it explains why Obama is withholding justified criticism of Turkey and why Obama is so half-hearted about actually fighting ISIL in a way that will defeat it.

The final link adds more information about the role of Turkey in the rise of ISIL. It states that Turkey vigorously supported the Syrian rebels fighting Assad’s Syrian government, but then had trouble extricating itself from the situation after the rise of ISIL. It also provides details about an alleged “Deep State” [a second governing network] within Turkey that operates apart from or overlapping with the Turkish central government. It also cites a report that “About 10% [of ISIL fighters] are Turkish citizens.”

The Mideast is spiraling out of control. Turkey and Egypt are at each other’s throats. Turkey and Iran are at loggerheads. The Sunnis and Shiites are edging closer to a conflagration. ISIL has created a terrorist state inside Iraq and Syria which is giving a whole new definition to evil with its be-headings, crucifixions, forced conversions, mass executions of men, kidnapping of women for sex slaves, etc. I watched a BBC TV segment this week aired on America’s PBS network which interviewed a woman who had escaped from the sex trafficking practices of ISIL. She said ISIL men forced captured women to remove their headscarves so the ISIL men could select who they wanted and some women were dragged off by their hair. No wonder hundreds of thousands of refugees are fleeing to Kurdistan or Turkey or anywhere to escape ISIL.

I think it is seriously time for the world to join together to put more warplanes in the sky and boots on the ground to stop this army of madmen. I also think it is long past time that Kurdistan was made independent of Iraq. A smart US president would, I believe, recognize an independent Kurdistan, make a treaty with it and build a giant US air base in Irbil to replace the US base in Incirlik. When the Irbil base it ready, the Incirlik base could be shut down. What good is having a US base in Turkey if Turkey prevents the US from using the base when it is sorely needed? At least those are my thoughts.

There is so much more, but this is enough for one post.

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Israelis Take Delivery of New Submarine from Germany

September 25th, 2014

Israel is taking delivery of its fourth state-of-the-art German-made submarine (first link). The Dolphin-class submarines are gradually entering service in the Israeli navy and the fifth such submarine is due to be delivered by the Germans to Israel in 2015. The new submarine features systems and weapons upgrades not installed in the first three submarines. It is widely believed that the Israeli submarines are capable of firing cruise missiles as well as performing many types of tactical missions.

The second link offers details about the capabilities of these Israeli submarines, and includes several pieces of very interesting information. It includes an item that I thought was of special interest. It includes commentary that the Israelis tested a nuclear-capable cruise missile off the coast of Sri Lanka years ago, and it opines that the Israelis may have done so in cooperation with the Indian military.  It also reports that the Israeli submarines already in service have performed many operational missions and have been deployed “thousands of kilometers from Israel.” Israeli submarines have traversed the Suez Canal at times, as noted in a previous post. With Egypt and the Israelis cooperating closely again, it is likely that Israeli submarines enter the Red Sea via the Suez Canal and take up positions in the Arabian Sea where they can hit Iranian targets with cruise missiles and interdict Iranian shipping if either mission becomes necessary.

As the entire Mideast increasingly turns to chaos with wars raging in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and with Libya having disintegrated into warring factions, Israel obviously has a need to continue strengthening its military and security capabilities. Zechariah 14 prophesies the Israelis will be involved in a great war as this age comes to an end. However, Zechariah 14 also prophesies that Israel will be saved via Divine intervention. Zechariah 12 also prophesies that God guarantees the survival of the Jewish nation in the Mideast (called “Judah” in biblical terminology).

Genesis 49:8-10 contains a special prophecy for “Judah” in the latter days of this age (Genesis 49:1). Genesis 49:9 characterizes Judah as a “lion’s whelp” in the latter days and like a lion that takes prey. This terminology fits the Israelis perfectly.  A “lion’s whelp” is a lion cub or young lion, meaning the latter-day nation of Judah will be a young and small nation in the latter days–which it is. However, its characterization as a lion that takes prey means it will be powerful and strong despite its small size and its being a young nation. Those who desire a more in-depth examination of the link between the Israelis/Jews and the biblical term “Judah” can read my article, Four Reasons the Jews are Judah.

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Rebuffed by Obama, the Ukraine Allies with Poland and Lithuania

September 24th, 2014

A very interesting development has occurred in the eastern NATO region. After President Obama rebuffed an appeal by the Ukraine for weapons to defend itself against Russia (first link), the Ukraine quickly took an alternative course of action. The Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania announced the formation of their own military quick reaction force to be composed mostly of Poles (second link). It will have between 4,000 and 4,600 troops, and this is a different quick reaction force than the one planned by NATO. This new force may conduct training exercises as soon as next year, so these three nations are in a hurry to get started. This force will be headquartered in Poland and could form the nucleus of a larger NATO force in time. This development happened so quickly that it appears the Ukraine was pursuing this option even as it was also seeking direct help from the USA–which Obama refused to give.

I find it very interesting that two NATO nations would form their own military alliance with the Ukraine even though the larger NATO group did not do so yet. Many Americans, who are taught very little history in public schools, may not realize it, but this alliance makes historical as well as current sense. How many realize that World War I was scarcely over before the new nation of Poland had to defend its independence in a war with Bolshevist Russia from 1919-1920? I’ve included a history of that forgotten but important war in the third link. The best article I’ve seen on this war was in the June 2010 issue of Military History magazine. It was under their “Intelligence” column and was authored by Arnold Blumberg. I wanted to include it in this post, but I could not find it available in a web search. It is interesting that France sent military advisers to help Poland, and that group included the then-Captain Charles de Gaulle.

The Military Heritage article states that the war “became inevitable in January 1919 after the Red Army seized Byelorussia and Lithuania, areas granted to Poland after World War I.” The war began with Poland capturing Lithuania, Byelorussia and Latvia then advancing their armies to Kiev in the Ukraine. Then, a powerful Russian counterattack drove the Poles all the way back to Warsaw and it looked like the Polish nation would be stillborn. However, with the help of superb code-breakers, the Poles went back on the counteroffensive and captured 66,000 Russian prisoners as they drove the Russians back as far eastward as Minsk in the central part of the modern nation of Belarus. The article in Military History had a tidbit of history I’d never heard of before: that Polish code-breakers were responsible for breaking the German Enigma code in 1932, which later helped the Allies win World War II.

During the Cold War, Lithuania and Poland yearned for freedom from Soviet domination. It came after the Soviet Union collapsed and the former Eastern European nations of the Warsaw Pact joined NATO. These nations have no desire to ever again be conquered by Russia. The historic connection between Lithuania, the Ukraine and Poland also goes back centuries prior to World War I when Poland was a stronger nation and wielded much influence in Eastern Europe. The Poles are determined to bolster their national defense abilities now that Russia had again become aggressive. The fourth link reports that Poland is buying 40 medium-range cruise missiles that can hit Russian targets from Polish airspace, and they are also upgrading their F-16s. It also reports that, unlike the Obama administration, Poland is willing to sell military weapons to the Ukraine. [My thanks to a friend for sending me the fourth link which came as I was drafting this post.]

The final link shows that the Poles are also working on developing their own new weaponry. It details that Poland is developing a new high-tech “stealth” tank of their own design that will be ready in a few years. Far away from the attention of Americans and the media, these nations are preparing to stand together to defend themselves against Russia.

The prophecy in Ezekiel 38-39 indicates that they will need all those preparations when the Russians, Chinese, Iranians and their allies launch a surprise attack against the western world and its allies in a final, age-ending World War III. For a detailed examination of the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy, please read my article, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III. You will see that a biblical prophecy, written over 2500 years ago, has been fulfilled with stunning accuracy in today’s modern alliances–a fact ignored by the world. This could only occur if a Creator God authored the original prophecy and is guiding world affairs today to full his ancient prophecies just as he penned them–an ability God proclaims for himself in Isaiah 41:21-26. God also declares that one cannot understand the future unless you understand past history, a conclusion with which I heartily agree.

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USA and Four Arab Nations Bomb ISIL Targets in Syria

September 23rd, 2014

As I’m sure everyone knows, the USA and four Arab nations have launched airstrikes at both ISIL and Al Qaeda-affiliated targets inside Syria. There have been so many media reports that I have only included one report which is just hours old as of the writing of this post. When I went to bed last night, the media reports made these attacks sound like a true strategic, mass bombing raid had been executed. This morning it is clear that is not what happened. Apparently only 22 airstrikes were carried out and that total may include the cruise missiles which were fired from two US Navy ships. That is hardly “shock and awe.”

However, there is good news in this attack, and it needs to be acknowledged. This first piece of good news is that President Obama crossed the Syrian border to hit ISIL in that nation. This sends a message to ISIL that it has no safe haven, and it was a valuable message to send. Also, the US warplanes were accompanied by the warplanes of four Arab nations (Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan and Bahrain). Qatar is cited as being part of this coalition, but its contribution is unclear. Obtaining the participation of these four Sunni Arab nations was vital to make this raid geopolitically effective. If only 22 airstrikes were made, one does wonder how many bombing missions were actually carried out by warplanes from each of the Arab nations. Even if it was only one mission each, their participation has enormous symbolic meaning. It seems evident that these nations will continue to be part of future bombing raids, but the extent of their future participation is not yet known.

I saw on a cable news program that ISIL is making perhaps $5 million a day via selling oil from Syrian oil wells and refineries. Obviously, the air war won’t do serious damage to ISIL until the USA and its allies end the oil revenues flowing to ISIL. Did any of the air raids hit tanker trucks hauling ISIL oil exports to Turkey? Are there facilities we can bomb to end ISIL’s flow of money? It can’t be that hard to hit oil facilities and/or pipelines that ISIL is using. Does the USA have the will to do it is the real question. Turkey seems to be the oil expediter for ISIL as well as a willing transit point for foreign fighters coming to join ISIL or other terrorist groups. Turkey’s role so far is more than disappointing. They have also refused to allow US warplanes to attack ISIL from nearby Turkish airports. Now that Turkey’s hostages previously held by ISIL have been freed, it is time for Turkey to act like an ally of the good guys instead of the bad guys in the region.

In the link below, it is mentioned that ISIL’s “headquarters” locations were part of the targets of this raid. That makes me think that at least some of the missions were intended to kill the leadership of ISIL. Whether they were successful in taking out ISIL’s leadership or not remains to be seen.

I will confess that a few days ago I thought that it was more likely that Sunni Arab nations would join the USA in an attack vs. ISIL. My reason was seeing on a cable TV news program that the self-proclaimed, Islamic “caliph” of ISIL demanded that the leaders of all Islamic nations regard him as their superior. Talk about egomania! I was quite sure the crowned and elected heads-of-state of all Islamic states had no desire to allow ISIL’s “caliph” to make such claims against their statuses. When the “caliph” of ISIL declared himself above all other Islamic heads-of-state, I was fairly sure that those heads-of-state would take action to get rid of ISIL’s “caliph” before his appeal spread any further.

In conclusion, I was heartened to see that this initial raid inside Syria occurred, but I’m still waiting for a serious strategic bombing strike vs. ISIL to occur. I think many nations are waiting to see if the USA’s determination to take out ISIL is real or not yet. Pinprick strikes which don’t even take out ISIL’s oil-shipping abilities will not demonstrate an all-out commitment by the USA to actually defeat ISIL. I think many nations are waiting to see some real “shock and awe” before joining any military alliance vs. ISIL. I also saw an interview with former Ambassador John Bolton on Fox News in which he raised a concern that Obama’s decision to do at least a few air strikes vs. ISIL in Syria was prompted more by the Democrats’ need to “make something happen” before the US mid-term elections than any desire to really defeat ISIL.

Prophetically, the fact that four or five Sunni Arab nations joined this US bombing raid does have meaning. As I’ve noted in previous posts, “Ishmael” (the modern Arabs) are not mentioned as being part of the final Gog-Magog coalition that will be led by Russia, China and Iran. That indicates they will ultimately be aligned with the western nations led by the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel in the end of this age. If that terminology sounds jarring to new readers, I suggest you read my article, The USA in Biblical Prophecy, as a good starting point for understanding the history and locations of the modern ten tribes of Israel. Many free articles and audio messages are also available at my website explaining this topic. The most in-depth examination of this topic is found in my books on the history and modern locations of the ten tribes of Israel. Four in-print books and one E-book on this subject can be ordered via my website.


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US House Votes for “Top-to-bottom” Audit of US Fed

September 21st, 2014

The US House of Representatives voted a few days ago to have a federal investigative agency conduct a “top-to-bottom” audit of the US Federal Reserve Board (see first link). The vote passed with many Democrats joining Republicans to vote for the bill. The bill is expected to die a quiet death in the US Senate, where it seems to me that Sen. Harry Reid makes sure that any legislation that makes sense doesn’t even get a vote. There are more perspectives on the bill in the second link and third link.

However, the overwhelming vote in the House, with many Democrats supporting it, may cause some Democrats, especially those in troubled re-election campaigns, to vote for the audit bill if they are given a chance to do so. If the Senate switches to GOP domination after the November elections in the USA, such bills will finally come up for votes in the US Senate. Many bills, now blocked by Sen. Reid, could be passed and then sent to the White House to face a possible veto by President Obama. It is worth noting though that the US House already passed the “audit the Fed” bill by a more than 2/3rds majority, which is a veto-proof majority.

The Federal Reserve Board and all its affiliated Big Banking institutions are likely terrified at the thought of such an audit occurring. The Fed has made many statements and reports to the public, but no one has ever audited the Fed to know if it is telling the truth on any of its statements or its action. Such a audit is badly needed. If the US Senate goes Republican and this bill passes the Congress and goes to the White House, there will be tremendous pressure on both sides of the issue on President Obama. If such an audit took place, it could shake the very foundations of the entire US banking and lending industries. Its effects would ripple through the world economy because the US dollar is still the global reserve currency.

We know from the prophecy in Revelation 17-18 that the current global banking/monetary/commercial system will collapse at some point in the latter day sequence of events and be replaced by the final “beast” system. I have written many posts on the possible triggers that could cause this prophecy to be fulfilled. An audit of the Fed which revealed widespread corruption and manipulations of global financial and commodity markets is one more possible trigger for a collapse of confidence in the US Fed and the US dollar that could cause a sudden end to the US dollar’s role as the global reserve currency and the elimination of the US Federal Reserve Board altogether.

If such an audit bill ever becomes law in the USA, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a sudden demand for shredders in all Federal Reserve Board offices and that many of its emails would “disappear” in the same fashion that the emails of US IRS official, Lois Lerner, also mysteriously “disappeared.”

For an in-depth historical view of why the modern global system of global banking and commerce is called “Babylon the Great” in biblical prophecy, please read my article, The Babylonian Origin of the Modern Banking System. I think you will find it eye-opening and that it will provide you with information about the origins of the banking system that you will never read in any economics textbook.

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Poll: “Obama Worst President Since World War II”

September 21st, 2014
Many readers may not have noticed a poll that was released in early July, 2014, but which received minimal publicity or discussion among the “talking heads” on TV news programs. The poll revealed that Americans believed that Barack Obama is the worst president of the USA since World War II. I thought I’d pass this information on to those domestic and foreign readers of this blog that may not have read about this poll. It is discussed and examined in the two links below.It is worth noting that this poll was conducted before the ISIL/ISIS and Ukrainian crisis became greater international events and front-page news. Obama hasn’t exactly distinguished himself in either crisis. If the poll was repeated today, I suspect even more Americans would regard him as the worst president since World War II.

For those wondering about my views, I would vote that Obama was the worst American president since World War II. My choice for second-worst president would be Jimmy Carter. My vote for the best president since World War II would be Ronald Regan, the first-place choice of most Americans. Personally, I do not think Harry Truman gets enough credit for his job as president. It took immense courage and sense of responsibility to drop the atomic bombs that ended World War II. He had to be willing to make a terribly hard choice: take the lives of over a hundred thousand Japanese in the two bombings or conduct a conventional invasion of Japan which would have cost millions of lives, with even greater casualties for both the Japanese and American sides. I think he deserves a higher ranking.

  1. http://www.usatoday.com/story/theoval/2014/07/02/obama-george-w-bush-quinnipiac-poll-reagan-clinton/11985837/
  2. http://www.politico.com/story/2014/07/poll-obama-worst-president-since-wwii-108507.html

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Ebola: A Biblical “Pestilence?”

September 18th, 2014

All readers are, no doubt, aware of the very serious Ebola plague that is spreading throughout Western Africa. Three nations, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, are the most very affected and a fourth, Nigeria, is somewhat affected.  Senegal is also now reporting a case of Ebola (first link). The third link and fourth link detail the anti-Ebola effort announced by President Obama which includes sending 3,000 military troops to the affected nations. Obviously, these 3,000 military members are almost surely not trained in Ebola-specific medical protocols. If they contract the disease and bring it back with them to the USA, the disease could spread quickly through the USA. Also obviously, these 3,000 troops and any other assigned personnel coming back to the USA from West African nations affected by Ebola will need to be quarantined before re-entering the USA to protect the America general population from an outbreak. While not mentioned in the links, the 3,000 American troops may also have to provide security services at airports, rail stations, bus stations, seaports, etc. to make sure that no one leaves or enters certain nations without permission. As evidence of this possibility, the nation of Sierra Leone is going to impose a three-day shut-down of the nation to try and stop the spread of Ebola (second link).

The third and fourth links paint a very grim picture of how bad the Ebola plague has become and how fast it is spreading. The fourth link cites President Obama as stating that the world faces an “unprecedented and out-of-control Ebola epidemic in West Africa, ” and that “It’s spiraling out of control. It is getting worse. It’s spreading faster and exponentially (emphasis added).” The same link reports that “infections are doubling about every three weeks” and that it could spread to other continents and even “mutate to become airborne.” If it becomes airborne, entire cities and nations will have to be quarantined and some may depopulate. The world seems slow to grasp the danger presented to it by this Ebola outbreak. This will not be stopped by the US acting alone.  Any carrier of the disease could bring it to any other continent, business center or tourist mecca in the world very quickly.

The final link reports just how widespread this Ebola outbreak could become. It warns that unless the outbreak is stopped and contained, “In nine months down the road, we are looking at hundreds of thousands, not just in cases, but deaths (emphasis added).” If the outbreak does reach such a pandemic proportion, in it highly likely that it will present on all continents, not just confined to Africa. According to the last link, there are now approximately 5000 confirmed cases and the mortality rate seems to be running around 50% of all those infected. Paradoxically, it sounds like good news that the mortality rate for this Ebola outbreak is “only” 50% (previous outbreaks have been as high as 90+%). However, previous Ebola outbreaks have “burned themselves out” because they kill their hosts so quickly and thoroughly that it runs out of new people to infect. With a mortality rate of only 50%, it means this Ebola variant has hosts that can go on living and infecting new people for a considerable length of time.

This Ebola outbreak could damage the entire global economy if it is not forcibly contained to its current outbreak zone. If it spreads to Europe, Asia, North America and South America, there could be entire cities, regions or nations which will have to be placed under martial law to prevent people from leaving their homes and risk spreading or contracting the disease. Obviously, financial and economic activity will drop dramatically if this occurs. If you wish to see a gripping representation of this possibility, see the old movie, Outbreak, starring Dustin Hoffman, which is about an Ebola-like disease which spreads from Africa to North America.

Matthew 24:7 warns that “pestilences” will precede the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in the latter days. Is this Ebola outbreak a “pestilence?” Without any doubt it is. The fourth link projects hundreds of thousands of deaths within 9 months if firm actions are not taken to stop its spread to other nations. If this Ebola variant mutates into an airborne form, the death totals could skyrocket into the many millions very quickly.

This is a very serious crisis. It is a “no brainer” that all public airline and transportation services should be stopped into/from nations where Ebola has been detected until that nation can be certified as Ebola-free by the WHO, the CDC, or some similar agency. It is not clear yet if the world has the will to take such actions. If they don’t take such simple actions now, they will have to take more draconian actions later.

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Putin Warns: Russian Troops Could Be in Kiev in Two Weeks

September 16th, 2014

The first link and second link detail a threat by Russian Prime Minister Putin that the Russian military could be in Kiev in two weeks if he gave them the order to conduct an all-out attack on the Ukraine. He made this threat to the head of the EU, so it is a credible threat and a credible source who reported it. Since the Ukraine is not a member of NATO, NATO nations would not be required to intervene in any such war. However, if NATO stood by passively during such an invasion that approached the eastern borders of NATO’s nations, NATO would look exceptionally weak.

Personally, I don’t think Putin will order such an invasion, but if he did, his expectation that Russian troops would roll into Kiev in two weeks is probably a true assessment of the likely outcome. Indeed, given the dispirited performance of the Ukrainian forces in Eastern Ukraine so far, Russian troops may be able to enter Kiev in less than two weeks.

I think Putin was also giving NATO nations in Europe a serious warning “between the lines” of his comment about being able to seize Kiev in two weeks. Diplomatic threats like this are often worded very precisely and carefully. I think that Putin was also dropping a strong hint that if he unleashes the Russian military into the Ukraine and they reach Kiev in two weeks, they may just keep on going and reach Berlin in two more weeks. He didn’t want to threaten NATO nations directly, but I think he did so indirectly by making the threat not to a Ukrainian leader, but to the leader of the EU, many of whose members are NATO nations.

Daniel 11:40-45 speak of a final “king of the north.” After winning a war in the Mideast in verses 40-43, this king of the north receives a very rude surprise when he is targeted by a later surprise attack from the east and north in verses 44-45. These are two separate wars, and we don’t know how long a time will transpire between them. However, this war in Daniel 11:44-45 is the final world war of this age, and it starts with attacks against the king of the north’s domain from the north and east. I do believe the final king of the north will be the “beast” mentioned as a global leader in the book of Revelation. Where else do we have prophecies about age-ending attacks from the north and east at the end of this age? Ezekiel 38-39 describes the age-ending attack from the north at the end of our age, and Revelation 16:12-21 describe the final attack from the east which leads to the age-ending battle of Armageddon. Obviously, we are looking at three different biblical perspectives on the same age-ending war. Keep in mind the Bible is written from a Hebraic perspective. The Ezekiel 38-39 attack from the north is against the ten tribes of the house of Israel, while the eastern attack coming out of Asia heading straight westward across the Euphrates River is headed toward the modern house of Judah (the Israelis). Zechariah 14 is another age-ending prophecy which shows what happens when God intervenes to destroy this attack from the kings of the east against the Holy Land nation of modern Judah.  These are all parallel prophecies. These directions and actors make total sense in modern geographical terms. The Israelite nations of the USA and Canada would be attacked from out of the north (“over the pole” and via Alaska) by Russia, China and others. Australia and New Zealand would be attacked from the north by China. The Israelis will be attacked by Iran, Shiite Iraqis, and other central Asian nations from the east. Europe would be attacked from both the north and east (as will be the final king of the north in Daniel 11). Scandinavia isn’t part of the European landmass but is rather a northwestern extension of Asia which is located north of the European landmass. Scandinavia (inhabited by Israelite tribes) would be attacked from the north by Russia and others from Murmansk and from the east through Finland. European nations would be attacked from Russia out of the north from Kaliningrad and from the east out of Russia proper. The modern geographical realities of the nations of the house of Israel, the house of Judah and the Gog-Magog alliance all fit very well together.

An example of just how weak Europe is militarily is found in the last link. The European NATO nations are trying to put together a 4,000-member rapid reaction force which can be quickly sent to a militarily threatened region. The fact that such a force doesn’t already exists is a stark testimony to the inadequacy of NATO’s military planners. Apparently, they have been sleeping on the job since the end of the Cold War. A 4,000-member force placed in the way of a Russian-led force of hundreds of thousands would be little more than a speed bump in their path. I’d be more impressed if NATO already had a 40,000 member force with the transport aircraft on hand to fly them somewhere quickly, and where they would be armed to the teeth with anti-tank and anti-aircraft weaponry. That would give Russia some pause for consideration. A 4,000-member force will be little more than a symbolic “trip-wire” force, and NATO apparently has difficulty putting together even such a tiny force! The European continent with nations that fielded armies of millions of men in World Wars I and II now has trouble finding 4,000 war-capable troops to act in a single unit. My how the mighty have fallen!

It is not my opinion that Putin will attack Europe now. It doesn’t fit with my understanding of biblical prophecy. However, I could be wrong. It would make sense for Russia, China and Iran to launch an attack while the USA is led by an indecisive president with little or no grasp of military matters and while Europe is pathetically weak militarily. Matthew 25:1-13 warn latter-day believers that Jesus Christ will come much sooner than any of them expect in the latter day period. Who knows what might happen? If Jesus Christ comes far sooner than anyone (including me) expects, that will be terrific news!

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