Turkey and USA Can’t Make Decisions as Kurds Fight on in Kobani - New

October 20th, 2014

The courageous fight of the Kurds against ISIS in defending their city of Kobani against weeks of ISIL attacks continues to inspire many viewers around the world. It is amazing how determined they have been in fighting the ISIL terrorists with little or no help from the outside world. The USA has helped with tactical airstrikes, but so far the USA has done nothing to make any strategic efforts against ISIL. It is as if Obama can’t decide whether to really fight ISIL or not. In the first link, one geopolitical expert is cited as saying the surrounding “coalition” nations aren’t going to make any major effort against ISIL “until they see we [the USA] are in it to win.” The lack of any strategic air bombings of ISIL and the refusal to send any US “boots on the ground” so far are convincing many nations that the Obama administration is not in this fight to win it. Obama apparently still has no real strategy re: ISIL.

The Kurds have apparently decided that the fight at Kobani is their “Alamo” (a term Americans will understand), and their defense of Kobani is a “last stand” in which they are in a “true fight to the death” (second link). The Kurdish defenders are showing the same dogged determination displayed by the British when they held out alone vs. Hitler’s Nazi forces in the Battle of Britain. I think the Kurdish defenders have surprised everyone that they are still alive and defending the city! I think Turkey expected them to fall long ago, and the Obama administration likely did as well. The spirit and grit of the Kurdish defenders may have finally embarrassed the US into launching more air strikes against ISIL positions in/around Kobane, and there is a report that the USA has finally airdropped weapons and supplies to the Kurdish defenders via C-130 cargo planes (third link). I also saw this reported on cable-TV news. Some late reports are stating that the US has dropped anti-tank weaponry to the Kurdish defenders. If so, this is vitally needed by the Kurdish defenders and it is a long-overdue step. The obvious question is, of course, are the Kurdish defenders able to operate the anti-tank weapons right away or were there some US special forces or volunteer private contractors airdropped with the supplies who know how to immediately put those weapons to good use?

The role of Turkey looks ever more bizarre and suspicious. Their parliament voted long ago to join the coalition vs. ISIL, but they have done nothing but impede the fight against ISIL. Turkey has not allowed the USA to use its large NATO base at Incirlik, Turkey to fight ISIL, and Turkey has refused to send in its large military force to engage ISIL’s terrorists. The spectacle of Turkey’s tanks and armed forces just inertly watching the fighting in Kobani is sending a message to all the world that Turkey is a very unreliable ally, and that Turkey’s word is no good. Turkey was just up for a UN Security Council seat, but their nation was excluded from the seat (fourth link). Personally, I think Turkey’s apparent duplicity or cowardice in not fighting the ISIL forces arrayed right on their border was a big factor why the world refused to give Turkey a seat on the UN Security Council. In a classic example of horrible timing, the Turkish government did something so outlandish that one has to wonder how such a thing could have happened. After watching ISIL terrorists attack Kurdish defenders for weeks and doing nothing, Turkey’s air force finally launched some attack missions…against Kurdish forces (fifth link)! They did not attack the Kurdish defenders, but attacked Kurds in southeast Turkey where Kurdish PKK fighters have long been engaged with battles vs. Turkish national forces. Still, the spectacle of Turkey attacking Kurds anywhere when the world is waiting to see who will help the Kurds in Kobani is horribly ill timed on Turkey’s part. Turkey’s attacks on Kurds at a time when they are supposed to be helping Kurds fighting ISIL (as part of the “coalition,” remember?) has infuriated the Kurds and “marks the end of the peace process” between the Kurds and Turkey (fifth link). Turkey has really “blown it” in my view. Before the ISIL war broke out, Turkey was shipping Kurdish oil to world markets, Turkish companies were making oil deals with Kurdish firms and it appeared the Kurds and Turkey were headed toward a major rapprochement in which the PKK insurgency with Turkey would end. Turkey has killed that possibility, it seems.

ISIL still seems to be well financed, and it has long been reported that ISIL oil shipments are making it to world markets via Turkish intermediaries. The sixth link and seventh link report that ISIL oil is being sold or transported through Turkey to Syria, European nations and other global locations. The Syrian connection seems especially bizarre, but in the Mideast, bizarre things can and do occur. If European nations are secretly receiving ISIL oil shipments, they are being hypocrites to be sure, but are likely doing so to boost oil stocks before winter sets in and a Russian gas shut-off over the Ukrainian crisis could freeze them out. One of the final two links reports that ISIL is dumping oil on global markets at $40/barrel, which could explain why global oil prices have been plummeting when the wars in the oil-rich Mideast should be expected to boost oil prices.

The Mideast continues in bizarre and constantly changing states of ferment. One can get dizzy trying to figure out why the Obama administration isn’t doing anything except the bare minimum to engage ISIL and why Turkey has yet to do anything to prove itself faithful to what its parliament voted to do. Turkey has also been the location via which ISIL’s foreign fighters have been smuggled into Syria to join ISIL’s ranks. I cannot understand why Turkey is persisting in such a self-defeating policy of being ISIL’s passive partner instead of joining the war against ISIL. For weeks, the world has watched those rows of Turkish tanks doing nothing on the Turkish-Syrian border while Kurds valiantly fight the ISIL terrorists. I don’t think Turkey’s leaders realize how damaging the continuing scene of Turkish tanks refusing to engage ISIL forces attacking Kobani really is to the world’s nations. Turkey’s leaders don’t have to admit that Turkey is ISIL’s passive and silent partner. The scenes of Turkish tanks refusing for weeks to do combat with ISIL forces are shouting that message to the world.

Biblically, we are still watching the Mideast to see how the alignment of nations in that region will finally unfold in regards to the prophecy of Ezekiel 38:2-6 regarding the Gog-Magog alliance and the rival alliance led by the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel. We know Iran will be in the Gog-Magog alliance, but many other nations are not mentioned in that prophecy. It is possible, even likely, that Iraq will never be put back together as a nation and that there will finally be an independent Kurdistan. Turkey doesn’t want that outcome, but Turkey’s feckless actions may actually bring that to pass.

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USA Saving Old Nukes to Defend Vs. Asteroids - New

October 16th, 2014

The first link reports that the American government has decided not to destroy old nuclear warheads that were scheduled for deactivation. Instead, the link reports, the US government is saving them in the event that they are needed for “planetary defense against earthbound asteroids” that could threaten the earth and all that dwell on it. The link does not specifically state how many American nuclear warheads have been tasked to this mission.

In spite of the closing line in the first link (a clever reference to a movie made years ago about the earth almost being destroyed by an asteroid approaching earth), this is a serious subject as it is now widely-accepted that the dinosaur world that was annihilated by the impact of the space object that impacted in the Chixelub crater near/on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. The second link adds information about the search by NASA for Near Earth Objects (NEOs) that could pose a danger to our planet.

The first link assures us that there is nothing to worry about…”at least for the next hundred years or so.” And yet, the US government is now worried enough to dedicate old nuclear warheads to take out incoming space objects that are on an impact trajectory with our planet. Hmm. Could they know something they aren’t telling us yet about what they have found “out there” that is headed in our direction? I merely pose the question.

The Bible indicates they may have reason to worry. Revelation 8:8-11 prophesy that in the latter days just prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, a heavenly object described as a “great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea,” killing 1/3rd of all oceanic life and sinking 1/3rd of all ships. The Apostle John was given a prophetic vision of events in the latter days in the book of Revelation, and he had to describe what he saw with limited, low-tech ancient vocabulary words.  An approaching space object would, indeed, look just like a burning fiery mountain hurtling toward earth as it caught fire from the intense heat of traveling at a high velocity into the earth’s atmosphere. Verses 10-11 may describe a second event or an aftermath of the first impact. If this is truly a literal prophesied event instead of merely being metaphorical language for something else, the prophecy indicates the space object will hit in the ocean somewhere. Since most of the earth is ocean, the odds are in favor of such an impact. Can you imagine the tidal waves that would destroy global coastal regions if this becomes a literal event?

For new visitors to this blog who are unfamiliar with biblical arguments about a “latter day” period of time at the prophesied end of our age, please read my article, Are We living in the Biblical Latter Days? This article will give you a broad-based view of several prophesied mega-trends and specific geopolitical events which were prophesied to occur in the “latter days.” The biblical prophesies identifying the latter days have come true. Mankind ignores these fulfilled biblical prophecies to its own peril. These fulfilled biblical prophecies prove: (A) the existence of a very-real Creator God and (B) that the Bible is His Word and His Warning to mankind. Even the Bible prophesies most people will ignore these warnings…to their mortal danger.

My thanks to a friend for tipping me off to the first link.




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Is Iran about to Block Egypt’s Suez Canal? - New

October 15th, 2014

While the world’s attention is focused on the profoundly weak performance of President Obama’s “coalition” against the Islamic Jihadi ISIL army in Syria and Iraq, another major event is happening which could have huge ramifications for global oil markets, global trade and geopolitics.

A radical Islamic Shiite army has just seized control of a Red Sea port city in Yemen called Hodeida (see first link and second link). Yemen is located at the southern tip of the Red Sea and all traffic to and from Egypt’s Suez Canal goes through that region. The Shiite radicals seized control of the city from the American-aligned Yemeni government forces as the Yemeni troops and police “vanished from the streets” of Hodeida. The Shiite rebels, aligned with Iran, have looted weapons from government arsenals in the seized city and are overrunning entire provinces in Yemen. Is this sounding like a familiar story to you? The same thing happened in Iraq when ISIL seized Mosul as the Iraqi police and army vanished there also. ISIL also looted government weaponry supplied by the USA and has seized large swaths of provinces in Iraq. I wonder if the weaponry seized by the Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen’s port city were also American-supplied weapons, just like those ISIL seized in Mosul, Iraq?

The seizure of this Yemeni port city that can control access to the Red Sea (and thereby to and from the Suez Canal) is hugely important. From firing positions within Hodeida, the Iranian-backed rebels can fire short- and medium-range cruise missiles at any and all oil tankers and merchant vessels that attempt to travel between the Mideast/Asia and Europe. I wonder how long it will take Iran to supply them with such missiles. Do they already have them? Are they being unloaded from Iranian merchant ships or submarines at the city’s piers as you read this?

As noted in the links, this is terrible news for Saudi Arabia. It is also terrible news for Egypt, which badly needs transit fees from ships traversing the Suez Canal to support the Egyptian government. It is horrible news for the weak nations of Europe, whose oil supplies are now threatened as winter approaches. The risk of Iran controlling access to and from the Suez Canal via their Shiite rebel army clients in Yemen could seize up the global oil markets and many other global markets. Does it make sense to you that the price of oil has been plummeting even as the stability of oil supplies from the Mideast to Europe has never been under greater risk due to the possibility of a collapse of the Iraqi and Yemeni central governments? As a layman, I would assume the price should be shooting upward due to the increasing uncertainties about European nations receiving steady shipments of Mideast or Asian oil via the Suez Canal…as winter approaches.

There is one difference between the disastrous circumstances in Iraq and Yemen. The Iranians are backing the rebels in Yemen, but are backing the Shiite central government in Iraq. Iranian military units are reportedly already in Iraq, and (as cited in my previous post) an entire Iranian armored division has been deployed into Iraq to the northeast of Baghdad. The Iraqi government troops defending Baghdad may do better than they did in defending Mosul. It is possible that Iran has embedded elements of its Revolutionary Guards units within the Iraqi army units, not only to help them fight ISIL attackers, but also to shoot any Iraqi troops who attempt to flee.

The Mideast is nearing an explosion point. The fact that Iranian-backed Shiite forces have seized a port city that controls the southern approaches to the Suez Canal may force both Egypt and Saudi Arabia to openly invade Yemen to prop up what is left of its Sunni central government and take back control of the port city of Hodeida from the Iranian-backed military forces. Hmm. Another need for “boots on the ground” even as they are also needed to confront ISIL in Syria and Iraq. The USA’s army is worn out, thanks to the endless wars of presidents Bush and Obama. European nations scarcely have any armies. I guess the Mideast nations will have to fend for themselves.

Remember that just a few short weeks ago, Obama was citing Yemen as a success story for his administration that could apply to Iraq’s future (see third link)? What a joke! Now Obama’s statement has come back to bite him. Yemen is fast turning into another Obama foreign policy disaster. Is he going to blame the intelligence community for this failure too? The fourth link has a damning exposé from the British media about Obama’s negligence in conducting the office of president. It reports that Obama hasn’t bothered to attend (or read, I suppose) half his daily intelligence briefings provided to him by the US intelligence community–which struck back at Obama for blaming them when it was actually Obama himself who was at fault for American foreign policy disasters during his presidency. I suppose Obama had more important things to do than read vital intelligence briefings, such as planning his tee times at golf courses or setting up his next lavish, taxpayer-funded vacation/junket.

I ask a question: Can a president be impeached for incompetence and non-feasance of his duties? I think that he can be impeached for anything for which the US House wants to impeach him. The US Senate is currently controlled by the Democrats, but most observers opine the Republicans will control the US Senate after the November elections. The US Constitution sets a high bar for the Senate to agree with a House bill to impeach a president, but Obama’s performance in office is getting so bad that even the Democrats may not want him in office for the next two years as his disastrous policies could be a political death-knell for many Senate Democrats running in 2016 and for the Democratic presidential nominee in 2016. VP Biden may not look so bad to the Democrats as an interim president if the GOP wins big in November. Besides, Biden knows most of the Democratic senators very well–having served with them. I’m not making any predictions, but am rather thinking out loud about a surprising possibility.

Back to Yemen. The seizure of a strategic Red Sea port city by Iranian-backed military forces is surely causing Saudi and Egyptian military planners to devise contingency plans for an invasion of Yemen to take back control of the city of Hodeida. Even as the price of oil has been dropping on world markets, oil supplies to western nations are now under a dire threat. I wonder what Lloyds of London is now charging for insurance for the oil tankers who now have to pass under the guns or missiles of an Iranian-backed force at the southern approaches to the Suez Canal? The Iranian-backed Jihadis don’t need missiles to roil the oil markets and disrupt tanker traffic via the Suez Canal. Piracy is common near the horn of Africa, and many merchant ships in that region have been seized and their crews held for ransom. Iranian-supplied small boats could be used by Iran’s Shiite Yemeni forces to hijack an oil tanker in the Red Sea, sail it to the middle of the narrow, strategic Bab-al-Mandeb Straits where the Red Sea meets the Gulf of Aden and threaten to blow it up in the shipping channel unless Iran’s demands are met.

Did you read about the above danger in any other media outlet?

The Gog-Magog alliance of Russia, Iran and China (foretold in Ezekiel 38-39) is positioning itself to put severe pressure on the western world led by the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel. The Gog-Magog alliance is led by tough-minded leaders. The western alliance is led by an unskilled president of the USA who doesn’t even comprehend the need to show up for his daily intelligence briefings. If a crisis erupts, perhaps you can find him in a sand trap on the ninth hole of a local golf course. Thanks to Obama, the USA and the entire western world and its Mideast allies are in “sand traps” as well. The sand traps they are in are called the Arabian, Syrian and Iraqi deserts. In those hot spots, Obama has neither a caddy nor a clue.

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Obama’s Phony Coalition and Its Phony War Vs. ISIL

October 12th, 2014

Is anyone else out there as outraged as I am that the Kurds continue to fight with dogged determination vs. ISIL’s Jihadis while Obama’s anti-ISIL “coalition” continues to all but abandon them? The Kurds have been fighting to hold Kobane, a city in Syria that ISIL is attacking, even though they have received almost no help from Obama’s coalition vs. ISIL. The Kurds are the only meaningful “boots on the ground” vs. ISIL, but they have so far received no meaningful strategic help from anyone in Obama’s “coalition.” In spite of receiving no heavy weaponry to assist them, the Kurds in Kobane have held out for weeks vs. ISIL and have apparently halted the ISIL advance in that city, according to Fox News (first link). The Turkish parliament voted almost two weeks ago to join the “coalition” against ISIL (second link), but have so far yet to fire a single bullet at ISIL even though ISIL fighters are literally knocking on the Turkish border at Kobane.

I’m sure every reader has seen TV news stories showing the stark picture of rows of Turkish tanks parked uselessly on the Syrian-Turkish border at Kobane, refusing to engage the ISIL forces. They sit there inert even though ISIL Jihadis are killing the Kurdish fighters who are opposing them and Turkey’s parliament voted to have the Turkish military join the coalition vs. ISIL. The refusal of Turkish tanks to engage the ISIL enemy that is right in their gun sights projects to the world an image of the Turkish military being in a state of utter cowardice. I’m sure the Turkish military is not at all cowardly, so the order for them to act like cowards and back-stabbers has to come from the highest echelons of Turkey’s government. Why are Turkey’s politicians abandoning the Kurds, a fellow ally in the “coalition” vs. ISIL? I’ve read reports that seek to explain Turkey’s refusal to engage ISIL as a bargaining effort over a no-fly zone, or a desire to actually have Kobane fall to ISIL so an independent Kurdistan won’t stretch all the way into Syria at a later date. Whatever the reason, Turkey is covering itself with shame in the eyes of the entire world by having the Turkish military passively assist ISIL by refusing to engage ISIL’s Jihadis literally in the gun sights of Turkey’s tanks. Think what “aid and comfort” the Turks are giving to ISIL fighters who can see the Turkish tanks and also see the Turkish tank crews have no backbone (or orders) to engage them?

Turkey’s craven game is already costing them and could cost them far dearer in the future. The third link cites rising Kurdish anger over Turkey’s sell-out of the Kurdish fighters in Kobane. Violent protests have erupted in Kurdish regions of Turkey which have already killed 31 people, including at least three Turkish policemen. As one source in that link is cited, there is a danger of an “urban bloodbath (in Turkey)”…if Kobane falls. Large demonstrations have also taken place among Germany’s one million Kurds (fourth link), with one protest numbering 20,000 in Dusseldorf. I’m just a layman of course, but I think Turkey is making a mistake of historic proportions. They were close to having an amicable alliance with Kurdistan with Turkish oil pipeline companies set to make excellent money transporting oil from Kurdistan to world markets. This agreement would have ended the simmering PKK Kurdish attacks in Eastern Turkey. Both Turkey and Kurdistan could have benefited immensely from such an arrangement, and the historic Kurdish enmity vs. Turkey would have faded. Instead, by openly abandoning Kurdish fighters to death and very likely defeat in Kobane unless something is done quickly, Turkey risks having a civil war erupt within its borders and having its nation follow Libya, Iraq and Yemen into internal chaos.

So what is Obama’s “coalition” doing? So far none of them are sending any ground troops to fight ISIL, and ISIL will continue to be on the offensive until ground troops are sent. Airplanes can attack targets, but no airplane can hold territory. Only ground troops can do that. The only ground troops so far are the Kurdish Peshmerga, whom I deeply admire for their courage in fighting ISIL with only light weaponry. The USA promised to send heavy weaponry to the Kurds long ago and Germany promised heavy weapons would reach Kurdistan by the end of September. A reporter embedded with Kurdish forces said on a cable TV network that he has seen little or no American and German heavy weaponry yet. The Iraqi army has all but disintegrated, and it will be hard-pressed to hold Baghdad now that ISIL forces are within a few miles of Baghdad’s outskirts. Where will the Iraqi army flee to next? Basra? The Iraqi army would likely have turned tail and run already except for reports that Iran has sent some its forces to stiffen the spines of the Iraqi army. The fifth link reports that in late-August, an Iranian armored division entered Iraq and took up position northeast of Baghdad in case they are needed. That sounds impressive, but when you read the specifications of that division’s tanks and armored vehicles, they are obsolete and far inferior to the American-made ISIL tanks captured from Iraqi forces.

What have the air forces of the “coalition” vs. ISIL been doing? France had a couple warplanes drop some bombs but they haven’t been heard from since. I suppose they are too busy sipping Cabernet and munching cheese to care any longer. The British have flown a few symbolic strikes vs. ISIL in Iraq, but nothing that matters much. Apparently, they fly to their targets in Iraq from an airfield in Cyprus, which means they have to fly practically over Kobane on the way to less-pressing targets. The British air force seems far too afraid to attack ISIL targets attacking Kobane. Perhaps helping Kurds in Kobane interfered with their mandatory afternoon teatime break. Australia weeks ago sent a few airplanes to the Persian Gulf and a couple of them actually dropped a bomb or two I heard. Saudi, UAE and Jordanian warplanes flew a few missions early in the air war, but have rarely been heard from since. Has Germany helped? Forget it! The US Air Force has launched a drizzle of occasional and widely-scattered attacks vs. ISIL, but no strategic bombing of ISIL has yet been done under Field Marshal Obama. The US Air Force has not contributed meaningfully to the strategic defense of Kobane yet. This effectively gives ISIL a virtual free pass to continue their advance. I watch CNN, Fox News and Al Jazeera America in following the “war” vs. ISIL, and the American retired generals interviewed on those networks have been damning in their commentaries about Obama’s air campaign. I watched a retired General McInerney state that Obama’s sending five strikes to the Kobane region was almost useless, but 1,000 strikes would have gotten the job done. A General Jack Keane  (Retired) stated that “our level of effort in airstrikes is inadequate,” and the former Commandant of the US Marine Corps bluntly stated that the air attacks didn’t have a “snowball’s chance in hell” of succeeding (leave it to a Marine to tell the stark truth!). These men make sense. Has Obama purged all the fighting generals with backbones from the military? Are we left only with politically correct generals on active duty? My conclusion? Obama’s coalition is a farce and the “war against ISIL” is also a farce. When you read in the media that a coalition warplane attacked an ISIL “fighting position,” it may only have bombed four Jihadis firing AK-47s. Why didn’t it target ISIL’s tanks and artillery pieces?

The Kurds must be feeling rather abandoned by now by the US, by NATO, and by their fellow Sunni Muslim nations of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, etc. Have any of these “allies” sent so much as one artillery piece or tank to help the Kurds defend against ISIL attacks? The Kurds must be starting to look around for some new serious allies. An article in the Asia Times discusses this very likelihood (see sixth link). It examines the possibility of whether the Kurds would be better off allying themselves with either Iran or Israel vs. ISIL. The article indicates that the case for the Kurds embracing Iran is a stronger case than allying themselves with Israel. However, the article forgets one major possibility. If Israel were to openly acknowledge being a major nuclear military power and offer a “nuclear umbrella” over Kurdistan as an ally vs. ISIL and any other enemy, the Kurds might leap at the opportunity. Indeed, the Egyptians might also be part of that alliance as Egypt and Israel are de facto allies already. If Egypt joined that alliance, the Saudis and Jordanians would tag along too, I think. If these nations all allied together in a new Mideast alliance with an Israeli “nuclear umbrella” over all these nations, it would be a potent player on the world scene. The big losers would be the USA, Iran and Turkey.

I’m not predicting this will happen, but am simply raising this as a possibility. The Mideast is in a state of extreme flux right now, and new alliances could easily emerge as nations and clans try to position themselves for survival. The final alignment of nations will inevitably be harmonious with what is prophesied in Ezekiel 38, but the local details could get very messy. They already are.

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Massive Explosion Obliterates Secret Iranian Nuclear Plant

October 10th, 2014

Amidst the extensive coverage of the Ebola plague and the ISIL-caused warfare in Syria and Iraq, several stories are not receiving the media attention they deserve. On such story is the fact that one of Iran’s super-secret nuclear weapons facilities blew up in a massive explosion earlier this week. The first link reports the explosion was so massive that it “rocked buildings more than 10 miles away,” and the second link adds “windows [were] broken nine miles away, all trees burned over [a] large area.” The explosion would have been felt over a wide area by many people as the blast occurred near Tehran itself.

Significantly, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu warned about Iran’s continuing nuclear-weapons development program in a UN speech on September 29th. I think the world and the global media, focused on other media stories, largely ignored his warning. It is also most significant that the Iranians had reportedly denied previous access to this nuclear facility by the world community or international nuclear inspectors. The first link states that the explosion revealed that:  “The nuclear weapons program Tehran has long denied is real.”

Obviously, the Israelis are watching the nuclear weapons development program like hawks because Iran has threatened to “wipe Israel off the face of the map.” The first link notes that Israeli intelligence agencies are suspected to have been the agents of this major disaster at an Iranian nuclear plant, but Israel is unlikely to confirm or deny anything concerning the explosion. However, the first link also reports that Israel has been watching this particular plant very closely as it released to the world “before and after satellite images” of the Iranian nuclear facility. Clearly, an Israeli reconnaissance satellite was tasked to be directly over the explosion site soon after it occurred to assess the extent of the damage. A “coincidence” I’m sure.

The possibility of an Israeli military attack on Iranian nuclear facilities to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program has been the subject of considerable speculation during recent years. Several events keep happening to delay Iran from getting nuclear weapons. In past posts, I’ve documented the untimely deaths of key Iranian nuclear program scientists, the Stuxnet computer virus that set back the Iranian nuclear program and other “accidents” at Iranian nuclear facilities that also impeded Iran’s nuclear program. If the Israelis are responsible for these actions that have kept nuclear weapons out of Iranian hands, then Israel has done the world a series of favors. However, at some point, Iran’s nuclear program may reach the point where only an armed attack will be effective in stopping an Iranian nuclear bomb from being built. I think it is obvious that the Iranians must be seething at the Israelis, and will desire “pay back” of some kind.

As I’ve noted in articles, audio messages and many posts, Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy that Iran (“Persia” in Ezekiel 38:5) will be a major ally of Russia and China in the Gog-Magog alliance that will form in the latter days just before the Divine intervention in world affairs that is prophesied in Ezekiel 38:20-39:8 to massacre the Gog-Magog armies with a 5/6ths fatality rate (39:1-2). This Gog-Magog alliance is prophesied to attack the modern nations of the modern house of Israel (the modern ten tribes of Israel). The term “Israel” in Ezekiel 38 does not mean the Israeli Jewish nation called Israel in the Mideast. When the Bible refers to the Israelis/Jews in latter-day prophecies, it consistently uses the term “Judah” (as in Zephaniah 2, Zechariah 12 and 14). The modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel are found in the modern western nations and most are in NATO. These are the nations that will be the target of the prophesied attack in Ezekiel 38-39’s prophecy. My books offer a comprehensive examination of the migrations, empires, kingdoms and modern locations of the ten tribes of Israel throughout history. If you have not done so, I urge you to order the downloadable E-book for a single-book overview and the four-book printed set if you desire the full, in-depth facts on the topic. Abundant evidence is provided in the books from secular historical sources as well as biblical information. Indeed, it is easy to prove the identities of the nations of the ten tribes of Israel using secular historical information alone. However, when combined with biblical narratives and prophecies, the identifications are very clear.

The massive explosion at the secret Iranian nuclear facility is one more in a long series of actions that will characterize the competition between the Gog-Magog bloc of nations and the Western allies led by the ten tribes of Israel (the modern nation of Judah in the Mideast is certainly part of the Israelite bloc of nations as Judah was one of the primary tribes of Israel in biblical times). If you desire some free information on the subject, please read my articles, The USA in Biblical Prophecy and What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III.

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The FBI: Help Us Identify This English-Speaking Jihadi Terrorist

October 8th, 2014

This post is being sent to the readership of this blog as a public service to offer some assistance to the US FBI. The FBI is seeking any information it can glean from public input to help it identify an Islamic ISIL terrorist who is seen on camera orchestrating a massacre of Syrian army prisoners. The terrorist’s head is largely covered-up, but his voice is clearly speaking English in what appears to be his language of origin. Please watch the videos below and, if you can provide the FBI with any possible tip regarding who this likely American Jihadi is, please call the FBI tip-line with that information. Even a small piece of information may be crucial to helping the FBI identify this person and, hopefully, also take down any domestic Jihadi network that he may be representing.

A cable-news segment I watched earlier today featured an expert who added that the Islamic Jihadi speaker sounds like he is speaking North American English and he may have a Midwestern accent. During any given month, there are people visiting my website from 120-130 nations so I’m posting these links (below) in the chance that someone may be able to provide some assistance to the FBI. It may be that you know about a person with Islamic radical views who has disappeared from your region lately or you may know a person whose Facebook page may contain radical-Islamic rants which sounds like the speaker in the video. One former FBI official speaking on a cable-TV network also added that since ISIL is very sophisticated in electronic media propaganda, the person on the execution video may not be the actual speaker on the audio portion. So there may be two people to apprehend or identify. The person on-camera is one person, but the actual speaker doing the audio rant may be another person doing a “voice-over.” Since one report indicates the ISIL speaker has a Midwestern accent, a likely location for this terrorist’s origin is the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area as a number of Islamic radicals from there have migrated to the horn of Africa to fight for Al Shabab, another radical Islamic Jihadi group (fourth link). The final link reports a surprising number of Minnesotans from its Islamic community have emigrated to Syria to fight in the ranks of radical Islamic groups there [such as ISIL]. I’m sure the FBI is already pursuing this possibility of a Minnesotan connection. If you area reader from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, please listen especially closely to the speaker on this terrorist video to see if you have any possible leads to give to the FBI.

The need to identify and apprehend Islamic Jihadis in America (or from America) is growing. The third link cites one US Congressman as saying his sources indicate that at least ten ISIL/ISIS terrorists have crossed the porous and unsecured US border with Mexico to enter the USA. Obviously, they are most likely entering to commit mass terrorist attacks at some point in the future vs. American citizens. If they do, the blood of any Americans killed or wounded in such attacks will be on Obama’s hands and on Congress’ hands as they have collectively refused to implement adequate border security measures.

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  5. http://www.mprnews.org/story/2014/06/11/somali-americans-syria

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Graphene–the New “Wonder” Substance [Practical and Prophetic Implications]

October 8th, 2014

The first link offers amazing information about a new material called graphene, which won a Nobel prize for its inventors. The first link gives an overview of graphene’s amazing properties and the second link and third link offer more details about this amazing “wonder” substance about which the public knows very little, I believe.

Graphene is “stronger than diamonds” as well as a “better conductor than copper.” It is “97% transparent” and is very elastic. It is made from carbon/graphite and can be made to have applications, apparently, even when it is in a layer just one atom thick. It even has medical qualities and, according to the first link, can be injected into the human body to perform specific missions. It is truly remarkable. It may also make electric cars far more efficient and practical than they now are. Graphene has almost unlimited possible applications at the nano-technology level. In these links, you can read about some of the practical applications that graphene can have in the commercial world, once it can be manufactured in large quantities with a high degree of quality control.

After reviewing these links, I can suggest a few other applications for graphene not mentioned there. Consider possible military applications. Given that graphene is incredibly strong and light, it could be used to add an extra layer of great strength to tanks, warships, warplanes, body armor, satellites, etc. A layer of super, lightweight graphene stitched into a soldier’s uniform may give that soldier a bulletproof, flexible uniform and helmet. The fact that graphene can make plastic cellophane conduct electricity has implications for possible terrorist threats. What could graphene do in the hands of terrorists with plastic explosives that could make plastics conduct electricity while attached to a timing device or a remote, cell-phone detonator? This material has to be kept out of terrorists’ hands.

Prophetically, I see one obvious possibility for graphene fulfilling a biblical prophecy. Many Christians (including me) have speculated about what Revelation 16:17’s “mark of the beast” might be. Graphene nano-particles injectable into human bodies make graphene an obvious candidate for implementing the mark of the beast. The first link notes that graphene is so thin and conductive of electrical currents that it may revolutionize and miniaturize today’s circuit boards. Since graphene has nanotechnology applications and can be injected into human bodies, could graphene eventually be used as injectable nano-particles that would be individualized for each person, making it a kind of “fingerprint” for each person as well as a “smart chip” that would be invisible inside human bodies even as it stores information about that individual?

My thanks to a reader who sent me the first link and prompted this post.

Graphene on The One Show




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Be Thankful!

October 5th, 2014

An email friend sent this link to me today, and I wanted to forward it to all readers. Whether the video clip was staged or not, it is truly inspirational and gives us a powerful message.

We take so many things for granted. For example, one thing every sighted person takes for granted is the simple ability to see. As the video clip makes clear, just being able to see opens up to us a world of wonders to behold in God’s creation all around us. Just being able to see gives us incredible freedoms of movement, action and comprehension that the blind do not have. If you are reading this post, you are able to see it.

James 1:17 tells us “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights.” Paul reminds us in I Thessalonians 5:18: “In every thing give thanks.” How often do we take everything for granted (I’m directing this question to myself as well as to readers after watching this video clip)?

After watching the video clip, please take a moment to realize just how important a gift your eyesight is. Right where you are sitting, shut your eyes…tight. Then imagine that you will never be able to open them again. Try to get up from your computer and see how much you can do with your eyes closed tight for a few minutes. After a few minutes, I think you’ll wonder why it has been so long since you took the time to thank God for your eyesight. I know I did! After thanking God for just that one gift, why shouldn’t we all thank him for our other senses (to whatever degree they work), and every other thing that means a lot to us?

Millions of people in the Middle East (some of them are your fellow Christians) would be very thankful just to have a reliable place to live, be sheltered, be fed and be safe from ISIL. As you read this, there are tens of thousands of Kurds (good guys) in Kobane, Syria fighting evil ISIL attackers. Those besieged Kurds would be incredibly thankful if just a few warplanes from the USA, the UK, France, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey or any other nation which claims to be part of the very haphazard “coalition” (that is fighting ISIL to some limited extent) would come and bomb the ISIL fanatics who are attacking them. I saw a report on cable TV that the ISIL attackers are using American tanks and artillery against these Kurdish defenders…who seem to have been forgotten by every nation in this “coalition.” Perhaps someone could mention this besieged city to President Obama so he could kindly have a few US warplanes sent to destroy the American-made military equipment now in the hands of ISIL that is being used to kill innocent people. The cable TV report  I saw said the ISIL artillery is sitting on top of a hill–apparently on open ground where warplanes could easily hit them. Apparently, no one in the US military in control of selecting ISIL targets to bomb watches cable TV news channels. The citizens of Kobane, Syria are fighting to save their city, lives and families from ISIL while the entire world…ignores them. They would be unspeakably thankful for some warplanes to actually show up and bomb the artillery and tanks that were trying to kill them as this post was written. This killing is going on, as the cable TV segment showed, even as the Turkish military simply watches from a few kilometers away…even though Turkey’s Parliament voted overwhelmingly a few days ago to support the war on ISIL. Hello, Turkey? This is the Real World calling. The war on ISIL is happening on your doorstep and you are doing nothing. There are even media reports ISIL artillery shells have landed on Turkish soil. Hello Turkey? Will you ever wake up? How long will you continue to support ISIL via your painfully-obvious refusal to act against them…even when ISIL is shelling and killing people on your very border?

Forgive me for my impromptu rant about the incredibly inept way in which the “war on ISIL” is being fought. What it is leading to is this question: Are you thankful that you and your family (if you have one) are not refugees dependent on others for everything after fleeing from ISIL madmen? Are you thankful that your world hasn’t been torn apart by warfare suddenly erupting all around you? I’m thankful for these facts. There are millions of people now in the Mideast who, a few short years (or months) ago, never dreamed they would be refugees sitting in a camp dependent on charity for the necessities of life.

Are you thankful that the simple act of going to your job didn’t get you beheaded by an Islamic fanatic who was reportedly sympathetic with ISIL (as happened to one innocent woman in Oklahoma recently)? In II Timothy 3:1, Paul warned those of us who would be alive in the latter days that we would live in “perilous times.” There are many locations in the world where many millions of people already experience this as a fact. This prophecy by Paul is not so much a reality to those of us living in the USA or the western world…yet.

All humanity is made in God’s image, Genesis 1:26 informs us. We have feelings, so God does too. I think we’ve all had the experience of giving a lot to someone and receiving no commensurate appreciation. Its hurts our feelings, doesn’t it? I wonder how God feels when he has showered on the USA such a vast array of blessings, liberties, abundance, etc.–only to have many millions of Americans tell him he doesn’t even exist. Maybe you could “make God’s day” by giving thanks to Him for a whole list of blessings you (and our nation) now have. Those readers in other nations could thank God for the list of blessings you and your nation enjoys.

You could start by thanking God for your eyesight, and everything that one blessing makes possible. Please do me a favor too–let God know I prompted you to come to him with a prayer of thanksgiving.  For that…I thank you.


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US Opens Second Drone Base in Niger [Plus Serious Implications]

October 4th, 2014

The US recently established a second drone base in the very remote nation of Niger in Saharan Africa (first link). Many Americans, who are taught so little about geography in school, may never have heard of it. It is just north of Nigeria and this new drone base is located in the remote Agadez region of Niger. This item received almost no meaningful media coverage, but there is a very important purpose to it and it also begs an important question (which I’ll ask later in this post).

The second link reports that, months ago in 2014, the US dispatched 80 troops to this region to help look for the approximately 200 girls that were kidnapped by Boko Haram in northern Nigeria. There have been no reports that the USA has had any success in locating them yet. Boko Haram is another of the malignant strains of radical Islam, along with ISIL/ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Shabab, etc., and there is now a report that the Boko Haram terrorists have copied a page from the ISIL/ISIS playbook of terror in beheading a captured Nigerian pilot (third link).

Why is this worth posting about to readers of this blog? Americans and the globe’s population likely have no concept of how vast a network of secretive drone bases are being operated by the US military and the CIA. The fourth link reports that the USA has at least 60 drone bases overseas that are known, and no one knows how many are being operated by the CIA or Pentagon without anyone being aware of them. The fifth link reports claims that there are over 60 secret drone bases on American soil as well and it gives a map of their locations (take a look and see if there is one near where you live!). Why does the USA have approximately as many drone bases within the USA as in all foreign nations put together? Hmm. Conspiracy theorists may be forgiven if they see a nefarious purpose that has not been disclosed. These bases are certainly not being used to secure the American borders. With so many drones and drone bases, the US could easily be monitoring the entire US southern border on a 24/7 basis to halt illegal immigration. However, the Obama administration (and the previous Bush administration that preceded it) obviously have/had no will to do so.

The last link estimates the US drone fleet had grown to 7,500 drones in the 2010/2011 time frame. At the rate of rapid growth in the drone force, there could be over 10,000 now. The estimate of 7,500 drones was for the number of drones operated by the Pentagon. Who knows how many drones are being operated by the CIA? Sometimes we are made aware of US drone strikes by the Pentagon or by the CIA in such places as Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, etc. I’ve seen media reports that the US is using drones to reconnoiter or attack ISIL forces in Iraq and Syria. That would be logical and appropriate. To the drone operators who are managing drones that attack ISIL and other terrorist madmen, I can only say, “Go get ‘em!”

The US drone fleet and the network of bases (known and unknown) is now so vast that it may be possible for the USA to create a global, interlocking spy network that is integrated with spy satellites, NSA intercepts, etc. We may reach the point where nothing moves on earth without the CIA or the Pentagon knowing about it.

I had a cynical thought while preparing this post. The Obama administration is facing a likely political defeat in the US congressional elections and it desperately needs some kind of  “October Surprise” to rally voters to vote for Democrats to retain a Democratic Senate. What could that be? One possibility is that those drones and 80 US servicemen looking for the Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram may already know where many of them are and they are delaying their rescue until just prior to the election to help the Obama administration and the Democrats. With the US capable of filling the skies with drones over northern Nigeria and the NSA listening to all “chatter” in the region, how could they not know? Again, I admit that was a cynical thought. I hope this doesn’t prove to be the case.

What can be known is that Revelation 13:11-18 predicts that a coming “beast” system will have the power to monitor and control all global financial transactions in the latter days just prior to Jesus Christ’s return.  Why wouldn’t the beast power also have interlocking control over all that is moving on the earth via drone/satellite reconnaissance and complete monitoring of all electronic communications via the NSA? It appears that we are nearing the point where this is now possible technologically. This begs another question: Will the beast be an American president or a new global leader who assumes power over the American assets when he assumes leadership of a global government? We’ll have to wait and see. Before readers think the beast system will be all-powerful, I urge you to consider the impact the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 will have on the beast system’s plans. Revelation 11 prophesies the Two Witnesses will be archenemies of the beast system and will be able to plague it (or anything or anyone else) “as often as they wish.” A future post will examine the Two Witnesses more closely, but verses 3-11 show the Two Witnesses will anger and plague the beast leaders and system so terribly that the beast will finally kill the Two Witnesses after their 1,260-day ministry concludes. Until they are slain, the Two Witnesses will be Divinely protected and invulnerable to all the exotic weaponry the beast can throw at them. Indeed, Revelation 16:10 prophesies the beast leader will be weak before some other power in the latter days that the beast leader and his kingdom will “gnaw their tongues for pain.” Who might that “other power” be that can attack the beast power so successfully? The Two Witness minister for 1,260 days, almost simultaneous with the beast leader’s 42 months of allowed rule (Revelation 13: 1-5).  My bet is that the Two Witnesses are the power that besets the beast power with such plagues.

I wonder how proactive the Two Witnesses might be in their plagues. Let’s speculate. Perhaps they could announce that unless the NSA and all other global spy agencies dump all their data on innocent civilians, they will be plagued with a horrific plague (Ebola, paralysis, tertiary syphilis or some other unbearable affliction)? What if they order the US and all other global governments to stop spraying chem trails and confess their purpose, who was involved in the chem trail plot and then imprison them until Christ returns or receive a new, horrific plague from the Two Witnesses? Will the Two Witnesses order global governments to pass certain pieces of legislation whether they want to do so or not? When it comes to what they can do, Revelation 11: 6 states their powers will be unlimited and unstoppable for the duration of their ministry. Obviously, they will be protecting Christians wherever they are on the globe. The Two Witnesses may be given a few “legions of angels” to implement anything they order or assess on the globe during their ministry. Revelation 11:6 basically states “the sky is the limit” concerning their powers. The US and other governments are close to creating a global, interlocking intelligence network to monitor everyone and everything. However, the Two Witnesses will have Divine powers to wield and likely as many angels as they want to administer whatever they want to do. The Two Witnesses will have vastly greater power than the beast system.

If Revelation 11 is going to be fulfill literally, and I believe it will be, it’s going to get very interesting in future years. Everyone on earth will have to make a decision: Are you with God and the Two Witnesses or the Satanically-inspired beast system and the false prophet associated with the beast leader? There will be no neutral ground. You will have to decide at some point.

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Ebola Comes to the USA!

October 2nd, 2014

The story of the spread of the Ebola virus into the USA is spreading so fast it is possible that the story may have expanded by the time you read this post. As readers surely know, a man traveling from Liberia to the USA spread the Ebola virus into the USA. Amazingly, when he went to a hospital ER for treatment in Dallas, Texas and told them he had come from a nation in the Ebola hot-zone, they didn’t take his condition seriously and sent him home (to expose more people). It has been reported as I write that a second Texas person may now have Ebola, but it has not yet been confirmed (first link). The second link reports that a third possible US case of Ebola in the USA is suspected in Hawaii. Initially, the Liberian man who spread Ebola to the USA led to health authorities saying that perhaps a dozen people may have been exposed, then the number went to 20…and to 80 and to 100 the last time I saw a news program update. The ambulance drivers who transported the Ebola man are now in quarantine as is the ambulance itself. Other people the man exposed are now quarantined as well.

The presence of Ebola in the USA and the realization that airline passengers could be innocently and unsuspectingly exposed to Ebola has led to stock market fears about Ebola’s effects on the global economy. Airline stocks have, understandably, been hit hard as people may not decide to travel by air until there are strict Ebola prevention protocols in place (third link). As this fear emerged, an article appeared in the 10-2-14 USA Today that sought to minimize people’s fears about being exposed to Ebola on airliners (fourth link). However, the final paragraph in that article was hardly reassuring as it acknowledged the risk of getting Ebola on an airliner, however small right now, is real.

The lack of Ebola-prevention protocols in global travel is appalling. Why aren’t passengers from nations with Ebola outbreaks being quarantined for a set number of days to make sure they are Ebola-free before they are allowed to travel out of those nations? That is a “no brainer” as far as I’m concerned. If such protocols had been in place in Liberia, the infected man there would never have been allowed to get on a plane to Brussels in Europe and then to two other flights to Dallas as his Ebola symptoms would have been caught in time to stop him from traveling. It is possible that this one case of an infected Ebola passenger on an airliner may yet lead to all the passengers on all the flights he traveled on having to be checked for Ebola as well as everyone they had contact with in the last week or so. That total would quickly run into the thousands in many nations. I hope it doesn’t get that bad.

The fifth link highlights the disgust by some in the medical community that the Obama administration and US health authorities are still not taking adequate measures to stop the spread of Ebola. It features a doctor who dressed in a bio-hazard suit at the Atlanta airport to highlight the fact that Ebola security measures are not yet in place. An interview I just saw with health experts on Al Jazeera America a short time ago confirmed that not only the USA but the entire world community is not taking this threat seriously yet. They said the WHO was saying it was not responsible for setting up a global preventative program and that the UN Security Council may have to meet to create global security protocols to make sure there is a global response in place to stop the disease from spreading quickly among the nations via airline passengers and global commerce. Although I could not find the link to a story about it in a web search, I saw a TV interview on either CNN, Fox News or Al Jazeera America that confirmed how lax US authorities are about this growing crisis. It was an interview with a Miami doctor who was returning from one of the Ebola “hot zone” nations in Africa. She said she was expecting to be screened by health officials before she would be allowed to re-enter the USA, but was surprised to see that no screening program existed at all! She was allowed to walk right through the airport back into the USA without any checks or questions. That means lots of other travelers from the Ebola hot-zone nations have also walked right into the USA and many other nations around the world with no checks or questions.

Some experts are warning that the rate of transmission of Ebola within the hot-zone African nations is increasing steadily and that as many as a million deaths from Ebola could be possible by early 2015 if the continued rate of transmission growth occurs. Although the death rate in those nations grows steadily, some media articles have noted that health-monitoring systems are so inadequate or non-existent in those African nations that the actual Ebola death toll is surely much higher than reported. At some point the rate of transmission will grow exponentially if major protective responses are not implemented soon. If the Ebola plague really does get as bad as some health experts predict, it will obviously be spreading to many other nations. Indeed, at some point, residents of the infected hot-zone African nations may flee via the jungle into other nations without telling anyone to save their lives. They may already be doing so. I wonder how many of them are already infected.

Jesus Christ warned that “pestilences” will occur during the latter-day period of time that would immediately precede his Second Coming. Obviously, he did not mean the localized, routine level of pestilences that have occurred throughout human history. He had to mean pestilences (plagues) on a much wider scale than usual for them to be a meaningful sign. This Ebola plague could eventually kill millions…or more…in many nations. Health experts are warning about this danger, but the governments of the world are doing little or nothing meaningful yet to stop its spread. Let’s hope they start doing so soon. If they don’t, the number of deaths could become astronomical at some point, and global commerce will come to as screeching halt. Maybe you might want to call your elected representatives to put some pressure on them for their governments to start acting responsibly instead of sticking their head in the sand about this threat.

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