“Federal Reserve and Other Central Banks Own Close to Half of All Stock Markets” – New

August 18th, 2014

These links reveal that the US Federal Reserve Board and other central banks around the world own “close to half of all [the] stock markets.” The title of this post is the title of the first link. Please re-read the first sentence and let it sink in to grasp the meaning of this shocking revelation. I think most citizen-investors around the world assumed that all stocks were owned by private investors, sovereign investment funds, pension funds, mutual funds, etc. Not true! The first three links reveal that vast amounts of stock equities are owned by the US Federal Reserve Board and other central banks! The Fed and the central banks have surely been buying these stock funds with fantasy money, money created by the central banks “out of thin air.” If a private investor tried to do that, it would be called “counterfeiting.”

As the first link observes: “This has led to an artificially high stock market, and an over-analysis of the real value of tradable equities (emphasis added).” The first link also warns about the “market manipulation” that is now possible due to vast amounts of stocks being owned by the central banks, not by “real” investors. Indeed, it asks the succinct question: “Are there any markets at all that are not manipulated bubbles…?” My own opinion is that there are no truly independent markets anywhere any longer. The second link and third link offer different, but supportive, perspectives on this matter of grave importance for global financial markets of all kinds. Obviously, if the Fed and other central banks hadn’t bought massive amounts of stocks with what is essentially “funny money”‘ created out of thin air, the stock valuations in all global markets would be way lower than they are today.

I didn’t know central banks were allowed to own stocks at all. Did you? I wonder if Congress even knows?

The fourth link describes “dark trading pools” of capital that are controlled secretively by the big players on Wall Street and other global markets. As you read the fourth link, ask yourself again the first link’s question: “Are there any markets at all that are not manipulated bubbles?”

If central banks own such vast tracts of stocks, it allows for the possibility of them creating a financial crisis at a time of their choosing by selling massive amounts of their stock holdings in a coordinated global fashion. This could cause a stock market crash that no one would have seen coming. Revelation 17-18′s prophecy about the collapse of the global financial markets in the latter days leaves one with the impression that investors and average merchants are shocked by the sudden collapse of the global markets. Previous posts at this website have discussed various possible “triggers” for the fulfillment of this prophecy. Now we have another possible “trigger” for that prophecy being fulfilled. The Fed and central banks could deliberately cause a financial meltdown in stock markets by coordinated selling of their equity holdings. Why would they do that? To gain control of the world’s corporations by buying them up with fantasy money when their valuations are at very low levels would be one explanation. It may also be arranged by a shadowy group of insiders who want to dump the current monetary/financial system so they can bring in a new global financial and monetary system that allows for them to control the world’s monetary transactions and, thereby, control all people. That is exactly what Revelation 17-18 and Revelation 13:16-18 prophecy will happen. The “seven heads and ten horns” are prophesied to deliberately take down the current financial and monetary system to impose a new one of their own making on the world. We may be drawing close to such an event happening. As these links reveal, the means to do it already exist.

Ask yourself another question: Did the establishment media bother to tell you anything about the very important information in these links?

  1. http://www.examiner.com/article/federal-reserve-and-other-central-banks-own-close-to-half-of-all-stock-markets
  2. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-06-15/cluster-central-banks-have-secretly-invested-29-trillion-market
  3. http://www.financialsense.com/contributors/cris-sheridan/central-banks-buying-stocks
  4. http://wallstreetonparade.com/2014/07/who-owns-the-u-s-stock-market/

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Report: Big US Banks Not Ready for Another Crisis – New

August 15th, 2014

Given the many crisis situations in the world and nation that are currently consuming all the media attention, a noteworthy story has surfaced that has a possible biblical relevance. It also could impact your life in the future.

Congress held a committee meeting at which US Federal Reserve Chair, Janet Yellen, was the star witness. The topic was whether the Fed and US governmental regulatory agencies had done their Congressionally-mandated duty to determine whether the big US banks had adopted credible “living wills” in the event they collapse. The “living will” refers to a corporate “living will,” not a personal one. As the link relates, Fed Chair Yellen was “skewered” by Senator Elizabeth Warren whose questions put it on the record that the banks are not ready for another banking crisis. The link’s report also adds that Fed Chair Yellen tried to “duck” every question with obfuscating answers, but Sen. Warren finally tersely asked Fed Chair Yellen: “Have you ever gotten to a plan that you can say with a straight face is credible?” As the link notes, even the governmental agencies were finally forced to admit that none of the big banks’ plans for meeting a new major financial/banking crisis were credible. You can read in the link the specific reasons why none of the big US banks had plans that were credible, and the article names the 11 banks that are supposed to have been working on credible plans to how to be able to implement their own bankruptcies without damaging the US economy and financial markets during a fiscal crisis. The link specifically focuses on how vast the effect on US markets would be if the mega-bank, J.P Morgan, went bankrupt.

So, even though the big banks came close to an existential fiscal crisis in 2008 that could have collapsed global economies and markets, they have done apparently nothing in terms of being ready for the next big fiscal/monetary crisis. This is very much a cause for concern, as the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and China’s amassing of vast quantities of gold and silver may be harbingers of a future financial/monetary crisis that could be deliberately precipitated by Russia and China in retaliation for current US sanctions against Russia. I’m not specifically predicting this will happen, but it is a possibility. I have little doubt that Russia and China, being strategic allies, are likely considering such a move behind closed doors to “put the USA in its place.”

The article makes the further observation that the US regulators of the big US banks really don’t have their hearts in regulating the big banks with any serious oversight. Why is that? Could it be that the top regulators of the US governmental agencies don’t want to antagonize the big banks because they want cushy jobs at those banks when they leave “government service?”

Prophetically, this has ramifications for the eventual fulfillment of the prophecy in Revelation 17-18 that the world will experience a global financial/monetary meltdown at the end of this age just prior to the arrival of the “beast” system on the earth. This prophecy came within a few hours of being fulfilled in 2008 as that is how long former US Secretary of the Treasury Paulson said the global economy was to collapse at that time. The big banks, US regulators and the US Federal Reserve have apparently taken none of the warnings of the 2008 near-collapse to heart. The link’s content indicates that the USA and world are just as vulnerable to a big banking collapse today as they were in 2008. This little-noticed Congressional Hearing brought to light the fact that the big US banks are very vulnerable to a fiscal crisis, and that their vulnerability makes the entire nation vulnerable to the consequences of the big banks’ failure to prepare “credible” plans to deal with their own future bankruptcies. While I’ve mentioned it in several previous posts, Revelation 17: 8 and 10 foretell the prophesied collapse of the current world economic order will occur in “one day” and “one hour.” Now that all global stock, currency and commodity markets are digitally electronically linked together, a cascading crisis in one market could easily spread to all markets within an hour or a day. That almost happened in 2008. In order for this biblical prophecy to be literally fulfilled, the God who inspired the book of Revelation had to know in advance that mankind’s knowledge level would progress so far that such a digitally enabled, global collapse would be possible. Daniel 12:4 and Matthew 37 anticipated just such an exponential knowledge explosion in the latter days. For in-depth, historical information on why the Bible calls our current global financial system “Babylon the Great,” I urge you to read my article, The Babylonian Origin of the Modern Banking System. I think you will find it most revealing.

While it may be only coincidental, it may be worth noting that the modern nation located where ancient Babylon was located, Iraq, is in the process of disintegration, crisis and possible national collapse. I wonder if the crisis and apparent collapse of the modern nation where ancient Babylon used to be located is an omen that the modern, global, financial system named after ancient Babylon might be nearing its fall as well? I suggest readers, if they have not done so, read my recent post examining the possibility that three biblical indicators are simultaneously pointing to the year 2015 as a crucial year for biblical prophetic fulfillment.

One last thought. The aforementioned Senator Warren is being touted as a possible competitor to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential nominating process in 2016. She is a liberal, but it’s worth noting that the link indicates that she is no friend or fan of the US Federal Reserve Board or the big US banks. That may prove to be important in the future.


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The Bombing Campaign That Should Be Happening vs ISIS – New

August 12th, 2014

Surely, many readers are watching closely what is happening in northern Iraq where ISIL forces are running loose unopposed by anyone in the region other than the Kurdish Peshmerga forces. The Kurds are to be admired and complimented not only for their determination in fighting ISIL, but in providing sanctuary for those who are fleeing ISIL’s madmen. The Kurds have sheltered refugees from ISIL’s terrorists whether the refugees are moderate Sunnis, Shiites, Christians, Yazidis, etc. Is anyone else confused about the terminology of the terrorists in this action? First they were called ISIL, then ISIS, and now the “Islamic State.” Let’s just call them what they are: Evil.

The first link offers information about the limited US air strikes vs. ISIL’s terrorist army. The second link is a USA Today editorial that states Obama “was caught flat-footed by the rapid advance of Islamic State extremists.” That is correct. While Obama has authorized a few air strikes vs. ISIL, they are sporadic and inadequate at best. So far, I’ve only read or heard that the air strikes have destroyed some ISIL artillery, a couple mortar positions and some trucks. Excuse me. We are using US air strikes to target mere mortar positions and some trucks while allowing ISIL’s tank and armored columns to be untargeted? That sure is an odd and ineffective way to fight an opponent. The third link offers an opinion that the minimal air strikes being done by the USA are not likely to be very effective at stopping the ISIL advance (I agree). Thankfully, the USA is sending some badly-needed arms to the Kurds to help them fight ISIL and protect the hundreds of thousands of refugees they are sheltering (fourth link). Reportedly, even this minimal initial help has helped the Kurds recapture two towns from ISIL (fifth link).

Everyone needs to realize how evil ISIL/ISIS the Islamic State is. They have beheaded and crucified Christians and others. I’ve included some links about these atrocities in previous posts and you can find more information via a web search. I listened to a former military expert being interviewed on a cable news program last night that these terrorists are “pure evil.” He was correct. Today, I heard on a cable TV news program that a five year-old boy was cut in half by these terrorists because he was a Christian. Why is the world inert when such evil is on the march? Where is Turkey, a NATO nation? It does nothing. The sixth link indicates Turkey will continue to do nothing. Where is Saudi Arabia? It has done nothing. Where is Jordan? Even though ISIL has threatened to kill Jordan’s king and invade Jordan next, Jordan’s military (like Turkey’s and Saudi Arabia’s) have done…nothing.  Are they all paralyzed with fear? The central government of Iraq is politically paralyzed, and is doing…nothing meaningful to stop ISIL. So far the Iraqi central government has done the most to strengthen ISIL because the Iraqi “army” flees ISIL at the first sign of combat and leaves all the advanced US weaponry behind for ISIL to seize and use. Why didn’t they at least drive all the tanks and armored vehicles back to Baghdad if they were going to retreat?

I hate to say ‘”I told you so,” but in December 2013, I warned in a post that an Al Qaeda army of terrorists was forming in Syria and that their threat would grow and endanger other nations in the Mideast (last link). It has happened. Too bad the White House, the US Defense Department and the State Department weren’t reading my blog last year. They would have had a “heads up” on what was obvious to even a mere layman like myself. Now the Obama administration is reacting in a very desultory manner to this army of evil that is on the loose in the Mideast. There is a biblical prophecy that comes to mind in watching the USA doing next to nothing about this advance of evil, and watching the rest of the world do nothing at all about it. Leviticus 26 is a prophecy about the future for the ancient Israelites who had entered a covenant with the Creator God to obey him. It outlined blessings that would befall their descendants if they obeyed God and curses that would befall them if they disobeyed. The ancient Israelites split into two kingdoms, Israel and Judah, and both nations collapsed and went into exile due to their sins in breaking their covenant with God. Their descendants are also bound by the blessings and curses pronounced in Leviticus 26. Their descendants include the USA and many of the European NATO nations, as my books, audio messages and articles document. When the USA and the western world was a dominantly-Christian bloc, they were ascendant and powerful in the world. The USA had the greatest military and economic power of any nation or empire ever seen on the earth at the end of World War II. The USA was then solidly Christian. It has steadily deteriorated into a nation that is rebelling against God’s ordained laws and natural order. As it has rebelled against God, it has steadily gone downhill. In Leviticus 26:19, one of the curses pronounced upon Israelites who disobeyed God’s laws was that God would “break the pride of [their] power.” That is happening in the modern world. Christians (and many others) are being persecuted, killed, thrown into exile, and even beheaded and crucified at times in Syria and Iraq. The historically Christian nations of Europe do…nothing. The predominately Christian USA does… almost nothing. It amazes me that the USA has the power to hurl back ISIL’s advance easily and perhaps even destroy it with a brief but intense bombing campaign, but is merely bombing a few trucks and a couple mortar positions so far.

At the risk of sounding like a Ronald Reagan fan (which I was and am), here is the kind of air war I’d have launched against ISIL/ISIS if I had been president of the USA. I’d have launched the first phase of the air war with no warning to ISIL/ISIS forces so they had no time to prepare for the attack or disperse their forces. I’d have attacked while their armored columns and fighters were all still packed together in columns. The first phase would have been B-52 and B-1 bombers dropping a “carpet bomb” attack on their advancing columns. That would have left their surviving forces in shock. The next phase would have been an attack by a squadron of A-10 “Warthog” attack planes which I’d have prepositioned in a friendly Kurdish airport along with their ground support crews. The A-10s would have hit the surviving ISIL/ISIS tanks minutes after the B-52s and B-1s had turned the terrorist army into a devastated mass of shocked survivors, and eliminated whatever was left. The A-10s are the world’s best airplanes for attacking armored columns. They are designed specifically for that task and they are very effective. I’d have sent an electronic jamming plane with the A-10′s in case the terrorist army had any functioning anti-aircraft capacities left to use against the A-10s. I’d have had the A-10s roam freely throughout northern Iraq taking out ISIL/ISIS armor and fighters wherever they could find them, utilizing the latest satellite intelligence to hit them quickly. [The A-10s are an excellent and needed asset but the Obama administration wants to retire them all. What on earth is he thinking?] I think one 24-hour period of such attacks would have ISIL/ISIS reeling and their adherents would be fleeing back to their villages and tribes in an attempt to survive. I’d have armed the Kurds with better weapons so they could have surged out of their mountainous region to fight ISIL/ISIS on the northern Iraqi plains with US close air support. I’d let the Kurds keep any functioning armor or weaponry that ISIL/ISIS fighters abandoned. Politically, the Kurds, the only real entity so far with the guts to fight ISIL/ISIS, need to be rewarded. Again, if I were the president of the USA, I’d suggest the Kurds declare an independent Kurdistan in the region they occupied and I’d have the US State Department announce that the USA was the first nation to recognize it as a political nation. I’d also sign an alliance agreement with the Kurds which would result in the Kurds receiving US weaponry and the US receiving the right to build a major airbase in Kurdistan. The Kurds have been faithful US allies for many years, and they deserve to be so recognized and rewarded. They could work out their borders with the Shiite region of the old Iraq in negotiations.

The above was what I would do if I were the president of the USA. Will it happen? No, it won’t, because the USA is led by people who have “lost the pride of the power” that God once gave us. We also have a US commander-in-chief who possibly couldn’t even properly sight-in the aiming system of a BB gun, much less understand how to apply and use real military power.  His indecisive use of air power has given the enemy the chance to disperse their forces and make them harder to hit in fixed columns.

Remember years ago when the USA declared a “war on terrorism” when the terrorists were hidden and hard to locate? Well, we now have a large terrorist army operating openly in large formations and killing at will in a large portion of the Mideast. At a time when we could be hitting the terrorists hard and effectively with air strikes, the US government’s “war on terrorism” still focuses on having people take off their belts and shoes at airports. The “war on terrorism” has become a farce.

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Egyptian-Israeli-Saudi Alliance Deepens

August 9th, 2014

One little-noticed consequence of the Israeli-Hamas war in Gaza is that prominent Islamic nations in the region are abandoning Hamas’ cause and tilting toward Israel. This trend is becoming more pronounced.

But first, the 72-hour cease-fire between Hamas and Israel is over and the Hamas-Israeli conflict has again become active (first link). Personally, it seems to me that while Hamas still has rockets to fire at Israel, the Israelis may be running short of meaningful targets to attack in Gaza. Israel appears to have destroyed all of the Hamas tunnels into Israel and clobbered Hamas’ rocket inventories and many of its launching sites. At this point, the Israelis have got to be concerned about expending their inventory of Iron Dome missiles while the far-greater threat of rocket and missile attack from Hezbollah in southern Lebanon remains a real threat. Indeed, Hezbollah, may be counting how many times the Iron Dome system has fired its interceptor missiles at Hamas rockets. It is not impossible that Hezbollah could seize on the end of the Israeli-Hamas conflict as the best time to open fire at the Israelis, as their supply of Iron Dome interceptor missiles will be low.

The second link reports the remarkable news that the Saudi King gave a five-minute statement about the Hamas-Israeli conflict which was interpreted as a Saudi criticism of Hamas and was noteworthy in that it lacked any of the past knee-jerk condemnations of Israel that previous such conflicts had evoked. The lack of any Saudi criticism of Israel in the matter speaks volumes. The Saudi king further called Hamas “terrorists” and added that they were “distorting the image of Islam.”

The second link also notes that Egypt and Israel have become “tightly-cleaved military allies.” Not many media reports ever mention it, but Hamas is being blockaded by Egypt as well as Israel. Egypt is destroying Hamas’ tunnels between Egypt and Gaza just as Israel is doing the same thing to Hamas’ tunnels between Gaza and Israel (third link). While Israel has reportedly destroyed about 32 Hamas tunnels into Israel, the third link reports the Egyptians have destroyed an amazing 1,639 tunnels between Egypt and Gaza. Egypt, quite logically, sees Hamas as its enemy. Hamas was an ideological ally of the Muslim Brotherhood which almost destroyed Egypt in their brief reign of terror over Egypt and which is now outlawed by the new Egyptian government. Hamas is also allied to the Islamic radicals who are attacking and killing Egyptian police and soldiers in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and who also target Egyptian buildings for terrorist attacks.

For several years, my posts have regularly expressed my expectation that Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Jordan would become allies against Iran, based on the wisdom of the adage: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” I think that all three of these Islamic nations have come to two common conclusions. The first is that Hamas and the Palestinians will be of no use whatsoever to them in any future war or confrontation with Iran, while the Israelis would be of crucial assistance as an ally. The second is that as long as the USA is led by President Obama, the USA cannot be trusted as an ally. Egypt harbors an understandable grievance toward the USA by the latter’s perceived support of the Muslim Brotherhood during the civil unrest in Egypt and Obama’s failure to support long-time American ally, Hosni Mubarak. The Saudis are reportedly angry about those same things as well as Obama’s failure to live up to his “red-line” commitment during the Syrian civil war.

Biblically, none of the modern nations descended from Abraham are named in the Ezekiel 38:2-6 list of the members of the latter-day, Gog-Magog alliance. The Saudis and many other Arab nations are widely believed to be descended from Ishmael (last link), the son of Abraham and Hagar (a belief I share). Jordan is descended from Lot, Abraham’s nephew (Genesis 11:27), and Amman, the capital city of Jordan, still bears the name of Ammon, a son of Lot (Genesis19:36-38).  Egypt, a prominent regional power, is not mentioned as being in the Gog-Magog camp either. Since Egypt was always a major nation in the times when the books of the Bible were written, its omission from the Ezekiel 38:2-6 list is particularly noteworthy. Israel also needs new allies, as it cannot be sure of the USA’s support under Obama either. Obama’s negative rant against Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, caught on an open mike while Obama was speaking with former French leader Sarkhozy, will be remembered throughout Israel as long as Obama is president. Iran is Israel’s implacable enemy so Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt know that the Israelis will be a reliable ally against Shiite Persian Iran.

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  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ishmael

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Did Israel Receive Divine Help in the Recent Hamas War?

August 7th, 2014

Several readers and friends have sent me this link, and I think all readers of this blog would benefit from reading it as well. The link details that on several occasions, Israeli soldiers and targeted cities were protected from Hamas rockets and missiles by Divine actions. It makes a very good case, in my opinion. Let’s assume the information in the article is all accurate as reported.

The article focuses on a Hamas missile that was fired at high-value Israeli targets in Tel Aviv. The highly effective Israeli Iron Dome anti-missile system failed twice to lock-on to the missile and destroy it. That in itself is highly unusual. Then when it seemed the missile was about to impact in Tel Aviv, causing major damage and many casualties, a strong east wind suddenly came out of nowhere and blew the missile harmlessly off-course from its target. Two comments on this appear appropriate immediately. For a fast-traveling missile to be blown suddenly off its course when it is on its final trajectory, that east wind has to be very strong, indeed! Also, for it to come into existence precisely at the moment that it was needed to prevent a Hamas missile from doing major damage to Israel, seems too timely to be coincidental. The article also describes an incident where Israeli soldiers were saved by a suddenly appearing fog and that even the Hamas supporters were so frustrated at the inability of their rockets to hit their targets that they attributed their rockets’ misses to Israel’s God!

Personally, I find these accounts of Divine intervention to be believable. It is entirely consistent with biblical prophecy and the times in which we live. Zephaniah 2 (a prophecy I’ve cited often lately) declares that the people of Judah (Israelis/Jews) will have a Divine right to live in the old Promised Land during the latter-day period of prophetic time. God designated the seacoast (where Tel Aviv is) and the city of Ashkelon to be a part of their territory in this prophecy (verses 6-7) and Zechariah 12 and 14 adds that the city of Jerusalem will be inextricably linked to Judah’s homeland in the latter days. Zephaniah 2:8-11 specifically records God’s anger at those groups who “magnify themselves against [Judah's] border.” Hamas and Hezbollah are two organizations that fit that description of groups God will be against in the latter days. Given that prophecy and the fact that we are provably living in the latter days (see my article on this subject), it is altogether appropriate and to be expected that God would take actions to implement his prophecies in the latter days. In the event some readers desire more information confirming that the modern Israelis/Jews are the biblical tribe of Judah, please read my article, Four Reasons the Jews are Judah.

Tel Aviv is known for being a non-observant Jewish city, yet this “seacoast” city was saved by what can only be described as a Divine action. Perhaps more people in Tel Aviv will become observant as a result of this action as it becomes known to them. I also think more people in the world ought to fear God and pay more attention to his Bible in these latter days as instances of such Divine interventions occur.


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Saka/Scythian Burial Mound Discovered in South Kazakhstan

August 4th, 2014

I would like to thank a reader for sending me this link which I am bringing to the attention of all readers. It has photos and information about a Saka/Sarmatian/Hun burial mound found in southern Kazakhstan. I am convinced this is almost surely a Scythian/Israelite burial mound. Indeed, the dating of the burial mound all but assures it.

According to this link, the burial mound dates to the time period of the second century BC to the fourth century AD. This includes the time that the Parthian Empire was at its height ruling over what we now call Iran (ancient Persia) while various allied Scythian tribes ruled and roamed throughout south-central Asia. These were Israelite tribes that had originally been relocated into Asia when they were exiled from the ancient kingdom of Israel (II Kings 17:1-6, 18). The cities of the Medes referenced in the biblical account were in what is now northern Iran just south of the Caspian Sea. As my books document, the Israelites later fulfilled the prophecy in Isaiah 14:2 that they would rule over all the empires that had taken or held them in captivity. The Parthian Empire fulfilled that prophecy when it ruled, as an Israelite empire, over the former empires of Assyria, Babylon and Medo-Persia which had held the Israelites captive. The population of the Israelite (Scythian/Parthian/Saka/Sarmatian/Iberian/Ephthalite Hunnish) tribes also exploded as they became very numerous. This fulfilled another prophecy in Hosea 1:10 that the ten tribes of Israel would become so numerous after their exile that they would not be countable. There is a common misconception that the ten tribes of Israel would die out in their exile. Quite the contrary! Hosea 1:10 reveals that God intended to make them vastly more numerous after their exile!

The Parthian Empire lasted from approximately 250 BC to 227 AD, and in several wars, the Parthians called on their Saka/Scythian allies from south-central Asia to assist them in wars against the Roman Empire. The tomb that is the subject of this link belonged to the Scythian/Saka tribes of Israel. When Parthia fell to the native Persians circa 227 AD, they and most of their allied tribes began a massive migration into Europe in search of new homelands.  As they migrated into Europe, the Romans called them Saxons, Germans, Goths, etc. However, as my book documents, some Israelite tribes led by the Saka/Ephthalite (or Nepthalite) Huns stayed in south-central Asia and waged war on the Persians. The Persians were Zoroastrians in their religion, and they expelled the Semitic Parthians who also had many adherents of Semitic religions (Christianity and Judaism) as well as sun-worshipers.  That this tomb had no evidence of any Zoroastrian influence is consistent with its identification of an Israelite tomb from the named period of time when the Israelites fought the Zoroastrian Persians after the fall of Parthia. Even during the time of Parthia’s empire, Zoroastrianism seems to have been a distinctly Persian religion.  The Parthians practiced religious tolerance when they were in power. The Zoroastrian Persians did not.

The article names the tomb as Sarmatian (notice the similarity between the names Samaria, the ancient capital of the kingdom of Israel and Sarmatia, the land of the Sarmatians), Saks/Saka, Huns or Alans. The terms “Saks” and “Saka” preserve the name of the famous Israelite forbear, Isaac, whose name was prophesied to be stamped on many of the Israelite descendants throughout future time-periods (Genesis 21:12). The “Huns” were doubtlessly the Ephthalite (or Nephthalite) Huns who were the Israelite tribe of Naphtali. As my books document, the tribe of Naphtali stayed in Asia longer than the other Israelite tribes and continued to fight the Zoroastrian Sassanian Persians for a considerable period of time after Parthia fell. The “Alans” were an Asiatic tribe that also migrated later into Europe, according to historical sources. This located tomb is found to the north of the famous Scythian royal burial tombs that were found in the Altai Mountain region of south-central Asia.

To learn more about this period of time, I recommend my E-book, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!, or the books, Israel’s Lost Empires and Parthia-The Forgotten Ancient Superpower, from my four-book set which contains a comprehensive (and non-denominational) history of the ten tribes of Israel from the calling of Abraham to modern times. If the world understood who the Israelite tribes were throughout history and which modern nations have descended from them, it would have an electrifying effect on many people. The Bible would also be seen as the true Word of a Creator God/Elohim as so many of its prophecies about the tribes of Israel have come to pass throughout many historical periods.


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Israeli Tanks’ New High-Tech Defense System

August 2nd, 2014

While the establishment media has not mentioned it, the Israelis have deployed a second high-tech defense system in their war against Hamas. There have been many media articles about the Israeli Iron Dome defense system which shoots down the rockets and missiles fired by Hamas with incredible accuracy. Given that Hamas has fired 1000s of rockets at Israel, the Iron Dome system has surely saved many Israeli lives. However, there has been virtually no mention that the Israelis have also deployed a tank-protection system called “Trophy” which intercepts all kinds of projectiles fired by Hamas’ soldiers or anyone else at Israeli tanks.

The first two links [1, 2] describe this almost Science Fiction-like, tank-defense system. Many readers will recall that when Israel last fought Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, the Israelis lost a lot of tanks to Hezbollah anti-tank weapons used in close-quarters situations. Israel has now developed a new tank-defense system that negates almost all anti-tank threats from any kind of projectile fired at Israeli tanks. The new system immediately detects a projectile fired at a tank and fires a pod of ball bearings which explode the enemy’s projectile when it nears the target. This entire process can happen within a fraction of a second, and it is truly a remarkable tank-defense system. The Trophy system is reportedly effective against RPGs, recoilless rifles, infantry-fired anti-tank weapons, tank shells fired by Russian-type tanks, and even anti-tank missiles fired from aircraft. The inability of an enemy to destroy an Israeli tank under combat conditions is an incredible “force multiplier” for the entire Israeli armored forces.

This tank-defense system has been used successfully in the current war with Hamas in Gaza. Have you noticed that there hasn’t been a single report that any Israeli tank has been destroyed or even damaged despite any Hamas effort to attack them? In using this system in the current war with Hamas in Gaza, I think Israel is sending a message to Hezbollah and all its potential enemies that the Israeli armored forces are now being equipped with a high-tech defense system which negates their anti-tank weaponry. This should provide a heightened measure of deterrence against Hezbollah provoking a war in the north of Israel as Hezbollah will now know much of its anti-tank arsenal has been rendered useless. It also makes Israel more attractive as a military ally to other nations in the Mideast and, indeed, throughout the world.

According to the second link, the USA is working to deploy a similar US system called “Bright Arrow” for US armored forces. Readers may have noticed that before the US Congress went on vacation, it approved a measure to sell a large number of Iron Dome missiles to Israel to replenish their inventories given how many missiles are currently being fired by Israeli launchers at Hamas rockets. This begs a question in my mind. It has been reported that the Iron Dome missile-defense system was jointly developed and funded by the USA and Israel. If Israel has to ask the USA for a new supply of quickly delivered Iron Dome missiles, it surely infers that the USA also has the Iron Dome anti-missile system. If the USA makes and inventories the Iron Dome missiles and Israel can request to the USA for a quick inventory replenishment for its inventory, it indicates to me that the USA also must have the Iron Dome anti-missile system deployed in undisclosed locations all over the world. Would the USA make Iron Dome missiles in large numbers and forget to make the launchers? I doubt it.

Biblically, God decreed that the tribe of Judah would again have a nation in the latter days of this current age just before Divine intervention (the “day of the Lord”)  in the world’s affairs (Zephaniah 2:1-9). Verses 6-7 specifically prophesied that the Jewish nation founded in the latter days would be on the “coast” of the old Promised Land and that the city of Ashkelon would be within the Jewish state. That was precisely fulfilled when the Israeli nation was born in 1948. It possessed the coastland of the old Promised Land and it included the city of Ashkelon. That a prophecy written circa 26 centuries ago came to pass precisely as it was originally written, in our time proves conclusively that the Bible is the word of a Creator God/Elohim who can make his word come to pass–just as he claimed he could (Isaiah 41:21-26). It also powerfully confirms that we are living in the biblical “latter days” (please read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? which examines the many evidences that we are living in the latter days.)

Zephaniah’s prophecy also foretells the Jewish Israeli nation in the latter days would be protected by God and he would make them victorious over neighboring enemies. Zechariah 12 and 14 also foretell that the Israeli nation will be protected by God and that he will intervene in its behalf at the very end of this age when World War III occurs. We Christians clearly see Zechariah 12:8-14 as prophesying that Jesus Christ (“me whom they have pierced” in verse 10) has to be the Messiah/Savior prophesied in Zephaniah 12 who will save the nation of Judah. It is also significant that both Zechariah 12 and 14 link the city of Jerusalem as being inexplicably a part of the latter-day nation of Judah–the Israeli nation. Jerusalem became the capitol of the Israeli nation when it was taken by the IDF in the 1967 war. The fact that the Israelis took control of Jerusalem fulfilled the prophecies in Zechariah 12 and 14 that Judah (the Israelis) would control Jerusalem in the latter days. That did not immediately take place in 1948, but was fulfilled 19 years after the founding of the Israeli nation.

God has prophesied that he will protect the Israeli nation in the latter days. It will never cease to exist. One way that God can fulfill his prophecies is to inspire the Israeli technicians and engineers to develop such systems as Iron Dome and Trophy. God does not need to hurl lightning bolts from heaven to fulfill his prophecies. Biblical accounts indicate God often works through human beings to accomplish and fulfill his will. God states that, if necessary, he will control the decisions of national leaders to make sure his prophecies get fulfilled (Proverbs 21:1).

As an aside, the third link records a media story that the famous statesman, Henry Kissinger, has reportedly predicted the end of the state of Israel in the Mideast within ten years. Kissinger’s prophecy will fail. The Bible’s prophecies will be fulfilled. The Israeli nation will not be extinguished.

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China and Argentina Enter “Comprehensive Strategic Partnership”

July 30th, 2014

The ink is barely dry on the new BRICS development bank deals, and already another nation is signing on to this new global alliance. Argentina has just signed an agreement in which it is entering a “comprehensive strategic partnership” with China. These links [1, 2] are from Chinese and Indian media sources. I doubt that you will find this important development highlighted (or even reported) in the establishment American media.

The links detail the specifics of a very close bilateral alliance that Argentina and China are creating. The deal includes massive Chinese investment in Argentina. It will involve minerals development, major infrastructure development, construction of a new nuclear power plant, etc. China will also build for Argentina eleven ships worth almost a half-billion dollars. The links do not specify whether the eleven ships are civilian merchant ships to carry Argentine minerals to China, military ships or some of both categories.

There is a line in the first link that particularly caught my attention. It states that Argentina and China will “deepen strategic cooperation in…finance.” Coming just after Chinese President Xi Jinping joined Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa in founding an international BRICS bank and Development Fund which will begin with $150 billion in assets, the Chinese President has, in my view, induced Argentina to become a member of the new BRICS international trading and monetary order that will not include the USA, the US Federal Reserve Bank, Wall Street or the US dollar. Argentina is laboring under an IMF set of instructions on its internal economy and it is likely eager to dump IMF controls in order to be a part of the “new economic order” being created by the BRICS nations. The “strategic cooperation” between Argentina and China will, in my opinion, surely include efforts to overthrow the US dollar as the global reserve currency, overthrow the USA and UK in controlling the prices of gold, silver, energy and all other commodities, etc.

In a recent post on the founding of the new BRICS bank and Development Fund, I mentioned that I expected other nations to join the BRICS nations in setting up a new monetary/financial order that will eventually overthrow the rule of the US Federal Reserve Bank, other allied central banks, Wall Street and the US dollar (called “Babylon the Great” in Revelation 17-18′s prophecy). It certainly didn’t take long to happen. Argentina just joined the BRICS nations. I urge readers to read or review that recent post as it contains my biblical perspective on these events. While it is not specifically being stated so bluntly, the new BRICS bank and Development Fund is more than just a bank or a development fund. It is a growing alliance of nations that are determined to overthrow the US dollar as the global reserve currency and replace it, most likely, with an initial group of regional currencies that are expected to be backed by gold, silver, oil and gas, etc. The fact that China is amassing a vast tonnage of gold within its borders and/or under its control is evidence, to me, that China intends that its Yuan will eventually be at least partially gold-backed. Eventually, there will be a new global currency that will be controlled by the final human governing system of this age (the “beast” system of Revelation 13, 17-18) before Jesus Christ returns.

Argentina’s decision to join the emerging world financial order being created by the BRICS nations confirms that events are moving swiftly on the world scene toward the fulfillment of the Bible’s prophecy in Revelation 17-18 that the globally-dominant, latter-day monetary and financial system will experience a massive collapse when it is torn down by “seven heads and ten horns” acting together in a coordinated fashion. That biblical imagery is not clear to us yet. It may be fulfilled by seven major world leaders supported by ten nations serving their interests, it may be seven major nations supported by ten other nations or via some other format not yet known. However, events indicate that this prophecy is heading toward fulfillment right in front of our eyes.

I expect Germany, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other nations will also join the BRICS nations in their emerging alliance that is clearly a revolt against the US dollar, the US Federal Reserve Board and Wall Street and its corporate and international allies. These accelerating developments have very ominous implications for the American people, the US government and the US currency and economy. No wonder the American elites and media don’t want Americans to know what is really happening in the world. Personally, I think that the governing elites in the USA are growing terrified of what will happen when the historically pampered American population gets a rude shock in some kind of global “re-set” and realizes just how badly they have been governed for the last few decades.


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“Electronic Capture,” the Missing Malaysian Airliner and Other Possibilities

July 28th, 2014

This post is on a very sensitive topic: what may have caused the disappearance of the missing Malaysian airliner that “vanished” over the southern Indian Ocean? It will also venture into other very sensitive topics and possibilities. The disappearance of the large Malaysian airliner is an international mystery which so far has not been explained, and the media has largely moved on to other pressing international issues. While I have already posted on this topic twice,  I will introduce a new possible explanation of this topic with a flashback to a media story which has been largely forgotten. Do you recall a story from 2011 that Iran claimed to have hijacked an American military drone by hacking into its software program and landing it at an Iranian airport (first link)? If true, this story indicated that even a very high-tech US military drone could be “electronically hijacked” by a hostile power and diverted to either a new mission or a new landing zone. Personally, I have my doubts whether Iran had the technological ability to pull this off or whether Russian and Chinese technicians actually did it while operating from within Iranian territory or airspace. However, the evidence indicates that the US drone was electronically hijacked. Obviously, if you can hijack one drone, you can hijack others as well. The US government recently revealed that it was clearly worried about the electronic hijacking of aerial drones, and is taking the danger seriously.

As many readers realize, the Obama administration has directed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to develop a program to allow the introduction of all kinds of aerial drones into US airspace by September 2015. The second link includes a very brief mention that the US government believes the danger of electronically capturing aerial drones via their software is a real one. The article states that one of the problems in developing a program to allow so many drones into US airspace in 2015 is the possibility of “protecting [aerial drones] against hijacking by software.” It was an arm of the US federal government, The National Research Council, which warned about the danger that drones could be electronically captured by some party hacking into their software. Imagine the horror that would result if someone hijacked an aerial drone and flew it right into the path of a civilian passenger jet landing at a major airport? This is just one possible danger among many others that can be imagined, as inferred from the National Research Council warning.

Now let’s ask another question: If an unmanned aerial military drone can be electronically hijacked by some external party hacking into its software programs, why couldn’t a manned warplane or a large commercial jet be electronically hijacked by some external party hacking into its software systems? Drones and airliners both utilize wireless communication signals. Why couldn’t a hijacking program piggyback itself onto a legitimate communications signal and electronically hijack a plane for some nefarious purpose? Or, why couldn’t someone hack into the autopilot control systems of a passenger airliner (or a military plane) and seize control of an airliner from the actual cabin crew? The third link (from CNN) at least hints that this may have happened to the missing Malaysian airliner that disappeared in the southern Indian Ocean. It proposes that the missing Malaysian jetliner was on “autopilot” while it was flying in a hijacked condition and that it took an “orderly path” into the southern Indian Ocean while it was electronically hijacked via its autopilot system. It also reminds us that despite an immense search throughout the southern Indian Ocean, no debris field of any crashed airliner was ever found. That no debris field was ever found strongly argues that the missing airliner landed at a location to which it was directed via its hijacked software. As my previous posts on this subject indicate, the only airfield in the southern Indian Ocean region toward which the missing Malaysian airliner flew was the massive US military complex at Diego Garcia Island. The fourth link (from the dailypaul.com website) also points the finger at the US military installation at Diego Garcia Island as a possible landing site for the missing Malaysian airliner. It briefly comments on the sophisticated military equipment at Diego Garcia, and I cannot help but believe that if the airliner had been flying toward Diego Garcia with hostile intent on the part of those who hijacked it, the airliner would have been blown out of the sky long before it ever reached Diego Garcia. If that had happened, there would have been a huge debris field with floating seats, flotation cushions, life jackets, Styrofoam cups, pieces of the fuselage, etc. very visible for everyone to see via an air-search and certainly via any satellite search. That didn’t happen so the only logical explanation is that it landed somewhere. The only way it could have landed at Diego Garcia is if its arrival was expected and the US government had approved its landing there.

The fifth link (again from CNN) has a most mysterious comment. It reports that the air traffic controllers handling the missing Malaysian airliner waited for “over four hours…to look for the missing plane.” Sorry, but that assertion makes no sense to me and begs more commentary. From my own background of about a decade in the aviation management field long ago, I know that if an airliner suddenly “went dark” as it was being handed off from one set of controllers to another, all hell would have broken loose in an effort to locate any such missing airliner immediately. I’ve several times been in the FAA “dark room” where the controllers handle airplanes and monitor their location, altitude and heading via the airplane’s transponders. Those transponders could communicate other not-generally disclosed information as well (even back in the 1970s), but that is all I’ll mention in this post. If all that transponder info disappeared off the controller’s screens suddenly for any passenger airliner, there would have been immediate efforts to scramble warplanes, have spotters look for it, etc. to locate it. It is vital to locate any plane that disappears from the controller’s view, as it becomes an immediate flight risk of colliding with other aircraft! Until controllers locate the missing plane, they cannot possibly manage the other airliners in the area without the possibility that any instructions to them could lead to an in-flight collision. Yet we are to believe the airline controllers in Malaysia and Vietnam apparently couldn’t have cared less for over four hours that a missing airliner was flying around in their skies in a region full of other airliners? I say…nonsense! The only thing that makes sense to me is that those controllers were told, “not to worry” and were told not to report its disappearance for a specific number of hours to make sure no search efforts could find the plane.

At the beginning of this post, it was noted that a US military drone was electronically hijacked and flown to Iran three years ago, and that the US government is now worried about drones deployed in US airspace being “hijacked by software.” The question to ask is obvious: Was the missing Malaysian airliner electronically hijacked, and if so, by whom? The sixth link lists a long option of links that you can search for yourself about the likelihood that the missing Malaysian airliner was electronically hijacked. I think there is no other explanation, given that no debris field was found either on land or in the Indian Ocean anywhere. This raises several very uncomfortable questions. If even an unmanned US military drone can be successfully hijacked via electronic means, can any manned warplane be hijacked too? If a civilian airliner can be hijacked electronically, does that mean any civilian airliner can potentially be a target for electronic hijacking? Can an electronic hijacking be done via a roving ground signal, via a signal from a shadowing airplane, or via a satellite or some other space-based platform? If not, then it would seem that an airliner’s autopilot system must be tampered with before the flight in order to electronically hijack a specific plane–perhaps a “logic bomb” of some kind activates within an auto-pilot system when a targeted airplane reaches a certain GPS coordinate location and then seizes control of the airliner from its cabin crew. Let’s ask an even more sensitive question. If an airplane can be electronically hijacked, can a missile be electronically hijacked as well? In other words, could an ICBM or cruise missile be electronically hijacked while it was in flight toward a target and redirected toward a new location–perhaps to a harmless location for it to detonate or perhaps to redirect it to target its own launch site? That would make for an incredible missile defense system! How hard would it be to electronically hijack a missile’s computer software to “switch” the GPS coordinates of a missile’s “launch” location and its “target” location so the missile would reverse its trajectory and fly back and impact on its launch position?

Interesting, there is a hint in Ezekiel 38-39′s prophecy that such a thing might occur during the global World War III that is prophesied to end this age on planet earth before Divine intervention occurs. Ezekiel 38-39 was written during a low-tech time and Ezekiel had only low-tech vocabulary to try and describe a high-tech war that would occur millennia in the future. The Apostle John had the same problem in Revelation. In Revelation 9, John struggles to describe what he is seeing in his vision of the same age-ending World War III time that Ezekiel foretold in his prophecy. However, it is not hard to see that John is describing warplanes, armored helicopters, tanks and armored vehicles, etc. in his vision, albeit with low-tech vocabulary. Indeed, he did a good job given the limitation of his vocabulary. Now let’s apply this same limitation to what Ezekiel wrote about. As the attack of the Gog-Magog alliance against the nations of the latter-day house of Israel and its allies unfolds, Ezekiel 39:3 foretells a very curious thing. It cites God as saying re: this future time: “I will smite your bow out of your left hand and will cause your arrows to fall out of your right hand.”

Obviously, a Divine Creator God can do this by fiat, but he often works through human actions to fulfill his word. After all, in Ezekiel 38:21, he tells the invaded nations of the latter-day house of Israel to use their own “swords” (weaponry) and fight back against their invaders! This verse makes it clear that God isn’t going to do all the fighting himself. In ancient military terminology, an “arrow” was the long-distance “missile” of its time and a “bow” was the “missile-launcher” for an archer’s arrows. Applying this to our modern high-tech military technology, “bows” would be missile-launchers for ICBMs or cruise missiles and the “arrows” would be ICBMs and cruise missiles fired from those launchers. Ezekiel 39:3 clearly foretells that many of the missile-launchers (“bows”) and their missiles (“arrows”) will not work right or will not work at all when fired. While God could do this himself, this prophecy could easily be fulfilled by the Israelite nations’ military forces using electronic-capture technology to defeat the fired missiles and/or have them re-direct their flight paths to destroy their own launch facilities. The beauty of a logic bomb that simply reverses the GPS coordinates of a missile’s “launch” and “target” points is that the attacked nations don’t even need to know where a missile was fired from–the missile would “know” where it was fired from and would automatically re-aim itself at its own launch location. This would be an extraordinarily good way of destroying the mobile ICBM launchers of an enemy nation. In closing, it is an interesting possibility that many of the Gog-Magog nations’ missiles may already have embedded in their software “brains” undetectable, passive “logic bombs” that will only activate when necessary. Who knows how much of the military targeting software that has been reportedly “stolen” by the Chinese, Russians or Iranians from the West was actually leaked to them deliberately to infect their missile control systems’ software in advance of their being used in the future?

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ISIL Now Crucifying Christians and Opponents

July 26th, 2014

The world knows that ISIL (also called ISIS) is a very radical Islamist army that is attempting to impose its brutal version of Sharia law across wide swaths of Syria and Iraq. I will continue to call them ISIL, their original name. A recent post reported that Christians were specifically ordered by ISIL to either go into exile from Mosul, Iraq’s largest northern city, or be executed. I think we are now getting indications of just how brutal ISIL really is. The photos in these links are gruesome, and you should be prepared to be outraged and shocked when you see them.

The first link reports that ISIL/ISIS crucified 9 men in a Syrian town to make an example of them. This report comes from a well-known British media outlet and other world media sources have also reported these crucifixions. The second link adds an important item at the end of its story: That the nine crucified men were crucified because they were Christians. Amazingly, one of the nine crucified men reportedly survived. ISIL/ISIS is now becoming so incredibly evil in its brutality that even the other Syrian rebel groups are waging war against ISIL as well as against Syria’s leader, Assad.

The first link reports that Syrian rebel groups have successfully driven out ISIL fighters from some regions of Syria, but it also reports that ISIL rebels are fighting Assad’s forces near Damascus. It seems hard to reconcile these reports by looking at a map, but the situation in all of eastern Syria and northern Iraq is now so confused and fluid that it is difficult to know where ISL-controlled territory really is at any given time. What is clear is that regions under its control are currently one of the most dangerous parts of the world. There are indications in the third link that not only Christians are being crucified and that forced amputations, be-headings and ripping open pregnant women’s wombs are also reported as ISIL atrocities.

The third link, from Alex Jones’ info wars site, also reports that the nine crucified men were Christians and it also reports on the mass murders of Christians in northern Nigeria by Boko Haram, the same radical Islamist group which kidnapped over 200 young girls into some kind of Islamic forced-conversion and servitude, and mentions the brutal murder of a Coptic Christian woman “by a Muslim mob” in Cairo, Egypt (I suspect she was murdered by a mob of Muslim Brotherhood radicals–the same group which the Egyptian military ousted from power and which has been outlawed in Egypt).

These stories are brought to your attention for a purpose. Jesus Christ prophesied in Matthew 24:9-10 that there would be persecutions and martyrdoms of his followers in the latter days just because they were Christians. Just because it isn’t happening in your backyard or in your comfortable city in the western world doesn’t mean that this prophecy isn’t being fulfilled already in many parts of the globe where being a Christian can get you killed. The book of Revelation contains Jesus Christ’s evaluation of/message to the various schisms and divisions of Christianity in the latter days just before his return. It is quickly apparent that Revelation 2-3′s message to the “seven churches” in the latter days accurately predicted the reality that modern Christianity is deeply divided on matters of doctrine, organization, living conditions, etc. One wing of the Christian church is typified as the “Smyrna” church (Revelation 2:8-11) which is undergoing tribulation, poverty and a state of affliction in the latter days. Jesus says nothing about their level of doctrine or understanding of theological truths. Jesus urges them simply to endure and be “faithful unto death.” On the other hand, the church typified as the “Laodicean” church (Revelation 3:14-22) is rich, comfortable and feels it has “need of nothing” even though Jesus Christ pronounces them so “lukewarm”‘ about their faith that he is ready to “spew them out of his mouth.” Some Christian writers (myself included) see Jesus’ words to them in Revelation 3:17-19 as indicating that the “Laodicean” Christians in the latter days will be sent into the great tribulation to try them in the fire (of severe suffering). Clearly, Christians who live in Syria, Iraq, northern Nigeria, parts of Egypt, etc. are accurately described as being in the “Smyrna” type of latter-day condition. Many modern Christians in comfortable western nations read reports of horrible persecutions of Christians in other nations and they yawn and think to themselves “It will never happen here” as they devote themselves to materialistic lifestyles. Such Christians are clearly in the “Laodicean” mindset.

If you have not read my article entitled, A New Look at the Seven Churches of Revelation, I urge you to do so. It examines the prophecy of Jesus Christ in Revelation 2-3 about the spiritual attitudes and physical conditions of all those who profess him as Savior in the latter days. That article examines the modern denominations of Christianity and attempts to identify which Christian denominations and groups are linked to the seven groupings of Christian churches in Jesus’ prophecy.

I’ll close with a word of encouragement for any reader who may be in a nation where being a Christian places you in the “Smyrna” situation. When the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 are unleashed into the world scene by God in the latter days, I fully expect that they will assign plagues on any and all who persecute or harm Christians anywhere in the world. Revelation 11:6 foretells that they will be able to “smite the earth with all plagues as often as they will” and that those who try to harm them will combust to death as they are consumed by heaven-sent fire. The Two Witnesses will not need to hunt down and target people or groups with the plagues they assign. They will be able to send forth plagues either by Divine dispensation via the Holy Spirit or angels will be sent to carry out their directives. I take this prophecy to be a very literal one, and I also invite you to read my article, The Two Witnesses. When these two incredibly empowered prophets appear on the scene, Boko Haram, ISIL and others who persecute or kill Christians will have nowhere to hide. They will likely “reap what they have sown (or worse).”

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