NBC: Allies Don’t Trust USA Any More - New

March 29th, 2015

These two links are so striking I thought they should be passed on to all readers of this blog to consider. NBC-TV is one of the USA’s “establishment” media sources, which has traditionally hewed to “the party line'” regarding whatever the elites want to have distributed as “news.” What makes the first link so striking is that it was on NBC-TV that a report aired that reveals that America’s allies no longer trust the USA and its present administration. What that means, of course, is that they don’t trust the Obama administration, which sets America’s policies. Does this signal that some of the elites within the USA’s governing structures are turning their backs on Obama?

The NBC news-clip reports that the Saudis did not inform the USA of their intention to begin an air campaign against the Iranian-backed Shiites in Yemen and that Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and other countries no longer trust the US administration with sensitive information. They fear the Obama administration will leak sensitive information to Iran, with whom the Obama administration seems to be pursuing a “nuclear deal at any price” kind of policy. I think their fears are well-founded.

The second link, an analysis by a retired US admiral, was sent to me by a reader, and it offers a revealing “insider” first-hand report on some of America’s policies in the Mideast dating back to the Carter administration. He “names names” regarding some of the people who have protected Iran from US military action in past years, and I recommend you listen to his revelations.

That there have been highly-placed officials in US administrations who protected Iran even before the Obama administration is very odd, given Iran’s deep and often-stated animosity toward the USA. Do these American officials recall the years when the Shah of Iran was an ally of the USA and cling to some delusion that a future regime change may bring Iran back to the American side? Ezekiel 38’s prophecy, which foretells that Persia (“Iran”) is destined by Divine decree to be allied with Russia and China in the Gog-Magog alliance at the end of our current age in an anti-Western alliance, reveals that any such desire on the part of pro-Iranian American officials is a pipe-dream.

It appears that many nations are trying to hold their breath and work around the incoherent  and contradictory policies of the Obama administration until a new president take office after the 2016 US elections. Many nations, I believe, are yearning for a president who can be relied upon to act in traditional American and allied interests and who will be able to tell the difference between allies and enemies.

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Saudis and Sunnis Stopping Iran’s Advance in Yemen - New

March 29th, 2015

As readers surely know, the Saudis have begun an aerial bombing campaign against the Iranian-backed Houthi Shiites who were in the process of taking over the nation of Yemen (first link). The Saudis are backed by a coalition of the Sunni Muslim nations, but many of these nations are likely giving just moral or nominal support. There is no question that the Saudis and their Sunni allies have said, “enough is enough” re: Iranian efforts to dominate the entire Mideast. The Iranian-backed Shiites had already run the Americans out of Yemen so they had taken on an aura of invincibility that was sapping the morale of the Sunnis in Yemen. Also, Iran could control the approaches and exits via the Suez Canal by having their missiles threaten all maritime traffic in the southern Red Sea, so this Houthi move was vital to Iran’s regional advance. Having driven the USA out of Yemen, I think the Iranians and Houthis got carried away with hubris and didn’t anticipate the Saudi military action.

The first link points out that Egypt is also “prepared to launch a ground offensive in the region.” How would this most likely occur? The nation of Sudan is part of the coalition backing the Saudi military action, and the Sudan is just south of Egypt. Egyptian army units can drive down the western side of the Red Sea via Sudanese territory and then cross over the Red Sea into Yemen, supported by Arab Sunni air forces and naval units. The Saudi air campaign may be “softening up” the Yemen region before such an invasion.

The second link reports that the Shiite Houthis may have as many as 300 Scud-type missiles under their control, and these missiles can be fired 250-600 KM depending on their type. These missiles are being targeted by Saudi air strikes, and, most ominously, the link reports many of them are aimed at Saudi Arabia. There can be no doubt that Iran and Saudi Arabia are engaged in a surrogate war within Yemen. This is a battle for the control of the Mideast and key choke points in the region. As some cable-TV commentators have noted, Iran’s Shiite bloc has effectively gained control of five Mideast capital cities (Tehran, Damascus, Beirut, Baghdad and Sanaa (in Yemen)). The Sunni bloc, led by Saudi Arabia and Egypt, has decided to fight back. Saudi Arabia’s strategic reserve force is the Egyptian military. Iran knew this and tried to destabilize Egypt via a take-over by the extremist Muslim Brotherhood. Thankfully, the Egyptian military could see what was happening and they intervened to thwart Iran’s plans. Egypt is already fighting Islamic extremists in the Sinai Peninsula, so it is ready to expand its fight by intervening alongside the Saudis in Yemen if necessary. Egypt has a huge vital interest in making sure Iranian-backed Shiites cannot control the southern approaches to the Red Sea and the Suez Canal.

The broader Arab League is meeting in Egypt now (third link), and one of their central concerns is, obviously, the war in Yemen and what each Sunni nation can do to help stop the Iranian advance in the region. In a bizarre twist, the USA is helping the Sunni Saudis in Yemen by rescuing its downed pilots (last link), but the USA is assisting the Shiite Islamic forces inside Iraq by bombing the Sunni radicals of ISIS. It appears that Iraq is so broken as a nation that that there are no more “good guys” inside Iraq other than the Kurds. It’s pathetic that the US military defeated Saddam Hussein’s army and took control of all of Iraq in a swift and decisive military victory. However, by doing a swift withdrawal from Iraq, Obama created a void into which ISIS and the Iranians have moved. The US military won Iraq, but the Obama administration and the US State department diplomats lost Iraq. Now we are reaping in Iraq the whirlwind of bad decisions. The terrible policy mistakes of the Obama administration have apparently resulted in a situation where all the members of the US military who gave their lives or were injured in the Iraqi War made their sacrifices in vain. This is beyond sad.

According to Saudi news conferences, Saudi spokesmen are stating that a ground campaign in Yemen is all but inevitable. An air campaign will not be enough to drive the Houthi Shiites back to their northern redoubts. My cable-TV system offers Al Jazeera America, which I have found to be an excellent source of information. They have huge resources in the Mideast and easily offer the most complete coverage of the Yemenite war. If you can watch it on your cable-TV or satellite-TV system, I urge you to do so. It is on Al Jazeera America that I watch the Saudi news conferences on the progress of the Yemenite War. Personally, I think the owners of that news network should have called it International Network News (or INN for short).

Biblically, we are seeing more end-game maneuvering in global geopolitics, the outcome of which will determine the final alignments of nations in the prophesied rival alliances revealed in Ezekiel 38-39. We know Iran (“Persia”) will be in the Russian- and Chinese-led Gog Magog alliance (Ezekiel 38:5), but none of the Sunni Arab, none of the nations descended from Abraham, or Egypt are mentioned as being in the final Gog-Magog alliance. This argues that the Saudi-led and Egyptian-led Sunni bloc will not be part of the ultimate Gog-Magog alliance. As the rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia/Egypt grows more intense, this outcome is very logical given modern events.

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Will Congress Finally Audit the US Federal Reserve Board? - New

March 26th, 2015

The first link reports that Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky (and a likely GOP presidential candidate) has introduced a bill in the US Senate to audit the Federal Reserve Board. It will be very interesting to see what happens with this bill and any companion bill in the US House of Representatives this year. Last year, the GOP-controlled House passed a bill to audit the Fed, but the Democrat-controlled Senate refused to agree. This year, the GOP controls both houses of the US Congress. Now we will see if the GOP is really serious about auditing the Fed or whether last year’s vote in the House was only “for show.” This year, the GOP cannot blame Sen. Harry Reid or the Democrats for not passing the bill. Indeed, Sen. Paul’s bill may be an effort to warn the Senate and House GOP leaderships they he intends to “hold their feet to the fire” on this issue. If the GOP leaderships do not pass a bill to audit the Fed, Sen. Paul will gain a major national campaign issue and a possible advantage over any of his GOP rivals who want to shield the Fed from any audit. It may be that some members of Congress voted to audit the Fed when they knew it was only “for show,” but they may be reluctant to vote for it when it really matters. Presidents and Congresses all love to spend more money than the US Treasury takes in, so they actually benefit from having the Fed as it can create “funny money” to finance the federal government’s excess spending.

If the Congress does vote to audit the Fed, will it be a real forensic audit or just a superficial “gloss-over” which gives the impression of an audit without really getting into the real machinations and interactions of the inner sanctum of the Fed, its officers and its main outside contacts in the big banks and Wall Street institutions?

I just watched on Al Jazeera America, a cable-TV network, a one-hour documentary movie entitled “Money for Nothing,” which is a well-documented expose of the Federal Reserve Board’s role in manipulating/inflating the US money supply, or causing either Depressions or financial “Bubbles” with its monetary policies. The program showed the movie/documentary was made in 2013, and it is most interesting. It is not a ‘fringe” production; It includes segments of interviews with many former Fed insiders and Members. I had hoped to pass on this link to readers, but it is apparently an item which must be purchased on-line. The second link offers links with trailers from the movie and ways to obtain copies if you wish to do so. Since Al Jazeera America’s news network ran it in its entirety, that outlet may run it again in the future. If your cable-TV or satellite-TV connection offers Al Jazeera America, you can consult its schedule guide to see when/if it will air the entire program again. I will briefly summarize just some of its main points. It asserts that Alan Greenspan, former Fed Chairman, essentially “played God with the business cycle,” and instituted what became known as the “Greenspan put,” (later the “Bernanke Put”) which allowed banking and financial institutions to make reckless gambles with cheap money knowing that the Fed would bail them out of their bad decisions and investments. This was euphemistically called “the socialization of risk,” but what it meant was taxpayers being put on the hook to bail out the big banks and investment houses. It also asserts that the Fed bailed out the global investment system from a systemic banking failure in the post-2008 crash by loaning $4,000,000,000,000 to large banks, both foreign and domestic.

In 2014, one of my posts included a link which reported that the global central banks owned approximately half the equity investments of the entire world as of 2012. I’ve included the referenced link as the third link in this post. if this is true, it means that the global equity markets have been artificially propped up with “funny money” created by central banks. It is logical to assume that since the US Federal Reserve Bank creates the US dollar, the global reserve currency, much if not most of that total was money created by the US Fed. Look at the chart in the third link and ask yourself: Where would the value of stocks and all equity markets be today if the central banks had not created any of the money with which they propped up the value of those equities?

There are many “conspiracy theories” about the US Federal Reserve Board. I don’t claim to be familiar with them all, but I found a fascinating link (fourth link) which, while defending the Fed against some attacks, inadvertently exposes the Fed with the truth. In its effort to deny one theory vs. the Fed (that it is owned by foreign banks and monied interests), it actually reveals that the Fed is owned by consortiums of domestic US banks and lending institutions which are required to buy shares in the Federal Reserve Board District in which they are domiciled. It states the Fed is not required to reveal its stockholders as it is not a publicly-traded corporation. This actually admits the Fed is not an agency of the US Federal Government, but rather is a private bank.

The fifth link reports that there may be a bit of a civil war going on within the Fed and the overall US banking system. The retiring President of the Dallas Federal Reserve Board district has called for the reining in of the power of the New York District of the Federal Reserve Board, and his call has been supported by influential members of the US Congress. Perhaps in an effort to forestall any Congressional action to restructure the Fed or audit it, the Washington, DC national office of the Federal Reserve Board has moved to do exactly that (see sixth link with a report dated March 25, 2015). This action is unprecedented. Is it too strong an observation to assume that the New York District of the Federal Reserve Board was just “defrocked” by the Fed’s office in the US capitol? This indicates that major things are happening behind closed doors where the media and public are not allowed to tread.

It also indicates to me that we are drawing closer to the fulfillment of the prophecies in Revelation 17-18 that there will be a global systemic collapse of the financial/monetary markets in the latter days, and that the status quo system (which is the US dollar-based global system with the US Federal Reserve as its beating heart) will be replaced by a new “beast” system. Revelation 17:16 uses language indicating that this collapse will be a painful and traumatic event. It is hardly a “fringe” prediction to state that this will happen in our future. In 2008, then-Secretary of the US Treasury Paulson warned that the global system was within hours of just such a collapse in 2008.

Some may be looking forward to the collapse of the US Federal Reserve Board. On the good side, it will be a benchmark event that confirms the Holy Bible’s prophecies are coming to pass, but it will also likely have its most deleterious effects on US citizens, businesses and banks. The US Federal Reserve creates the endless supply of US dollars that “floats all boats” in all kinds of financial bubbles and creates easy money for the USA. When the dollar ceases to be the global reserve currency, it means the USA will have to begin suddenly to live within its means and all kinds of federal government spending cutbacks will be required. Since states and local governments receive lots of federal “funny money” to finance their own budgets, that federal funding may dry up overnight when the crisis hits. If so, state and local governments will have to make major spending cuts as well. Things could get really painful real fast. Be careful what you wish for.

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Senator Ted Cruz’s Wife Is a Goldman Sachs Executive - New

March 24th, 2015

Conservative Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has become the first candidate to announce his intent to seek the GOP nomination for the US presidency (first link). I’ve always liked Sen. Cruz’s conservative voting record, but have long felt that since Texas is virtually certain to vote for the GOP candidate in the 2016 presidential election, Sen. Cruz does nothing to help the GOP math in the Electoral College. Today, I learned something else that troubled me.

As the second link and third link document, Sen. Cruz’s wife is an executive for Goldman Sachs, the very prominent, “insider” Wall Street bank. Goldman Sachs is very close to the US Federal Reserve Board and it is one of the most important and influential insider entities in the global banking/financial system (which I have often identified as the Babylon the Great entity of Revelation 17-18 in the Prophecy category of this blog). Many media articles exist documenting the virtual “revolving door” that exists between top corporate positions at Goldman Sachs and top US government jobs (see last link which includes many articles on this topic). Somehow, I’m uncomfortable supporting a candidate who is “in bed” with the insider elites.

Here is my personal opinion on what is happening. Sen. Cruz made a very odd choice regarding a site at which to announce his candidacy. He went to Liberty College to make his announcement, a college founded by Pastor Jerry Falwell of the old Moral Majority. Since Sen. Cruz unquestionably has one of the most conservative voting records in the Senate already, he didn’t need any more conservative credentials. He very much needed to take some centrist steps to appeal to a wider constituency to actually win the GOP nomination. Announcing his candidacy at Liberty College enhances his appeal to Evangelical Christian voters, but he already appealed to them. Making his announcement at a college founded by Jerry Falwell only served to “type-cast” him as an ultra-conservative candidate in the eyes of many other Republicans and especially in the eyes of the general electorate. So I wonder…

Given that Sen. Cruz is married to an executive of the insider Wall Street firm of Goldman Sachs, and since Jeb Bush is a member of the Bush family which has long been a part of the insider elites of the GOP party, could Sen. Cruz actually be running to divide the conservative vote in the GOP nominating process to help Jeb Bush win the nomination? The more conservatives who enter the GOP nomination race, the better the chances are for Jeb Bush to win the nomination. I obviously don’t know if that was the intent behind Sen. Cruz’s nomination, but his making his candidacy announcement at one of the most identifiable Evangelical Christian sites could help split the conservative, Christian base of the GOP party among many conservative candidates who are likely to enter the race in future months.

In the “smoke-filled rooms” (if they still smoke) of the GOP’s top strategists, they have surely concluded that the electoral college math requires the GOP to hold on to the states they won in 2012 plus win in Florida and Ohio to win those states’ electoral votes. In order to have the best chance of doing that, they need a popular candidate from each state on the GOP ticket. That means they need a Bush-Kasich ticket or a Rubio-Kasich ticket (John Kasich being the popular GOP governor of Ohio and Sen. Rubio being a popular Florida senator). Jeb Bush, I believe, is the choice of the insider elites which include Goldman Sachs and its affiliated Wall Street/Federal Reserve Board crowd, but Sen. Rubio of Florida would be an attractive candidate who would uniquely appeal to Hispanics, a national constituency, because Sen. Rubio (like Sen. Cruz) is a Hispanic.

Personally, I think Sen. Cruz’s choice regarding where he made his announcement guaranteed he will win a lot of Evangelical Christian votes, and it also likely guaranteed he will not be the GOP nominee for President. If he attracts a lot of Christian conservatives to vote for him, they will not be voting for Jeb Bush’s other rivals for the nomination and this will marginalize the Evangelical Christian vote by splitting it among many candidates within the GOP nominating process. This result would be extremely pleasing to the executives of Goldman Sachs and the insider Wall Street crowd. Sen. Cruz’s wife is an executive with Goldman Sachs.

Hmm. Do you think this is all an accidental coincidence?

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Mideast Chaos Could Lead to Global Chaos - New

March 23rd, 2015

Yesterday, I watched Fox News Sunday, hosted by Chris Wallace. It was very informative and surprisingly candid about how bad things are getting in the Mideast. I suggest you watch it. For purposes of this blog, I’ll summarize its content as it discussed the Mideast. The Mideast crisis is clearly getting worse across many nations, and could lead to very serious consequences for the entire world as soon as later this year.

Chris Wallace surprised me by firmly asserting that he thought the rift between Israel and the Obama administration was more the fault of Obama than Netanyahu. He cited Netanyahu’s peace feelers after his election victory and Obama’s brusque rejection of them. Panelist Bob Woodward stated he thought the worst threat in the Mideast came from the Iran nuclear negotiations (more on that later). Panelist Laura Ingraham called Obama’s attitude “petulant,” and fellow panelist Liz Cheney typified Obama’s policies as not connected to the real world (I think many nations agree with that view). I think it was panelist Judy Woodruff who warned that American Jewish voters will start switching to the GOP due to Obama’s intensifying anti-Israeli policies and attitudes. The fact that Obama has threatened to abandon Israel at the UN and take a more pro-Iranian tilt entered into their discussion. Some of these views used to be “fringe” topics; now things are deteriorating so rapidly that mainstream commentators are discussing them.

Let’s do a quick review of the rapidly-increasing Mideast chaos. The nation of Yemen, which Obama months ago hailed as policy success for his administration, has morphed into one of Obama’s greatest foreign policy failures. The nation has descended into religious conflict between Iranian-supported Houthis and Sunni tribal factions. However, Iran is an enemy of the USA, Israel and the West, and they now control Yemen’s capital, the Red Sea approaches to Egypt’s Suez Canal (a huge strategic choke point), and today I heard on cable news that they have also captured a key Yemenite air field. If so, Iran can fly in major weaponry to them, including heavy cruise missiles to block the Suez Canal. It is also reported that the Sunnis of Yemen are heavily dominated by either Al Queda or ISIL-aligned groups. There are, apparently, no “good guys” left in Yemenite positions of power. The Obama administration has effectively surrendered the nation to the Islamic terrorists and extremists, and has withdrawn even its military Special Forces troops (first link). The Shiite-Sunni war is rapidly increasing in Yemen as Sunni terrorists blew up two Shiite mosques and caused a horrific number of casualties (137 dead and 345 wounded according to the second link).

Syria is still in civil war and has disintegrated as a nation. Russia is committed to keeping Assad in power over at least the eastern portion of Syria so Russia retains access to its Syrian naval base. ISIL began in Syria, seized control of large chunks of Iraq and has terrorists and extremists in many Islamic nations in the Mideast and Africa declaring loyalty to ISIL. Even Morocco, in West Africa, is threatened by ISIL terrorists and just took down a group of ISIL-aligned terrorists cells (third link). Iraq, of course, is a disaster. After the US military conquered the nation and removed Saddam Hussein, the diplomats and the State Department lost it to the Iranians. Obama’s decision to hastily withdraw all US forces from the nation led to a situation where ISIL could conquer much of western and northern Iraq with impunity. However, I believe the Bush administration made a horrendous decision as well that led to Iraq’s disintegration. The Bush administration outlawed the Baathist party and dismissed the entire Iraqi army. This created a vast pool of well-trained and skilled terrorists. There have been media reports that some of Saddam’s generals are leading ISIL forces. What Bush should have done was call in Saddam’s Baathist generals and assign each Iraqi division a section of Iraq and told them to keep order, make sure water and utility services function and terrorism stops. They should have been put on the US payroll and bonuses should have been offered monthly to whatever Iraqi army division created the greatest degree of law and order in its jurisdiction. If this had been done, the US would not have needed many troops there and the Iraqis would have built up their own post-Saddam Iraq as pro-American allies. This friendly policy is essentially what General MacArthur did in Japan after World War II. He recognized and honored Emperor Hirohito and worked through the intact Japanese internal structures as much as possible. The Japanese military and people, switched instantly from fanatical resistance to orderly cooperation, and became US allies. Bush should have emulated MacArthur’s wise example.

Libya is also descending into civil war, if it is not already there. The Obama- and NATO-led attacks on the Khaddafy regime, which had assisted the West in suppressing Al Queda, was vastly preferable to the anarchy and Islamic terrorists-oriented factions that have followed in his wake. There have been many reports that much of Libya’s weaponry was relocated with US help via Turkey to Syria’s rebels fighting Assad. If that report is true, then instead of building an anti-Assad army, that policy gave birth to ISIL.

Egypt would now likely be in a state of civil war or anarchy if Obama’s and Iran’s pro-Muslim Brotherhood policy had prevailed. Thankfully, Egyptian general al-Sisi overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood dictator-in-the-making and this has kept Egypt from sliding into the internal chaos that Iran wants to have happen in all the Sunni nations so that Shiite Iran can conquer them easily via its surrogates.

The Kurds in northern Iraq and Syria are an island of stability, but are still threatened by ISIL. The USA has supposedly shipped heavy weapons to the Kurds, but little reaches them. The reason is a cosmically-stupid policy decision by the Obama administration. The weaponry is shipped (supposedly) to the Kurds via the Iranian-aligned Iraqi central government in Baghdad, as Senator Cruz of Texas notes in the fourth link. In doing it this way, Obama pretends to arm the Kurds, but is actually sending US arms to the Iranian-backed Shiites in Iraq, who keep them for themselves. Again, Obama’s policies help Iran. Many media articles and my previous posts have documented that Iranian generals and military forces are inside Iraq helping them fight ISIL. I think that this situation reveals a huge “blind spot” in the thinking of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and other Sunni governments. I believe that whatever Iraqi territory that is retaken from ISIL by Iran and its Shiite allies inside Iraq will stay under Iranian Shiite control just as all portions of Eastern Europe retaken from the Nazis by the Russians after World War II stayed under Soviet rule. The Sunni nations of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and supported by Egypt ought to intervene inside Iraq just as Iran has done, and these Sunni nations should drive out ISIL forces and put regions of western and northern Iraq under their control. If they don’t, the growing Shiite Iranian empire will soon be on their doorsteps.

Israel is a shining light of stability in the Mideast, but it inexplicably draws Obama’s greatest wrath. Senator McCain has stated that Obama should get over his “tantrum” about Netanyahu’s decisive victory in the Israeli election (fifth link). Sen. McCain is right, but Obama’s “tantrum” shows no sign of letting up. Indeed, Sen. McCain added that Obama’s “priorities are so screwed up it is unbelievable.” I think Sen. McCain speaks for a majority of the world and the US electorate in that observation.

Now we are facing the possible release of a very bad nuclear deal Obama is seeking with Iran. If Obama surrenders on the USA’s past policies and rewards Iran with a continued nuclear program, a pathway to nuclear weapons, and lessened sanctions,  it could set off a chain of events which will lead to either war, the collapse of US financial dominance of the world or both. Keep in mind that Israel (who is most threatened by the Iranian nuclear program), Saudi Arabia (which is very threatened by an Iranian nuclear program), Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Kuwait and other Sunni Mideast nations have been excluded from the nuclear talks the USA and the West are conducting with Iran. Because they are not participants in this negotiation, they are not bound to abide by any of its terms. What if these nations form their own military alliance dedicated to opposing Iran’s dominance of the Mideast, south central Asia and northern Africa? What if Israel announces openly that it is a major nuclear power and Saudi Arabia becomes one instantly by taking delivery of a number of the Saudi-financed Pakistani nukes? What if Saudi Arabia finally gets so upset with the Obama administration’s pro-Iranian policies and actions that it either (A) declares all nations may pay for Saudi and OPEC oil in any currency they desire and that US dollars are no longer required for payment? If Saudi Arabia really gets provoked by Obama sufficiently, it could declare oil will no longer be priced in US dollars and that US dollars cannot be used to buy Saudi oil (or other cooperating OPEC members’ oil either). If this happens, it will collapse the US dollar on global markets, throw all markets into chaos, likely collapse the US bond market and equity markets and skyrocket the price of gold and silver (at least in US dollar terms). A collapse of the US petrodollar market could cause such a tectonic shift in all global financial/monetary markets that it could lead to the fulfillment of a specific biblical prophecy: the collapse of the current “Babylon the Great” system of global finance, as prophesied in Revelation 17-18. It could happen very suddenly. I want to stress that I’m not specifically prophesying this will occur, but I do want to point out that this is a very real but unspoken danger which is not being discussed by establishment media analysts.

As Sen. McCain asserted, Obama’s policies are “so screwed up that it is unbelievable.” Those ‘”screwed up” policies of Obama could suddenly backfire on Obama (as well as the USA and the entire world) in a way that no one will ever be able to put it back together the way it was.

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White House Anger at Netanyahu’s Re-Election

March 21st, 2015

With the final pre-election polls in the Israeli national election indicating that a victory was imminent for the coalition of parties which opposed Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud bloc, I’ll bet the gleeful anticipation at the Obama White House was palpable. With the deep-seeded ill-will between US President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu being an oft-reported item in the world media, I’ll bet the White House staff already had written a speech in which Obama would congratulate Netanyahu’s rival for being elected, hailing a “new era” in US-Israeli relations, etc. The champagne must have been chilled and ready to open. Then something unexpected happened.

Whether the pre-election polls had always been wrong or whether Netanyahu’s last-minute campaigning turned Israeli opinion around at the last minute, the Israeli voters handed Netanyahu’s conservative nationalist bloc a resounding victory (first link and second link). It wasn’t even close. The gloom at the White House must have been very deep. The readied victory champagne probably was sent back to the White House kitchen’s storage racks. Obama administration spokespersons after the Israeli election couldn’t hide their disgust and disappointment at the Israeli election result. “Sour grapes” comments were common. However, Israeli politics are held in a complicated parliamentary system, and the Israeli election involved many other internal factors besides the Obama-Netanyahu rift. The third link offers an Israeli analysis of the election results.

Obama, unable to hide his anger at the Israeli election result, hinted darkly that his administration would stop backing Israel at the UN to punish Netanyahu for winning (fourth link). The New York Times pondered whether it was even possible to patch up relations between the Netanyahu and Obama administrations (fifth link). However, let’s look at this in a broader context. There is no rift at all between the American people and the Israeli people. When I was in Israel in August 2000, I felt so welcome it was like I was visiting the 51st American state. There is, based on the heartily warm reception Netanyahu received during his recent speech to the US Congress, no rift between the US Congress and the Netanyahu government. The rift exists solely between the Obama administration and the Israeli government led by Netanyahu. Even as the Obama administration seethes over the Israeli election returns, the “love affair” between the US Congress and the Netanyahu government continues. House Speaker John Boehner will soon be leaving for a trip to Israel where he will, no doubt, be warmly received by the Netanyahu government (last link).

I will admit that if I had been an Israeli voter, I would have voted for the Likud slate of candidates. Given the fact that Iran is developing nuclear weapons and that the Iranian-aligned Hamas terrorists still want to destroy Israel as well, I would have voted Likud based on the pressing national security issues facing Israel.

Let’s consider this in a biblical context. Daniel 4:17 declares that God puts “whomsoever he will[s]” into positions of power over nations and empires. It also soberly adds that sometimes God puts “the basest of men” in power to accomplish his will, but the Bible also has examples where God has put good rulers in power over nations to give them a respite from bad rulers and/or national degeneration. It is my view that God is “hands off” on the process of selecting leaders in many nations, but he surely focuses on putting into power people who will implement his will and prophecies for specific nations at given times. Covenant nations descended from the ancient tribes of Israel are especially likely to have God involved in their leadership results. The Israeli nation, descended from the ancient Israelite tribe of Judah (see my article, Four Reasons the Jews are Judah) is unquestionably in that category. Zephaniah 2 prophesied it would be God’s will that there would be a Jewish nation in the old Promised Land during in the latter days, and Zechariah 12:1-9 prophesies that God will defend Judah (the Israelis/Jews) and the Jewish city of Jerusalem during the latter days even if all nations turn against the Israelis (verse 3). You can’t ask for a stronger and more faithful ally than the Creator God.

Genesis 49:8-10 is a prophecy about the nation of Judah in the latter days. It foretells Judah will be an aggressive and lion-like, victorious nation even though it is a small one (it is likened to a lion “cub”–a small lion and Israel is a small nation). The wording of Genesis 49:8-10 indicates it will be blessed with victories in its wars. Because God has latter-day prophecies about the Israeli nation in the Bible to fulfill, God will surely put in power those who he feels are best suited to fulfilling his biblical prophecies about “Judah”‘ in the latter days. Bibi Netanyahu is a tough-minded, Israeli nationalist who can be counted on to use force if necessary to ensure that the Jewish nation survives and defeats its foes (whether the rest of the world likes it or not). He sounds like the kind of leader who fits the mold of the prophecies about Judah in Genesis 49 and Zechariah 21.

Maybe God had the final vote in the Israeli election.

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California Drought Worsens; Food Shortages and Price Increases Loom

March 19th, 2015

A lengthy article in the March 18, 2015 issue of USA Today reports that the great California drought is not only continuing but is also worsening (first link). I recommend the article to all those who read this blog. The California drought is very close to causing major food shortages and price increases in the USA’s food production system. The article notes that “California has about one year of water left in its reservoirs,” and cites a NASA scientist as advising that “mandatory rationing should begin now.”

The article documents that wildfires are increasing, farms are going unplanted and water restrictions are going into effect throughout the state of California (first and second link). The first link even warns that “tap water shortages are a distinct possibility.” Imagine what the effect will be when/if California cities and towns literally run out of water and citizens have to have water trucked into their locations. If this severe drought continues, it may even cause some towns to be abandoned as water simply cannot be found for them. Think what could happen if high-priced California properties are eventually abandoned due to them becoming unlivable because of water shortages. As you read this article, such an outcome is not only possible, but inevitable, if this severe drought does not abate.

The first link reports that California “grows nearly half of the nation’s fruits, vegetables and nuts.” A previous post cited an extensive article on the great California drought which was printed in the October 2014 issue of National Geographic magazine. It was entitled “Drought in the West” on the magazine’s cover, but “When the Snows Fail” atop the actual article (third link). It is a very extensive, well-documented article with gripping photographic evidence of just how bad the drought has become. As you read the article, keep in mind the drought has worsened since the article was written as the snows have failed for another winter to replenish California’s reservoirs.

If California has just enough water left for about one more year, what happens then? If the drought continues, there will be no water for any farmers, the entire state will be desperate for water and the lack of agricultural food production from California could cause severe shortages in several categories of food for the entire USA–especially for fruits, vegetables and tree nuts. If California has only enough water for one more year, then it seems logical that there will be gradual diminution of food production from California in 2015, but a severe drop in 2016. If this drought continues and California cannot produce agricultural products, grocery store shelves in the USA may not be able to find the vegetables, fruits and tree nuts we Americans have taken for granted for many decades.

The first link discusses the possibility of water-desalinization plants to ease the water shortage, but largely dismisses the option due to high costs. High costs compared to what? Having no water at all? What is California waiting for? Remember when the “Okies” headed west to California during the Dust Bowl days? If this drought continues, at some point that tidal wave of human refugees will reverse course and people will need to leave California en masse. I think California, with no end to the drought in sight, ought to build water desalinization plants rapidly. I do have a suggestion how California could take steps to accelerate the building of desalinization plants and make them more cost-effective. Identify how many of the parts of a basic desalinization plant can be made with 3-D printers and start making them right away at a cost vastly lower than traditional desalinization plant costs. Sound impossible? The last link reports that 3-D printers are already making functional artificial limbs for as little as $100 instead of the usual $15,000 (as noted in a USA Today article on 3-18-15 entitled “A 3-D Printer and $100 Changed a Boy’s Life). Applying that same technology to desalinization plant designs could cause drastic price the costs in the making of such plants.

Now let’s consider a biblical perspective on this worsening California drought. The Bible predicted famines would occur in the prophesied “latter days” prior to Jesus Christ’s Second Coming (Matthew 24:7), and droughts are a primary cause of famines. Revelation 6:5-6 warns about food shortages and food being rationed by price. These prophecies do not state that famines, food shortages or droughts are coming on nations due to the actions of an angry Creator God. These weather disasters are coming upon us as a result of national and personal sins–violations of God’s immutable laws which he created to apply to his creation. Mankind is the pinnacle of God’s creation in the physical world. God made mankind (male and female) in his very own image and likeness (Genesis 1:26-28). When nations obey God, blessings result. When nations rebel against God and sin, curses result. As the USA and the entire human race descends into ever-deeper sins and degenerates into lifestyles and practices which God calls “abominations” (sins that really offend God), those nations that adopt and approve of degenerate and sinful practices throughout every level of society should expect God’s curses to come upon them–the same way a loving parent would discipline a child who has gone wayward. One of the national curses that God prophesied would come upon Covenant nations when they sin badly is drought so bad he makes the skies “like brass” and the earth so desiccated that it becomes as hard as “iron” (Deuteronomy 28:23). The United States of America, as one of the modern nations descended from the ancient ten tribes of Israel, is definitely a Covenant nation that is subject to such Divine judgment. Whether people believe in God or the Bible is a completely irrelevant point. God is real and he is not going away. Readers can review a brief documentation of the USA as a biblical Covenant nation in my article, The USA in Biblical Prophecy. Very extensive secular and biblical evidence on this topic is contained in my books on the ten tribes of Israel.

It is fitting, from a biblical perspective, that California is the epicenter of a worsening and spreading drought. Not only is it the major food production state for the USA in production of vegetables, fruits and nuts; it is also the epicenter of the degeneration of America’s culture as so many of America’s cultural sins have spread outward into the nation from California. It has been this way for a long time. I can recall as a boy hearing Midwestern adults shaking their heads in disgust at California as they referred to it as “the land of fruits and nuts.” They weren’t just referring to agriculture.

A previous post reported that climatologists are warning that the USA is facing a “Mega drought” in future decades. The short-term prospects look grim as well. The first link reports that scientists are predicting the drought “to intensify in coming months.” California better get busy with those desalinization plants if they don’t want to run out of water next year. However, an even better suggestion for the return of the rains and snows would be national and personal repentance for our disobedience to God’s laws and rules of life. I’m realistic enough to realize that given that sin is now spreading rapidly in the USA, national repentance right now doesn’t have a proverbial “snowball’s chance”…yet. When things really get bad, the chances of repentance will rise. The more the USA rebels against God and sins wantonly as a nation, the harder God’s “spankings” of our nation are likely to become.

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USA Closes Its Embassy in Saudi Arabia amid Questions about the Obama Administration

March 17th, 2015

In an extraordinary move, the USA has closed its embassy and other consulate facilities in Saudi Arabia for a few days. The reason cited is security threats against Americans and other westerners (see first link, second link and third link for various media perspectives). It may be that security concerns are the only reason for this action. However, there may be more here than meets the eye. I think when we dig deeper, many sub rosa things become evident.

To begin with, this action indicates that the USA lacks confidence in the ability of the Saudis to provide security at the US embassy and related consular facilities. That alone is cause for concern. Another possibility is that the recent killing/assassination of a close relative of Syrian president Assad (fourth link and fifth link) may lead the Syrians to take retaliatory action vs. the Saudis (who have supported the rebels trying to oust Assad from power), and that any such action inside Saudi Arabia could spill over into violence vs. westerners.

I believe that the temporary closure of the US embassy in Saudi Arabia is a symptom of a much deeper problem. Recently, the USA not only closed but evacuated its embassy in Yemen, a nation bordering Saudi Arabia on the south. The Iranian-supported Houthi tribe took control of much of Yemen and the region where Yemen borders the Red Sea. As I noted in a previous post on this subject, if the Iranians give missiles to their Houthi allies, the Iranian Shiite bloc will threaten all merchant shipping passing through the Suez Canal via its southern approach and exit via the Red Sea. The Obama administration evacuated the US embassy in a very ignominious manner–even reportedly ordering US Marines to destroy or surrender their own weapons (sixth link and seventh link). The extreme weakness of the Obama administration in refusing to either reinforce/protect the US embassy or at least send in military forces to allow for an honorable exit of US personnel in Yemen was surely noticed by all nations. Obama “waved a white flag” of surrender in how this retreat was conducted.

The weakness of the Obama administration in its global and national security policies is making many traditional US allies, understandably, very uneasy. The Mideast nations of Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt and Jordan all have reasons to doubt the loyalty of the Obama administration to those nations’ security interests. Saudi Arabia leads a Sunni Islamic bloc in the Mideast region (with Egypt as its most-powerful Sunni ally) and Iran leads the Shiite-aligned bloc in the Islamic world. In previous US administrations, Republican and Democrat administrations have logically supported the Sunni bloc vs. Iran (which calls the USA “the Great Satan”). The Obama administration has, oddly, given many signals that it actually supports Iran’s interests. It has done so in supporting the Islamic Brotherhood’s effort to destabilize Egypt, surrendering Yemen to an Iranian-aligned group almost without any fight at all, overthrowing the Sunni Khadaffy regime in Libya and now reportedly being at the point of “caving in” to Iran’s demands to be allowed to develop its own nuclear program. Sometimes the diplomatic signals of one’s true allegiances are also revealed in very subtle gestures. In spite of the USA’s longstanding alliance with Saudi Arabia and Iran’s past declarations of being the USA’s enemy, the Obama White House just hosted a friendly celebration in honor of the Iranian New Year’s observance (eighth link).

The Saudis, Egyptians, Israelis and many other nations have every right to be worried about the USA’s allegiances as long as Obama is president. Obama’s foreign policy moves and decisions make no sense at all unless…Obama secretly favors the Iranian Shiite side of the Muslim world. If that is the case, then Obama’s policies and decisions make lots of sense, albeit in a way that betrays the USA’s traditional allies and America’s own security interests. How could this have happened?

Obama’s term of office doesn’t end until January 2017. Many nations may become unwilling to wait for a sensible new US president to take office. Many nations may start taking actions to distance themselves from the policy chaos in the Obama administration. That chaos has become so bad that I just watched a guest being interviewed on the FOX News program called The Kelly File making the point that Obama is not serious about fighting ISIL/ISIS and he also stated that Obama’s policies are making so little sense that he wondered aloud whether Valerie Jarrett is running the White House. The guest was Wayne Simmons, who was identified as a “former CIA operative.” Let’s conclude with some media comments about Valerie Jarrett.

Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran…to America parents living there, according to Wikipedia (ninth link). Given her close influence in the Obama White House, does this explain the very odd pro-Iranian tilt to the Obama administration’s policies? The New York Post just released a story that Valerie Jarrett and the Obama administration are secretly behind the recent spate of exposes about Hilary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State (tenth link). The Internet has many links about Valerie Jarrett’s influence in the Obama administration. You can peruse the last link to check out a variety of them. I believe a titanic geopolitical struggle is going on behind the scenes, and we commoners are only getting mere glimpses of that struggle which spill out in the form of a variety of media stories and leaks.

I wonder if the recent Iranian New Year’s soiree at the White House was Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett’s idea.

We certainly live in dangerous times (II Timothy 3:1). In a time when the world’s longtime global superpower, the USA, is in retreat on the world scene and where America’s traditional allies can no longer trust the USA under its current president, major shifts and changes previously thought impossible, may now occur. Major biblical prophecies may come to be fulfilled as a result of the confused policies of the world’s fading global superpower. As an American, I mourn the state of our nation.

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French Sub “Sinks” US Super Carrier in War Games

March 16th, 2015

As I’m sure many readers already realize, all national military forces conduct periodic war games and military exercises to test and maintain readiness. The result of a recent ”friendly” war game involving the USA and France, two NATO allies, was astounding and alarming. The exercise involved having a single French submarine attempt to penetrate the defensive cordon of warships around a US supercarrier and sink the carrier. I think everyone expected the exercise to end with one “dead” French submarine. It didn’t work out that way.

As the first link and second link report, the single French submarine not only successfully penetrated the defensive ring of warships and the carrier, but it also “sank” the US carrier, the USS Teddy Roosevelt, and several of its escort vessels in the war game. The third link focuses on this report being first posted on a French military website and then being quickly withdrawn from view (under US pressure to hide the incompetence of the US commanders?)

This report, which can be found at many locations via a Web search, is extremely disconcerting. Indeed, it is alarming. The USS Teddy Roosevelt was likely participating in the war game to test certain classified defensive systems that have been installed on the carrier, its screening vessels or both. Whatever they were, they didn’t work. If a friendly NATO sub can penetrate a US carrier battle group’s screening vessels and “sink” the carrier in a war game, this should cheer the hearts of everyone in the Russian, Chinese and Iranian military departments.

Indeed, the fourth link reveals details about a recent Iranian war game designed to simulate the sinking of a US carrier. I recommend readers take the time to watch the video that accompanies this link. It shows the Iranians took considerable time to build a realistic-looking replica of a US carrier and it includes the strike of an Iranian cruise missile against the replica carrier. The link reports the US discounted the Iranian exercise, and apparently didn’t take it very seriously. However, the fact that the US Navy failed in its mission to protect its own carrier against a simulated attack by a single French submarine in a war game makes it evident that the Pentagon’s confidence in its ability to protect its carriers may be based more on hubris than reality. The French sub assumedly used only standard torpedoes to “sink” the US carrier and some of its escort ships. China has built an entire panoply of new weaponry to sink US carriers. Besides torpedoes from submarines, China’s attack would include air-launched supersonic and subsonic cruise missiles, carrier-killing ICBMs, etc. Russia would also attack with air-launched and sea-launched cruise missiles. If a US carrier can’t successfully defend itself against a single friendly NATO sub using only torpedoes in a war game, how can the Pentagon say with a straight face that it can defend its carriers from a massive combined Chinese-Russian attack (which, as readers of this blog know, is certain to occur in the future when the prophesied Gog-Magog war of Ezekiel 38-39 is begun by a surprise attack by Russia, China and Iran)?

The fifth link is also not very encouraging about the current capabilities of the US Navy. It reports the US Navy really did lose a minesweeper when it had to be disassembled after it itself ran aground on a Philippine reef. The US had to pay damages to the Philippine government for damaging an environmentally-sensitive area. How did this act of sheer stupidity happen? Was the captain drunk on duty? Was the navigator unable to read a navigational sea-chart properly? This kind of stupidity should never have occurred. The US taxpayers paid for that Navy ship, but the US Navy lost the ship due to incompetent seamanship. Do any other US Navy ships also have incompetent officer crews? The defensibility and readiness of US warships is a very serious issue for US national security.

Another possible issue may be that morale is so bad in the US military with Obama as the commander-in-chief that US military personnel don’t have their hearts in their duties any longer. Perhaps President Obama and the US government should (A) retire the admirals and generals whose specialties seem to be implementing politically-correct, radical-leftist agendas in the US military, and (B) start advancing and appointing admirals and generals who actually know how to achieve and maintain combat readiness.  It is my opinion that the top pentagon brass ought to care a whole lot less about making the military acceptable for homosexuals and trans-gender individuals and having women deployed in special forces units, and focus a whole lot more about making our military able to fight and win wars!

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More Russian Military Aggressiveness; UK Makes Threat

March 14th, 2015

Russia’s increased militarism is getting more serious. A US senior admiral warned that Russian heavy bombers are making more extended missions than “since the Cold War (first link).” The second link reports that Russian bombers have even made attack runs at NATO warships, and adds that Russia even launched 16 missions vs. US northwestern air-defense zones in just ten days.

Most ominously, the first link’s report about a senior US admiral warning about Russia’s aggressiveness included this ominous phrase: “Moscow’s aggressiveness could pose ‘increased risk’ to the ability to defend North America against Russian threats (emphasis added).” Did you notice that? A top US military leader has noticed that Russia is gaining the ability to threaten the security of North America! That is essentially the very scenario that, based on Ezekiel 38’s latter-day prophecy, I have been warning about for over 25 years. That biblical prophecy warns that an attack led by the forces of the Gog-Magog alliance (Russia, China, Iran, etc.) will target the modern nations of the modern house of Israel (the USA and many western nations–see my article, The USA in Biblical Prophecy). As it pertains to Canada and the USA in North America, Russia and its Gog-Magog allies would attack the USA from a northerly direction via Alaska and over-the-pole routes. That is exactly what Ezekiel 38:15 warns–that this attack will come from the north. Now this threat is becoming so obvious it is making the secular news and even US war planners can see the danger.

As a reminder of how long Russia has been probing US defenses in North America, the third link is a recently-posted website reminder that a Russian submarine lurked undetected in US waters in 2012 for almost a month! This confirms that Russia has been, for years, scouting out ways to attack the USA and that the US defenses had eroded badly for a Russian sub to remain undetected in US waters for so long a period of time. Given the lackadaisical attitude of the Obama administration on defense matters, I seriously doubt if the US military has corrected this dangerously-neglected condition of military unreadiness.

Russia is also penetrating traditional regions of western dominance. The fourth link reports Russia has signed an agreement to have its vessels use ports in Cyprus. This means Russian warships can be resupplied and serviced at two Mediterranean locations; Cyprus and Syria.

The fifth link and sixth link pertain to the United Kingdom’s reaction to increased Russian military aggressiveness. The fifth link concerns an interview with UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond, in which he stated that “Russia had moved from being a partner of the West to seeing Europe as an ‘adversary.'” That is coyly-worded, but his statement was a delicate way of saying Russia is now an adversary of NATO and the West. He further discussed the need to not reduce the UK’s military spending any further, and that a Russian military threat vs. the Baltic nations (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia) could invoke the “collective defense” treaty that NATO has to go to war to defend its members and called any military action by Russia vs the Baltic nations a “hard red line.” The world learned that US President Obama’s “red line” in Syria meant nothing, but I sense the UK’s Foreign Secretary meant what he said. He essentially stated that if Russia tries to re-absorb the Baltic nations just as Russia is trying to re-absorb the Ukraine, it could mean NATO would go to war with Russia. This is serious business, folks!

The United Kingdom has also issued a direct warning to Russia on economic/geopolitical matters. Foreign Secretary Hammond also threatened that the UK would “broadcast the financial secrets of the Russian ruling elite as part of the information war against the Putin regime,” and added that Russia is now “‘the single greatest threat’ to British national security.” Tough words, indeed! That release of sensitive Russian information, if taken, could become a two-edged sword. If the British release the dirty secrets about Putin’s and the Russian elite’s financial dealings, I suspect Putin and Russia will release all it knows about the dirty financial secrets of the American, British and western elites in retaliation. I’d bet that the secret files that Edward Snowden brought to Russia and the activities of Russia’s spy services know a great deal about the financial corruption of the West’s ruling elites. Indeed, having been threatened by the UK in this regard, Putin may opt to strike first and unilaterally release all the dirty laundry of the West’s ruling elites to the global media. That would mean releasing all he knows about the inner activities of the Obama administration, the European leaderships, the US Federal Reserve and the European central banks, the actions and manipulations of the Wall Street banks in global monetary and commodity markets, etc. that would make for some very interesting reading throughout the world. Indeed, the release of massive amounts of information about the insider financial dealings by the West’s elites might be so explosive that it could lead to the fulfillment of another biblical prophecy: the collapse of the world elite’s global financial/ monetary/commercial empire–called “Babylon the Great” in Revelation 17-18. Bible prophecy reveals such a latter-day collapse of the elite’s global world financial empire is certain; what is not clear is the date on which it will occur or what will trigger that collapse. You can read more about this momentous prophesied event in my articles, The Babylonian Origins of the Modern Banking System, and Is Babylon the Great about to Fall: Ushering in a New “Beast” System?

If we are seeing this much tension between the global powers erupt openly via media reports, imagine how bad it has now become behind closed doors in the world’s power centers all over the globe.

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